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Go to New York City.

Take a picture in front of the Hollywood sign.

Take a picture in front of a Japanese bilboard.

Ride a French metro.

Ride in a taxi cab.

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Travelog for: Sequin

Ashley's closet, USA - 25th March 2008

By: LadyxSky

Today Ashley found me hidden in her closet. It was quite dark in there and I've been dooped up in there for quite some time, I am so very glad to be found!


First I was introduced to Mate and then he told me all about Toy Voyagers, and I knew I had to get in on this! See the world? Travel? Oh yeah, that's for me! I want to see cities all over the world. The lights, the sounds, ahh, I love it.


I was also introduced to her cat, he's quite comfy and warm. I took a nap for a while.

I realy hope to have a host soon! I'd love to get to traveling!

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