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Travelog for: Stutz

Yuen Long, Hong Kong - 28th May 2008

By: hksusanita

Hiya!!! This is Stutz! B)
For sure that's ME with my Pinky KattieMill!


See? We are now in Honky Tonk Kong!
It's really a Super fun place to RockzZ ON!!!


As One of my missions stated there, I LOVE THE BEATLES! ~
" I believe I can FLY~ I believe I can touCH his thumB:D "

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Tuen Mun, Hong Kong - 28th May 2008

By: hksusanita

Heyhey! It has been a cool dayzzZ!!!


Mum took me and KattieMill to Emilia's home today! She's a student of mum! She looks VERY SweetzB)
I love her holding me like holding a baby! Or am I?


Mum likes Doraemon n so AM I but I guess I am more cool!


Wow!!! I felt so GOOD with all the princesses!!! They really made my day!!! But mum said I can't be that

and I could only choose one in my future...  :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
I guess so... but u know what, she already has
Miss Snow White
on her mind and Emilie always says they look alike!
I probably have no choices...

Thanks Mum for getting me a pair of glasses!
It really fits me!



Oh My!!! KattieMill was trying to imitate me!
It just never works!!! C'Mon! I guess she thought she looks super cool in it!


hehe...we found our new toys!


(Wishing mum will not throw them away though I can't really squeeZe myself into it )  :stare:
How comes KattieMill is so fit!!! Unfair!


Mum brought us potato chips today! What's special in it?
See the word "MongKok" on it?
It's a very crowded place in HK n...that's all I know  :rolleyes: I guess I will ask her more for that!



"Get lost in Mong Kok"?
I have to ask mum to take me there one day!
I heard those housewives on the street saying it's a shopping paradise!



This is what mum had for her lunch!
She really loves it as I could see it from her EYES !
It seems to be something MAGICAL!!!


Awww...it looks..so daMn Delicious!!!
(if you feel like vomitting, it's just the poor quality of the photo!)


Mum gave it to KattieMill first because it's the GOLD rule of the universe - LADY FIRST!


Wow! The WHOLE thing just Happened within 30 Secs and it's ALL DONE by MUM!!! U're a SUPERWOMAN!


P.S. I am looking forward to visit Australia next week!!! YOOHO!!!

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Tuen Mun, Hong Kong - 29th May 2008

By: hksusanita





YOHOOOO!!!! It's like playing Abyss in OCEAN PARK!!!
I'm lovin' it! FLY me high!
(Mami told me as she loves that...I haven't tried it in fact)




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Central/ Tsim Sha Tsui , Hong Kong - 1st June 2008

By: hksusanita

I had such a nice day with Mami, Melissa n Vanessa!
( There are other three guys though but I can't remember their names and so as mami :P )
Only Mami is a local Chinese and all of them are expats!

A place in LKF (Drinkers MUST-GO-PLACE)


Haha...u know, Mami only had half a glass of SUNRISE and
she seemed to get a bit drunk after that little!!!




When we stepped out of that bar, a guy came up to Mami
and greeted her. Then he hold her hand and started dancing!!!
HAHA He wanted to kiss Mami on Cheeks
when taking the pics!



Me, Mami and that Unknown Someone  :p



Wow! Victoria Harbour!


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Yuen Long, Hong Kong - 4th June 2008

By: hksusanita

Hurray!!! Apperveilchen promised to host me from Mid-August!
I am now lookin' for someone who can host me before Mid-August!

Host me! Host me!

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On the plane, Sky - 12th June 2008

By: hksusanita

Stutz is on his way to Ireland and longing for the trip to Liverpool!!! B)

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Lisburn, Northern Ireland - 14th June 2008

By: HappySunshine

Hi Mama and fellow TVs!!!

Just a quick note to let you know that i arrived after my long flight from Hong Kong in Northern Ireland on Saturday.  My host, Emma, wasn't here as she was at a wedding in Portugal but i was very safe anyway with her mum!!!

i've had a quiet few days, meeting the locals and looking after Emma's fish.  I hope to go to work with Emma later this week and then  we have a busy weekend planned starting with a Midsummer Fayre in Lisburn and then a party just over the border in Co Louth.

more later!!!

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Lisburn, Northern Ireland - 18th June 2008

By: HappySunshine

Some pictures of me meeting the locals at Emma's house.  It was very wet today so i kept an eye on the fish. 




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Belfast, Northern Ireland - 22nd June 2008

By: HappySunshine

On Friday, i went to work with emma


and we stopped on the way to  have my picture taken outside the Parliament Building


and then went into work where i helped emma!


After work we went out for tea in belfast but it was too dark to take any photos.  i saw some lovely buildings though and we hope to go back later on in my visit.  we never made it to the fair - it started raining on saturday morning and hasn't stopped!  there was even thunder and lightening last night - luckily i was safe inside with emma and didn't get wet!!

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Lisburn, Northern Ireland - 26th June 2008

By: HappySunshine

well the weather hasn't been great this week so we haven't done much sightseeing.  we went to the shops earlier today


and then stopped off by the big cranes at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast.  The cranes are very big as you can see


There are 2 cranes which are called Samson and Goliath although Emma calls them 'High and Wee' because if you look very carefully you can see a small crane on top of each of the big ones!!  They used to build lots of ships in Belfast - the most famous one was the Titanic - but these days the docks mainly dismantle ships.  They are building a big scheme to commemorate the Titanic and putting in displays to remind people what it looked like.  It will be very good when it is finished and give people another reason to visit Belfast!

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lisburn, northern ireland - 30th June 2008

By: HappySunshine

Today after work we went to the fish shop - not to buy fish to eat but to buy some new fish for the aquarium.  as i have been helping look after the fish i was allowed to help pick!

First there was the shrimps

and then there was the clowns

and even some koi!

but in the end we went for 2 dwarf gourami - not sure if i spelt that right!  they are silvery blue and have a slight red in their tails.  we took them home and got them settled in the tank


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Belfast, Northern Ireland - 6th July 2008

By: HappySunshine

It sure does rain a lot in Northern Ireland!

We headed to Belfast to do a bit of sightseeing - on the way we saw a man on a Harley Davidson
It looked great!

we saw some tourists in the open topped bus

and thought about joining them on a tour.  It started to rain again though so we had a quick stop at City Hall and the Belfast Wheel before heading home.  Hopefully we will get another day out in Belfast when we can walk round and have a proper look at some of the other sights!

On Royal Avenue looking up at City Hall - it is a very grand building and at various times though the year they have continental markets, exhibitions and even an ice-rink at the front.

Looking up at the Belfast Wheel which sits beside City Hall - it sure is big!  :D

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Forkhill, Northern Ireland - 15th July 2008

By: HappySunshine

We went back down to Co Armagh for the July holiday weekend and spent time in the garden



we took the dogs for a walk in the field as well and met the horse and foal


on the way back up to Lisburn we stopped off at the Slieve Gullion Forest Park where we could see the Mourne Mountains which lead right down to the Irish Sea

and we had a quick walk around the Courtyard and garden where lots of people were having picnics!


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Bangor, Northern Ireland - 2nd August 2008

By: HappySunshine

Today was nice and sunny for the first time all week so we went to Bangor to see the sea!  I went with both Budin and Blue Rat who arrived on his trip this week from England.  Here are are sitting on the sea wall and behind us you can see the Irish Sea!




We saw some boats, both ones for people to have trips on and ones that went out to see and caught fish



We walked around the marina and then back up through the town.  Budin had his picture taken at the Swans on the Pickie Pool, and we saw the little train but it was full of people!  we finished our day out by having some lovely Morelli's ice-cream - chocolate and vanilla with chocolate sprinkles - it was fab!


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Liverpool, England - 13th August 2008

By: HappySunshine

I got to complete a mission recently when we went to Liverpool!!  We had to get a ferry from Belfast for a long journey across the Irish Sea.  here i am on the ferry

we made sure we found the safety equipment just incase!

here i am as the boat pulls into Liverpool - can you see the Liver Building and the famous Liver Birds?

Emma said that we could go and look at the Cavern and the Beatles sites so i did some homework before we set out


First we went to Stanley Street where i had a chat with Eleanor Rigby

and then we went into Matthew Street, home of the Cavern where the Beatles used to play and the Liverpool Wall of Fame

This is me and Mary, Emma's mum, in Matthew Street

Here i am at the Beatles Shop in Matthew Street

With the statue of John Lennon at the Liverpool Wall of Fame

And at the Cavern

The Cavern is quite small - you go down the stairs and its underground!  when the bar is very full and there is a band on, the condensation drips off the wall and ceiling!  there is a lot of graffiti on the walls as well!

It was quite exhausting having my photo taken so we all sat down for a rest before going off to look at the Superlambananas!

I had my photo taken with some of the Superlambananas as well before our trip came to an end and we had to get back on the ferry to Belfast


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