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Travelog for: Brunswick

Glen Lyon, PA, USA - 15th September 2008

By: samsmith621

Hi, I'm Brunswick... I am a bowling pin! I was told by my owner that I will be traveling all over the world, yay! I am so excited! B)http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3240/2861890412_7e3045bd95.jpg

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Between Glen Lyon, PA and Scotland, USA - 17th September 2008

By: samsmith621

I am currently napping in an envelope on my way to Scotland... I hope I have a smooth ride!

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West Scotland, Scotland - 24th September 2008

By: Wyrdwood

O, oi, oi... I finally arrived to my 1st host. I had to wait her a while, because she was working on long shift. Her flatmate just torred me on the floor and I thought it was time to take a nap.

wyrdwood arrived just when I was waking up. I was soo delighted to see where I arrived. Pöpö the Mutant-Bunny was 1st to greet me. Soon too many dogs wanted to give me a hug. They all seem to be really nice, althou they have funny accent. 

toyvoyager 001a.jpg
toyvoyager 002a.jpg
toyvoyager 005a.jpg

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Greenock, Scotland - 5th October 2008

By: Wyrdwood

Today we were planning to walk to neighbor town Gourock. wyrdwood and her friend took me and Flobby The Bat, toyvoyager-to-become, with them. My host did not remember that Queen Elisabeth 2, The boat, was visiting the town and whole place was swarming with people talking odd languages. Even my host did not recognize some of them. The boat was huuuuuuuge, but wyrdwood told us that sometimes there was even bigger boats visiting the town.

We walked to promenade and had little stop at the Church. Floppy was excited to visit old graves. To me it was a bit too yearly, there's still few weeks to Halloween, you know :)

toyvoyager 008a.jpg
toyvoyager 009a.jpg
toyvoyager 011a.jpg

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Greenock, Scotland - 8th October 2008

By: Wyrdwood

oh my, wyrdwood just told me than she is going to take me and Floppy the Bat to LONDON!!

I better get some sleep now, tomorrow we are going to wake up at 5am :(

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Greenock, Scotland - 13th October 2008

By: Wyrdwood

I had lovely trip to London to meet Floppy the bat 's new host. She was really nice young lady. Floppy the bat and I had really fantastic time. Too bad wyrdwood had problems with her camera, but she managed to take few pictures. I really loved to see the famous Tube. We also took a race with wyrdwood's and her friend's new pets, Floppy the bat was riding Virus The Bunny and I rode with Emppu the pig. Don't listen Floppy the bat, I was the one who won ;)

Floppy the bat left with her host to cold Finland. bye bye, Floppy the bat. I hope you have nice time traveling the world! See you soon!

I will post some pictures as soon as I get them...

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Greenock, Scotland - 20th October 2008

By: Wyrdwood

I finally have some pictures from London, yay! Here we go... i bet you don't need any titles for the pictures ;)

lontoo 002.jpg
lontoo 003.jpg
lontoo 006.jpg

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Greenock, Scotland - 14th November 2008

By: Wyrdwood

Lucy K and Mukhsin Arrived to wyrdwood's house at following days. Mutant-bunny Pöpö and Marco were again 1st ones to greet the new visitors. It was raining so much in Scotland, that we had to spend the day inside.

It was also my last day with Wyrdwood, so we were pleased to spend the day telling stories about our travels to each other. Wyrdwood's dogs and bunnies joined too, althou nöpö was the only one who could tell us from faraway places.

We are going to see the area as soon as our host is feeling well enough to go outside the house. I hope I wont catch the flu :(

I finally got some new pictures fron London. Floppy the Bat and I had a race with Emppu the Pig and Virut the bunny. It was such a fun :)

Now I am going to Australia, wohoo! I hope the weather is much better than in here  B)

lontoo 008a.jpg
lontoo 007a.jpg

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Orange, NSW, Australia - 25th November 2008

By: sararingham

I finally arrived in Australia! No pictures yet, Sara's been quite busy lately but there will be some pictures soon. The weather is pretty good today, Sara said that it was actually snowing on Sunday. This is very uncommon for being a week out from Summer.

Apparently it's supposed to rain again but since I'll be here for a month or so I know I'll see some nice Summer weather - once it hits Summer it's usually very VERY hot! Write again soon mom! :-)

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Road to Bathurst, NSW, Australia - 11th December 2008

By: sararingham

Today we decided to take our first trip... we hadn't been anywhere recently since Sara's been busy going to the gym and everything so I haven't been able to see much yet... but Sara's going to try to change that for me so I can see this area... anyways, today it was really hot outside but we all packed ourselves into the car and headed out to Bathurst... Bathurst is a 45 minute drive away with little to nothing in between Orange and Bathurst but I'll show you the "sights" anyways... :-)

This is just exiting Orange.. it's still got a lot of farmland just outside of the trees... but it does create an illusion of a lot of trees doesn't it?

Maybe 5-10 minutes outside of Orange are a couple vineyards. Orange is famous for it's vineyards. There are two huge ones outside of Orange, and there's a whole heap of smaller ones near Mount Canobolas which we'll see a bit later on... :-)

Just outside of all land which has all the vineyards on it is the tiniest town ever... it's called Lucknow, it's literally a one road town, this is it.. what you see is what you get... with lots of farmland... but there's a coffee shop, some kind of strange antique shop, and some huge gold mines that have been abandoned for years... I'll go into that a little bit later though... another day - another thing to see. :-)

You'll find a lot of the road to Bathurst looks a lot like this... not really that interesting, but sure are a lot of sheep and cows...

...one thing that's very Australian - the famous red dirt - the dirt that's got a LOT of iron in it... one of Australia's big export to other countries... we've got a lot of it...

...another thing you see, lots of kangaroo signs, and occasionally the kangaroo road kill as well... which is pretty sad but I guess it happens everywhere with native wildlife... we didn't see any kangaroos this time, even though we did go searching... :-( Maybe next time...

We're almost there now... don't know if you'd know it though - still looks a lot like farmland to me...

...Welcome to Bathurst...

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Mount Panorama, NSW, Australia - 11th December 2008

By: sararingham

Well, now that were finally in Bathurst we saw one of Bathurst main things to see... usually Sara takes all toyvoyagers onto the Mount Panorama race track... but for some reason it was closed... we had a bit of a look around and they were having a race today... not the HUGE Bathurst 1000 but some smaller race... we couldn't do much but stand back and watch...
The famous Mount Panorama sign, this is right in front of the starting gate... and then we saw some of the race cars...
I'm not in these photos because Sara was so zoomed in that I wouldn't have looked like anything but a blur... sorry about that! But I can promise, if I'm still with Sara next month we'll be going back to Bathurst and hopefully this time we can see some kangaroos too! :-)

We also got to see the newly famous Peter Brock Statue he died a day or something after Steve Irwin died in 2006, he died in a race but he was known as "king of the mountain"... so they made him a statue an put it up for this years races in the beginning of October...

...just as we were leaving we saw another race car coming in... it means this must not have been anything but qualifying but it was still cool to watch for a while...

I hope you enjoyed my time in Bathurst... hopefully I'll go back again soon! Write again soon mom! Miss you!

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Orange, NSW, Australia - 14th December 2008

By: sararingham

The weather has been really crazy the last few days... when we went to Bathurst it was really warm out - cloudy but very very warm... the last few days it's been really rainy and cold... with very high winds... the weather changes here are so crazy sometimes... but hey, I'm enjoying the cooler weather while it lasts... :-)

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Bathurst, NSW, Australia - 17th December 2008

By: sararingham

Today we took a very unexpected trip... Sara had to plan quickly as they only realized they were going yesterday... but we had a lot to see this time... I won't tell you where were heading as it was a big trip but our first stop was Bathurst... this time Sara actually saw some kangaroos...
...the kangaroos were a LOT farther than normal this time... the first photo the photo was taken with a 12x zoom, the other photos it was 48x zoom... if that also would explain why I'm not in the photo... I would say I'll never get enough of seeing these little (or not so little) guys. :-)

More to come...

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Lithgow, NSW, Australia - 17th December 2008

By: sararingham

Maybe you have an idea of where were going now? You look at the map and you probably already know... but next stop was Lithgow, we stopped to see the huge mining lantern again while we got our bearings before moving back onto the road... here I am in front of the mining lantern... if you can see where there used to be a "flame" is now a Christmas tree... :-)

We had to go to the bank as well to pull out a bit of money so we had to go and search for the bank down the main street of Lithgow, this is what the rest of the town looks like...
...looks not much different from Orange and Bathurst... nor does the middle of Sydney - lots of older buildings... with Lithgow, even though it's much closer to Sydney than Orange and Bathurst a lot of the business have gone out of business... it's very empty... kind of strange isn't it? Hold tight there's still way more to come! :-)

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Paramatta, NSW, Australia - 17th December 2008

By: sararingham

Welcome to Sydney! We're here... well... not quite yet... were currently in the outskirts of Sydney in the towns of Penrith and Paramatta... pretty large cities though... here are some of the photos from Paramatta as we were going through... sorry were not in them it's hard to take photos so quickly as your going through the towns...
...you wouldn't know from these photos but navigating through even the outskirts of Sydney is very hard sometimes - one wrong turn and your in another suburb and totally lost... lol there's another little while before were there - but first we have a stop off to make...

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