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Likes to cuddle with a cat.

Visit a "Six-Feet-Under"-Location (the HBO serie)

Wants to see the world from a skyscraper.

Wants to have a receipe with cheese from every host.

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Travelog for: Mausi

Remscheid, Germany - 16th March 2008

By: olgamaus

Mausi is a likable mouse. She likes the stories written by Terry Pratchett. And of course she likes cheese as every mouse does. Mausi also has a sense for black humor.

Mausi will leave tomorrow. She's heading for Austria.

At the moment she's eating an apple to be fortified for her journey.


Mausi's itenary:

chrissini - Austria
AbbyB - Canada
Michele one L - USA
wmphimu - USA
katef7167 - USA
Fleurdunord - France
Eryah - The Netherlands
magicwoman - The Netherlands
Mosuha - India
xoparis - USA

She is interested to learn as much as possible.

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Remscheid, Germany - 17th March 2008

By: olgamaus

today my adventure started. I went with mom into her office where she packed my envelope. I'll bring a very small notebook with me, where all my hosts please write something about my journey and their address.

And I've got a little present for my first host, chrissini.

In the morning I sat on the photocopier and kept mom from working too much.


During her lunch break she took the last photos and I climbed into the envelope. I'm glad that my first trip will be rather short. Maybe I arrive in Austria tomorrow or on Thursday.



Alex, mum's daughter put my envelope into the postbox.

chrissini, I'm coming  :D

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Wei▀kirchen, Austria - 19th March 2008

By: chrissini

hi mommy!!!
i arrived today in austria. lucky me that the distance was not too big and i hadn't to stay in this little envelope for ages!
i was greeted here by my host (of course) and the little peep that chrissi has adopted from michele_one_l which also arrived here today.


and here am i!!! ;)

when i arrived, chrissi was just making breakfast and as i was very hungry, she made something with puff pastry for me, too. it was filled with raspberry jam and it was really delicious.


now she has to do some things in the house to help her mother a bit, but maybe we will do something more excited in the evening.
i'll keep you updated, mom!!!
bye bye,

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Wei▀kirchen, Austria - 20th March 2008

By: chrissini

hey mom!
many greets from austria!! it's great here although the weather really sucks. snowfall, snowfall, snowfall, 10 minutes sun, rain, snowfall etc...

today we went to wels, that's a little city about 15km away from where chrissi is living. we met there with her best friend raphi to have a cup of coffee.

this is the bus station and behind the train station of wels:

and this is me at the change over of the train station waiting for raphi to arrive.
as you can see on the picture, it was raining again, so we decided to just have a cup of coffee and to chat a bit.
here is the coffee shop to which we went:

the hot chocolate was really yummy...

see you soon,

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Wei▀kirchen, Austria - 21st March 2008

By: chrissini

helloooooooooooooo :)
i hope you're fine, mommy!

in the morning, chrissi went jogging, but i decided to stay at home, because it was again raining and snowing and windy... i don't want to get a cold.

so meanwhile i stayed at home and read a bit in a local newspaper.
it was very interesting, there were many stories about all the villages around here. this newspaper comes once a week.

in the afternoon we went to another gathering with some friends of my host. they haven't seen for a long time.
we had to took the train, i think it was really comfortable.
unfortunately the meeting was really weird, we just had another cup of coffee and some small talk, but the mood was not the best one. so we decided to leave early and now we relax a bit at home.


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Wei▀kirchen, Austria - 23rd March 2008

By: chrissini

hi mommy,

here i am in the middle of all the sweets chrissi gave to me:

i love this grass because you can eat it!!! yummyyyyyy

i really like easter... ;)

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Wei▀kirchen, Austria - 25th March 2008

By: chrissini

hi mom!

weather is just as bad as the last days. we just went outside to go to the supermarket. the rest of the time we played some instruments.

so here you can see me playing the keyboard.

i also trolled a bit on a pipe...

and this is me sitting on the electric guitar!!!

last but not least i tried to make some pleasent sounds with the ukulele...it was my favourite instrument.

chrissi said that i'm very talented...maybe i should take some lessons?

see you soon,

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Wei▀kirchen, Austria - 26th March 2008

By: chrissini

today chrissi and me took a walk with her neighbour and friend. we did not see anything really special, but we took a photo of me with fields(oh that is special for this little village) and the church of wei▀kirchen in the background.

tomorrow the three of us will make a short trip to graz, where chrissi is living when she doesn't have holidays.
bye bye,

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Graz, Austria - 27th March 2008

By: chrissini

hi mom!
so...now we are here in graz. unfortunately it is raining. we hoped to have some sun so that we could have a great time.
nevertheless, we went to the top of the "schlossberg" where the famous "uhrturm" (clock tower) is situated.
here you can see the way to the top:

and this is me on the top in front of the "uhrturm":

from the "schlossberg" you can see nearly every corner of graz.

this huge building is called the "alien" and it is a famous museum of the city.

and here we have the main building of the university of graz:

phu, this was much to see today. now i'm tired and need some sleep.
see you soon,

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Wei▀kirchen, Austria - 28th March 2008

By: chrissini

we are back in wei▀kirchen and today a new toy voyager arrived.
i awaited Galaxy bear with lots of eagerness.

finally he came out of the envelope and we became friends immediately.

i'm very much looking forward to all the things i will do together with him.

bye for now,

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Wei▀kirchen, Austria - 31st March 2008

By: chrissini

hey thereeee,
just back home from graz, we will leave towards graz again in a minute. Galaxy Bear and me were very polite and helped chrissi with her things.

many greets,

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Graz, Austria - 1st April 2008

By: chrissini

so.... today we bought a new mirror for chrissi's room, so we had to assemble it.


therefore i studied the guidance carefully...

here is the first nail in the wall:

and here is the new mirror hanging on the wall:

as you can see, we did a lot of great work today,
now i'm tired and i'll go to get some rest.
bye, Mausi

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Graz, Austria - 4th April 2008

By: chrissini

hi mom,
as i want to have a recipe with cheese from every host, we decided to help chrissi to cook.
here are the main ingredients for this meal:
some vegetables (we chose carrot, cauliflower, bush beans and onion), shortpastry and of course cheese :)

first we wahed the vegetables and chopped it in little pieces. then we put it into a pan and stir-fried it.

after that we added some herbs, in our case it were mixed italien herbs, put the vegetables onto the shortpastry and then put the cut cheese over it.

now it only has to be in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes.
this is our result:

yummy, it's like pizza, only better and healthier :) now i can't wait to eat it.
byeeeee :)

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Graz, Austria - 9th April 2008

By: chrissini

yodelido :)

today i saw a really strange island.
it is called "Murinsel" because it is situated IN the river called "Mur"!!
on it, there is a cafe. you can sit inside and when the wheater is fine, also outside. cool idea, isn't it? ;)

then we visited a market, where they sell fresh flowers, vegetables and fruits.
it is always in the morning.
here you can see it:

many hugs,

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Graz, Austria - 13th April 2008

By: chrissini

as it was a very quiet sunday today, we decided to take a little walk.
luckily we went by foot, because we passed a radar.
hopefully, the drivers weren't too fast...

then we passed a tree nursery:
beautiful, isn't it?

chrissi had to post some letters, so i helped her doing it.

near the postbox there was also a post car!
so here i am in front of it:

and last but not least, we saw a funny roadside billboard.
it's an ad for an austrian mobile provider.

i enjoyed this walk very much. i don't know how much time i have left here in graz, because soon i'm going to canada!! yeah!

see you soon,

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