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Travelog for: Papelbon

's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands - 4th June 2009

By: Marjolein

Today I said goodbye to Marjolein and The Netherlands! I am going to Manchester, hurray! I have heard the wheather is always bad in England, so I love it already! :D

I said goodbye to Marjolein's balcony.


And to the view from the balcony.


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Manchester, England - 8th June 2009

By: lilian1977


I have arrived in Manchester, and it is dry and warm today! Not the weather I enjoy at all but I'm sure it will be cold again soon  :rolleyes:

I will post some pictures up soon, Siobhan and Mike tell me we are going to a farm with Bunnerton and Alizee later this week - I can't wait!

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Northallerton, England - 11th June 2009

By: lilian1977


Just back from visiting the farm in Northallerton with my hosts and Alizee. Bunnerton did not come with us in the end as he has gone to North Carolina on a last minute trip! You can read about it in his travelog.

Anyway, back to our holiday. We were staying in a self catering cottage on a working farm, we were very close to all the cows!


They were very inquisitive!


It was a lovely warm evening when we arrived so we settled down to a few drinks. At first I shared mine with Alizee but then we decided to have one each.



I think having one each was a mistake....I don't remember much else about the holiday!


We're back now, our next trip is to Russia next month but there might be some day trips in between!

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Richlands, North Carolina, USA - 11th September 2009

By: Pixiedustlady

I arrived back home today after being gone for a few months.  I am now ready to go visit other hosts in any part of the world! If you are interested in hosting me, please send my owner a private message!!


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Rehlovice, Czech republic - 2nd October 2009

By: misagan

When I woke up I was feeling like yogi. Auuuu. What happened? I don't know how I get there but I landed on a cactus!
It was kinda confusing because I thought I traveled to the Czech republic. But in the Czech republic surely don't grow cactuses.  :o

Where I am?


I jumped down on a chair and I realized that somebody is watching me.


I was quite shy but I said Hello to both of them. They answered and told that they are Dottie Mouse and Wieka. They are ToyVoyagers too and they come from Germany! We talked a bit and I found out that I am really in the Czech republic and the cactus is only a plant in a flower pot. Ahhh, mystery solved.  :cyclops:


I am so happy that I found friends here and I am not alone. :)


I think I will have a great time here in the Czech republic!


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Prague, Czech republic - 6th October 2009

By: misagan

Hi mom!
Today we went playing badminton for a while. I was playing against Dottie Mouse and Wieka was flying around us and was looking after the ball. Our match finished as a draw :)



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Prague, Czech republic - 8th October 2009

By: misagan

Hi mom,
today we went to castle park in Cakovice which is part of Prague.


There was a statue of unidentifiable animal. We made a group photo with it.


Everywhere is visible that autumn is coming and leaves are starting to change colors.



In the park there is a pond with many friends Anas platyrhynchos  :cyclops:



And the end of walk we rested a while at a tree...


... later we moved to a big tree stump. I wonder how old the tree was  :o


Will update soon!


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Prague, Czech republic - 10th October 2009

By: misagan

Hi mom!
Misa told us yesterday that we are going on a trip today but the destination is secure! She didn't tell us where we are going to! I am so excited!
We had to get up really early! At 4:10 am!
The only she told us is that we are going to travel there by train.

Here we are in train at out seats. We all were curiously craning our necks.
Our starting position was Praha Main Railway Station.


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Pardubice, Czech republic - 10th October 2009

By: misagan

After about an hour of traveling we were in Pardubice - the city of ginger bread and horse races!


I thought this was the final destination of our trip but it wasn't. The train started moving again. We better sat on the comfortable seats.


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Brno, Czech republic - 10th October 2009

By: misagan

The train slowed down again! It was raining and the journey was comfortable. Misa told us that we are not yet getting off. I must confess that I was quite happy we don't have to get off when I saw the rain from the window and was hoping it stops raining soon.
We arrived to Brno. It's the second largest city in the Czech republic.


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Breclav, Czech republic - 10th October 2009

By: misagan

It stopped raining! That's great! :) We still had to hold on in the train as we weren't at the end of our jurney yet. I can't wait!
We were in Breclav here. When we looked at a map we realized it seems like we were leaving Czech republic!  :o


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Vienna, Austria - 11th October 2009

By: misagan

We finally arrived! Wow!!! Misa took us to Vienna, Austria! What a surprise. How she knew I have never been there before?  :)
Here I am with our train.


First place we visited was Belvedere and its garden. I guess there was a dry summer. The small lake in front of the Oberes Belvedere was completely empty!




We saw some crows. (Are they crows?) We asked them to take a group photo with them but we weren't allowed  :(
So we have photos with them only.



The gardens around Belvedere were amazing. I think they are even nicer in spring!


There was also a fantastic fountain! Look at the crow flying over it!


Another fountain! I am keen on fountains!  :cyclops:


Heh  :cyclops:


Ready - Steady - Go !


Then we went to a Stephansdom (St. Stephen Cathedral) which is situated in Stephansplatz. It's one of the most important Austrian Gothic monuments and a symbol of Vienna. It was built in 12th century.


This is Vienna State Opera. It's also a beautiful and significant building.


This is interesting, there were many riding statues. Maybe it's because the famous breed of horse Lipizzan which is closely associated with the Spanish Riding Shool of Vienna. The Lipizzan breed dates back to the 16th century, when it was developed with the support of the Habsburg nobility. The Riding School belongs to the complex of Hofburg which was Habsburg winter residence.


Here we are having rest in front of Hofburg :)


Wow! A historic bus!


The man behind me is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart but he is quite blurred. :(


In Austria they have really beautiful building of Parliament.


And a great bathing!  The water was just right for a polar bear! :cyclops:


The man was so charmed by the woman on the right that he is still spilling water from pitcher. Lubber!


A lady with laptop!  :o


My first experience with underground in Vienna!



As we were in Vienna we had to visit famous Prater with its Riesenrad (Ferris Wheel). It stands at the entrance of the Prater (amusement park in Leopoldstadt). It is one of the most popular tourist attractions.


Later we saw this beautiful castle. Unfortunately Misa is forgetful and she doesn't remember its name. Anyway it's quite similar to one castle in the Czech republic if it helps.  :cyclops:



And another place that we couldn't omit! The Danube!


After that we were on our way to Hundertwasserhaus. Before we got there we met a similar building. It was a Hundertwasser Museum.


And here it is... Hundertwasser House. It's an apartment house and is one of Vienna's most visited buildings so we cannot be absent :)


Later we met a rabbit. Someone's hands were just taking him out from a magic hat. Poor guy!


And then it was time to return back to Prague. Me, Dottie Mouse and Wieka were so tired that we slept on our seat in train.


Good night!


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Prague, Czech republic - 15th October 2009

By: misagan

Hi mom!

It was really horrible weather this week. So cold and windy! The winter arrived one month earlier than usually.
It even snowed today! I would never expect snow at the middle of October here. Misa read in newspaper today was the coldest day in last 30 years (It means the coldest 15th October in last 30 years to be specific).
I better looked out from the terrace for a while and I was glad that I didn't need to go anywhere.



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Rehlovice, Czech republic - 17th October 2009

By: misagan

Hi mommy!

As it was rainy weather we stayed home and helped Misa with jigsaw puzzle. I think she will have hard work with it because the puzzle contains 10.000 pieces. Hopefully the finishes it someday. I will keep fingers crossed  :)


This is how it should look like when it is finished. It's a painting by Diego Velasquez called The Surrender of Breda. In final the puzzle will be much more bigger than this image.




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Rehlovice, Czech republic - 18th October 2009

By: misagan

Hi mom!

Today me and Wieka went out in order to lull to sleep Misa's niece in a pram. Dottie Mouse stayed home and continnued with the puzzle.
At first we had to go under a highway.


Then appeared some colorful trees.


And in a while we were at Memorial of Premysl Orac.


According to a legend Premysl was a ploughman (in czech it is orac) and he was an ancestor of first governing dynasty called  Premyslovci. They ruled in the Czech lands from 9th century.

On the memorial there are two reliefs. The first show arrival of emissaries and telling Premysl that he must go to Prague, marry duchess Libuse and rule to Czech lands...


... and the second relief shows Premysl's arrival to castle Vysehrad and his reception by duchess Libuse.


Premysl and Libuse married and lived contentedly till death.  :rolleyes:

On the lateral side was something written also. There is information that the memorial was built in 1841.


I tried myself to operate the plough!


I saw many chestnut trees!


Then we continued on our way.


Later we came to a meadow whose path was full of mud so we couldn't pass through. Sometimes we can see roe deers here but noone today. :(


We rather returned back to where we walked before. Look at the fog over the hills!


As we succeed in lulling to sleep Misa's niece and it started raining again we returned home.


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