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Travelog for: Willy Wau

Essen, Germany - 28th January 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello everybody,

my name is Willy Wau and I am a little dog :)!

I really love my mummy, but sometimes it is better to say goodbye and travel, when you have the feeling that you must change something.

I will travel around the world, hopefully...you will see here, where I go :)!

Have a nice day,

My way around the world:

1. A Scottish Lass
2. Eryah
3. Michele_one_L

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Essen, Germany - 28th January 2008

By: BlackCat

So, here I am again.
Today I will stay at home, waiting for my mummy. She has to go to the doctor, so I can't come with her, because the doc don't like animals...
But I know a lot to do!

I can play with my little ball :)!

Or listening to the stories of big bear :)!

I will drink enough, because it is good for my health.

I will eat a little bit :)! I love Toast.

And then we will sit on the couch and maybe watch Television!

And big bear will have a look at us :)! I know :)!

But when mummy comes back, we will pack my things and then I will go to my first host :)!

Now I am enjoying my mummy-free-time...:)

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Paisley, Scotland - 31st March 2008

By: A Scottish Lass

I have finally arrived in Scotland, my new host says I must have got lost somewhere along the way, beacuse I took ages getting here, but at least I have now arrived.

It is a shame that I didnt arrive last week because there were two lovely Toyvoyagers that were here that have now left to go to their next hosts. I have been told that I would have gotten on so well with them.

There is a Toyvoyager here at the moment, but my host is unsure if she should introduce us or not, he is called Bonz and she is afraid that I may eat him, but I promise to behave myself, after all I didnt eat the chocolate on the way here  :D

Anyway that is all for now, after my very long journey I am very sleepy, so I will go and have a nap and post some more later.

Willy xxx

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 19th April 2008

By: Eryah

Hello mummy!

I just arrived safely in Alkmaar :)
As soon as i can i'm gonna update about my arrivel but first i'm gonna eat something and meet the people and pets who live here :)
There are also other TV's here now so i won't be alone during my stay here.

Big hugs Willy Wau

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 19th April 2008

By: Eryah


Here i am again because i finally have some time to show my arrivel to you.

Everybody was very curious about me. Even the dog who lives here come to watch me!

I was shy to come out but everybody comforts me. After a few minutes i was ready to leave my envelope and introduce myself to the others.
This are from the left to the right: Bene, Iggy-korn and Lillebi.
They are all very sweet so i think we gonna be good friends for the next weeks!

Bene asked me if i want to meet the pets together with him. He said it is much more fun to do that together. I agree, so we decided to get to know them.
This is Dharma. He's a very sweet puppy when he's asleep. The reason i say this is because he has very sharp teeth and is a little bit naughty at the moment. He wants to play with you but bite you and i think that is very painfull.

This fluffy cat is Isis. She is very sweet but also old. That's why you have to be carefull with her. She sleeps a lot.

This is Luna the black cat. She is very scared and only trust Eva. But once she get to know you and trust you she's your best friend. I hope she will trust me later on because i think she's a lot of fun.

I'm gonna sleep now because i'm very tired of my journey. I keep you posted mummy!

Big hugs Willy wau

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 21st April 2008

By: Eryah


Today we asked Eva to tell us everything she know about Alkmaar. She told us some funny stories!

Alkmaar is above all Holland's cheese town. During the season from the first Friday of April to the first Friday of September a traditional cheese market is being held here on Friday mornings between 10 and 12.30. The cheeses are sold by dealers on a clap of hands. Thereupon the 400 year old cheese porters' guild goes into action, carrying the cheese off on barrows after the lot has been weighed at the Waag (the official scales). In the Waaggebouw - in which the scales are housed - a cheese museum that tells everything about dairy farming has been established.
Cheese has been weighed in Alkmaar since 1635.

Alkmaar is historical with around 400 monuments. The Waag, dating back in its earliest form to the 14th century, the 16th century town-hall, Grote St. Laurens Church and the many courtyards, facades and canals give the town an ambience all of its own. With the past as a setting, the town has a modern stock of shops offering a wide choice. Besides the predominantly small shops in the old centre, the Noorder Arcade with large scale shopping facilities stands by the side of the Noord Holland Canal.

Alkmaar is the biggest town in the region. Relaxation can also be found in the Geestmerambacht recreational area close by.


Big hugs Willy Wau

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 23rd April 2008

By: Eryah


Today we take a walk in the duines of Hargen aan zee. Hargen is a village near Alkmaar and it's near the Nordsea.

On our way to it we saw a lot of duines and dikes.
Here we are driving trought the forest of Schoorl, also a village near Alkmaar.



Strange animals behind the sheepes..

And here i am in the duines!

This is the view we had in the duines. If you look cloesely you can see the sea above the dikes:

Big hugs Willy Wau

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 23rd April 2008

By: Eryah


Also a new TV arrived today. When we got home from our walk we found a paper that said there was a package for Eva delivered by her neighbours. The package was very big so we all were wondering what could be in that big box.

It was very strange to see a small beer walked out of the box.

Why such a big box for such a small animal? But suddenly Bene shouted that the beer was attached to a string. There was one more in the box!

It is Davy with his little friend!

Big hugs Willy Wau

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 25th April 2008

By: Eryah


Today we stayed home and discover a lot here.
First we enjoyed the sun and suddenly two dogs came to us. We didn't notice them before and they told us they wanna become a toyvoyager also. We drink tea with them and told us al about our adventures.

Eva made eggs and bread for us and it was very delicious!

After that we wanna see what we can find in the house.
I found some dwarfs and they told me i can find a fantasy world here if i want.

I ask them were i can find it but the only thing they did was point to the book closet. First i had no clue what they meant with that but we all decided to take a look at the novels in the closet.

We found a lot off novels written by Stephen King. We talked about his stories about good and evil and suddenly we realised what the dwarfs tied to tell us. If you read a book you are in a fantasy world!

This are books about Appie and his friends. As a child Eva her dad read this stories to her and they are very old. You can't find them in the stores anymore. The books look old and smell old so it was very excited to read them.

After that we found some treasure chests. In each of that chest we found fairytales and classic stories. This was so much fun to see!

Big hugs Willy Wau

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 27th April 2008

By: Eryah


I start with the good news. Eva decided to do something for us yesterday evening. We had no clue what it was because she showed us a strange thing:

We go to bed and were thinking what i can be and when we got out of bed this morning we finally saw what is was:

It is a pool! Today they predict a very sunny and hot day so Eva thought it would be a great idea to give us something fresh and funny.

But the bad news is:
They were wrong! It's very cloudy :(
Hopefully the sun will show itself today so we can play in the pool.

Big hugs Willy Wau

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 29th April 2008

By: Eryah


Today was such a rainy day. It was such a pitty because we wanna do something outside. Hopefully the weather is better tomorrow.

Eva wanna cheer us up so she made a typical dutch snack: patat, kroketten and kaassoufle. First it taste a little funny but after the first bite i loved it!

Eva also had a very delicious desert for us, chocolate mousse!!

Big hugs Willy Wau

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 30th April 2008

By: Eryah


Today it's queensday here in the Netherlands. We are celebrating the dutch queen her birthday. Beatrix is the name of the dutch queen but it isn't her date of birth. 30th april is the birthday of her mother Juliana. But she never changed it in her one date of birth.
Most of the people wear orange clothes today because it's our national color. On the streets you eyes get hurt of all the orange. But of course i can't stay behind and wear an orange bandana today


This morning the queen visit Makkum and Franeker. Two cities in the north of the Netherlands. We watched in on the tv. Queen Beatrix and Maxima wear pink today. Every year they have the most funny hats on their head.

Here Bea (Beatrix), Willem Alexander (Willempie) and Maxima are singing 'het Wilhelmus', the dutch song.

So today it's party time! I will update again today because this wasn't the only party we had today.

Big hugs Willy Wau



Don't they look adoreble?

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 30th April 2008

By: Eryah


Here i am again.
Like i said queensday wasn't the only thing we celebrate today. It's also Bene his birthday! How great is that? You are in Holland and at your birthday the dutch people party.
First we sing for him:

After that we gave him his presents we bought sneaky for him this week and off course wrapped up in orange paper:

tadaaaaaaaaaa!!! Real Nijntjes. Nijntje is a rabbit from a novel for children. Bene was very glad with it!

After that we decided to play games. First we played poker (texas hold em). It was very excited to play!

After a while we wanna do an other game so we played Wie is de ezel (who's the donkey). It's a verry funny games with cards.

Now we are gonna dance!!!

Big hugs Willy Wau

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 1st May 2008

By: Eryah


Today we went to Den Helder to visit Eva her grandma.
Den Helder has ever started with the arising of Huisduinen, a whaler village. Gradually it developed into Den Helder which we know now. A city which was built within the linies of the forten. Later formed a number of districts there around. The space between the different town parts is characteristic. Den Helder is a city with a strongly maritime screen. Sea-going, the rescue being, the offshore and the royal Navy natural.

The Navy has stipulated many years' the image of Den Helder. But the Navy shrank in, Den Helder threatened to become a city with no face. By nourishing the culturehistory , the tales of the seaman and with that the coherent heroiek Den Helder has rediscovered its own core values.

Eva told me this while i was watching the ship-building yard.

When you look at the end of the picture you can see some old ships that were used in the war. But they still use this ships for other wars and peace missions.


Here you see the submarine in the shipyard.

Here we are watching the Nordsea. It was such a bright day today that you even can see Texel!

After the shipyard we watched the flowerbulb fields. They are famous here in Holland. We were very lucky because in this time of year you can see all the bright colours of it.

Big hugs Willy Wau

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 2nd May 2008

By: Eryah


Yesterday was the last evening here in Alkmaar for Iggy-Korn and Lillebi.
Eva organised a surpriseparty for them.

Suddenly the doorbel rings. When we opened the door Lejow stood there! That was a very big surprise. She wasn't alone.

Here are Sylphide, Tony and Meleleuca

We talked a lot in the garden and everybody wanna tell their story so before we know the sun was down.
That night we played on the wii for a long time but unfortunatelly the pictures failed. That's really a pitty!

After a long evening full of fun we sleep together and this morning it was time for one last picture of the whole group.

Big hugs Willy Wau

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