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To see indigenous art in each country.

To see traditional dress in each country.

To taste traditional food in each country.

To learn how greet in each country.

To see what is unique to each country

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Travelog for: Khetiwe

Tokyo Disneyland, Japan - 19th December 2008

By: JaymeC

So we're off again to find a mouse... still not sure why though. Hmm. Today we're going to Disneyland! We had to get up bright and early to go in. Here we are at the walkway to Disneyland.
And here's the castle!
This is a different view from FantasyLand while we were waiting in line for a ride.
Hmm. Mouse clues. Look at this sandwich, maybe its pointing the way?
Next we went to ride on the Haunted Mansion, here we are waiting in line.
Mmm. We stopped for more food. We stopped at a restraunt that was decorated like Alice in Wonderland. Here's our lunch!
Can you see the decorations? The Chesire cat is hiding behind us...
From there we went to Toon Town. It was a funny place.
After that it was time for the parade! Everyone here sits down for parades to sit and watch them. Here it goes...

And THERE is the mouse! Woo! We knew we'd find him eventually!
After the parade we got to do one more ride about Winnie the Pooh.
After that it started raining really, really hard so we decided to go home. Jayme did get one more picture of the Christmas tree on the way out though! Merry Christmas!
Our last day in Tokyo next,

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Tokyo, Japan - 23rd December 2008

By: JaymeC

Today was our last day in Tokyo! Since I haven't shown a picture before, this is what a Tokyo Subway looks like up top. This is Shinjuku station. There are at least 6 different subway and train lines here!
Our next stop was the National Museum. Isn't the building pretty? I wonder what's inside...
First we got to see some very nice swords.
There were some other carved things with the swords as well. Do you like this dragon?
At first we thought we'd found some ancient toys, but then found out these dolls were used for rituals.
We also got to see some very pretty paintings.
There were two rooms just filled with ancient kimonos!
Ahh, here we found some real toys. This was a game children used to play.
This guy is kind of scary huh?
After the first museum we headed to get some lunch. We stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe. The children split a kid's meal, and look what came with it! A new friend for us!
We all shared a yummy meal.
Then we headed to the science museum! We got to learn about the planets.
Here's our planet, this is a globe that changes as the earth changes. Its very large. Isn't it pretty?
And this is a neuron! Its the only complete large mapped our replica in the world.
We had fun at the science museum. This was the view on our way back to the hotel.
We went to sleep that night and had to get up very early to get to the airport the next day. We were all quite sleepy. Then we took the same plane back to Okinawa, but because of delays we didn't get there til after midnight! Yikes! But everyone's safely here now, and its almost Christmas! I wonder what we'll do for Christmas?

More soon,

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Okinawa, Japan - 24th December 2008

By: JaymeC

Merry Christmas Eve mommy! We had such a fun Christmas Eve! We started out by heading to the botanical gardens for a light show! We got there early, so the lights weren't quite on yet so we chilled out at the playground.
After that we went to see the stage where the light show would be.
Finally the lights came on and we got to go walk around! There were two themed areas, one was a forest
And the other was a sea! How pretty.
Even the lake in the botanical gardens was lit up!
We stayed for a laser light show (unfortunately none of those photos came out!) then headed home. We helped Jayme put the kids to bed then did some last minute wrapping of gifts for the children.
Hmm. Maybe we should've helped more. This is the one Jayme wrapped.
We left out the cookies for Santa, then headed to bed ourselves.
Merry Christmas Eve!

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Okinawa, Japan - 28th December 2008

By: JaymeC

Dear Mommy,
We woke up on Christmas morning to a surprise! Santa had come to bring presents for the children! He had filled all the stockings

And ate all the cookies Jacob left for him.

The children of course dug in and started unwrapping. We helped a little bit.

Then we went to help Jayme make breakfast. Mmm.

We got to hang out at the house and relax all day and watch movies. We also helped Jayme make a turkey for Christmas dinner. She said this time we'd have plenty of leftovers!

So we got to have potatoes and turkey for dinner. Yum!

After dinner we went outside to see Jayme's building, its all lit up!

Merry Christmas!

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Okinawa, Japan - 4th January 2009

By: JaymeC

Dear mommy,
What an exciting New Year's we had! We started it out with a trip to Comprehensive Park on New Year's Even so the kids could ride their new scooters. We went around this small pond.
And found some flowers on the trees.
And this small monument area with flowers.
After that we went home to get some rest then went out for a walk at Camp Zanpa. We walked a little ways, then got to see the lighthouse!
Here's the view in the other direction.
There was also a monument here.
After that we headed home to prepare for New Year's! We played some games to pass the time
And had some grapes, since Jayme's family believes they're lucky for New Year's. One for each year. You're supposed to eat them as the clock strikes, but Jayme didn't want anyone choking!
Finally we got to ring in the New Year!
The next morning we got up very early and headed to Okuma Campgrounds.
Here's the cabin we stayed in.
They had a go-cart raceway nearby!
And we tried to get to the beach, but it was very windy and the sand stung.
Finally we made a camp fire so we could cook some hotdogs for dinner.
What a fun New Year's Eve and Day we had!  After we were done it was time for me to crawl into a box to go to my next host! I wonder what I'll do there?

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Bruchsal, Germany - 18th January 2009

By: fam-united

Dear Mummy,

I arrived in Bruchsal finally. It was a very long travel, but I'm happy to be here now. Let's take a look at the last Christmas stuff, that's in Petra's diningroom.


Petra collects angels - not too sugary - what ever she means by that. She also seems to collect snowmen and other Christmas stuff. I'm sure, she could open a shop with this.




Oh, what's that? A nice guy! What do you say, Petra? It's a present for Fabian from his girlfriend's brother.


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Forst, Germany - 23rd January 2009

By: fam-united

Today we drove to Forst, where Petra's daughter sings in a choir. We had a lot of fun climbing around in her car. She thought, she could read a book or work something for school, but she hasn't thougth, that we are with her, lol.



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Bruchsal, Germany - 29th January 2009

By: fam-united

Today another toyvoyager arrived at our host's home: Galo from Brasil.


I think, I should tell you, who is who in this photo:

1rst: Fifi Flowertot, Mumble, me, Surprise Bear
2nd: Hurley, Mousy Mouse, HitchaRideMarky, Galo
3rd: Cassiopeia and Meleleuca

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Bruchsal, Germany - 7th February 2009

By: fam-united

Today was time to say goodbye to Meleleuca, Fifi Flowertot and Hurley. Of course we all were a bit sad, because we will miss our friends.


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Bruchsal, Germany - 7th February 2009

By: fam-united

Petra's one son loves to draw. He made this super sized postcard for Petra's 40th birthday. I'm sure, you remember some of these buildings, when you see more photos of Bruchsal soon: St. Peter, Belvedere, St. Damian and Hugo - the church, which belongs to the palace and the Damian's Gate.


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Bruchsal, Germany - 12th February 2009

By: fam-united

Today we woke up and didn't believe, what we saw: during the last night we got some snow. Everything looks so beautiful, that Petra decided to take photos with us instead cleaning the bath.


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Untergrombach, Germany - 12th February 2009

By: fam-united

Petra thought, that she could try to drive to the parking place next to the chapel on top of the Michaelsberg, but the road was too icy under the snow. So we only took some photos on the way.


The houses you see on this photo, belong to Obergrombach, a suburb of Bruchsal.




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Bruchsal, Germany - 12th February 2009

By: fam-united

There was still some time left before Petra had to go to school, so she decided to take us with her for some photos in Bruchsal.

At first we took a view over the roofs of Bruchsal:

The churchs: the tower of the old palace, the church Our Holy Mother (Unsere Liebe Frau, Stadtkirche) and Lutherkirche (from left to right).


A view to the baroque church St. Peter and the house St. Maria, both really close to the house, where we live.

Here you see the building of the houses for older people on the left side.



Then we crossed the road and walked into the park to see the Belvedere.

It was still some time left, so we drove to the baroque palace. First we saw the back side of the palace and the statues. There are four statues for the four elements water, fire, earth and wind and four statues for the four seasons spring, summer, autumn, winter.






This is church St. Damian and Hugo, which belongs to the palace. Inside it isn't baroque anymore, because it was destroyed during the second world war and when it was rebuilt, it was too expensive to make it inside like it was before.

Here you see a view to the Damianstor, jailhouse tower (red tower next to the Damianstor) and the county court.

Now we have to hurry a bit, but there is still time left to take a photo of the entrance of the palace.

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Bruchsal, Germany - 14th February 2009

By: fam-united

Happy Valentine's Day!



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Bruchsal, Germany - 14th February 2009

By: fam-united

I met my hosts' budgies today. There names are: Clowny, Fleckchen, Wolke and Linus.


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