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Travelog for: Mortimer

Hameln, Germany - 7th November 2008

By: Elayoe

today I was at the work with my "mum".. she showed me some things, which she uses at work.. ;) here is a program which she mostly use at work.. it looks hard, right?

and these is one of these old maps she uses at work.. she is a surveyor.. and these maps are quiet old, 80 years or older..http://photos-e.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v370/14/68/542673891/n542673891_1038428_1553.jpg

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Hameln, Germany - 8th November 2008

By: Elayoe

today my family played their roleplay DSA.. we ate some delicious waffles:
they had a fight in this roleplay.. you can see me with the pic of the castle where it was and some little tin figure, who where the adventurers and these cute little animals were the rivals:
and, ups, I drank one beer.. ;) had to try it..
on monday I'll leave my family and will travel to Austria.. cannot wait for it..

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Hameln, Germany - 9th November 2008

By: Elayoe

It's time for me to get ready for my big vacation.. tomorrow I'll go to Vienna in Austria.. Good bye!

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Vienna, Austria - 15th November 2008

By: Greycat

Hi Mum!
How are you? I'm fine! Yesterday I finally arrived in Vienna and it was really cold, so when I got there the first thing I did was having a cup of tea! I'm really sorry for not writing immediatly but I was completely done and went to bed really early!
Today my hostmum had to work, afterwards she decided to get me two new friends, Sir Hector II and Bobby (you can see them in the pic we took with the big bear). My hostmum already showed me one of Viennas tourist sights the "Pestsäule" in Vienna's city center. Having a walk in the center was really nice, expecially because the weather was pretty nice today!
I think my time in Vienna will be really nice, it's good to have some friends here!
Hope you're doing fine, too? I'll write again soon!!


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Vienna, Austria - 18th November 2008

By: Greycat

Hi Mommy!

Yesterday me and my friends were allowed to join my hostmum at work. We tried to help her giving informations at the reception in a school, where different courses and training take place in the afternoon. Pretty soon we decided playing hide and seek was more interesting than working. Do you think you can find me in all pics? :)
We were also allowed to use some of the sports equipment in the school, I'll show you some pics of it tomorrow! In the evening we went to my hostmum's boyfriend's place, there we met Wolfi, who will soon be a TV as well. We had a lot of fun. As Conny's boyfriend is not used to hosting TVs we had to share a bed, but it didn't matter :).
Tonight we're going to one of Conny's friends for watching movies, I'm sure it's gonna be great! Furthermore Conny told us that some new TVs would arrive soon. I'm really looking forward to no longer being the only guest :)

Many kisses from Vienna,


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Vienna, Austria - 22nd November 2008

By: Greycat

Hello Mum!
How are you? Pretty much has happened around here within the last days. Yesterday we've been to a concert, but Conny was so in a hurry, she forgot to take her camera with her. Anyway, here are two pics from our sports activities  :cyclops:
Yesterday finally Fluffytail arrived, he's such a nice guy, I think we'll have a lot of fun together! And I'm no longer the only guest, which is nice, too!
This evening we're going to have spareribs at T.G.I Friday's. And afterwards we might go to the cinema. I think it's gonna be a nice evening :) .

I'll write you soon!

Bye  :)


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Vienan, Austria - 27th November 2008

By: Greycat

Hello Mum!
I'm sorry for not having written earlier, I had in mind that I updated the travelog on monday, right after Fluffytail edited his one, but the internet connection was very bad and it seems not to have worked. On the following pics you can see me and Fluffytail sharing a cocktail at T.G.I. Friday's. When we returned from having dinner there was suddenly snow on top of all the cars! It was incredibly beautiful. Fluffytail and I had a snowballfight, you can see us sitting on top of a car in the snow. The pic was taken before our fight, afterwards the snow on this car didn't longer look that nice ;). So you can tell Chris, that we've got snow in Vienna, too! And mum, my hostmum would like to know how one can write a text between pics, do you think you could explain it to her? Than she could show me how to do it, and I could use that feature to give more detailed explanations for the pictures!
Thank you!


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Vienna, Austria - 1st December 2008

By: Greycat

Hey Mum!
How are you?
Vienna alreaday feels soo like Christmas. Yesterday we walked through the city and everywhere are these wonderful lights. You can see a pic of fluffy in front of them. It's a pity that it's soo cold around here at the moment, you could walk around and catch the spirit of Christmas for hours, if you wouldn't freeze immediately. Because of the weather we decided yesterday evening to help our hostmum with the advent calender for her boyfriend. We had a lot of fun, can you imagine how hard it is to use scissors if they are as big as you?!
I hope you enjoy the advent as well!

Big Hug, Mortimer


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Vienna, Austria - 9th December 2008

By: Greycat

Hey Mommy!
How are you? Our last week was really busy, pre-Christmas-time can be quite annoying. Our Nikolo was really nice, we spent the evening at Conny's grandparents and it was really cosy. We were allowed to light the candles on the Advent wreath. Later on we got a "Knackmandel" to try, not exactly my taste, pretty sweet!
Yesterday evening we played a game "Bauernschnapsen" it's a card-game, do you know it? If not I'm going to take some pics next time we play it, only yesterday Conny's camera was out of battery....
I hope you had a great weekend!
Hug Mortimer


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Vienna, Austria - 18th December 2008

By: Greycat

Hey Mum!
How are you? Yesterday we helped our hostmum writing Christmas cards and we spent the evening warming up at the fireplace listening to Christmas songs. It was really cosy :). This morning I was finally allowed to get a pic with Micky, the cat, she looks like me, only a little bigger and older, but she's got stripes, too! I think Micky didn't like the flashlight, which lets me think she wouldn't be a good voyager  :D. Still, she's a nice cat :)

I hope you have still a nice Advent, too?

Kisses from Vienna,


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Vienna, Austria - 24th December 2008

By: Greycat

Hi Mum!
How are you? I finally did a sightseingtrip to some very important Viennese sights. We went to the most famous Christmas market here and had a punch there. Then we saw the university and the cityhall, finally we took a picture in front of the famous "Burgtheater", all these buildings are really beautifil, only the market was not that impressive, simply because there were too many people! Just before we started our tour two new voyagers arrived: Dooey and Mr. Lemony. You can see them on the pics, they are both really nice. I hope you have a great time, too?
Tonight we're going to celebrate Christmas with all the family, I'll tell you how it was and show you the pics within the next days. Have a nice evening, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!


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Vienna, Austria - 24th December 2008

By: Greycat

Hello Mum, how are you? Conny says she's really sorry for not having updated earlier, but Christmas holidays were really stressful for her. If it's okay for you she said she'd accompany me to the post office on monday, so we can still take some last pictures at the weekend.
On the following pics you can see me and my friends in the Christmas tree, we were allowed to climb up there, but I was really afraid! Fluffytail managed climbin up that tree best.
On Christmas eve we met the Christmas rabbit, as you can see :D. He brought us some nice presents, but we already ate all of them. Can you guess what it was? :) Finally on December 30th we even learned an Austrian game, it's called "Bauernschnapsen" you play it in pairs with cards. Fluffytail and Dooey won, still it was great fun!
I hope you enjoyed your holidays?

Big hug from Vienna,


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Vienna, Austria - 5th January 2009

By: Greycat

Hello Mum,
this is going to be may last travelog update from Vienna. Some off the pics attached were taken when we celebrated our own little New-Years-Eve party. Our host mum didn't have a such a big party as you did, so there are only few pics of our own little celebration. The rest of the pics is from my farewell party. It was so sad... still it made me realize how many friends I've made during my time in Vienna, I hope I can somehow stay in touch with them...
Alright then, my hostmum's going to take me to the postoffice now. I'll write you soon, I promise!

A very big hug from Vienna for a last time,


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Eindhoven, The Netherlands - 10th January 2009

By: inkie1010

Hello mum!!

Today I arrived in Eindhoven, the Netherlands! It is pretty cold here, around -5 and there is still some snow which had fallen last monday. I arrived together with this weeks Donald Duck magazine and some postcrossing cards!


Little Tex, who is still here (waiting for any news from his mum.. and for his next address) welcomed me also!


And the cat Shewa even began to make herself clean and beautiful for me:


That's it for now! I am going to relax a bit :)

ByeBye! Mortimer.

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Groningen, The Netherlands - 25th January 2009

By: inkie1010


Yesterday we visited Groningen in the far north of the Netherlands. We had a lot to do there, but we were able to make a few pictures! It was a long trip from Eindhoven to Groningen, about 3,5 hours in the train.

This is me in front of the Harmonie-building. One of the university buildings in the centre of Groningen. My host has studied for 3 years in Groningen, so she has good memories of this place!

Also in front of the Harmonie building and in front of the statue of Aletta Jacobs, the first woman to complete a university course in the Netherlands and the first female physician in the Netherlands.

This is the main building of Groningen University! Isn't it beautiful?

The streets in the centre of Groningen, this is the "Oude Kijk in 't Jat straat" funny name isn't it?

The train on our way back. The foto is taken at the trainstation of Zwolle. We were in this train from Groningen to Zwolle.

That's it for now!
Hugs Mortimer

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