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Travelog for: Lucan

Gunnebo, Sweden - 21st September 2009

By: MintTe

Hi Everyone!

Today was a “just be” day, we was hanging out, watching TV and eat some candy called Plopp. A nice day after a weekend with a lot of shopping.



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Gunnebo, Sweden - 5th October 2009

By: MintTe

Hi Everyone!

Today have I help my host Ingrid with some Postcrossing postcard, just so everyone now the stamps tasted really really bad! After that we took a short walk to the mailbox in the lovely cold but still nice fall wheatear. Last week the fall really came to Sweden, just over one night but Ingrid say that is so typical for Sweden and special at the coat, there she live. It have been raining and raining and after that raining some more. 


The nature are staring to get some lovely colors

Ingrid's House


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Gunnebo, Sweden - 7th October 2009

By: MintTe

Hi Everyone!  :D

Today my host told me that I have a new host in The Netherlands and that see will help me get there. So watch out Netherlands here I come!!!!


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Eindhoven, the Netherlands - 12th October 2009

By: inkie1010

Hello Mum!

A quick note to say I arrived safely in the Netherlands!
I will write an update soon!


ByeBye for now! :)

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Eindhoven, Netherlands - 17th October 2009

By: inkie1010

Hello mum!

Today my host took me to the city centre of Eindhoven!

Here we are at Catharina Church which was built in 1867.


And here you see me at the entrance of "Heuvel Galerie" which is the indoor shopping centre in the city centre of Eindhoven.


Eindhoven has some very high buildings too! Like this tower which is called "Admirant".


And here I am at the Market Square:


I've also got a surprise! My host is going on holiday next week to Japan! And I can come with her! I am very excited!
I don't know if we can update from there, but we will take a lot of pictures and if we can not update there we will do it when we return to the Netherlands :)


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Tokyo, Japan - 26th October 2009

By: inkie1010

Hello!!! I am back from Japan! I had a great time! Japan is awesome!

This is me at Shinagawa trainstation in Tokyo looking at the map which exit we need to go to!

Here you see Shinagawa station.

and from the other side.

At Tokyo station!

Eating some sweets while waiting for the train!

Here we are at Ikebukuro, a great place in Tokyo where you find a lot of these UFO catchers! We actually caught some toys!! :D

Here I am trying to catch one!

I loved these colourfol game places!!

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Kamakura, Japan - 27th October 2009

By: inkie1010

On October 27th we visited Kamakura, a city to the south of Tokyo, about one hour by train.

We first visited Kotuko-in temple where the Great Buddha of Kamakura (Daibatsu) is. It's almost 14 metres high. It was impressive! The weather was also really nice! The sun was hot!

Me and the Great Buddha.


Views over Kamakura and the Pacific ocean!

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Kyoto, Japan - 29th October 2009

By: inkie1010

On October 29th we visited the temples in Kyoto!


Me in front of one of the buildings of Nanzen-ji temple.




At Nanzen-ji temple grounds, there was also an aquaduct. And watch the beautiful autumn colours!


And in the afternoon we visited the famous Golden Temple (Kinkaku-ji). That was really beautiful with the sun shining on the golden temple.

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Nara, Japan - 30th October 2009

By: inkie1010

On october 30th we went to Nara, which was once the capital of Japan. There are many temples and shrines and a lot of deer (which are the messengers of the gods).


Me in front of the main gate of Todai-ji temple. Inside there is a large bronze Buddha statue. The Todai-ji temple is the largest wooden building in the world! And the bronze Buddha is the largest in the world too, 14.98 metres.


Path to the entrance of Todai-ji temple.

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Himeji, Japan - 31st October 2009

By: inkie1010

We also went to the largest Japanese castle, Himeji. A real Samurai castle!


Beautiful castle!



Inside Himeji castle on the top floor! Here we had a great view over the city Himeji!

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Huis ten Bosch, Nagasaki, Japan - 1st November 2009

By: inkie1010

This is my last update from Japan. We also went to Huis ten Bosch, a themepark near Nagasaki on the Kyushu island which has replica's of many buildings from the Netherlands!

Just outside the train station, a hotel which already has some Dutch atmoshpere.

The entrance of the themepark on the horizon!

This is what it looks like! You can tell it's not really in the Netherlands because of the mountains in the background!
I am sorry, I am not on this picture :D I was drinking some really nice apple juice (see next photo!)

I loved this Japanese apple juice called Qoo :D

That was my adventure in Japan! I hope to make a new update from the Netherlands soon :D Now I am going to have some sleep! :)

Hugs, Lucan

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Eindhoven, The Netherlands - 8th November 2009

By: inkie1010

Hello mummy!

Tomorrow I am going to travel again, to my new host in Germany. So today I went to the Philipspark in Eindhoven with my host and we ate pancakes.

Eindhoven is the city where the electronics brand Philips started around 1900.

Some pictures of me in the park (the leaves are falling quick now in the Netherlands, winter is coming!)






Yummy apple pancake!!


Now I am going to sleep, because tomorrow I will go into my envelop again to explore more of the world!


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Sülfeld, Germany - 16th November 2009

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

today I arrived in Germany. Dicker Kumpel gave me a warm welcome.


Then he introduced me to the other TVs. It should be a great time here, I think.


Because the weather was nice – no rain today – we made a walk around Sülfeld.
First we stopped at a big tractor.



Look, there is a beautiful big tree.


We went over a bridge and had nice views to both sides of it.



We found the last summer-flowers!


Later we wanted to do some sports. We saw a soccer field and played it. I was the goalkeeper. Can you see me?



At the end we all played in the goal.


On our way home we saw another interesting building with a beautiful sign on it.


It was a very nice walk!


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Hamburg, Germany - 20th November 2009

By: RikeH

Hello Mum

we went to Hamburg today, because the weather was lovely. We went to the port with the tube. We didn't see many big ships, but had  nice looks over the port.



Can you see the church in the background – it is called Michel – and it is very famous here in Hamburg.


Then we visited Bismarck – he was an important politician many years ago.


From this place we could see the Michel again. It is a beautiful church.


Another nice view over the port. It was such a sunny day!


On our way back we had a nice snack in the train.


And we went to a great restaurant and had delicious icecream. What a great day!




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Pronstorf, Germany - 27th November 2009

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

today Marshall arrived. We gave him a warm welcome, ate the sweets he brought – and talked a lot.


We went to a Christmas market on a nice big farm house. Here you can see it.


It was raining..but I talked to a brown snowman, who didn't melt.


Here you see me inside the old stables, where the people sold their beautiful things.


On the way back  we saw another view of the house.


RikeH told me that I will see more Christmas Markets soon.

Love Lucan

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