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Travelog for: Viktor

Delfzijl, The Netherlands - 17th April 2009

By: Marjolein

After the sealshelter we went to see the sea for ourself. We went to Delfzijl.


There was an hotel built completely on the sea!


We went inside the hotel to have a drink. I saw this very cool sign:


This is us relaxing on the beach.


Afterwards we ate a nice hotdog and went home.



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Roden, The Netherlands - 18th April 2009

By: Marjolein

Dear mum,

Today we went to a Toy Museum in Roden!

They had lot of toys to actually play with. Like this car.


And old Dutch bike with very weird wheels.


There where lots of old toys and stuff children had in there classrooms, like this plate with which they learned to read.


The special exibition was about robots. Like these.


The Dutch astronaut Wubbo Ockels gave his NASA-suit to the museum!


It was the coollest museum ever! Not too much toys like me though, mostly robots and dolls.

Hugs Viktor

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Madurodam, The Hague, The Netherlands - 2nd May 2009

By: Marjolein


I went to a Postcrossing/ToyVoyagersmeeting today! It was in The Hague (Den Haag) in the Miniature City Madurodam. This is me with ALL the other tv's that came in a pair of giant wooden shoes.




And this is us including Dandilion, BlackCat and Marjolein.


Me with real Dutch tulips!


Look at me in the trainstation Utrecht Centraal! I've been there before, but I don't remember the people being this small ;)


And I am also just as big as the trains!


And this is the trainstation of Groningen.


Aaah! Get me of the tracks before a train comes!


Pfeew I'm saved and lying with lots of other tv's in this windmill.



Marjolein released some of my tv-friends here and it was very cool!

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Scheveningen, The Netherlands - 2nd May 2009

By: Marjolein

We also went to the beach, at Scheveningen.


This is the famous Pier in Scheveningen from which you can bungeejump!


The weather was very nice and there were great sandcastles! Like this one:


It was very great!!

Hugs Viktor

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Wierumerschouw, The Netherlands - 1st June 2009

By: Marjolein

Today the wheather was the best! I went on a bicyclytour with Marjolein and her best friend Dieuwerke. We started and ended in the city Groningen. We drove about 26 kilometres and had a picknick in Wierumerschouw! Marjolein had also never heard of it, but apparently it's a very small village near the city Groningen.

In Wierumerschouw I saw this great bridge.



It was a very nice day!

Hugs Viktor

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são paulo, brazil - 21st August 2009

By: aleoliva86

Im home. Thanks everyone!

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