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Ride on a mechanic cow.

Collect the word ‘cow’ in, at least, 10 different languages/dialects.

Be photographed on a cow’s back.

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Travelog for: Mumu

Santa Maria, Azores, Portugal - 20th August 2008

By: Penvmbra

Once upon a time there was a pink cow living in one 0f the 9 islands of the Azores archipelago.


One sunny day Penvmbra was taking a walk and breathing some fresh air and that's when she met Mumu.


Mumu showed her the amazing place where she lived and introduced some of her friends:




But then Penvmbra realised that Mumu haven't met many places and invited her to travel the world...

That's when the adventure begins  B)



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Santa Maria, Azores, Portugal - 23rd August 2008

By: Penvmbra

After traveling in a car for the first time in her life, Mumu went to Penvmbra's place and met toy voyagers who  told her how amazing it was to travel to other people's houses and be their guests.

With Migui+Gui and Margarida she learn a bit about the island where she used to live:



But to stay at home was a pity with one of the best beaches in the world by our side:


The beaches aren't too big, but the sand is like velvet, the water is very clean and the air very pure :)


One day she went to Maia, a small place by the sea, and she found these ducks living there freely:


She found this baby is soooo cute  :cyclops:


The outskirts of the place:




Hm...and they were offered grapes from the region ;)


The typical boat:


The sunset:


Those are typical tools used in the ancient times: the mill wheels and the jars to store food and drink:



In this place Cristopher Colombus stoped on his way to Europe, after discovering America:


In these islands there is a tradition of serving a special soap in honor of the Holy Spirit.
The soap is served for free to anyone who wants to come in and is made like in the ancient times, with home made bread and meat from the cows of the people there:



The queue for the soaps:


Inside the chapel:



Eating the soap:


Mumu introduced to his new friends some members of her family.


It is amazing to be surrounded by sea:


Look ate the color of the sand there:


And this is Faneco, the dog she met:


Mumu's next destination will be Lisbon =)

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Almourol, Portugal - 15th September 2008

By: Penvmbra

Today Mumu went to the Castle of Almourol
With her was Fridolin, Margarida, Migui+Gui and Vladimir.


Before going to the castle they went to a medieval bar for a drink:





The bar was really nice, she felt good to be there.
Look at Penvmbra at the entrance:


And then they went to the castle:





The view at the top of the castle:



The castle is amazing, you should read about it in the website.
It is placed in the middle of the Tagus river.

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Vale dos Gaios, Portugal - 17th September 2008

By: Penvmbra

Today is a warm day and Mumu took the opportunity to go to a calm place, 2 hours from Lisbon, to relax and enjoy the Nature.


The place is called Barrage of Vale dos Gaios.
There was no one there, so Mumu mounted her tend and spend the whole day enjoying the place, hearing the birds and bathing. :)


When the moon rose, she went back home.




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Lisbon, Portugal - 18th September 2008

By: Penvmbra

Today Mumu said goodbye to her toyvoyager friends and went for new adventures in the USA, in Pixiedustlady's house.

Farewell Migui+Gui


Farewell Margarida


Farewell Fridolin


She takes with her a notebook and asks every host to writte the word cow in a language she doesn't know yet.


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Richlands, NC, USA - 25th September 2008

By: Pixiedustlady

I have arrived today in The United States of America! I am in a small town called Richlands and I am in the state of North Carolina.  My new host was happy to see me and loved getting a post card from my owner! I also came with my own journal which my host will gladly update.  I am going to go take a nap after my long flight I am a bit tired and then I will add some photos.

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Greenville & Kinston North Carolina, USA - 26th September 2008

By: Pixiedustlady

I have my photos now! The first ones are of me arriving in Richlands NC
I got too meet all the other toys that live in the house and boy there are a lot!! My favorite friend is the Atlanta Braves Bear and also the Camel that my host's husband sent her from Djibouti, Africa where he is deployed right now.  I also got to meet the dogs Daisy the Boston Terrier and Thumper the Pug.  Thumper has lots of her own friends and I have to stay up and away from her or she wants to try and carry me around!!  My host is a HUGE baseball fan and she loves The Atlanta Braves.  She drives down to Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia a few times a year to go watch the Braves play.  The drive is about 5 hours from here. My host had to drive to Greenville today so I got in the car for the first time.  I got to go sneak in a ultraound room today while my host had her neck ultrasounded.  When the Tech left the room I snuck behind the machine!!!  After the ultrasound visit we went to the Smoothie Shop and I got a Banana and chocolate smoothie and boy was it good!!  After that we drove back home and passed through a little town called Kinston.  Kinston is home to historical Grangier Stadium where the Kinston Indians triple *A* ball team plays.  I tried to go inside the stadium but I JUST missed baseball season so I could not go in but I did look around a bit!!

After we left the stadium I got to drive the car home!! we almost stopped at a Cow Farm but it started raining so hard that we just came home.  The last photo is of me sitting on the steps of my new home!!! I heard we are going to Las Vegas next Wednesday!!! My host is flying me FIRST CLASS and I am going to go gambling in the casinos!!! I cant wait!!  :p


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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - 1st October 2008

By: Pixiedustlady

I just got back from Las Vegas and BOY did I have a good time!! I stayed at the Gold Coast hotel and Casino and got to even sneak into the Casino and play some slot machines! I didnt get to play craps or blackjack as the dealer warned my host that no photos are to be taken  :cyclops: but I had a fantastic time! I went from the Jacksonville NC airport to Atlanta, Georgia then from there we got on a huge plane and I got to sit in first class!! Margaritas for MuMu and movies all the way to Vegas!!!  I am sharing below my photos from my big adventure! I sure did have a fun time!! I got to have a window seat from Jacksonville to Atlanta.  You can see me looking out the window and then you can see the Skyscrapers of Atlanta as we landed into Atlanta.  Then we got on a huge jet and took off for Vegas, you can see me in my room on my big king size bed, my 52 inch flat screen TV and my nice spa like bathroom!! I went to breakfast the next morning and Im sitting in front of Keno!!! yes you can gamble 24/7 even while having breakfast!! hahahaha!  I also took two hours to find a MUMU slot machine!! can you believe they had a Cow slot machine?  The picture out the window was during the daytime and thats Mandalay Bay and The Luxor pyramid hotel you see.  Vegas is a 24/7 party town and I would love to go back someday!!


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Richlands, North Carolina, USA - 16th October 2008

By: Pixiedustlady

Last night was the BIG playoffs to see who is going to go to the world series for the American league.  The National League already has the big winner of the Philadelphia Phillies.  Darcie's favorite team The Atlanta Braves did not make it this year into the playoffs so she was rooting for The Tampa Rays to beat the Boston Red Sox.  We all gathered around the TV with my new favorite snack.. Chedder cheese Pringles!! If Florida would of won then they would of advanced right to the world series!!! Florida was winning 7 to zero against the Boston Red Sox BOOOO!!!!  Darcie does not like the Boston red sox and either do the other toys in the house.  Anyways the game got very exciting and Boston caught up and tied the game.. then they got one more run and they won.  We stayed up till 1 am watching the game and tommorro is the next game and we are hoping The Florida Rays will win!!  Here are some photos of me and my friends watching the game!! Towards the end you can see Big Papi getting interviewed, he is a star hitter for The Boston Red Sox and got them going back with a big home run, hitting in two runs.  Im having a lot of fun here in North Carolina.  Not much going on but Im relaxing and enjoying my new friends.


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Richlands, North Carolina , USA - 23rd October 2008

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Mom! Last night The World series started! The Philadelphia Phillies against The Tampa Bay Rays.  We stayed up till 1am and The Phillies won game one.  They will play the best out of seven games.  Im rooting for the Tampa Bay Rays to win!! I also am getting ready for Halloween!! Darcie lives in a big neighborhood where a ton of kids will be by dressed up in costumes going Trick Or Treating.  The kids will come to the door and ring it and then say *trick or treat* then they will get lots of candy.  I went to Walmart with her to buy the Candy and wow its going to be a fun night! Usually Darcie decorates up the entire house but since her husband is away she could not get up in the attic to drag down all the heavy boxes! we are still going to have so much fun I am going to help hand out Candy to all the kids! here are some photos of what I did today.  Not much is going on but Im having a fun time.  I sat next to the Halloween flowers that Darcie got from her mom who lives out in Sacramento, California, I went and watched the Fish swim in the tank and then I went out to the garage and got on the Scooters!! I had so much fun!! Hope you are well mom and talk to you soon!


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Richlands, North Carolina, USA - 1st November 2008

By: Pixiedustlady

A few nights ago the Philadelphia Phillies won the world series! Me and the other toys all watched and it was sooo exciting to see the team at the end of the game because they were sooo happy!! Last night was Halloween! I handed out candy and I also ate some Butterfingers, Paydays, Crunch bars and my new favorite Whoppers!!  It was very cold so Darcie made a fire for us to sit in front of and stay nice and cozy.  I saw lots and lots of kids in costumes.  I saw lots of scary ones with light up masks and also lots of Disney costumes like Cinderella and Sully from Monsters Inc.  Halloween is really fun!!


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Richlands, North Carolina, USA - 10th November 2008

By: Pixiedustlady

Today I am leaving North Carolina.  I had so much fun and got to see many places and my favorite was Las Vegas!! I will never forget playing the slot machines! I said goodbye to all my friends and I am now going to catch my flight to Germany where my next host awaits me!!

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Hameln, Germany - 25th November 2008

By: Elayoe

Hi Mum!
today I arrived in Hameln. Guess what, the German customs checked me. Don't know why. But I was already await by Phex and Chris the Cat. Now I'm finally here. It is cold in Germany, only around 0°C. The last days it snowed a bit, but my Mum said that we won't have the time to play in the snow as it'll melt tomorrow and today we are going on a concert of this band: Schandmaul (a german medieval rock band). But my Mum said that she won't take a camera with us as she thinks there are no pics allowed..
here you can see pics when I arrived:

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Hameln, Germany - 28th November 2008

By: Elayoe

Hi Mum!
the concert was great.. we had a lot of fun.. sadly we don't have any pics.. :( mum, do you know the band?
today I went to the christmas market in Hameln. It was the best weather for the market, we had only around 1°C. The light were so beautiful, but the market was so full of people. The christmas market is one of the most beautiful here in the region. here you can see the pics:
we wanted to buy some candles, but the stall was already closed, when we came there the second time, but my host mum and I will go there again during the lunch break..
Fynn, the son of my host mum ate candy floss, which Chris and I had to taste.. it was really sweet, too sweet.. ;)
here you can see me with some beautiful houses which are sold on the market.. you can put a candle in and it looks very beautiful..
and here you can see me at home with some of these houses, which my host mum bought..
I wish you a nice weekend, mum.. tomorrow we'll go to Seggebruch as small village, where my host mum lived for 20 years..

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Seggebruch, Germany - 30th November 2008

By: Elayoe

Hey Mum!
today we were at the parents of my host mum. They are living in Seggebruch, a small village between Bückeburg and Stadthagen. It has only 2000 inhabitants. But it rained most of the time, so spent most time in the house. We watched Harry Potter and played some games. And here I'm first drinking a tea as it was so cold outside:
and this is also a pic out of the window in Hameln, there you can see the snow in the morning:
we made a little walk in the nature and Seggebruch to show you some nice pics:
This is the evangelic-lutheran church in Seggebruch, which can be seen from far away:
some statues in Seggebruch:
and this is the house and garden of her parents.. I wish it was summer so that we can help working in the garden and relaxing in the pool:
and here I am eating borecole.. it is a famous food in winter in the North of Germany.. it tasted really good..

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