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Travelog for: Penny

Lich, Hessen, Germany - 5th July 2009

By: AnjaM

Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum

Lich, Hessen, Germany

4 and 5 July 09

Day 2 - Sunday, 5 July 2009

Hi Mommy,

we slept in a small hotel in Lich and had a big breakfast on Sunday morning. Then we returned to the festival.

First, we walked by the tents of those who had spent the night in the festival. And they were so kind to allow us to take pictures.

Anja would always ask nicely. "Noble lord and lady" she would say, "would you permit us to make a painting of your beautiful home, for a dear friend across the big water?" - and permission was gladly granted  :D






We met some musicians


and even little red riding hood!


and then we browsed the merchant's stalls again to admire their wares






There was also fun and games


and hitting Thor's hammer


and again, so much to see






Uhm, did I tell you that Anja likes dragons?  ;)





While we were wandering around, we met some noble lords and ladies and good citizens in wonderful dress. And they all smiled and gave us permission to make a painting.





Now I need a little rest, Mommy, before another exciting fight!


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Lich, Hessen, Germany - 6th July 2009

By: AnjaM

Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum

Lich, Hessen, Germany

4 and 5 July 09

Day 2 - Sunday, 5 July 2009

Part 2

Hi Mommy,

now, it was time for another fight.

Yesterday we had seen the knights jousting. Today, there was a joust by the knaves (who served the knights).

The game was announced by the lord of the realm


assisted by the monk Brother Rictus


Look, the two even posed, just for us!!!  :D


The game is played as follows:

In the middle of the playing field, there is a leather ball that weighs 120 kg (approx 240 pounds), just like a knight in full armor who has fallen off his horse.

There are two teams of knaves. Each team tries to drag the ball past their own goal line, while the other team tries to prevent them from doing so. At the same time, mind you  :D






After this game, it was time for a little snack again


(yes, there be dragons  ;) )


The things that look like meatballs are Falafel, oriental vegetable balls. Very tasty! And we had had more than enough meat the day before...

Then we had some mocha from an oriental booth



and just took it easy today, after all the walking around and partying yesterday  ;)

All the adult were lazy, while the children were playing in the straw.




We did take a leasurely walk, however, lazily looking at the stalls and making a purchase here and there.






Look at those gargoyles!  :o

They are sure to scare off evil spirits!









At this booth, Anja "fell in love" - but you'll see  ;)





And in case you are wondering, Mommy:

Yes, the people who attend the festival purchase these lovely things - to complete their costume, to use them or to decorate their homes.

Finally, we got tired, and we rode home on a horse


When we got home, Anja unpacked all the lovely things she had bought




remember the dragon with the helmet from yesterday morning?

Well, it has found a new home!


And, like I said, Anja fell in love at the festival - with the most beautiful jewellery you can imagine!


Oh wow, I wish I were a lady, so I could wear this!  :D

Dear Mommy, I hope you enjoyed my tale as much as I enjoyed this wonderful weekend!  :D



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Oberursel near Frankfurt, Germany - 6th July 2009

By: AnjaM

Wieka leaves

Hi Mommy,

today, Wieka left.

She is going to Missouri, to visit Steph.

We all waved goodbye to Wieka, who is all excited about her new adventures.




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Oberursel near Frankfurt, Germany - 17th July 2009

By: AnjaM

I am leaving to my next host!

Hi Mommy,

today, I left for my next host.

I stamped my little feet, because Anja has not even done the update for the medieval market in Büdingen on the last weekend yet, but she said that she has been extremely busy, and she will do this in about a week.

I'm so excited, I am going to Finland!  :D


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Porvoo, Finland - 21st July 2009

By: Delenna

Yippee! I arrived in Finland! I met Gary Boldie and Leonard - plus Banyo who had arrived yesterday. They all seemed very nice, I'm sure I'll like it here  :D


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Porvoo, Finland - 24th July 2009

By: Delenna

Meow! This is me by the Baltic Sea! Somewhere nearby is the small island where Tove Jansson, the creator of Moomin spent her summers. The weather was nice and people were heading for boatrides. I climbed on a birch ( a very common tree here) to get a better view. I also tried the lifebelt but it was abit too big for me.

Nice start for my visit!

Penny_by_the_sea (1).jpg
Penny_by_the_sea (2).jpg
Penny_by_the_sea (3).jpg
Penny_by_the_sea (4).jpg

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Porvoo, Finland - 25th July 2009

By: Delenna

The local volunteer fire-brigade turns 111 years! The had a parade and we went to see it. I was with Leonard and Banyo - and I was so eager to see the brigade that I accidentally stepped on their faces... I did apologize like a good kitty.

There were a marching band and the people from the volunteer fire-brigade - even kids! After them came the fire engines, both new and very old old.

It was very fascinating!

vpk_25-7-2009 (1).jpg
vpk_25-7-2009 (2).jpg
vpk_25-7-2009 (3).jpg
vpk_25-7-2009 (4).jpg
vpk_25-7-2009 (5).jpg
vpk_25-7-2009 (6).jpg
vpk_25-7-2009 (7).jpg
vpk_25-7-2009 (8).jpg
vpk_25-7-2009 (9).jpg

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Porvoo, Finland - 26th July 2009

By: Delenna

Miau! That's how the Finnish cats say  ;)

Today we went to a place where we saw all the fire trucks from yesterday's parade. It's a dance pavilion really, but today there was an event for kids (and toyvoyagers). First we saw Djungeltrumman & Arne Alligator perform in both Swedish and Finnish.

We also went to looka the views, which were quite nice. After that we went to look at the fire-engines close by. I even got to climb on them!

Penny_tanssisaari (2).jpg
Penny_tanssisaari (3).jpg
Penny_tanssisaari (4).jpg
Penny_tanssisaari (5).jpg
Penny_tanssisaari (6).jpg
Banyo_26-7-2009 (7).jpg
Penny_tanssisaari (1).jpg
Penny_tanssisaari (7).jpg
26-7-2009 (9).jpg
Penny_tanssisaari (8).jpg
Penny_tanssisaari (9).jpg

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Porvoo, Finland - 31st July 2009

By: Delenna

My host finally got to take me to the old town of Porvoo. Here I am by the river. The red shorehouses are the most wellknown sight of the city. This is what the tourism page says about them: The shore houses are now red, but they got their colour only in the late 18th century. Red ochre paint was used to paint the shore houses in honour of King Gustav III's arrival from Sweden. All of the houses along his route were painted, in order to make them more beautiful. The red ochre also helped protect the logs from wind and sun damage. Exotic fruits, wines and spices were brought to Porvoo, and the shore houses also served as intermediate storehouses for coffee an tobacco. Today the shore houses are used as private living quarters and storage space.

Then we had to run for some errands but my host promised we'd get a better look later.

Penny_porvoo (2).jpg
Penny_porvoo (1).jpg
Penny_porvoo (3).jpg
Penny_porvoo (4).jpg

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Porvoo, Finland - 31st July 2009

By: Delenna

...but guess what happened when we were running the errands? It started raining! A lot! Here I am in the very center of the city looking around. In the last photo is my host's favorite shop (crafts and thimbles) - they had kitties in the window!

Too bad the weather turned like this. Now I have to wait for my tour...

Penny_porvoo (6).jpg
Penny_porvoo (5).jpg
Penny_porvoo (7).jpg
Penny_porvoo (8).jpg

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Puuhamaa, Tervakoski, Finland - 1st August 2009

By: Delenna


I got to go to a theme park! It's called Puuhamaa and located in Tervakoski, quite near Hämeenlinna. The place was full of cars when we arrived but it wasn't crowded inside the area. There was lots to do: climbing, jumping, sliding, running, driving... etc. All with one entrance fee. I even attended a bootcamp, now I'm a tough kitty!  ;) I met the mascot called Puuhanalle (the teddy in the green hat and shirt). And I "drove" a "helicopter" and got a nice overall view. There was also a small village with a post office, but the office was empty  :(

The weather was on our side most of the time. When we had luch it started raining. First it was a mild summer rain but it got heavier and heavier...  :o I'm a cat, I don't usually like to get wet but I had been to the bootcamp (most of the climbing and tightropes and so on) so I acted like I didn't mind (but guys, it's so wet!).

At the end of the day we went to the water park side of the area. More water... I'm glad my host kept me safe and dry while the others had a splash in the pool.

The view to the lake was nice too  B)

Penny_puuhamaa (1).jpg
Penny_puuhamaa (2).jpg
puuhamaa 022.jpg
puuhamaa 032.jpg
puuhamaa 031.jpg
puuhamaa 033.jpg
puuhamaa 040.jpg
puuhamaa 038.jpg
Penny_puuhamaa (5).jpg
Penny_puuhamaa (4).jpg
Penny_puuhamaa (3).jpg
puuhamaa 057.jpg
puuhamaa 058.jpg
puuhamaa 063.jpg
Penny_puuhamaa (6).jpg
puuhamaa 077.jpg
puuhamaa 078.jpg
puuhamaa 090.jpg
puuhamaa 084.jpg
puuhamaa 083.jpg
puuhamaa 089.jpg
puuhamaa 096.jpg
Penny_puuhamaa (7).jpg
puuhamaa 102.jpg
puuhamaa 103.jpg
puuhamaa 118.jpg
puuhamaa 122.jpg
puuhamaa 123.jpg
puuhamaa 124.jpg
Penny_puuhamaa (8).jpg
puuhamaa 137.jpg

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Porvoo, Finland - 3rd August 2009

By: Delenna

The weather finally cleared up enough for us  to go sightseeing! Our first stop was the Porvoo Cathedral. It's dedicated to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and it gained its present form at the end of the 15th century. It accomodates 800 people at a time.  It's also the third most popular church in Finland as measured in number of visitors!

29 th May 2006 the cathedral was set on fire, arson. The fire did not cause much damage to the interior of the church because the ceiling did not collapse. However, the church was damaged by smoke and water. Some windows were broken and chandeliers fell down. They have now finally finished repairing and the cathedral is again open to public and ceremonies. We had a look inside and it looked quite nice.

The red building next to the cathedral is the Small Church. It was dedicated in 1740. The Church accomodates 170 people at a time.

penny_porvoo 004.jpg
penny_porvoo 005.jpg
penny_porvoo 008.jpg
penny_porvoo 014.jpg
penny_porvoo 009.jpg
penny_porvoo 010.jpg
penny_porvoo 012.jpg
penny_porvoo 006.jpg
penny_porvoo 003.jpg
penny_porvoo 015.jpg
penny_porvoo 017.jpg
penny_porvoo 022.jpg

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Porvoo, Finland - 3rd August 2009

By: Delenna

These photos are taken around the cathedral, in the Old Town. The houses are mainly wooden and used as living quarters and stores and museums etc. Look at that car! I'd make one cute ornament  B)

The painted boxes are electricity boxes. They were painted by kids in  the local art school. All the electricity boxes in the Old Town are painted to look nicer. It says "oy sekatavarakauppa ab" which means "general store ltd"  :D

penny_porvoo 007.jpg
penny_porvoo 020.jpg
penny_porvoo 018.jpg
penny_porvoo 019.jpg
penny_porvoo 024.jpg
penny_porvoo 025.jpg
penny_porvoo 016.jpg
penny_porvoo 021.jpg
penny_porvoo 023.jpg

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Porvoo, Finland - 3rd August 2009

By: Delenna

Now I'm on Castle Hill! On this hill used to be a castle/fortress hundreds of years ago. It must've been wooden and burnt down as there not even the slightest clue of it. There's not even an old drawing of it. The flora is special, many of the flowers are rare and endangered.

This is a good place to play Robin Hood says my host  ;)

penny_porvoo 026.jpg
penny_porvoo 027.jpg
penny_porvoo 028.jpg
penny_porvoo 029.jpg
penny_porvoo 030.jpg
penny_porvoo 031.jpg
penny_porvoo 038.jpg

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Porvoo, Finland - 3rd August 2009

By: Delenna

After the Castle Hill we walked down by the river, still in the Old Town. This is what they write in the city website of the history: Porvoo is the second oldest city in Finland. The current wave of settlement began in the 13th-14th centuries. Porvoo was grated city status in the mid-14th century. Porvoo has fought for its very existence on serveral occasions over the centuries. At the beginning of the 16th century, Danes arrived by sea to destroy the city. The Russians burned Porvoo twice. In 1760, a Porvoo housewife made fish soup, and the fire it caused destroyed the majority of the buildings in the city. At the beginning of the 19th century, Finland was annexed to Russia as an autonomous grand duchy. Tsar Alexander I convened the first diet in Porvoo in March 1809. In Porvoo Cathedral, he gave a sovereign pledge in which he ratified the country's religion, its constitutional laws and the rights of the estates. 

The cannon is from the II World War, not in use anymore, naturally. The photos after that are taken on  another hill, to get a good over all view.

penny_porvoo 038.jpg
penny_porvoo 032.jpg
penny_porvoo 033.jpg
penny_porvoo 034.jpg
penny_porvoo 035.jpg
penny_porvoo 053.jpg
penny_porvoo 054.jpg
penny_porvoo 050.jpg
penny_porvoo 041.jpg
penny_porvoo 042.jpg

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