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Travelog for: Friedrich

West Milton, Ohio, United States - 25th August 2008

By: multifacetedmuse

Professor Friedrich is currently catching up on his reading to prepare for journeys head.

Currently Friedrich is scheduled to meet:

tea_rose in London
samsmith621 in Pennsylvania


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London, England - 13th September 2008

By: tea_rose

I've arrived at my first destination!  I climbed out of my envelope and on to my host's sofa.


I stretched and yawned after my long journey from the USA.


As I'd just woken up, it took me a few minutes to remember that there was something else in the envelope to surprise my host, Tea Rose - a postcard of my hometown!


Some mice and a rat turned out to greet me.  But sadly there was not another tortoise to be seen.  Tea Rose collects toy rodents, you see.


The rat, Rizzo, was very talkative indeed.  Too noisy, one might say.  He wanted to shake my paw, but I explained that tortoises prefer to say hi from a distance.



I was so hungry after my journey.  Luckily Tea Rose was hungry too (a common occurrence in this house).  She let me share her dinner - veggie burgers with rocket and sweet potato mash.  It was nicer than it looks and all those vegetables were just the thing for a tortoise to enjoy.


After dinner and some television, I could hardly keep my eyes open, so I settled down for a long and very welcome night's sleep.


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London, England - 14th September 2008

By: tea_rose

It was my first full day here and I was determined to enjoy it.  Sadly there were no philosophy books to be found.  Tea Rose ignored my complaining, saying no one should read before breakfast.  We ate well.  Shortly I found myself on a train, with a ticket of course.  Nobody should travel without a ticket - even a tortoise.


I watched the changing view and thought about what I had seen so far.



Next we climbed onto a bus, where we rode at the front on the top deck.  But not even Tea Rose seemed to know where we were going.  Here, we were heading towards Wimbledon.


Can you guess where I had been? 


This is me on the way back to Tea Rose's house.  Tea Rose had been horse riding.  As it was her first time there, and her first time on a horse in over a decade, she couldn't take any photos as she needed to concentrate on not falling off!  But from what I saw from the window, she seemed to be doing OK.  After lunch, we headed back and I reflected on what I'd seen.  I don't think tortoises are built to ride horses.  But it was a fun day all round.


That evening, we went out for coffee. 


Luckily I'd sipped Tea Rose's cappuccino to keep me awake during the bus ride home.


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Museum of London, England - 15th September 2008

By: tea_rose

I went to work with Tea Rose today.  That is, she worked while I slept in her bag.  At lunch time, we took a brisk walk to the Museum of London.  Well, actually I didn't walk briskly because after all, I'm a tortoise - I rode in that comfortable bag.

We didn't have very long to look around the museum, but Tea Rose promised we could visit again soon.  We weren't allowed to use a flash when taking photos, so some of them are a little dark.  But the museum was thought-provoking and a great introduction to the history of London.  First we whizzed through the Medieval London exhibition.



I saw an interesting coat of armour with a very small shield indeed.


My host stopped to examine some manuscripts, including this page from Chaucer's work.


We saw an illuminated manuscript.  Not really my thing, but Tea Rose enjoyed it.


I examined a church collection bowl from the early 16th century.



I'm glad Tea Rose doesn't live in such basic accommodation!


I saw a chair fit for a tortoise.


I looked at some mid-17th century furniture, including an oak table, chair and baby walker in front of a silk screen made from a set of Civil War royalist flags.


I examined some jewellry and other precious items that had been unearthed in London - I think it was all 16th century.



Soon we had to return to the office, so it was a mad dash to get back in time for Tea Rose's afternoon meeting.. and my afternoon snooze.  But not before we stopped in the gift shop where we discovered a very special someone - to be introduced in the next instalment of my travelog!

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London, England - 19th September 2008

By: tea_rose

Tea Rose has been really busy at work this week.  I've had a lot of time to think.  I have decided that I really like English chocolate.  Tea Rose has a lot of it about.  She told me to make myself at home so I have been helping myself.


It smells good...


Miss you Mum :)


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London, England - 19th September 2008

By: tea_rose

Tea Rose and I were late back to work the other day when we visited the Museum of London.  We were held up in the gift shop, when Tea Rose spotted a special someone she just had to adopt.  I wasn't so sure.  I mean, I was eager to share my views on the real reason toys love to travel, but he just hid in this paper bag.  So unsociable!


I told him about all the chocolate I'd had and finally his stomach got the better of him and he emerged timidly from his hiding place.


We talked for a while... or rather I talked and he looked down and waggled his whiskers


Eventually we started to get along.


But by the end of the day, we were great friends. ;)


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A train going into Central London, England - 20th September 2008

By: tea_rose

Today was a very busy day.  We caught a train into Central London early in the morning.


A new Toy Voyager has just arrived - Nami Geneveva.  We had so much to talk about!


I studied the view from the window of the train as we got closer to the centre of London.  But it was hard for me to see out on my own.  Tea Rose said my legs are too short and perhaps I should grow a bit.  Honestly, how rude!


Then Nami joined me - cheeky little dolphin!  She was trying to hitch a ride.



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Piccadilly Circus, London, England - 20th September 2008

By: tea_rose

I'm a little ashamed to admit that when we finally arrived (after that train, I had to catch the Tube) I stayed in Tea Rose's backpack for a while.  I was a little afraid to emerge.  All those people!  And traffic - queues of big red London buses, black taxi cabs jostling through the streets, and so many cars...


Tea Rose explained that we were in Piccadilly Circus, standing next to a popular London landmark, the Shaftesbury Monument Memorial Fountain, popularly and incorrectly known as Eros but actually depicting Anteros, the Greek god of selfless love.  All I know is it was absolutely swarming with people.  Tea Rose explained that it has been a popular meeting place for over a hundred years.


Tea Rose showed me the illuminated advertising boards across the street.


Finally I reluctantly emerged from the safety of the backpack.  A tortoise needs time to ponder over important decisions before taking action, you know.  This is me posing in front of those ads.


I took a long and thoughtful look at Anteros and wondered what it would have been like for my ancestors, all those years ago....


Nami and Tea Rose had to snap me out of it.  I drifted off there for a while.  I headed towards the tube station


but first I took a look at the Criterion, which, Tea Rose tells me, first opened back in 1874 and is currently showing The 39 Steps, which Tea Rose absolutely loved when she was lucky enough to attend a few months ago.


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Central London, England - 20th September 2008

By: tea_rose

Before we left Piccadilly Circus, we stopped off in the Rainforest Cafe.  Tea Rose told me to stay in her bag as she was anxious not to lose me among all the other animals - look!


Next, we made our way over to Leicester Square, a short walk away.  Tea Rose explained that this is the heart of London's cinemaland and where film premieres are often held.


I saw these phone boxes and thought about calling home, but being a tortoise I don't have any pockets to carry change. 


We decided to wander on over to check out Covent Garden.


Tea Rose explained how in this area, the Abbey or Convent of St. Peter, Westminster, maintained a large kitchen garden throughout the Middle Ages to provide its daily food. Over the next three centuries, the monks' old "convent garden" became a major source of fruit and vegetables in London.  Today  Covent Garden is the only part of London licensed for street entertainment with performers who must audition to perform there.  The central building houses cafes and shops selling clothes, toys and novelty items.


Nami Geneveva and I took a seat for a while to rest and take in the atmosphere before continuing our sightseeing tour!


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Trafalgar Square, London, England - 20th September 2008

By: tea_rose

Next, we took a double decker bus to Trafalgar Square.  We decided not to get out of the bus as we were so tired after walking around all afternoon.  But we could see plenty from the bus.  (Tea Rose says sorry the pictures are a little out of focus).

This is me approaching Trafalgar Square and looking for the famous 4 bronze lion statues that guard Nelson's Column.  You can just see one of the fountains in the background and the base of Nelson's Column on the right.


Oh, there's one of the lions!  Again, it was quite busy and people were taking photos.  Tea Rose explained that a couple of years ago, the square was famously full of pigeons.  But now that it is illegal to feed them, they have largely disappeared.


There I am again, in front of that lion.  I'm not sure I'd like to get that close!


Next, we drove past Parliament Square and saw Big Ben!  Lucky Nami Geneveva had her picture taken with the famous Clock Tower, but I wasn't quick enough to climb out of Tea Rose's bag to be in any photos. 

Did you know the Clock Tower is the world's biggest four-faced, chiming clock? The structure is situated at the north-eastern end of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London. It is often colloquially referred to as Big Ben, which is actually the nickname of the 13 ton bell housed within the tower.

As it was a Saturday evening when we were there, Parliament was not in session.  We knew this because the clock face wasn't illuminated. 

Finally, after a long day, tired and happy after our sightseeing tour, we made our way home.

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British Museum, London, England - 27th September 2008

By: tea_rose

Today we went to the British Museum!

We didn't have very long so we spent most of our time in the Great Court, looking at the spectacular architecture and marvelling at all the people :)



Here I am, looking out of Tea Rose's backpack!


This fearsome creature is the Lion of Knidos.  The inscription said: 'Weighing more than 7 tons, this colossal lion comes from a tomb in the ancient cemetary of Knidos, a coastal city in South West Turkey.  The tomb stood on the edge of a cliff overlooking the approach to Knidos harbour. The building itself rose some 18 metres, and its pyramid roof was topped by the lion.  It is carved of marble brought across the Aegean sea from Mount Pentelikon near the city of Athens.  The lower jaw and front paws are missing, and the eye sockets are now empty.  These were once filled, probably with metal or glass, to catch the light.'


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London, England - 2nd October 2008

By: tea_rose

I've been helping Tea Rose cook while I've been here in London.  We took a couple of pictures so you could see me in action!  It's a shame I don't have a little chef's hat on - that would have looked most professional ;)

Baked potatoes (sweet potatoes & regular) with salad


Making a stir fry with noodles!


Yum :)


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On an aeroplane, en route to the USA - 3rd October 2008

By: tea_rose

It's time for me to travel on to my next host, Samsmith621 in the USA!  I climbed into my envelope today after saying goodbye to Nami Geneveva and the other new friends I have made during my time in London.  Tea Rose took me to the Post Office where I shall begin my next adventure!  I'm told I will be missed :)

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Glen Lyon, PA, USA - 10th October 2008

By: samsmith621

Today I felt something walking around on my envelope!

I wonder what it is?!?

It's two other TV's, Horny Haggis and Mr. Grey!

It's been a long trip from London, but Sam, my host is very nice!

Sam says we are getting up early in the morning to go to Claws N Paws which is a zoo! I am excited!
(I heard there might be a tortoise there I can meet!)

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Claws N Paws , USA - 11th October 2008

By: samsmith621

Today we got up early and went to a really neat zoo in the woods. It was about an hour drive from Sam's house.

There were so many animals to see! I met other tortoises!!!

Then, Sam pretended she was a tortoise...

She's silly!

We also found some other silly photo spots along the way.

Here is Sam as a kangaroo with myself, Horny Haggis and Mr. Grey pretending we are in her pouch.
And here we are hatching from a dinosaur egg!

We had a lot of fun at the zoo. I am really tired though... I can't wait to see what else we get to do!

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