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Travelog for: Mimi

Essen, Germany - 24th January 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello, this is Mimi :)!

I am a little mouse with a funny dress. I am an open mouse and a funny person. But normally I am a little shy.

My mummy decided to send me on the way around the world because I was a little bit unhappy here. She has no other mice or something, just big animals like dogs, birds and so on. I was a little bit too shy for them. Even if I have 3 friends here, thats not enough for a mouse like me. So I will search some real good friends around the world.


I love plants and I really love palm trees.


My mummy decided to send me on my way as soon as possible, because I am really not happy here.

So I have allready said goodbye :)!

We cooked a big meal, eat it and then everybody wished me a good journey! That was really funny :)!

So now I am waiting for people who wants to give me a host :)!

My travel list:
1. shirleycr
2. Miss_Nadine
3. A Scottish Lass
4. Lejow
5. Hilda

Yours Mimi

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Essen, Germany - 24th January 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello :)!

I am in my envelope right now and just wanted to tell everybody that I am on my way to shirleycr now :)!
I hope to have a great time in Costa Rica :)!
More hosts are welcomed here :)! So that I don't have to travel back to cold Germany as soon ;)!
So, mummy, Winnie the Pooh and I are on our way now.

I love you mummy, and I miss you,

your Mimi  B)


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Heredia, Costa Rica - 2nd February 2008

By: deleted_member

Hey mummy I'm finally in Costa Rica! It was a long trip but I made it safe! :) Aren't you proud of me? I was very comfortable in the envelope because I'm so small, I took small walks inside every now and then. But it was great to see the sunshine again! And it's so warm in here :)


My host, shirleycr, seems very nice! She opened the envelope with a big smile on her face :)

And she already took the first photo of me, probably because I'm too cute ;) I found a small spot perfect for me to sit, and I gave her the card I brought all the way from our hometown :)


Aw mummy, I miss you lots, but I'm also very excited. I hope we will go somewhere fun soon. More news to come,

your Mimi

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Heredia, Costa Rica - 2nd February 2008

By: deleted_member

I spent all the morning exploring what will be my house for the next weeks. It's a huge place for someone small like me!

I was walking happily around the rooms, noticing every detail, but nobody warned me there's another ToyVoyager who lives here! And I'm not talking about other mouse... I was very careful and studied his movements for a few minutes.


I know you have to be careful with cats you don't know... and this one wasn't a common cat, but a Jaguar! After a while watching him, I thought he looked like a nice person, so I overcame my shyness and went closer to introduce myself. He told me his name is Oscar Jaguar.


Actually he's a pretty good guy! After a while talking we realized we have a few things in common, like we are both new in this ToyVoyager thing, he will have his first trip soon, but offered to show me the place while he's still here. Well... Oscar Jaguar doesn't know too many places either, but he took me for a ride in the backyard, it was so fun! We're really good friends now :)


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Esparza, Puntarenas, Costa Rica - 3rd February 2008

By: deleted_member

I had a great Sunday! I went to a party in another province called Puntarenas. It's in the Pacific coast, about two hours away from "home" but I didn't get to see the beach yet. The  place we went to is called Esparza.

First, we stopped in a big plants nursery in there, I climbed a pretty palm to get a good view!

Even if it's the "dry season" in here, the whole place looked very green ^_^

Then we arrived to the farm where the birthday party was going to be. It's also full of trees! I had so much fun climbing many of them, and looking at the pretty flowers.



They had two men playing typical music with a marimba in the party, and we even sang happy birthday with that music. It was a lot of fun :D


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BelÚn, Heredia, Costa Rica - 4th February 2008

By: deleted_member

Since we had so much fun yesterday, today I just stayed home and relaxed. I also made a new friend, he's name is Osito, he's not a Toy Voyager, but I'm trying to convince him he should try it :)

He's very polite, and gave me some candy... I also like him because he's small like me, don't we make a good couple?  :cyclops: Hehe, don't worry mummy, I'm just joking, we're friends!



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Coronado, San JosÚ, Costa Rica - 5th February 2008

By: deleted_member

We spent the night in Coronado. It's a very nice city and it's higher than the place where I've been. I didn't get that much attention because Shirley was playing with her little brother all the time. But I got a photo with the beautiful sunset :-)


Shirley promises that we'll go back to Coronado so I can know the center of the city. I hope it's nice  :D


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BelÚn, Heredia, Costa Rica - 6th February 2008

By: deleted_member

We stayed at home today. I sit on the window all afternoon, looking at the backyard, and the birds flying in and out. It was nice. :)


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Esparza, Puntarenas, Costa Rica - 9th February 2008

By: deleted_member

We had a very fun weekend! First, a new voyager arrived from Scotland: Pipari!

Then, the four of us (Oscar Jaguar, Pipari, shirleycr, and of course, me) went to Esparza for the weekend! I've already been there, remember? The cute farm with lots of plants. But this was the first time I stayed to sleep in there.

First, I rested a little on the hammock, and enjoyed the view.

It was so relaxing, I was sleeping soon!

But it was just a little nap ;)
Then, I found another place to sit and relax, and I thought I could use some good luck :D

I think that worked, because a couple of minutes after that I made a new friend, and she was a girl of my own size! Her name is Mindy, and she's a local there... a little into gossiping, but I didn't mind listening ^_^

This is the small cabin where we stayed, in the middle of the farm, very cozy and nice.

I decided to go and sit there, it had a good view of the mountains!

Until I heard someone calling me, it was Oscar and Pipari! Hahaha, I was so happy exploring the place that I forgot about them  :rolleyes:

After that I promised I'd stay close... they're a little overprotective of me, because I'm the little one :)

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Esparza, Puntarenas, Costa Rica - 10th February 2008

By: deleted_member

It was such a sunny beautiful day today! Even better than yesterday :)

I made breakfast for everyone! I just couldn't resist it, because I found the perfect kitchen for me. And Shirley explained me how to do tortillas, and gallo pinto, the typical food from here. It wasn't hard at all and everyone said I'm a great cook! :D

After the breakfast, we all sat in a chair and got to know each other a little better. Especially Pipari, since he just arrived in Costa Rica yesterday.

I was playing on the funny looking flowers when the boys called me :)

They found some pretty cool mushrooms for us to climb!


Then, they started climbing trees... I was a little frustrated, because I couldn't climb to the top... I'm still learning.

But then I found the perfect palm tree for me!

Look at me mummy! I'm on the top! :D

But will keep training for bigger trees too :)

Then I saw a rooster and tried to play with him!

We all thought it was a good idea, until he came closer and closer... and became bigger and bigger  :thinking: it was scary! :o


Shirley finally came and rescued us to a safer part of the farm :)

Then, we met our last friend for the day. Toady wasn't very talkative, but still nicer than the giant rooster!

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Esparza, Puntarenas, Costa Rica - 11th February 2008

By: deleted_member

This was our last day in here. It was a happy weekend, because we played a lot.

I even found some some real cashew trees! I managed to climb to one, but I coudn't reach the nuts!

After making several new friends, Oscar, Pipari, and I just sat and had a final look of the place.

We even saw a bird sitting on her eggs, how cute!

Then it was time to leave...
Good bye, cabin

Good bye, ranch

Good bye, Amapola ("poppy") Farm

Before going back "home" in BelÚn, we visited the center of Esparza. Shirley explained that any center of town/city is a park with a Catholic church in front. These were lovely :)



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