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Travelog for: Mate

Grandmas House, USA - 22nd March 2008

By: LadyxSky

Hello everyone! My name is Mate and I'm a little Koala that Ashley found at her grandmas house! I'm so glad I'm going to become a voyager! I can't wait to see the world.

Well, today I was just sitting at home watching Nanny and Irene clean up for the family. When Ashley saw me and tucked me away in her purse. Next thing I know I'm getting ready to begin my travels.


Tomorrow is Easter, and I got to help Ashley open her chocolate bunny up.

Ashley says she is going to try to find a host for me very soon, she hopes to send me as soon as Tuesday! I can't wait to start traveling!

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Ronkonkoma, New York, USA - 29th March 2008

By: hermione4586

Hi everybody! Hi Ashley!

I made it here to Long Island, New York this morning. Jennifer found my package outside when she got home from class a little while ago. I can't believe the FedEx just left me out on the stoop!

It felt a little cold out, and I was hoping there would be snow, but there isn't any. My new host Jennifer says that if she was hosting me where she went to college, there would be snow, but it doesn't snow here on Long Island this late in the year.

I've made some new friends today besides Jennifer - her two cats Paris and Nala. Nala is still a little afraid of me and won't come close, but she'll get used to having a little koala around soon.

Jennifer says we'll be going shopping for a baby shower in a little while - I can't wait to go on my first adventure. I'm going to end this here and I will update again soon.

Here are two pictures from my arrival to New York:

I've arrived!

My new friend Paris comes over to meet me

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Ronkonkoma, New York, USA - 29th March 2008

By: hermione4586

I meant to update last night but my host and I were both very tired and fell asleep early!

My first day in New York was fun. I got to see a bit of the area by car. We went shopping for baby shower gifts and then to the supermarket. Afterwards, we came home for dinner, watched Snow Dogs and had an easy night.

Here are some pictures from my first day on Long Island!

On the road

We passed by the bull in Smithtown. I'm told it's a local landmark!

Our first stop.. Babies R Us in Commack.

Then we went to Wal-mart. My host says I'll see a lot of here because she works at there.

After a long afternoon, we're back at Jenn's house

This time both her kitties come say hi to me.

Well, that was my first day. I wonder what we'll be doing today?

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Long Island, New York, USA - 30th March 2008

By: hermione4586

Wow! I had a busy day today! My host told me she wanted to have a fun day with me because she will be pretty busy writing essays for college this coming week.

I will let the pictures from today do the story telling. :)

While heading east we stopped at the only and last Roy Rogers left on Long Island in Shirley.

Jenn decided to take me down to the beach and have a little picnic. Look how empty the parking lot is! I bet it isn't this way during the summer!!

Here I am at Smith Point Park!

Our picnic lunch

I took a picture with one of the cannibalistic seagulls.. they were all coming around even though my host was eating CHICKEN!

It was only about 10 degrees above freezing, but people are still on the beach.. including ME!

Me and the ocean

I shouldn't be smiling, but it's stitched on my face.. Here I am at the TWA Flight 800 Memorial at the beach, where that plane crashed in 1996.

Then we went to see The Big Duck in Flanders!

I really liked the duck, so I took more pictures.

Then we went to Tanger Outlet Center in Riverhead for some more shopping!

I was tired after a long day of shopping

Luckily, I get to hitch a ride while my host does all the driving home.. on the Long Island Expressway.

And now it's almost time for bed! Goodnight everyone!

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Long Island, New York, USA - 31st March 2008

By: hermione4586

Hello again all!

I had a pretty lazy day. It was cold and rainy, and I didn't feel like going outside. I stayed in and watched a lot of television. I also helped Jenn finish her work for her presentation she gave in class tonight. We did a good job working together!

I have some exciting news! I have a new friend - a moose named Nuada arrived from Finland today. He is originally from Germany. I am excited to have someone my own size to talk to and hang out with around here. I told him all about the fun days I've been having here. I hope Nuada and I can go on an adventure together soon!

Look at the worksheet Jenn and I made!

Talking to my new pal, Nuada.

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Long Island, New York, USA - 3rd April 2008

By: hermione4586

Hi again!

I missed a few days of updating. Jenn has been very busy lately and the weather has been terrible. Good thing I have Nuada to keep me company now! Jenn told me that she hopes we can go to something special and exciting this weekend at the beach.. I really hope so! I liked the beach last time and she says this is a bigger and better one. We'll see!

Well today was another lazy day until Jenn came home from work. Nuada and I helped her make some chicken and dumplings for dinner. We did a fine job if I do say so myself. It tasted gooooood. I never knew I could cook so well.

Here's a few pictures from yesterday and today then..

Nuada and I wishing the rain would stop!!!!!

Getting the ingredients ready for dinner

Having a snack while cooking.. I like Thin Mints!
[img]Image URL for use on other sites: http://images33.fotki.com/v1138/photos/9/990812/6066751/100_3284-vi.jpg[/img]

And watching Hannah Montana too

Ta-da! I know it looks weird but it was very very yummy.

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Long Island, New York, USA - 6th April 2008

By: hermione4586

Hi again everyone!

Sorry my updates have been less often. My host has been very busy finishing up the last week of classes at college.

Yesterday was an exciting day for me. I got to visit the beach again but this time it was a different one. This one was called Robert Moses State Park on Fire Island. Jenn and her family took Nuada and us to a seal release. This group that works with the Riverhead Aquarium rehabilitates seals and other marine wildlife and reintroduce them into the wild.

Sadly Nuada and I didn't get to see the seals for ourselves since it was so crazy and full of people. Jenn wanted to keep us safe. She let me see all her pictures though and I will share some with you!

Earlier in the day we went to the Ecology Park in Holtsville. Brookhaven township has an animal preserve at the park which has injured or rescued animals. They have all kinds of animals there including bears, mountain lions, donkeys, goats and bald eagles. Jenn took pictures there too but she realized she left her memory card at home. The pictures are on her internal memory but now she has to find the cable so she can put them onto the computer!! We need to help her clean her room!!

Today was a lazy day since Jenn worked on a paper all day long. We did take a short break and visit Stop and Shop for some grocery shopping.

*yawn* I'm tired now. Let me show you some pictures and then it's time for me to get some sleep.

One of the seals being carried close to the water

The ocean was a lot more rough this time (and freezing on the feet Jenn told me!)

One of the seals being released

Some of the spectators at the beach

Me in the beach parking lot

http://images36.fotki.com/v1156/photos/9/990812/6066751/100_3435-vi.jpgAnd today.. our trip to the grocery store

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Long Island, New York, USA - 11th April 2008

By: hermione4586

Hi again everybody!

Jenn and I both apologize for not updating very often. Don't worry, I will include pictures from a few days on here. Jenn is done with school now except a weekend class so she has time to play with me and Nuada after work now!

I'll begin with Wednesday.. Nuada and I hung out Jenn and her dad when Jenn decided to come home on her lunch break from work. That afternoon I got to check out a handicapped mini-bus. Jenn's dad is retired and now he drives a bus for handicapped children. This bus was really nice and new! I had fun looking at all the things on it.

Yesterday I had a busier day. After Jenn got home from work, she brought us to her library to return her books that were due.

After that, we went to a place called Bald Hill in Farmingville. Bald Hill is one of the highest points on the relatively flat Long Island. It is also the home of a Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park. I got to see the majestic memorial and from the top area by the memorial I saw all the way out across the island and down to the bay.

And since it was such a beautiful night, Jenn brought us down to the lake before going home. Lake Ronkonkoma is a few blocks away from where Jenn lives. It is the biggest lake on Long Island and it is said to be haunted by an indian princess. All the locals know the story. Jenn said the scary part is that there really are deaths every few years and they have always been males, like the legend says. Yikes! Jenn said we'll go back sometime soon..

Tomorrow we will be visiting Stony Brook University to see what we can see!

Anyway, here are my pictures! Enjoy!

The school bus!

Nuada and me riding the bus

And pretending to drive the bus

And trying out the handicap ramp!

Connetquot public library

In front of the flags at Bald Hill

the memorial

Sunset at Lake Ronkonkoma

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Long Island, New York, USA - 20th May 2008

By: hermione4586

Hi everyone. It has been a long time and I am sorry. My previous host is typing this on my behalf.. because I'm on my way to Nevada right now! She will be updating one last time hopefully tomorrow for me. I can't wait to move on and see what the west has to offer for me :)

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Pahrump, Nevada, united states - 19th June 2008

By: desertrosenv

Wow! It has been a long time! My new friend host has been having some really bad problems with her computer and her phone and oh my goodness if it had electrical parts - it has broken!

We were finally able to let my mom know that I had arrived and that I was okay and she was really sorry she hadn't pmd sooner.  She has been having to apologize alot.

I got to meet wolletje another TV who is staying here for awhile and we've been having so much fun!

We went to Las Vegas and Death Valley.  What neat new places to see and great people to see!

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Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, united states - 19th June 2008

By: desertrosenv

Like I said wolletje and I got to see Las Vegas.  Our first stop was the Bellagio Hotel and Casino.  This is the one with the fountains that are all in all the movies of Las Vegas.  We were there during the day because the weather was going to be bad in the evening.


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Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, united states - 19th June 2008

By: desertrosenv

We also got to see the Paris and the Hard Rock where we went shopping and people watching.  There are some weird people who visit Las Vegas.

I was very close to the Eiffel Tower that looks like the real one in Paris only much smaller.  That was exciting!


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Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, united states - 19th June 2008

By: desertrosenv

We also went the New York New York and saw the copy of the Statue of Liberty.  There seem to be alot of copies of things in Las Vegas.  I wonder why that is?


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