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To Visit Brno, Czech Republic

To See the Northern Lights

To See the Salt Plains in Bolivia

To Go to the Beach in Fiji

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Travelog for: Chester Medved

Toronto, Canada - 11th April 2008

By: onionsbabyonions

Hi everyone!

About Me
My name is Chester Medved. I am a pink bear from Toronto, ON, Canada (I am Czech-Canadian!) and I am ready to start my journey around the world to fulfill my life missions. (This will be the first time I have left home, my brother Keanu Eh Moose is also traveling!)

Will You Host Me?
Since couchsurfing does not seem to take non-humans, I signed up for this website in hopes that someone will host my travels and help me see the world since my guardian is stuck in studies for the foreseeable future.

As you can see from my life missions, I want to circle the globe. I don't take up too much room and I eat very little, so I will be of little annoyance. (:

Coming to Toronto?
Let my guardian know if you will help me with my travels! Since my bed will be free while I am gone from home, you should check to see if my guardian will host you and let you sleep in my room!

Best wishes!
I hope to see you soon!

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Toronto, Canada - 13th April 2008

By: onionsbabyonions

Because I am leaving so soon, I figured it was the best time to explore my own city before I left.

Yesterday I had a great day, I visited Honest Ed's, which is a famous store here for all of its lights., with Keanu Eh Moose.

I went on my first subway ride on the TTC, which is the name of the subway system here, as we traveled to a nice restaurant that was decorated like a boat. (See the photo below of me sitting in a wine glass. It was great fun!)

I will post more photos soon. It was very cold and rainy yesterday so I did not get many photos, but I will tell you all more about my hometown and where I am traveling first very soon!

Here are a few photos, though! (:


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