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Travelog for: Ricky the Rat

Home with Mommy, Germany - 29th March 2009

By: AnjaM

Ricky the Rat Itinerary:

brilliantlyxx,  Missouri, USA    - had a great time, thank you!  :D 
Pixiedustlady, North Carolina, USA - had a great time, thank you! :D
ashl_bee,     Arizona, USA - had a great time, thank you! 
zeroghostly, Arizona, USA: has arrived and is having a great time!
JaymeC, Japan (US mail address)   
sararingham, Orange, New South Wales, Australia

(I found that it is not a good idea to pre-determine the lenght of Ricky's stay :-) )

Ricky the Rat has just been made a ToyVoyager.

He is still sitting on the sofa in his Mommy's home, but he has already put on his hat and scarf, so he is ready to start his first journey into the world.

Ricky got so excited that Mommy gave him a lollipop to calm him down (and also to show Ricky's small size)  ;)

He promises to behave and not to gnaw on anything in his hosts' homes!

Ricky the Rat klein.jpg

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Frankfurt, Germany - 30th March 2009

By: AnjaM

Hi folks,

I'm so excited!!! Today, Mommy told me that I'd be travelling to the U-nited States tomorrow!!! WOW!!!

I've never been to the U-nited States!
I've never been outside my Mommy's living room, as a matter of fact  :rolleyes:

I'm so excited...


and I just can't hide it ...


I'm about to lose control and I think I like it...


What's that, Mommy? I shall stop hopping around, because you have introduced me as a very nice, well behaved rat???? You didn't, did you now?....

Oh, ok.... :rolleyes:

Hey food, great!  :p

What do you mean, those Gummi Bears are for my host????  :(

Ah well, nobody will notice if I snack on them a little during my trip, tee hee hee....

Steph, here I come!

Excited regards

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Frankfurt, Germany - 31st March 2009

By: AnjaM

.... gnaw gnaw... munch munch... chew chew.... BUMP! ... OUCH!!!...

Oh, hi folks,

I am somewhere in the German postal system right now after Mommy took me to the post office today. Just me, a nice Frankfurt picture postcard, and a big bag of Gummi bears, all in a small package. The lady at the post office said I should arrive in about a week.

... munch munch munch....

It is pitch black in here, and I can't even see my favorite red Gummi Bears, so I have to sniff them out.

... chew chew chew...


.. grumble grumble grumble....

... munch munch munch...

Say, Steph, you don't really mind if I eat all the Gummi bears? Well, most of the Gummi Bears, I'll leave a few for you. I am such a nice rat... ;) can't wait to see you!

Bye for now


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Missouri, USA - 4th April 2009

By: brilliantlyxx

Hi Mom! I have finally arrived in the U-nited States! Steph said that was definitely a fast trip....me? I thought it was a bit too long. Those postmen were NOT VERY GENTLE.  :mad:
And don't worry, I left Steph a few gummy bears.  Well, the white ones, anyway.  :p

Hey, Mom? Why did you send me to a place that has only cats? Is that safe?  :thinking:


I think not.  Here is a cat they call Gracie.  I THOUGHT she was going to eat me, so I began to run away before the photo was shot.  Turns out, she can't eat me through a window.  ;)

But, don't worry about me!  You see, I made a rather LARGE friend that will keep me safe from all these evil kitties.

Well, Mom, that's about it for my first day in the U-nited States!  I'll write more VERY soon, I promise.. :cyclops:


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Missouri, USA - 5th April 2009

By: brilliantlyxx

Hey Mom! Told you it would be REALLY soon when I updated!  :p

But, I just HAD to show you what I found today while I was rummaging around in Steph's room.  Her guitar!

After I BEGGED her, she decided that she would show me how to play it.  I knew that if I learned how to play, it would make me the COOLEST rat, ever.  B) So, she handed me her guitar pick (it was pretty purple color) and I climbed on top.  I was ready to jam, but I had one major problem.  My little arms wouldn't reach.  :(


Steph began to brainstorm about what I could play instead of the guitar.  I tried to help her out too, and I remembered something else I found in her room! A lap harp! It's a trapezoidal-shaped acoustic string instrument.  It comes with music cards that slip underneath the strings so that you can play the songs without having to memorize anything! Neat, huh?  It also had an even BIGGER pick!


And here I am trying to decided what song card I should play. So many decision!  :stare:

I decided on "Home on the Range", the hardest one out of them all!  Steph gave me a bit of background on the song, and I thought you might like to hear it, too!
"Home on the Range" is the state song of Kansas. Dr. Brewster M. Higley originally wrote the words in a poem called "My Western Home" in the early 1870s in Smith County, Kansas. The poem was first published in a December 1873 issue of the Smith County Pioneer under the title "Oh, Give Me a Home Where the Buffalo Roam." The music was written by a friend of Higley's named Daniel E. Kelley. Higley's original words are similar to those of the song today but not identical. The song was picked up by settlers, cowboys, and others and spread across the USA in various forms. In the early 20th century, it was arranged by Texas composer David Guion who is often credited as the composer. It was officially adopted as the state song of Kansas on June 30, 1947, and is commonly regarded as the unofficial anthem of the American West.

Well, Mom, that's all I've got for you today!  :D


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Missouri, USA - 12th April 2009

By: brilliantlyxx

Happy Easter, Mom!


Today, we dyed Easter eggs with Steph's family! It was a LOT of fun and we got some REALLY pretty ones! Twelve different colors.  It was sooo hard to decide.


Look at all the Easter candy we Steph got.  They were all bright colors, taste very yummy, and had a bunny on them

Hey, Mom?  Why is it a bunny and not a rat? I think an Easter Rat would be cooler!  :cyclops:

Well, I'll update VERY soon!  I miss you!


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Graniteville, Missouri, USA - 13th April 2009

By: brilliantlyxx

Hi Mom! I'm splitting this journal up into a couple different entries since we went to different towns today!  :D

Last night, I came across a book called 'Weird Missouri' in Steph's living room.  She told me that most of the places were a bit too far for her to drive, but I was welcome to look and see if I could find anything of interest that may be nearby.

I came across the a page about massive rocks that looked rather interesting. It's called Elephant Rocks. Steph said that this place was close and, since she didn't have anything planned for today, we could go there!  :D

Here I am sitting up by the windshield, watching the scenery.  It wasn't a pretty day, so Steph said the pictures aren't very pretty.  I thought they turned out just fine, though!

Welcome to Elephant Rocks, Mom! Let me give you some information about the place, since we managed to pick up a couple of pamphlets on the way.

One of the most curious geologic formations in Missouri is found at Elephant Rocks State Park. Giant boulders of 1.5 billion-year-old granite stand end-to-end like a train of circus elephants. Many of the elephant rocks lie within the seven-acre Elephant Rocks Natural Area. This natural area is recognized for its outstanding geologic value.

Elephant Rocks Natural Area can be easily viewed from the one-mile paved Braille Trail. Designed especially for people with visual and physical disabilities, the Braille Trail is the first of its kind in Missouri state parks.

The formation of this extraordinary herd of elephants began during the Precambrian era about 1.5 billion years ago. Molten rock, called magma, accumulated deep below the earth's surface. The magma slowly cooled, forming red granite rock. As the weight of the overlying rock was removed by erosion, horizontal and vertical cracks developed, fracturing the massive granite into huge, angular blocks. Water permeated down through the fractures, and groundwater rounded the edges and corners of the blocks while still underground, forming giant rounded masses. Erosion eventually removed the disintegrated material from along the fractures, and exposed these boulders at the earth's surface.

Physical and chemical weathering in low areas on the crest of the large granite outcrop has produced distinct, roughly circular depressions up to several feet in diameter, called "solution pans" or "tinajitas." Temporary pools of water that collect in these depressions often provide a home for tadpoles and mosquito larvae.

Since no official census of the herd has ever been taken, the exact number of "elephants" inhabiting the park is unknown. Although the elephant rocks are continually eroding away, new elephants are constantly being exposed. Information collected on Dumbo, the patriarch of Elephant Rocks State Park, shows that he is 27 feet tall, 35 feet long and 17 feet wide. At a weight of 162 pounds per cubic foot, Dumbo tips the scales at a hefty 680 tons.

Just outside the park is the oldest recorded commercial granite quarry in the state. This quarry, opened in 1869, furnished facing stone for some Eads Bridge piers across the Mississippi River, and from 1880 to 1900, millions of paving blocks for the St. Louis levee and downtown streets came from this quarry. Other nearby quarries supplied granite for many major St. Louis buildings, as well as stone for the turned columns on the front porch of the Governor's mansion in Jefferson City. Today, this granite is used primarily for monuments and building veneer.

The higher quality granite blocks produced from quarries before the area became a state park were used for building homes and other structures; the flawed and damaged stone was hammered into blocks, which were used for paving streets. Roughly the size of a shoebox, these granite paving blocks sold for about eight cents each. At that rate, a good block maker, producing 50 blocks per day, could earn a whopping $4 a day! Pretty good wages for a very hard day's work.

The nearby town of Graniteville, in its day (circa 1890), boasted a population of more than 700 people, making it the largest town in the area. Most of the town was owned and built by the quarry company. Walking down the street, you would have seen a hotel, post office, store, railroad depot and numerous homes. Today, only a few of the original granite buildings remain, including an impressive stone schoolhouse and several homes.

Thirty picnic sites among the giant red boulders provide ample opportunity for family picnicking and exploration of the elephant rocks. Camping is not available in Elephant Rocks State Park, but can be found in several nearby state parks. Pets must be on leashes. Rock-climbing equipment is not to be used in the park.

Here I am with a Braille sign.  I'm not blind, but I thought it was really cool that they had Braille on the trail so the people with visual impairments can experience this, too!

I was taking a bit of a rest before we started on our walk down the trail.  Look at all those rocks behind me!

And here's another rock pose from me!  B)

I'm not in this photo, but I thought that it kind of looked like a snake.  What do you think, Mom?

Unfortunately, it started to rain, so I didn't get to see Dumbo because we had to head back to the car.  :(

But, no worries, I did see some other things today!

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Pilot Knob, Missouri, USA - 13th April 2009

By: brilliantlyxx


The next stop on our trip was a place called Pilot Knob.  It's a VERY tiny town, but it is home to Fort Davidson, where a Civil War battle took place on September 26-27, 1864.

Here I am, shooting a cannon just like the soldiers would have.  :cyclops: I was having lots and lots of fun doing this until Steph told me that I needed to learn a little bit about this place.  :( But, I got to play afterward!

We stopped to read a sign about the VERY deep moat around the whole fort.  Here's what the sign said, since it's hard to read when the photo is resized:

The Moat

A dry moat surrounded Fort Davidson on all sides.  During the third and final desperate Confederate assault, Arkansas troops of General William Cabell's brigade fought their way into the moat and prepared to climb the wall.  Hand grenades were brought from the magazine to drive them out.

"...we rushed back to the banquette with the grenades and passed them to the men in front, with orders to throw them into the ditch. Pandemonium instantly broke loose...men were blown above the parapet and fell back dead; the ditches were cleared as if by magic. It struck terror to the enemy's lines, and they fell back in disorder..."

Confederate officers blamed the failure of the assault on the depth of the moat and the steepness of the fort walls.

Upper photo shows what the hand grenades looked like.  Illustration is of the Confederates trying to climb the wall, but having the grenades used on them, so they cannot.

And here's another sign!  Again, too hard to read, so I thought I'd share it with you again!

The Powder Magazine

This crater marks the site of the powder magazine.  The underground structure was 40 feet long, 12 feet high, and 12 feet wide.  It was covered with 15 feet of earth to protect it from enemy fire.  Some 20 tons of gunpowder and ammunition were stored here during the battle.
At midnight, the defenders silently evacuated the fort. Equipment that could not be taken was piled against the magazine and the Union dead were laid nearby.  An hour later a party of volunteers lit a fuse to the magazine and galloped for safety.

"...suddenly the heavens were lighted up by a grand column of fire ascending hundreds of feet...and making the whole region reverberate with a sound as though a mighty thunderbolt had riven Pilot Knob..."

The startled Confederates did not realize that the fort had been evacuated.  Major General Price presumed that an accident had ignited the magazine and that the fort would surrender in the morning.

Photo on the right shows what the fort would have looked like during the battle on September 26-27, 1864.  The one on the left is a cross-section of the magazine

And here is what the powder magazine inside the fort looks like now! It's just a crater and, because of all the rain, was filled with water.

We didn't get any pamphlets from this place, but you can read even more about it here and here if you would like!  :D

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Farmington, Missouri, USA - 13th April 2009

By: brilliantlyxx

The finally stop on our trip today was a surprise for me.  Steph knew my little brain was tired of learning and that I needed some fun!

So, we pulled into a veteran's building where an old army tank sits!  :D  Steph told me that I could play on it so that I could rest my brain EVEN more! There wasn't any learning required here!

Oh, no! Don't run over me!  :o

Once I had worn myself out (and didn't end up getting run over, thankfully), we went back to Steph's place to watch Twilight, one of her favorite movies.  I also fell asleep during it from my day, but it was a really great movie! Say, can we watch it together when I get back home?  :D

Well, I'm really tired, so I'm going to go to bed now. Hope you enjoyed my entries.

Much, much love,

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Missouri, USA - 17th April 2009

By: brilliantlyxx

Hello, Mom!

Today was a very pretty day here, so Steph decided we should go outside for a little while!  :cyclops:  I, believe it or not, did some tree climbing.  It was a lot of fun!


That's me sitting in a Flowering Crabapple Tree.  Very pretty tree! I didn't stay as long as I would have liked in this tree because there was a LOT of bees buzzing around me  :stare:.  But, don't worry, Mom, I was brave and didn't get stung.


Here I am in another tree! Steph said she didn't know what kind this one was because they had found it in the woods and brought it here to replant when it was VERY tiny.  I liked this tree, not as many bees around!  :D


Finally, Steph got me to come out of the trees to play some soccer with her (I thought it was called football, Mom? Weird).  We played until it got too hot and, let's just take a guess at who won  ;)

Well, Mom, I'm sorry this is a short update, but it's been rainy.  I'll try to have a good one REALLY soon! Promise!

Much Love,

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St. Louis, Missouri, USA - 23rd April 2009

By: brilliantlyxx

Hey Mom! Guess where I went today! That's right, St. Looouuuis!  It's the home of the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, St. Louis Blues, and of course, the St. Louis Arch (the Gateway to the West).


We started our day out by visiting the [url=www.metrostlouis.org/]MetroLink[/url] station.  We didn't need to ride, but it would have been really cool to do so! I've never had a ride on one before, but Steph said that we had many other places to see today, so we didn't get time.  :(


The next place we went to was [url=www.stlouisunionstation.com/]Union Station[/url].  This is what I learned about the place, Mom!


St. Louis Union Station, once the largest and busiest passenger rail terminal in the world, is now one of America's great marketplaces. Union Station first opened in 1894, but ceased operation as an active train terminal in 1978. Union Station reopened in August of 1985 as the largest adaptive re-use project in the United States.
Today, this 114 year old National Historic Landmark of unmatched beauty and elegance has been dramatically restored and redeveloped as a dynamic mixed-use project that includes great shopping, delicious dining and fabulous entertainment.

St. Louis Union Station houses a 539 room Marriott Hotel, luxury offices, a lake and a plaza for festivals, concerts and other special events. The century-old St. Louis Union Station boasts a unique and colorful history as well as a bright future. St. Louis Union Station is truly a shopper's delight with over 80 shops and restaurants to choose from. An important part of the Station's special appeal is the variety of unique retail shops, offering everything from fine fashions to one-of-a-kind gifts.

Sounds cool, right?  B)


Here's a picture of me outside Union Station.  Is that a Hard Rock Cafe I see in the background? :D


It IS! It IS a Hard Rock Cafe!  :D  We didn't get to stop and eat, but it was still really cool to see one and they had music playing for us to hear outside!  I hope to go to one in the future! That would be such a cool place to go!


After we left Union Station, we stopped at Busch Stadium.  It's where the St. Louis Cardinals play (they're a major league baseball team).  This is the new stadium that was opened in 2006.  Steph said she's only been to this one a few times.  Do you see all those people in the background? They're all lined up waiting to get tickets to tonight's game THIS early in the day! That seemed really crazy to me.  I didn't know people did that for sports, just for concerts and movies and books.  :rolleyes:


Here I am with a statue of Ozzie Smith outside of the stadium.  He played shortstop for the Cardinals from 1982 to 1996.  He was well known for doing backflips while running out to his position on the field.  He must've been a REALLY good player, too! They put him into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2002.

There were more statues out here of other famous players that used to be on the team.  I don't remember their names, though.  :(

Here's me with the city view in the background.  See what I see?  :o It's the Gateway Arch!  I asked if we could get a bit closer, so we got back into the car.

Here we are back in the car.  If you look right in the middle WAY out in the background, you can sort of see the Mississippi River.  I changed my mind and decided that I really wanted to see this AMAZING river, so we went on up the road and had a look!  :cyclops:

And here we are at the river!  The boat behind me isn't actually a boat that takes people places, I learned.  It is actually a casino.  Pretty cool, huh?

Here's another river picture. See the land on the other side of the river? That's Illinois!  Pretty cool to see how if you just cross the REALLY wide river, you'll be in a WHOLE different state!

Well, Mom, I hope you enjoyed this update! I would like to send you a postcard from here if you want it! Steph said to send her a PM with your address and she'll make sure it gets sent to you!


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Fredericktown, Missouri, USA - 1st May 2009

By: brilliantlyxx

Hey Mom!

Today, I met Noelle.  She's a sweet little TV that Steph is going to start sending out on a journey! I told her all about the things that I have seen and that we've read about, and she got pretty excited about it!


Here we are having a chat.  We really get along well.

We came across a toy truck that had been abandoned on the counter top.  Noelle got the crazy idea that we should take it for a spin, and I agreed with her.

After about twenty minutes of riding around on the kitchen floor, I realized that the truck opened!  :D Noelle got the crazy idea that she should drive, and I really didn't mind if she did.  That's because I'm a nice rat, right Mom?  ;)

Noelle did great with her driving.  We rode around and around for AGES, and it didn't seem to get old.

But, then I guess I got in Noelle's line of vision because next thing I knew, we were zooming out of the kitchen and into the living room.  We ran right into the end table and I fell off.  No worries, Mom, I wasn't hurt.  Noelle even checked up on me, but I told her that I was okay.  My head only hurt just a little  :rolleyes:.  Noelle felt really bad about it, but I told her that we were still friends.

Then we did something REALLY cool and I became the COOLEST rat on Earth (if only I could play that guitar  :().  We put on some sunglasses that we found around Steph's house. Now, we're cool.  B)

Oh, and Mom, the TV WILD RELEASE is here this weekend! Steph showed us all the TVs she plans to release and asked us to help.  Of course, we said we would, but jeez, Mom! That's a LOT of toys we will have to help with! Should be fun!

Well, there's a fair going on this weekend and Steph said that I get to go tomorrow!  :D Can't wait! Hope the rain stops, though.

Much, Much Love,

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Fredericktown, Missouri, USA - 2nd May 2009

By: brilliantlyxx

Hey Mom!

Today, we went to the 47th Azalea Festival in Steph's hometown!  It was fun, but would have been a LOT more fun if it hadn't rained all weekend and been just mud.  :mad:

Because of this, I am not in any of the pictures.  You know how I am about rain, Mom!

The first thing we had to do that day was go to the pet show.  Steph was entering her dog in the largest pet contest, which he won!  :cyclops: Here are the contestants for smallest dog (it had to be over six months old).  Look how tiny, Mom!

Here's the winner of that competition.  She's a yorkie, but since she was the runt of her litter, she's smaller than a teacup yorkie!  She was so cute..just like me!  ;)

Do you see what I see, Mom?  A RAT! LIKE ME!!  :D  :D  :D
It was entered in the most unusual pet, but we have no idea if it won because we had to take her dog home.  Not only was it a rat..it was NAKED!  I can't imagine having no fur!  :o

After the pet show, we wandered around the fair grounds, getting Steph covered in mud and rain (I was safe!).  Here's a HUGE TV!! I wasn't scared of him, though!  He might be big, but I'm fearless!

The last stop was the car show.  Steph didn't get to take many pictures, but it's okay.  I've looked at Chance's travelog and when I go to Pixiedustlady, I will see LOTS of cars!  :D  Here's just two of the cars I got to see before we headed back home!

Well, that's all for Saturday of the fair.  Steph said that she is very sorry that I didn't get to be in any of the photos, but the rain isn't good for my fur!

Hopefully it won't rain so I can be in the parade!


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Fredericktown, Missouri, USA - 3rd May 2009

By: brilliantlyxx

Hey Mom!
Today was the day of the parade! Steph had us all ready to take pictures with us...then the rain started in. And it was a lot.  So, once again, Noelle and I didn't get to be in any pictures today, but I told Steph that we HAD to share them with you!  The theme of the festival was "Together We Can.." so, you'll see that statement a LOT in these pictures.

Steph had to take a picture of the umbrellas after her sister pointed out that "everyone must've bought their umbrellas at the same place".  I thought it was REALLY funny, too!  :D

This truck looked REALLY familiar to me.  Those people who weren't very careful with my little tiny rat self.  :mad:

And here's the float the post off made! It's a mail box! I thought it looked really good!

Here's one of the local church's floats.  I thought this one looked really well put together! I was impressed by this one, as well.

Up next was the fire department!  Here's one of the smaller fire trucks.  Hey mom, do you see that man?  He's waving at ME!  :D

Here's the Fire Rescue truck.  And.....

Look who was in the back!! ELMO!! I was so excited to see him, but he wasn't the only 'celebrity' I saw today!

Here's a bigger fire truck.  Hey, Mom, can I become a fire fighter...please?  :D

Here came the next round of celebrities! Look! It's Mickey and Minnie Mouse (not rat, sadly)! And..is that Cinderella and Prince Charming!  :o

If you look closely, Mom, you can see Snow White and Tinkerbell, too! What a star-studded parade!

It's hard to see, but on the back of this float, there's the Energizer Bunny, too!  :cyclops:

Here came the clowns next on their little bicycles.  Steph's sister did not enjoy this..and I agree.  I didn't really like them that much either.  :thinking:

Next was the tractor section.  There were WAY more than just these three, but I didn't see the need of taking pictures of all of them.  These three would do just fine, I'm sure!

Up next were important people who help out everyone everyday.  From the right to the left we have a Marine, an Army man, A construction worker, (then a lady), a firefighter, and a nurse! This float was very inspirational.  It's nice to see people doing good things for others!

Up after that, came an old fire truck and an old police car.  Pretty cool, huh?

And, yet, here comes more celebs! It's the Hamburglar and Grimace from McDonald's! I was pretty shocked to see them, but Steph says that they come out every year.

Have you ever seen a green fire truck?  Well, now you have!  B)

After that, here came the police car from the old 70's-80's show, The Dukes of Hazzard.  It even played the theme song from the show as it drove by! That must've been a lot of work to get a car to look like the one from the TV show! :D

And here came the horses, which means the end of the parade.  Here's some...

And some more...

And even more! Wow! What a LOT of horses! I've never seen so many before, have you, Mom?

Despite all the rain, it seemed like one of the horses was having some fun! He was kicking his feet up and enjoying the parade!

Well, Mom, I'm sorry I'm not in any of these.  The next update, I will be in some of the pictures, I promise!  :D

Much, Much Love,

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Fredericktown, Missouri, USA - 5th May 2009

By: brilliantlyxx

Hey Mom!
Steph was going to send me out today, but she was unable to get to the post office, so I had one last day with her.  :( I'm sad to go, I really had a lot of fun here, but I know that I have to continue my journey and Darcie will surely have some amazing things in store for me!  :D

Noelle and I shared a bowl of fettucini alfredo and a roll for each of us! It was really good and the sauce on the noodles was homemade! Yummy!  :p

Then, we had to help Steph fill the holes in a table that she was going to paint.  It took a very long time to do.  I thought we would get to paint it while I was here, but it was going to take two hours for the holes to dry...and she wanted to watch American Idol.

And we got back inside JUST in time to start watching the show.  Here we see Ryan Seacrest introducing the top four for Rock Week (the mentor for the contestants this week was Slash).  Steph was really excited for Rock week, but she said she's excited for every week.

Up first this week was Adam Lambert singing \"Whole Lotta Love\" by Led Zepplin.  This one is Steph's favorite to win the show, and I can see why.  The guy can really sing!

Then came Allison Iraheta singing \"Cry Baby\" by Janis Joplin.  Allison turned seventeen last week, and wow! Her voice is incredible for her age.

After a few breaks and a duet by Kris Allen and Danny Gokey, Kris Allen returned to the stage to sing \"Come Together\" by The Beatles.

Last, but not least, Danny Gokey performed an 'interesting' version of \"Dream On\" by Aerosmith.

The show finished after Allison and Adam did a duet.  I won't be here tomorrow to see who is in the final three, but I hope that I get to watch the finale in a couple of weeks!  :D

Well, Mom, it's time for me to go to bed! Tomorrow, I start on my journey to North Carolina!

Love Always,
Ricky T. Rat

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