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Travelog for: Edward

Osasco, Brazil - 21st February 2009

By: karla

Im so glad my mom found me a host in Hungary. Im already on my way there, I cant wait to arrive!!

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Miskolc, Hungary - 12th April 2009

By: Szandra

Hello from Hungary!!!

After a long-long travelling I arrived to Hungary!
I'm here for some weeks ago, sorry that I didn't write you earlier, but we had very busy days here!
But I promise, I'll update my travelog soon!

Happy Easter!!!! In Hungarian: Kellemes Húsvétot!:)



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Budapest, Hungary - 20th May 2009

By: Szandra

Hello Mummy!

Sorry because I haven't written you earlier!!
Szandra had busy weeks beacuse of school, but now she can help me to update my blog.
Last week when Szandra took some relaxation during studying for her exam, to walked a little bit in Budapest.

We went to the Váci steet which is famous among tourists.
The Váci steet is the heart of the downtown. It is an elegant shopping street with several restaurants, bank offices, cafés, souvenir- and bookshops.

I saw also the Vörösmarty square. Unfortunately it was growing dark, so the photos are not the best.



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Budapest, Hungary - 23rd May 2009

By: Szandra

Today we went to see the Alphons Mucha exhibition.
Szandra really loves his artworks,  he was the Czech Master of the Art Nouveau and I was also very excited to know more about this artist!
The exhibition was in the Museum of Fine Arts which can be found in the Heroes' Square.





Unfortunately it wasn't allowed to make photos inside.

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Budapest, Hungary - 24th May 2009

By: Szandra

Tonight we grilled sausages and chicken in the terrace.
I helped to light the fire!;)
It was a great evening, the weather was very nice and we enjoyed relaxing and the delicious dishes!


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Hungary, Miskolc - 30th May 2009

By: Szandra

Me and Moony started to get bored, so we wanted to have some fun!
I have never played table tennis before, but Szandra told us how to play it and finally we spent the whole afternoon with playing! ;)



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