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meeting other kitty-cats

bring joy to my hosts

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look around in schools (if possible)

meet the residents a Saint Anne's (Fort Wayne) IN USA

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Travelog for: Precious

Buitenpost (FRL) , Netherlands - 19th April 2009

By: Tess

Hi there everyone

I am very excited to become a toy-voyager.
I already have one host in Germany and I am looking forward to go and stay with fam-united. And see Sabrina and the rest of the family.
But is there anyone who would like to host me afterwards please?

I am a potty trained and well behaved kitty-cat

  Loud purrrrrs from Prissy 

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Buitenpost (FRL) , Netherlands - 19th April 2009

By: Tess

We all like to travel..in this picture you see me and  the twins...

cute girls huh?


Herschaalde kopie van S4300028.jpg

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Buitenpost (FRL) , Netherlands - 22nd April 2009

By: Tess

Today we send Prissy on her first trip to Germany to be with
her new host fam-united.(Petra & Family)

She was very excited  and purrrring  -->to travel <--
because she is on a mission of her own and has a fan-club in us.

Wendy kissed her goodbye a couple of days ago. :p

Bon voyage little pussycat


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Bruchsal, Germany - 26th April 2009

By: fam-united

I just arrived at Petra's home and I'm really happy to get to know something new at once.
Petra and her family live in a region with many many asparagus fields and so it is no wonder, that we had asparagus for lunch. I helped to get the asparagus ready for cooking.


They love to eat is with cooked salt potatoes and sausages and mayonnaise or sauce hollandaise.


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Bruchsal, Germany - 10th May 2009

By: fam-united

Hi family,

I already had a great time. Although Petra's time wasn't that great. First she had torn a ligament at her right thumb and also broken the thumb and then she has some strange problems at school, which weren't caused by her. But now she seens to be back to nearly full health and promissed to write the updates within the next days.

Here you see me watching the grey clouds over Bruchsal. During my first days we had thunder and lightning nearly each day.

Hugs, Precious








While it is raining, Petra reads the first book of Twightlight serie. She fell in love with it, I can tell you and I recommand it to Wendy, when she is old enough for it. I liked it too - it is a girls' book:) Oh, I forgot to tell you, that I can read in German and understand everything. Maybe you want to try it too?



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Bruchsal, Germany - 11th May 2009

By: fam-united

Another day - another rainstorm, but this time we only took this single photo


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Bruchsal, Germany - 12th May 2009

By: fam-united

Bruchsal seems to be a strange place. Many people in Germany are worried, because it doesn't rain and I'm the one, who decided to go to the one place, where it is raining every day. Today we had been able to see a wonderful rainbow.



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Buitenpost, Netherlands - 22nd May 2009

By: Tess

We do know Prissy arrived safely in Germany :cyclops:
However due to circumstances her host has not been able to update.
We fully understand that.

Get well soon over there.

Tess as knwn as Turtle

Herschaalde kopie van 1161703492Tortuguitalowres.jpg

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Bruchsal, Germany - 24th May 2009

By: fam-united

It still had rained a lot, so we decided to take no more photos of this, but wait for the sun and here we are: in Petra's garden, next to her peony. I love it! And it is pink, just as I am. Who wants to ask for more?




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Heidelberg, Germany - 24th May 2009

By: fam-united

Today my host family drove to Heidelberg, because their son begins with work experience at a medical laboratory tomorrow. So they thought, if would be a good idea to look where this laboratory is and then go to see the castle. But it was so crowded at the castle, that we turned around and decided to go there sometime later. So we only had been able to take a photo of the bridge.



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Büchenau, Germany - 25th May 2009

By: fam-united

When Petra read the newspaper today, she saw a photo on the first page with a large poppies field. She asked us and her son, if we want to come with her to take a look, if we could find this beautiful field and get some photos taken there. So we drove to Büchenau, which is one of Bruchsal's suburbs. It is a small town with about 2200 inhabitants. Just enjoy the photos. I love this poppies too, although they aren't pink.




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Bruchsal, Germany - 26th May 2009

By: fam-united

It's raining again - I'm a bit blurry already.



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Letzenberg/Malsch, Germany - 29th May 2009

By: fam-united

On our way home from Heidelberg - we drive this way each day now, because Fabian is there - we stopped by at the chapel on top of Letzenberg. It is really beautiful. It was built in 1902. They say, that there already was a pilgrimage chapel around 1300.
You have a great view to the Rhine valley and Kraichgau.





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Münzesheim, Germany - 29th May 2009

By: fam-united

Then we drove to Münzesheim to visit the Japanese Garden, which belongs to the therapy centre against alcohol and other dependencies.



There are some rules we have to follow.









There is a round room with many many blue bottles as roof.





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Koblenz, Germany - 1st June 2009

By: fam-united

Petra and her family visited Ralf's aunt and uncle in Koblenz today. They also invited Ralf's parents to join them - and us, of course.

Koblenz is a city situated on both banks of the Rhine at its confluence with the Moselle, where the Deutsches Eck (German Corner) and its monument (Emperor William I on horseback) are situated.


It is the third largest city in Rhineland-Palatinate, with a population of c. 106,000 (2006).

Here you see the confluence of Rhine (right side) and Moselle (left side).

Ehrenbreitstein Fortress
(German: Festung Ehrenbreitstein) is a fortress on the mountain of the same name on the east bank of the Rhine opposite the town of Koblenz.

It was built as the backbone of the regional fortification system, Festung Koblenz, by Prussia between 1817 and 1832 and guarded the middle Rhine region, an area that had been invaded by French troops repeatedly before. The fortress was never attacked.

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