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Travelog for: Prance

Schenectady, NY, USA - 27th October 2008

By: MoonlitxDesire

Well, I'm ready to start my journey. I can't wait to find a host and get started. There is so much I want to do, and so many places I want to see!  :D

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Schenectady, NY, USA - 30th October 2008

By: MoonlitxDesire

Today I am going to start my journey! My owner, Nicole is sending me to Arizona to visit her fellow Not-All-Beauty member, Ashley. This should be a lot of fun!  :D

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Flagstaff, Arizona, USA - 4th November 2008

By: ashl_bee

I am updating to tell everyone that I have arrived safely in Flagstaff, Arizona. I was expecting to a smiling human face, but was surprised to be greeted by something else entirely!

Curious little Kaspian crawled his way into my package to investigate.

Meeeeoooooowwww!!! It feels great to get out of the envelope. We were only here for a little bit before we headed to the car. Today is election day here in the US and Ashley needed to turn in her ballot.

We took a nice drive through the downtown area of the Flagstaff. It was nice because it was such a beautiful day today.

We got to the County Recorder's office and there was a pretty box that that Ashley placed her ballot, but to preserve the integrity of the election and respect peoples confidentiality we couldn't take any pictures there.

I hear I get to visit the Grand Canyon soon!

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Grand Canyon, South Rim, Az, USA - 8th November 2008

By: ashl_bee

Today we set out very early and headed north.
Those are the San francisco Peaks. It's highest point is at 12,633 ft.

At first, I wasn't sure where we were going. After a little while longer in the car I think I figured it out.
We were off to the Grand Canyon!!
After paying the fee to get in, we parked and got everything ready for our little hike.
This is a small map of the South Rim of the canyon. The North Rim is closed after the second week of October.

We made it the first half of a mile, and the view is beautiful!

We took a break to look down in the canyon from a safe place. That is a very long way down!

2 miles into our hike around the rim of the canyon, we took another short rest. I took a cat nap in the warn sun and my host took some more pictures of the canyon for me to share.
The view was just amazing. There was so much history to learn about the Grand Canyon. We read all the informational boards and I learned a lot.

I had a great time completing one of my Life Missions!!

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Flagstaff, Arizona, USA - 5th December 2008

By: ashl_bee

Wow, I have done so much here in Flagstaff. I go to meet lots of college students at Northern Arizona University, and other people in Flagstaff.

My host has had a very busy life since I have come to stay with her. After the visit to the Grand Canyon, I helped my host move into a new apartment with her beau and her DOG! He was a very big dog and doesnt quite like cats, so I tended to hide a lot.

After a long visit, I am moving on to California!

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West Covina , USA - 13th December 2008

By: raynekitten

Got here today. i got to ride in the car. its so foggy in california


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West Covina, USA - 17th December 2008

By: raynekitten

We went out for sushi today. and it was so yummy.


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San Francisco, USA - 20th December 2008

By: raynekitten

I got to travel by way of the bart today that was fun. We're now back in San Francisco. More pictures coming soon having so much fun :)

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Glen Lyon, PA, USA - 25th February 2009

By: samsmith621

I arrived about 2 weeks ago at my new host's house. Her name is Sam and she had a group of ToyVoyagers there waiting to greet me!


I can't wait to see what fun adventures we go on!

* Posted Feb 27, 2009, 2:38 am [Quote] [View just this post] Go to the top of the page

Glen Lyon, PA, USA - 26th February 2009

By: samsmith621

Today, when Sam got home from work, she decided that she wanted to bake some muffins to take to work with her tomorrow.

So that is what we did tonight.


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Glen Lyon, PA, USA - 17th March 2009

By: samsmith621

Today we said goodbye to Misko. He is headed home.

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Glen Lyon, PA, USA - 18th March 2009

By: samsmith621

Right aroud the time Misko left on his journey home, another toyvoyager arrived... named Bebanda.


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Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA - 20th March 2009

By: samsmith621

Today, Sam stopped on the way to work to get something special for one of the people she works with. It was his 1 year anniversary of being with the company.

She bought him Tiramisu.


Tonight after work, we are leaving to go to New Jersey with one of Sam's friends.

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Popcorn Park Zoo, New Jersey, USA - 21st March 2009

By: samsmith621

On Saturday, we woke up and visited a flea market in the morning. In the afternoon we went to Popcorn Park which is a zoo that has mostly injured an unwanted animals. You can feed the majority of the animals popcorn! It was a lot of fun. Here we are in front of the camel enclosure.


There were a lot of pretty peacocks just walking around. You could just walk right up to them. Here's a photo of one.


The ground where we were was very sandy. This was due to the fact that we were very close to the Pine Barrens. All the pine needles make the dirt very sandy.

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Washington DC, USA - 22nd April 2009

By: samsmith621

Sam has finally gotten settled after her trip to DC, so here are some photos!

The first day we arrived in DC, we went to Chinatown.
The next day we visited some of the museums and the sculpture garden.

We also got to visit the zoo!

It was a really fun trip! We did some other things too, but it was very crowded and hard to take photos.

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