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Travelog for: Pinkz

La Crosse, WI, USA - 13th October 2008

By: Luv_Lioness

All set and ready to travel... who wants to host me?


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Wisconsin, USA - 27th October 2008

By: Luv_Lioness

Been hearing about other travels... looking forward to traveling and seeing things myself.


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from La Crosse, WI , to England - 11th December 2008

By: Luv_Lioness

On my way to my first adventure!!  :D

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Honiton, Devon, UK - 18th December 2008

By: drakie

Well I arrived today, and boy is England cold, i was a met with quite a few toy voyagers so we should have a wonderful Christmas I think.  Well my hosts toys are here, some of them, Galaxy Bear, Shakesbeare and Eddy Bear he is a bit of an older timer been at it for a while but very nice.  Then I met Alpina she is just about to leave, and I arrived with another toy in the same post but my host has got to find her name, Percy the Owl is also here and Floppsy the bunny so my host is going to be very busy I think and I nearly forgot Norma Nickers...  lots of freinds for Christmas.....

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Honiton, Devon - 25th December 2008

By: drakie

better late than never, Its Christmas day and here I am helping my host to open presents...


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HONITON, Devon, UK - 2nd January 2009

By: drakie

Here I am in the snow, it snowed so much and my host was most annoyed as she had booked the day off work to do "The Sales shoipping".  But she was stranded and couldnt get out of the road as its a steep hill, a lot of people got the day off work as they couldnt get out of their roads.... this hardly ever happens in Devon, its the south west of England a bit warmer than the other coasts but this year it proved everyone wrong!!!


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Birmingham, UK - 10th March 2009

By: drakie

We visited Birmingham to see friends.  fI sat on a canal  boat which served tea and coffees and you can see me having a yummy coffee...... 


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Dulverton, Devon, UK - 2nd May 2009

By: drakie

At last after many months, got my computer mended and then had so much prioblems with my internet connect it has took many months.  Anyway my host went to Exmoor today to help with the Exmoor Challenge and she took some pictures on the way.
Lots more pictures to follow, may take a few weeks but I will get there.


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Cornwall, UK - 5th June 2009

By: drakie

Planning our trip to Cornwall, its near the bottom end of the leg of England in the South West. 

We went to Minnack Theatre, a theatre in the outdoors, and grass is grown on the stepped seats to give a little help to not give you a numb bottom.  Beautiful aqua sea.

the rowena cade exhibition centre

Here we tell you the remarkable story of Rowena Cade .

The story of a girl who enjoyed the gentility of Victorian Cheltenham and grew up to build an internationally famous cliffside theatre with her own hands.

The story of how a local village play in 1929 led to the seventeen week summer season now staged in the Minack’s 750 seat fully equipped auditorium.

Come and enjoy the wealth of photographs, models and audio-visual displays.

To read more about Rowena Cade and the development of her theatre under the stars:- Click Here(just type in Minnack theatre, Cornwall


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Sülfeld, Germany - 5th July 2009

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

Meleca and I arrived at Rike’s home today – and there were dicker Kumpel, Slummy, Milala, Murph and Ninni just coming back from their cruise! They told us a lot of their adventures.


Ninni ist the ToyVoyager of the week, we are all very excited and will have a party this week. She got beautiful flowers from Rike – we made a photo of both of us – and then I was allowed to have my own photo.



Then I explored the garden – found funny birds – and nice flowers. I am sure, that I will have a nice time here.




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Bad Segeberg, Germany - 7th July 2009

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

Today we went to Bad Segeberg – a nice small town near to Rike’s home.

First we made a photo with this funny monument. Can you see, what it shows?


Then we visited the nice big sea and we saw ducks in it.





Back in Sülfeld – we found these nice flowers in the neighbor’s garden


yours Pinkz

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Sülfeld, Germany - 9th July 2009

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

We explored Sülfeld, the nice little village, where Rike lives. It has around 3000 inhabitants – and is situated between Lübeck and Hamburg in the North of Germany.

This is a nice little lake – we loved it, but it is not as big as the one we visited in Bad Segeberg.


This is the old school – Rike never went to this school, but it is a beautiful building !


Then we saw this nice church – it is very old – from 1207 – more than 800 years. I really like it !


Yours Pinkz

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Hamburg, Germany - 11th July 2009

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

Today we went to Hamburg, because we celebrated Ninni. She is the ToyVoyager of the week.
The weather wasn’t that nice on the way to Hamburg, but there it went better.


First we did some sightseeing, but not too much. We looked at the town hall – first from the front – with the little festival, where we wanted to celebrate.



Then we went to the other side of the town hall, where a nice fountain is.



Here you can see us all together – celebrating Ninni!! And me playing in the wine!



We had wine and ate something delicious – called Flammkuchen. You see a photo before we started – and when we finished.



Oups – maybe a little too much wine?


We really had a great time!!!

love Pinkz

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Bad Segeberg, Germany - 15th July 2009

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

We were in Bad Segeberg again, because we wanted to find the people from the monument. You asked about it in your PM.  :p

It is strange, that they are here – but we found out, that they play theatre in this town – written by Karl-May.


We found this funny telephone box – and I wanted to call you. But it didn’t work…


This funny man had a good time. It was so hot, but he stood inside a fountain. I wanted to stand next to him, but RikeH didn’t allow it. So we only played outside the fountain.


At the end of our walk, we saw this lovely church.



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Ahrensburg, Germany - 17th July 2009

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

I am so excited. We searched all the time for a pink vehicle, and today we found one!!! It was a little dark, where it stood, but I think, that you can see the wonderful color on it.

So we took two photos - and I hope, you like them !!!



Maybe we will find another pink vehicle, but it is not easy!


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