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visit kinderdijk in the netherlands

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Travelog for: Bob the Bug

Pahrump, United States - 7th April 2008

By: desertrosenv

Hi there! I'm Bob, Bob the Bug if you want to be formal.  Some people say that I look like a grasshopper, but I prefer to be called a bug. I think it sounds cooler - haha!

Here I was lounging with all the other toys in this great store, called the Death Valley Candy and Nut Company in Beatty, Nevada, when Jennifer came along and asked if I would like to see new places. 

Of course, I said yes! Who wouldn't want to travel the world!  ;)


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Scotty's Castle, Death Valley CA, United States - 7th April 2008

By: desertrosenv

After Jennifer decided to take me home she let me know that I would be having an adventure on my very first day away from the store! I was so excited!  She told me that we were going to somewhere called Scotty's Castle in Death Valley National Park in California.

We had to drive several miles west of that Area 51 place and I think we might have been abducted by aliens along the way.  At least, I overhead Jennifer and her friend talking about how they had lost 2 hours on their cell phones.  I don't remember if the aliens came or not, but it was sure interesting.

Death Valley Scotty was a really interesting character and alot of people were there to see his old house, which was actually built by someone else!

Isn't it a really cool place!? =)

We went on a tour of the inside and the basement.  There were so many tunnels and I was really glad that I wasn't alone.  It can be really scary in the dark!


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Pahrump, Nevada, United States - 7th April 2008

By: desertrosenv

After a very long day on Saturday, we came back home and started to look through all of our pictures.  Scotty's Castle is a really interesting place.  I am definitely going to recommend it to other TVs that I meet along my journey.

Jennifer tells me that she is working on finding my very first host to visit.  I sure hope they are nice!


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Pahrump, United States - 18th April 2008

By: desertrosenv

I got to go to the post office last weekend to find out how much I weigh.  The nice lady said that I am 2 whole ounces, which Jennifer thinks is about 56 grams. 

Hopefully, I will soon be on my way to my very first host!  I can hardly wait! =) :stare: ;)

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Pahrump, United States - 18th April 2008

By: desertrosenv

yay! Jenn just told me that I am on going to be going to Australia to meet my very first host - gingermuggins!

I'm so excited! I am going to have to learn something about Australia while I'm getting set to go...

I will be leaving sometime next week, as Jenn is busy with some family stuff this weekend and needs to get everything set for me!

Wow! I am finally going to see the world! =)

To celebrate, we went to McDonald's and then out to the garden...


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Casterton, Australia - 11th June 2008

By: gingermuggins

Hi Mom  :D

I arrived in Australia safe and sound. Sam also apologises for not letting you know sooner that I was here. She seems to be apologizing a lot lately haha, her computer has been in the fix it shop and itís worse then what she 1st thought.
We have lots of photos to update in the coming days. At the moment Sam's laptop is being good and letting us do some things. Unfortunately the photos are not in order as some of my photos are on the other computer  :o :( The following photos have been taken in the last week.

Here i am with a beautiful bunch of Aussie flowers.


The other toyvoyagers and I found a big egg under the flowers one day. It looks like a dinosaur egg. We have been keeping a close watch on it to see what hatches.




Samís son had his 3rd birthday on the weekend. Yummy chocolate cake and honey jumbles were some of the party food.



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