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Travelog for: Godnatt nalle

Vargön, Sweden - 14th March 2008

By: koocachoo

I'm getting ready to pack my things and start my journey....I have to do some shopping first....now where can I find a suitcase my size??


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rotterdam, the netherlands - 2nd April 2008

By: goofychicken

today i arived in rotterdam
the not too happy neighbour of my new host invited me in as my new host was not at home
so i almost got sad as the lady didnt offer me drinks or anything
but then the doorbell rang and goofychicken picked me up :D
i was so happy to see a friendly face
i did get a bit sad when she told me they went to the zoo today but when she told me not to worry as she goes there often and the weather was realy bad today i began smiling again :D
she bought a new stuffed toy today at the zoo.. a red panda :D
here we all are

will update very soon!!

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rotterdam, the netherlands - 22nd April 2008

By: goofychicken

sorry for not checking in so often! but ive been helping my host alot lately
will show pictures and tell what ive been up to soon!!!
dont worry im still doing fine and having fun!!

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rotterdam, the netherlands - 29th April 2008

By: goofychicken

just before leaving for France i thought id make a nice update :D
see goofychicken put us to work realy hard so she can sell her house soon :) it looks clean and perfect at the moment.. i wonder why she wants to move!
she says that her new home will be much more pretty.. but when we visited it it was just a dirty squere building  :stare: but then she showed us the building plans and i understand why she didnt put us on the picture there hahaha
well she also let us help at her mums home as her mum needed a new decorated livingroom!
boy o boy where we busy
painting everything green
even the windows
they made me use powertools to get old paint of doors..
sometimes its hard being the biggest boy  :thinking:
moving the birds around.. us toyvoyagers agreed they are too load but when i wanted to put tape on there beaks goofy's mum looked angry  :stare:
we also had to make a pile of the couches.. squiggles claims he did it on his own.. "yeah right"
but the collors are nice right?
even the birds liked it

then time came to say goodbye to goofychickens traveling toy Gus!
hes going to australia!!

so tomorow we are going to france :) goofy sais she wanted to make something sweet for on the road so we helped her to make fudge :D
wow thats sweet stuff :D
after we where done goofy let us all spoon the left over fudge out of the pan!
it was soooooooooooo sweet! but yummy :D

tomorow morning we will go to verdun in france :D im looking forward to it!!
when we come back goofy told me i will travel again realy soon :D so ill try to make an update straight after i get back :)


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rotterdam, the netherlands - 14th May 2008

By: goofychicken

finaly an update
sorry its a bit late
we've been to france and put our house for sale woohoo :D
so here are the pictures while godnatt is traveling
its spring :D
we stayed in our T3 when we where in france
it was a WW1 trip so we visited alot of sights that where in theme with that
this is a picture taken in fort vaux on a memorial altar to remember all lives lost
my bf carried the toyvoyagers around in the backpack so they saw everything

one of the most impressive sights is the ossuarium
150.000 unknown soldiers are barried here
infront is a huge graveyard for soldiers who's names are known

in Romange is one of the bigger american graveyards
so pretty but so tragic

not only sad things
france is beautifull!! here on a location to picknic

then came the moment to say bye to babielonnie
she went 1st because i didnt have the adres yet
squiggles checking the box
group hugg
final goodbye
packed and ready to go

i forgot to take pictures when packing godnatt :s in sorry!
hope he arives safe and sound in India!!

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rotterdam, the netherlands - 20th May 2008

By: goofychicken

hey mum
im a bit of the return packages...
so im back in rotterdam!!
will go away again tomorow :) dont worry goofychicken made an error on the adres

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Chennai, India - 26th June 2008

By: Mosuha

Heeeeelllllooooooooooooo Mommy....

Oh, I am sooooo sorry, that I write you so late, but it was quiet busy around here...... And I got an idea of India allready.... for example at the moment there are a lot of powerbreakdowns, because of the rainy weather....  :(

Unfortunatly I didn't made it right in time to go on the North India Trip with all the other TVs, I was really sad about that!
But the others told me a lot about that and showed me all the pictures....

And I met a real nice bunch of bears, but they didn't stayed very long with us in Chennai, because they had to leave to visit Threadbear in South Africa.

I wished them good luck with their project to bring love to great children on another continent and helped my host to pack them in a cosy nice box.... I hope, they'll arrive soon!


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Chennai, India - 2nd July 2008

By: Mosuha

As all of the other tvs are leaving or have allready left, I got a little lonely.... I missed my mommy and my home.....

But now you can't imagine how happy I am.

My host told me, that she will now have much more time for me to show me india and Uli said, I cannot walk around in my pyjama all day, so we will go to a taylor to get some new cloths, indian style... I am so excited!

But the best thing is, that yesterday a new TV arrived, who is totally nice and friendly, his name is Yoki. I am quiet sure, we'll could become very good friends!

So today we went together with Uli to an optic shop, because he needs new sun- and normal glasses and so we helped him with the choice.

To get there, we took a yellow three-wheeler..... I was a little scared, but I tell you, that was fun!


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Chennai, India - 13th July 2008

By: Mosuha

It is quiet busy around here, cause my host is planing her vacations to Germany to meet all her family and friends....

But I have fun anyway, going shopping with her for souveniers and helping her filling up the fridge for poor Uli, who has to stay in Chennai and has to work in this heat.

But today, on sunday, we went to the very nice Park Hotel here in Chennai, which offers a very excusite sunday brunch and even has a sushi buffet.... mmmmmjammmi... that was soooooooo delicious.... I loooooove sushi!

And the desserts..... wow....


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Airport Dubai, U.A.E - 4th August 2008

By: Mosuha

Hi Mooooooommmyyyyy....

I know, and I am soooo sorry, that you didn't hear from me couple of weeks and please don't spank my host....

Mona went home to Germany to meet all her friends and family after almost one year, so she was very busy runing from A to B to C etc., that she didn't had the time, to bring us to an internet café to make updates.....

But I will serve you some now, that you at least get some idea where I have been during that time....

First, we took a flight from Chennai to Dubai and I saw an amazing airport! From Dubai we took the next flight to Düsseldorf in Germany... It was a very long Journey, it took us 21 hours to come to Mona original home in a city called Aachen.

You also may notice, that I have a new dress. An indian taylor made it for me! First, Mona was a little angry, cause she told her, that I need a new dress, which should be NO PYJAMA!!! But the taylor made an exact copy of my old one, just with another fabric.... I don't mind, because I like pyjamas the best, anyway.....

Heimaturlaub 2008 028.jpg

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Aachen , Germany - 5th August 2008

By: Mosuha

The very next day, we went into the citycenter of Aachen to go for a haircut, shopping and eating some FASTFOOD, which Mona missed so much for a very long time.....

Aachen itself is a very old city and it is the westernmost city of Germany, located along its borders of with belgium and the netherlands. In former times a lot of german kings were crowned in here.


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Neuharlingersiel, Germany - 3rd September 2008

By: Mosuha

After my host met a lot of friends and family members all over Germany ( I tell you, I found this sooooo boring, all this talking talking talking....aaaaaahhhhh), Uli also came by from India and we went to visit Monas parents, who lives at the german north sea coast, in a little town called Wittmund.

Wittmund is just about 15 km away from the sea, so one day we visited a nice little fishing villiage, called Neuharlingersiel and spent some hours at the beach.

Normally you have to be very lucky (or just look up in a plan), if you want to see some water infront of the beach, because this area is very famous for it's so called "Wattenmeer". Every 6 hours the water "comes and goes", the tides... and when there are the ebb-tides you can walk to some of the islands infront of the coast if you have some rubber- boots, because the water is totally goes back several kilometers.

As we went there, there was the flood at it's highest point and we could watch som shrimp-fishing boats coming into the harbour.

It was a chilly and windy day, but it was fantastic.

My host told me, that this kind of rough weather is the most perfect to be at the northsea coast, because after a nice walk on the dykes, the hot chocolate tastes twice as good.


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Gemünd, Eifel - 8th September 2008

By: Mosuha

Of cause, we did not want to miss Uli's parents as well.

They live in a small town called Gemünd located in the Eifel, which is a low mountain range in western Germany. It occupies parts of southwestern North Rhine-Westphalia and northwestern Rhineland-Palatinate.

Since 2004 about 110 km² of the Eifel have been protected as the nature reserve "Eifel National Park".

I really liked the landscape there and all the typically nice houses.


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Gemünd, Germany - 10th September 2008

By: Mosuha

Near Gemünd there is a place, hidden in the woods, which is quiet interessting.

The papers says, that this special place is famous for its power, that may come from magnatic fields in the earth.

Almost 2000 years ago, roman people came there to celebrate and worship there gods. They build temples there and a well.

Even still today sometimes ceremonies takes place there.

Supporter of "The new age" celebrates the cicles of the years, on, how they call it, this holy piece of earth, out in the nature at night, dancing around the fire....

And "New Heaths" prays to their "pre-christian" gods.

Or you can just come out here and enjoy the surounding....

But, no fun, something really weird happend, as we took some steps on the former inner part place of the basilika.
Some of us felt strange in the stomache and their hair in the neck stood up, while they got some goose skin.... uuuaaaahhh


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Gemünd, Germany - 10th September 2008

By: Mosuha

Also not far from Gemünd, there are the Kakus Caves, where archeologies found out, people lived looooooooong ago.

Imagine, they found proofs for human colonies from the time of the last ice age!

We loved to climb thru the caves and explore the area, it was so much fun!


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