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Travelog for: beck the lion

Kaohsiung, Taiwan - 30th March 2008

By: mmhan

Beck will travel in Australia with Kira~

Beck goes to Mister donut~


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Australia, Australia - 7th April 2008

By: mmhan

Beck is flying to Australia~

images removed - they showed personal address details - I&N

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Australia, Australia - 13th April 2008

By: mmhan

mmhan said:
Beck is flying to Australia~

images removed - they showed personal address details - I&N

Beck will travel in Germany with Apperveilchen~

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Busselton, Australia - 16th April 2008

By: Kira1997

Arrived in Busselton  Today

embroidery 090.jpg

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Busselton, Australia - 20th April 2008

By: Kira1997

Im  learning to ride a bike

embroidery 247.jpg

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Australia, Australia - 23rd April 2008

By: mmhan

Beck's traveling plans~

April  with  Kila in Australia
May  with  Apperveilchen in Germany
June  with  Fleurdunord in France
July  with  Lizette in Africa
August  with LadyxSky in Miami
September with iddewex in London

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Homburg, Germany - 23rd May 2008

By: Apperveilchen

I arrived in Germany! My new host and another toyvoyager called Little Tex collected me from the postoffice today. They freed me as soon as we got to the car and then we took a few pictures of the area while going about today's business. It looks pretty green here, the sun is shining on and off and it's warm but not hot. Seems pleasant all in all, I'll have to decide how well I like it, later.


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the couch, Germany - 25th May 2008

By: Apperveilchen

Look, we baked or own pastries! We had a special dough prepared and made croissants out of it, the shape isn't 100%, but you try getting them right without an opposable thumb. Then we put them in the oven. The recipe said 20 min, but we only left them in for 15 because they were already so brown.

In the early afternoon we settled on the couch to watch the famous F1 Monaco Grand Prix. I liked seeing the pictures of the city and the harbor. The race was very exciting because they had rain there and it didn't even last over the whole distance because they ran out of time. Towards the end someone must have made a very stupid mistake, because our hosts were upset and the driver they interviewed later seemed near tears. All in all it was fun because noone got hurt and I didn't care who won, but there was a lot to see.


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Hohenburg (castle ruins), Germany - 30th May 2008

By: Apperveilchen

Sometimes begging helps. I've been looking at the hill over the city from the window every day that I've been here and today our host finally took us up there. It has castle ruins. The first buildings there were probably in the 12th century or so, but this area is at the border of different countries and has changed possession many times in history, so what we see now is from different eras. Archiologists have tried to reconstruct the outlines for the different times. Here's one:
The signs says that there was a drawbridge here:
This seems to be a protected connection to the next rock with cellars.
We went inside. I'm happy that the light was so good. But there were lots of funny insects flying around in the shade.
There are arrowslits in the walls. There can only have been little light at the best of times.

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Hohenburg (castle ruins), Germany - 30th May 2008

By: Apperveilchen

It was nice to get back outside into the sun. I admired the different levels and the local sandstone.
There are different footways. This one leads down the hill, but we wanted to go in the other direction to see more.
Can you spy part of the city through the trees?
I am wild  ;)
Finally we got to the higher parts of the former castle.

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Hohenburg (castle ruins), Germany - 30th May 2008

By: Apperveilchen

This is the highest part. From here they look really small.
But from the side one can see that the structure was larger.
We wanted to climb up on the 'roof' and passed the well.
The wall of it is pretty wide.
It's arround 55m deep.
This is me on the top. The black-red-golden flag is for Germany, the green and white one for the city.
A view over the city (directly behind and under me is the hotel):
You can see part of the soccer stadium hidden in the woods.
I had to find a way back down to the road. There I could see some stairs, but it was a one story hight jump to get to the top of them...
This way looked good to me, but Josh the little chicken (well duck, but that's beside the point) refused to go down there. I guess not everybody can be a brave lion like me.
So we took these instead.

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Castle Gustavsburg, Germany - 10th June 2008

By: Apperveilchen

Today we made a little excursion to a small water castle and its pond. There's a small fountain in it to add some water movement.
Here you can see the tower that was added in 1622 for the better overview and defense.
These current living quaters are from 1721.
The inner courtyard:
We also walked around the pond and saw these little chicks. The were very loud! That's why we went in search of them in the first place.
Part of the stables and carriage house can be seen over the pond. The trees hide the rest of the buildings and the chapel is further behind the walls.
Now people just have normal houses here. They have a nice view out back, but's loud on nice weekends and afternoons.

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Homburg, Germany - 11th June 2008

By: Apperveilchen

I got closer aquainted with little Eddie today. I'm not sure if he wanted to kiss me or attack me. There's a serious language barrier here, both in body-language (Why can't he just show his teeth if he's feeling hostile?) and spoken language. I heard parakeets even delope dialects for the groups they live in and can't even properly understand another parakeet from a different colony so I should I be able to interpret these incessant chirps?
All in all I decided it was best if I just kept my distance. He does look tasty, though. Do you think our host would mind if I kind of.... silenced him? ...just for a little while? *big kitty eyes*


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on the road, in Germany - 17th June 2008

By: Apperveilchen

Wow, today we're starting out for a little trip.
I got a good place in the car!
We're driving through the German wine country.

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Villa Hügel, Essen, Germany - 19th June 2008

By: Apperveilchen

We went to a big mansion today. First we had to drive through its park to get there.
It had a long driveway.
It's on a hill above the Lake Baldeney. This view with the horse is pretty famous here and on some postcards of the city.
From the garden one can usually see the lake but at the moment one can only see a bit of the hills on the other side.
In teh park there's a playhouse for the children with a living room, kitchen and even basement and upper story, all very small.
Next to it is a sand box where we took a rest.
And finally you can see the mansion fromt he garden side:
The garden:
A lion fountain!
This scary buddy guards the back entrance to the smaller part of the mansion where the family actually lived:
The house from the other side:
One of the patriarchs of the family who owned all this.
The guard's house:

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