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Travelog for: Penny

Porvoo, Finland - 3rd August 2009

By: Delenna

Today's sightseeing tour ended here, at the sightseeing tower. You can see the cathedral roof on the left and the city center on the right. So, it's not all lovely wooden buildings only  ;)

The story tells that the sightseeing tower was made by a giant: he heard that they were building a church in Porvoo and got angry (apparently giants don't like churches) and threw a stone all the way from Sipoo (where he lived, a place not too far from Porvoo). He didn't either aim it too well or his arm wasn't in good enough condition as he missed the church.

The stone has been a place to gather for festives a hundred years ago. Kids were told that babies were picked up from under the stone. Around 1880 they made the stairs and it became a sightseeing tower. Nowadays kids are told that a stork brings the babies - which is weird because you very rarely see storks in Finland...

penny_porvoo 058.jpg
penny_porvoo 060.jpg
penny_porvoo 064.jpg
penny_porvoo 063.jpg
penny_porvoo 066.jpg
penny_porvoo 065.jpg
penny_porvoo 068.jpg

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Porvoo, Finland - 8th August 2009

By: Delenna

It's very very hot in here today. I wanted to sleep in the shadow but my host and the other tv's had a "great" idea - they wanted to go swimming!  :thinking: Apparently they have forgotten the very nature of cats; we don't like to get wet. I was a sport anyway and followed them to the beach. I explored the dry side of the beach while the others splashed around.

rannalla 025.jpg
rannalla 026.jpg
rannalla 052.jpg

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Porvoo, Finland - 9th August 2009

By: Delenna

My host wanted to show me the riverbank of River Porvoo. It's a popular place on a hot & sunny day like this. People walk along the shore and have drinks/ice cream in the cafés. The bridge I first saw and which we walked over is the newest. It took them 30 years of debate and arguing to finally get it done  :rolleyes: My host doesn't understand why it was so negative to many people, now that it finally is there the traffic is smoother and it doesn't look bad either.

Penny_jokiranta (1).jpg
Penny_jokiranta (2).jpg
Penny_jokiranta (3).jpg
Penny_jokiranta (4).jpg
Penny_jokiranta (5).jpg
Penny_jokiranta (6).jpg
Penny_jokiranta (7).jpg
Penny_jokiranta (9).jpg

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Fire-fighting vehicles in Porvoo, Finland - 9th August 2009

By: Delenna

On the riverbank was several fire-fighting vehicles today! They (the more and less local volunteer fire-brigades) had an event, so there wasn't any crisis going on. But they did honk their horns and put the sirens on! That was one big cacophony!  :o There were both old and new fire engines - and even a small ATV (aka quadbike, buggy, all-terrain vehicle)!  A marching band played music - although they sitting in the shadow  ;)

On our way back to the car we saw a wedding ceremony! It was held on M/aux Marita, a galley built in 1947. The boat docking behind her is M/S J.L. Runeberg.

Penny_jokiranta (8).jpg
jokiranta 025.jpg
jokiranta 028.jpg
jokiranta 032.jpg
jokiranta 034.jpg
jokiranta 058.jpg
jokiranta 060.jpg
jokiranta 074.jpg

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Playing Moomin Memory in Porvoo, Finland - 18th August 2009

By: Delenna

It's been raining again. Sometimes the sun shines. But then it rains again.  :thinking:

We've decided to stay indoors untill it is more predictable. Although my host isn't sure if that's such a good idea, she says we might never get out...

Anyway, we've spent our time by playing games. Here's our favorite: Moomin memory! As you can see I won! Ok, Mumble won too, we sghared 1st place. But I won anyway. I could smell the pairs  ;)

On the way to victory I learnt the names of the characters in Finnish:

Little My - Pikku Myy
Moomin(troll) - Muumi(peikko)
Moominpappa - Muumipappa
Moominmamma - Muumimamma
Snufkin - Nuuskamuikkunen (boy, that's one long name in Finnish!)
Snif - Nipsu
Hemulen - Hemuli
Snorkmaiden - Niiskuneiti
Snork - Niisku
Stinky - Haisuli
Mrs Fillyjonk - Rouva Vilijonkka
The Hattenfatteners - Hattivatit 

Muumi_Memo (1).jpg
Muumi_Memo (2).jpg
Muumi_Memo (3).jpg
Muumi_Memo (4).jpg
Muumi_Memo (5).jpg
Muumi_Memo (6).jpg
Muumi_Memo (7).jpg
Muumi_Memo (10).jpg
Muumi_Memo (11).jpg
Muumi_Memo (20).jpg
Muumi_Memo (21).jpg
Muumi_Memo (25).jpg
Muumi_Memo (26).jpg
Muumi_Memo (27).jpg
Muumi_Memo (28).jpg
Muumi_Memo (29).jpg
Muumi_Memo (30).jpg

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Tampere, Finland - 22nd August 2009

By: Delenna

Moeww! I'm in Tampre! A city about 2h drive from Porvoo. Tampere is the third largest city in Finland and the largest inland centre in the Nordic countries. Currently there are over 200,000 inhabitants in Tampere, and almost 300,000 inhabitants in Tampere Sub-Region, which comprises Tampere and its neighbouring municipalities. Tampere’s population density is 390 per square kilometre. Tampere is one of the three most rapidly developing regions in Finland. Tampere’s city centre is surrounded by lake and ridge scenery, sited on an isthmus between lakes Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi. The Tammerkoski rapids run through the city.

In 2004, the City of Tampere came first in an image survey comparing the largest cities in Finland. It was also the most attractive city among Finns who plan on moving.

In the photos you can see me looking at the Railway Station, the Cathedral, walking down the main street thru the city center, having a look at the Moomin museum, checking out the Alexander's Church...

Penny-tre (12).jpg
Penny-tre (1).jpg
Penny-tre (2).jpg
Penny-tre (3).jpg
Penny-tre (4).jpg
Penny-tre (5).jpg
Penny-tre (6).jpg
Penny-tre (7).jpg
Penny-tre (8).jpg
tv-tre (30).jpg
Penny-tre (9).jpg
Penny-tre (10).jpg
Penny-tre (11).jpg
Penny-tre (13).jpg
Penny-tre (14).jpg
Penny-tre (15).jpg
Penny-tre (16).jpg
Penny-tre (17).jpg
Penny-tre (18).jpg
Penny-tre (19).jpg

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Tampere, Finland - 22nd August 2009

By: Delenna

We continued our walk towards a sightseeing tower. Pyynikki, which was formed by the action of ice and sea more than 10,000 years ago, is the world’s highest gravel ridge. At its highest it rises 80 metres above Lake Pyhäjärvi and 160 metres above sea level.  24 per cent of Tampere’s surface area is water and 76 per cent land. 18.5 per cent of the land has a town plan. There are 200 lakes and ponds in Tampere, and a total of 450 in the entire region.

All that I could see from up the tower - the views were quite marvellous! Afterwards my host signed the guestbook on our behalf too. Then we got to taste the famous donuts  :p It was yummy!

Then it was time to walk back to the center. Naturally we walked a different path to see new views  :D

Penny-tre (20).jpg
Penny-tre (22).jpg
Penny-tre (23).jpg
Penny-tre (24).jpg
Penny-tre (25).jpg
Penny-tre (26).jpg
tv-tre (124).jpg
Penny-tre (27).jpg
Penny-tre (28).jpg
Penny-tre (29).jpg
Penny-tre (30).jpg
Penny-tre (31).jpg
Penny-tre (32).jpg

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on the way to Sastamala, Finland - 23rd August 2009

By: Delenna

Early Sunday morning we started to drive towards Sastamala a small town west from Tampere. Sastamla town was formerly known as Vammala. The municipality has 24 600 inhabitants in 1388 squarekilometers. It consists of 7 formerly independent municipalities.

As you can see, the views on the way were mostly forest and field.

vammalaan (2).jpg
vammalaan (4).jpg
vammalaan (6).jpg
vammalaan (8).jpg
vammalaan (9).jpg
vammalaan (12).jpg
vammalaan (13).jpg

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Sastamala, Finland - 23rd August 2009

By: Delenna

Finally we arrived at Tyrvää Church. We were there for the confirmation of my host's goddaughter. The church was build 150 years ago on a market ground "between two waters". It looks nice and suprisingly new.

Penny_vammala (1).jpg
Penny_vammala (3).jpg
Penny_vammala (2).jpg

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Porvoo, Finland - 24th August 2009

By: Delenna

I just got back to Porvoo and right away I'm scheduled to leave  :o Thank you Delenna and friends, I had a great time! I wish I could've stayed for a while longer, but Germany is calling me  :cyclops:



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Essen, Germany - 28th August 2009

By: BlackCat

Hello :)!

I arrived right in time for a nice day in the zoo.

Tomorrow we will drive to the Netherlands for visiting a zoo. I am so excited :)!


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Arnhem, Netherlands - 29th August 2009

By: BlackCat

Hello :)!

Here I am again. Today we are in the zoo in Arnhem, Netherlands. It is called Burgers Zoo. We are joining a postcrossing meeting here :)! Really cool.

Can you see the elephants in the background? I really like them :)!

And a hippo :)!

We went into a big aquarium! It looks so cool inside there.



Outside again I found a waterfall.

Looks nice, or?

I saw meerkats :)!

and there are tigers *hurray*! But they are so small in the background that I don't want them to count for my life mission.


They were writing postcards in the restaurant. It was a nice day.

I hope we can visit another zoo again :)!


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Essen, Germany - 17th September 2009

By: BlackCat

Hello :)!

Today we are on the way to a meeting with another Host from ToyVoyagers and we want to visit a concert.
We will meet in Wuppertal but we have to come there first. So we went to the train station Essen-Steele, where a train to Wuppertal goes.




When we walked to the train station we walked right next to the rails. Just a high fence was between us and the trains.

Here I am sitting on the fence.

And then we arrived at the train station.

Where our train to Wuppertal has a stop.

Goodbye Essen, today we will be in Wuppertal :)!

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Wuppertal, Germany - 17th September 2009

By: BlackCat

Wow...we arrived in Wuppertal and met another Host of ToyVoyagers - Olgamaus.

Here you can see a view over a part of Wuppertal. The trees are high so you can't see as much as you could have seen in winter.



That is the famous Schwebebahn. (look at http://www.schwebebahn.de/ for some infos)

The Wuppertal Schwebebahn is a suspended monorail in Wuppertal, Germany. It was built in 1900, opened in 1901 and is still in use today as a local transport system in the city. It is the oldest monorail system in the world.

The suspension railway travels along a route 13.3 kilometres long. At one point the railway crosses the A46 motorway. The entire trip takes about 30 minutes. The Schwebebahn has 25 million passenger annually.

After we saw the Schwebebahn we went into a shopping centre.
There we made a group picture with all of us at a nice fountain.





When we were there, there was a exhibition of exotic animals in the shopping centre. We looked at some of them.

That is a sand rat. It is so cute, don't you think? I love it.

There were other animals like snakes, spiders and reptiles. But we didn't make photos with them.

Then we went out again and enjoyed the sunshine.
We saw a fountain. It is called jubilee fountain and it was built in 1901 as a copy of the Neptunfountain of Trient.



On the place right next to the fountain, which is called Neumarkt, was a farmer's market. We went above it and I met some new friends.



So big mice...scary, or? But they were really nice.

That is one of the streets that are there. Old houses right next to new ones. It looks really nice. You can see that they want to keep as much old houses as they can.

That was at a street lamp. A man sitting there.

That is a statue called "A new day at work".

I like these houses. They look so old but so charming.

We went on and saw the Schwebebahn again. It is above the river Wupper.
That is the Wupper.



That is one of the stations of the Schwebebahn. It is a modern one. The Schwebebahn has even old ones, but we didn't see one.






They have really funny advertisings for the Schwebebahn:

Another group picture while waiting for the Schwebebahn. We drove with it to Wuppertal Vohwinkel and from there we took the bus to the concert area.

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Köln, Germany - 27th September 2009

By: BlackCat

Today we went to a postcrossing meeting in Cologne.
Together we all went into the Cathedral in Cologne.

The construction of Cologne Cathedral began in 1248 and took, with interruptions, until 1880 to complete – a period of over 600 years. Really long...wow...


It is 144.5 metres long, 86.5 m wide and its two towers are 157 m tall.

Sounds so big.




The cathedral is one of the world's largest churches and the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe. The cathedral is a World Heritage Site, one of the best-known architectural monuments in Germany, and Cologne's most famous landmark, described by UNESCO as an "exceptional work of human creative genius".






After visiting the Cathedral we went to Subway, ate something and then we wrote postcards.



It was nice with the other postcrossers :)! Hopefully we will meet one day again =)!


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