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Travelog for: Pooh!

Petzenkirchen, Austria - 22nd August 2008

By: Blurchen

Ah.. I`m free! =) After these long days in the small envelope I can stretch my legs and arms. And the sun´s shining too - great! =) My host told me that I´m know in Petzenkirchen in Austria. I havn´t seen much of it now... but.. she told me that she´s going to show me arround! =)


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Petzenkirchen, Austria - 22nd August 2008

By: Blurchen

Soon after I got out from my envelope Nami came by to say "Hi". She´ll spend the time with my at our host Christina.


My first afternoon I spent with my host and with Nami in the garden. Nami couldn´t wait to swim, but I didn´t wanted to. So I helped my host gather the blackberries.
She even gave me my own can! =) I´ve to say that I became a fan of that can...


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Wieselburg, Austria - 22nd August 2008

By: Blurchen

Christina took us with her to our friends, where we spend a really nice evening on their balcony. The best thing was the christmas-candle, which they alight. =)


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Petzenkirchen, Austria - 23rd August 2008

By: Blurchen

Today we have been to a Heuriger with our host and their we got some typical austrian dishes.

From there we had a great view!


Here I´m drinking some Almdudler.


And on this bread you can see "Liptauer" -  a sweet pepper spread, which was delicious! =) I hope soon I can get some again!
But until that moment I prefere bread with honey... ; )


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Vienna, Austria - 24th August 2008

By: Blurchen

Today I saw the new Batman movie - The Dark Knight - in the cinema.
And it was also a special cinema - an english cinema. The "English Cinema Haydn"´s the oldest english speaking cinema in Vienna - it was found 1914.


We have been early and so we had to wait a little bit. Next to the cinema there was the church "Maria Hilf".


The seat next to Christina has been free and so we could sit on her backpack and enjoy the movie.
Sadly Christina hadn´t got some honey with her and so I also had to eat the chocolate, which she gave me. It was her luck that they´ve been deliciouse, otherwise I´d have told her to get me some honey! ; )


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Innsbruck, Austria - 25th August 2008

By: Blurchen

Today we had to get up really early, because we had to get a train to Innsbruck at 7.55 a.m. in Amstetten, which´s about 20 minutes away from Petzenkirchen.
The good thing was that we had quite a long ride with the train to Innsbruck and so we could sleep during the ride! =)

After all of us´ve been awake we had breakfast.

The other time in the train we spend with reading, chating and watching outside the window.

We had to change the train in Salzburg and had a some minutes there. To less to go outside of the railwaystation, so Christian bought us a postcard from Salzburg - to show us how Salzburg looks like.



During midday we arrived in Innsbruck. We went to our hostel to check in, before we went to the "Golden roof" - the emblem from Innsbruck and through the beautiful Old Town of the city.





Later we drove with a bus to the castle Ambras, which´s next to Innsbruck.


Inside the castle there was a museum and a special room, which was called "Spanish hall".




After such an exhausting day we all have been hungry and went to a typial austrian restaurant in Innsbruck. It was called "Stiftskeller".


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Innsbruck, Austria - 26th August 2008

By: Blurchen

On the second day of our trip to Innsbruck we had a great breakfast in the oldest café house in Innsbruck - Café Mundig.
We ate quite a lot, but we also needed power for the next day! =)


After breakfast we went to the railwaystation to get a special bus, with which we could drive to the Swarovsky Crystal World.


We had really fun inside of the Crystal World and saw so many beautiful and sparkling crystals. But they had also a really beautiful garden arround in which we found those nice tent. =)



From the Swarovsky Crystal World we drove back with the Shuttle Bus to Innsbruck and to the Ski Jump Stadium on the mountain Isel.


From there we could see all over Innsbruck. =)
It was quite high up their and I felt a little bit worried, because I´m a delphine and not a bird!
Luckily nothing happened and I was really lucky when we´ve been back in the city.

Sadly we had to leave already. It´s quite a long ride home and we had to get our train.
Before the train came we posed in front of the Innsbruck-marker on the railway station.


Innsbruck´s a really nice city and I´m happy that I could go there! =)

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Laxenburg, Austria - 28th August 2008

By: Blurchen

Here you can see us in the "Schloßpark Laxenburg" - it´s the park arround the castle in the town Laxenburg. This park´s huge!!!! You can find there a lot of interesting things - a castle, a grotto, riding-area, watherfall... and a big sea with some rivers across the hole park. It was amaing! =)

Here we´re sitting on a bridge across one of those rivers. We´ve been on our way to the castle - in the middle of the park-area.


After quite a long walk we arrived the Island in the middle of the park. We had to take those boat to get there.


Here we´re near the castle.



We visited the castle, but we couldn´t make photos inside, so we can´t show you how it looked inside.
But we went on walking trough the great park and found the watherfall! =)


After a long and hot afternoon walking through the park we had a short break. We had to relaxe before we went all the way back to the entree of the park.



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Petzenkirchen, Austria - 1st September 2008

By: Blurchen

Today Christina had a free afternoon and  it was such a nice day that she made a walk with us trough her hometown Petzenkirchen. It´s just a small town and there´s not much to see. But at least they got an old castle and a nice church. =)


Christina also told us the legend about the name of the town and the church.
Once there was a knight and he met a bear in the forest. He prayed to god that he´ll build a chapel on this place, when he can fight the bear. He could and so he built  on that place a chapel. This chapel grow to the church of Petzenkirchen and also the town was named after this legend. “Petz”´s a name for a big bear and “Kirche” ´s the german word for church. So the town´s called “bear-church”, badly translated.


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Vienna, Austria - 3rd September 2008

By: Blurchen

Today we all have been at the reading from the german book author Ingrid Noll in the Thalia-Shop in Vienna. =)
I havn´t read any book from Ingrid Noll before, but my host Christina´s a fan from her and so she took us with her.
Ingrid Noll´s writing crime stories and just released her new book "Kuckuckskind". At the moment it´s only avaible as a hardcover-book, so Christina didn´t bought it, but she liked, what Ingrid Noll was reading from it.


After the reading we´ve been also waiting to get the books of Christina signed. There´ve been sooo many people that we couldn´t pose with Ingrid Noll, but at home Christina took time to show us her books and the signature she got from Ingrid Noll.


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Melk, Austria - 8th September 2008

By: Blurchen


Today we have been to the Melk Abbey in the city Melk.  We made a guided tour and learned a lot about the history from the building and the monks, who lived there. Some´re still living there.


We´re waiting for the guide to come and show us arround.


Inside of the Abbey



Here we´re in the backyard of the Abbey.

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Maria Taferl, Austria - 10th September 2008

By: Blurchen

Next to my hosts hometown there´s this church on a hill. It´s a pilgrim place and a lot of people walk there up during the year. Luckily we could go on the hill by car - otherwise it would´ve taken us quite a long time to get there! ; )



Here you can see  me in front of the church.

Sadly we couldn´t go in, because the church´s in a re-building phase, but we enjoyed sitting in the sunshine and those great view we got from there!


It´s me and the Danube! =)

On the way back home we stopped for a minute to have a look to the castle of Persenbeug.


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Klosterneuburg, Austria - 18th September 2008

By: Blurchen

Today we made a short visit in Klosterneuburg, where the mum of my host lives. We havn´t got a lot of time, but we stopped for a short while to look at the Abby Klosterneuburg.


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Rakvere, Estonia - 1st October 2008

By: minnihiiru

So I arrived Mari's home and other Toyvoyager TheBertieDuck is also there and it was 1st meeting him.


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Rakvere, Estonia - 2nd October 2008

By: minnihiiru

Today I went to school with Mari.It was quite busy today.The lessons started 8.00am and in chemistry she had test and then she had maths,german lesson,physics,english,maths and literature(every lesson 45 minutes+10-20 minutes break).Mari studies at 11 grade.I listened what teacher talked and i was so tired end of the school day it ended 14.50 and then we went to library and then started Mari's artschool,girls drew and I looked them,after that we went to church's park and made pics.We saw ducks in the pond :rolleyes:
And then we were in centre city and saw small "tarvas"-s.Mari said that soon we go to look this big one too.I can't wait it.


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