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To hop on lots Bouncy Castles :)

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Travelog for: Co Co Rabbit

Bristol, England - 8th June 2009

By: DeliciousJu

My Name is Co Co,

I am sharing house with Julie & her other TV's, i was getting very jealous of reading up on their adventures & seeing where they have been so asked Julie very nicely if i could be a toy voyager & go off on a adventure like them - thankfully she said yes  :p

I have just a happy rabbit chilling in Bristol with Pisoni & Claire Tamias for a few weeks before i start off my voyage - i am going to Japan to visit JaymeC - who knows where i will end up after that  :rolleyes:

My next host is RikeH

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Taunton, England - 10th June 2009

By: DeliciousJu

Just chilling in the England with my friends  :p xxx

coco temple.jpg
coco taunton.jpg
coco deck.jpg

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Okinawa, Japan - 20th June 2009

By: DeliciousJu

It's been a busy time recently, i have welcomed Natt Noy, and his friend Gulliver, and welcomed Chance & ate loads of sweets that eh bought over from Germany - yummy!!!

But now I have said my goodbyes & I am on my way to Japan, see you soon JaymeC  :p xxx

Group 1 Natt home.jpg

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Okinawa, Japan - 29th June 2009

By: JaymeC

Dear Mommy,
I arrived! And I promptly shared my candy with Tipu :)
Jayme had a babysitter for a day so she told us we were going to have a special outing...hm... We got in the car, and arrived at a place called Sports 1. When we first walked in the entrance there was an electric bull you could try to ride. It was very funny to watch Jayme on it.
After Jayme and her husband fell off a few times we headed up to the top floor, there were tons of sports things here! We started with basketball.
Then we did some archery.
There was soccer too
And a small putting area.
Whew! We got worn out outside so we decided to head in for a bit. It was getting quite hot. We started inside with some darts, it was really fun.
Then we went to a small skating rink.
After that we decided to get a drink from the machine
Then we took a break in one of the lounge massage chairs.
After that it was back for more playing! We headed to the arcade.
We also tried some indoor golf. They had lots of indoor sports games.
Whew! After that we were all worn out and it was time to head home, but we had lots of fun!
More adventures soon,
Co Co

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Kadena Airbase, Japan - 4th July 2009

By: JaymeC

Dear Mommy,
We were able to celebrate July 4th on Kadena Airbase! This isn't the base that Jayme lives on, but it is one nearby. Unfortunately, it was very, very rainy, but we still went and had fun.  Here I am, do you see all the planes behind me?
They had many displays to see. First we ducked into one of the planes to get out of the rain, but it was very dark. Can you see me?
Here's the outside of that plane. Ugh! Rain! I got a little wet, but dried off pretty quickly.
The kids were restless, so we took a little break to let them go on a ride. They had fun on the swings, even though it was still raining. Maybe I need to get a raincoat like theirs...
We also got to see some helicopters! Very neat. Here I am on the back of a Pave Hawk
And I even got to pretend to drive it!
Here's the front of it.
And this is a CH-46. Its used a lot for transport of course.
Do you see me?
They had some ground vehicles too. This is some sort of missle launch thingie. Jayme's husband explained it, but he used too much military jargon!
They also had some weapons displays. Here you can see some rifles and packs.
And of course another plane. This one was the biggest one there!
Look how big its tires are.
We had lots of fun checking things out. The fireworks got cancelled because of the rain unfortunately :( But maybe we'll see fireworks another time. Happy 4th of July mommy!

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Hiroshima, Japan - 21st July 2009

By: JaymeC

Dear Mommy,
We're having an excellent trip! We spent the first day visiting Hiroshima, Japan. Our first stop by the Peace Memorial Park. Here I am at the Atomic Bomb Dome Building. This is one of the few buildings that remained standing after the atomic bomb was dropped. Many wanted to tear it down, but it was eventually constructed into a monument and is now an UNESCO world heritage site.
After seeing the A-Bomb Dome we headed to see the Children's Memorial. You can see the child at the top is holding a crane. Over the years thousands (maybe millions?) of paper cranes have been donated to this memorial in hopes of bringing peace to the world.
Some of them are fashioned like these into very nice pictures.
We walked around the park some more, and then headed off to our next adventure. It was a very sad, but encouraging trip. Even though its sad, its very important not to forget the past.
More soon,

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Hiroshima, Japan - 21st July 2009

By: JaymeC

Dear Mommy,
After seeing the Peace Memorial Park we needed something a bit easier on the heart, so we headed to the Children's Museum of Hiroshima. Its not a museum so much as a playground. We didn't have time for many pictures, we were trying to keep up with Jayme's kids! But here you can see a few pictures of it.
After there we got back on the train to head to a place called Miyajima, I'm sure that will be a nice update as well! On the way us voyagers sat and had a chat with Jayme's son's toy. His name was Insectosaurus. He wasn't much for talk, but he was very sweet. Jayme's son really wanted him to be in the photo with us!
More soon,
Co Co

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Miyajima Island, Japan - 21st July 2009

By: JaymeC

Dear Mommy,
I was quite surprised when we got off the train and headed towards a dock! We weren't going to walk at all, but were getting on a ferry. Here you can see it pulling up to the dock. Apparently Miyajima is an island!
Here's a picture of me from the ferry, I'm sorry its so dark it was quite cloudy that day.
When we got off the island at Miyajima we were quite surprised to be accosted by... deer! Lots of them. It seemed like they were everywhere and trying to eat everything. Don't worry, Jayme kept us quite safe, and they really were quite tame and nice even if they were quite hungry. I don't think they'd like how I tasted much.
We went for a little walk, isn't it nice? This is a torii gate.
Finally we came upon the main attraction of the island, the Itsukushima Shrine. It is really the main item of the island. Here you can see its torii gate out in the water. When the tide goes down you can see the bottom of it, but its covered at the bottom when tide comes up. Isn't it neat? Its very, very large.
Here is the shrine itself a little later with the tide out.
Miyajima used to be a very, very sacred island in part because of this shrine. Now many people come here to visit it. While we were here we decided to go up a ropeway. Here we are!
Isn't it a lovely view?
After that we headed home for the night. I hope you like our updates! There's a few more to go.
More soon,
Co Co

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Safari Land, Japan - 25th July 2009

By: JaymeC

Dear Mommy,
Here's some more about our trip! The next day we went to Safari Land. It was a very, very long drive! And then we got there and I found out we would spend MORE time in the car. D'oh! But this part was much more interesting, we were going to drive through different cages for wildlife. It was really neat. Here you can see us inside the car, see the elephant behind us?
The animals were free to simply roam over the land however they liked.
Here's some zoomed in photos so you can see the other animals. Lions and tigers and bears oh my! Thankfully no one attacked the car.
When we were done we went to a petting zoo area. They had some very young baby tigers and lions here you could see. aren't they cute?
We also got to see some monkeys
And kangaroos!
It was a fun day. More soon,
Co Co

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Traveling, Japan - 28th July 2009

By: JaymeC

Dear Mommy,
After having fun in Hiroshima and Safari Land it was time to move on. Well, Jayme said that the hotel was going to kick us out because they were running out of rooms actually (bad planning on her part!) so we packed our bags. We headed out to a new train station and got onto the bullet train! It was a long 4 hour ride.
But finally we arrived in Tokyo! After we checked into our new hotel, Jayme said she wanted to get something special for the next morning so we went back out again. Sun was just setting at Shinjuku Station when we arrived.
Jayme snuck off for a bit and came back with a bag... hmm... We headed back to the hotel and went to bed and the next morning Jayme pulled out what she had brought with her. Donuts! She said we would need the energy burst as we were headed to Disney! And apparently Krispy Kremes are the best donuts and the only place you can find them in Japan is in Tokyo. Mmm!
More soon!
Co Co

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Tokyo Disney Sea, Japan - 28th July 2009

By: JaymeC

Dear Mommy,
We had to get up early to go to Tokyo Disney Sea. Its about an hour and a half by train and we wanted to be there when they opened. We were running late, but they decided to help us out because opening was delayed by an hour! It was supposed to open at 9, but didn't open til 10. We were a half hour early. We waited and waited in line and finally made it in. As soon as you step in you can see a globe.
We walked on past the globe and into the park itself. We had so much fun. We did all the kiddie rides at Mermaid Lagoon, here I am outside.
Then we went to Arabian Coast, you can see that here. We saw a show about Aladdin and did a neat little ride with Sinbad.
After that we headed up to the adventure area! Jayme went on a roller coaster, but us toys were too afraid so we just waited for her near the entrance, isn't it neat?
Oh... and I forgot to tell you. The center of the park is a volcano! Here I am next to it.
We found a passage into the volcano and ventured in to find the Mysterious Island. It's dedicated to Jules Verne mostly. We went on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (do you see the Nautilus down in the water?) and Journey to the Center of the Earth. It was so much fun!
We had a great first day at Tokyo Disney Resort, but Jayme said tomorrow we're headed for Disney Land! What fun. Hope I have more stories to tell.
Co Co

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Disneyland, Japan - 28th July 2009

By: JaymeC

Dear Mommy,
The last spot we visited on our trip was Tokyo Disney Land. It was lots of fun! We got there before opening as well. Here we are waiting in line.
And here we are inside! Do you see Cinderella's Castle?
The very first place we went was to Mickey's House. You see, Jayme's son's really love Mickey Mouse. And even though it was nearly an hour wait time, we knew we had to go see him. So here we are waiting in line outside Mickey Mouse's house.
Unfortunately Jayme didn't get to have our picture taken with Mickey, but that's okay it was still lots of fun. Next we headed to Pirates of the Carribbean! Here we are in line, those are the boats that we went in!
After that it was onto Jungle Cruise, we got to see lots of animals and almost got lost in a temple...
Then we went to Tom Sawyer's Island. Here we are inside the fort there.
We had to wait for our raft back to the rest of the park.
We stopped for lunch then at a cafe decorated for Alice in Wonderland. Step through the keyhole...
The meal was quite yummy. It was served by the Queen of Hearts. See the heart shaped meat?
Then it was parade time! Here I am at the parade.
And here's a few extra photos of floats.

Next we went to It's a Small World. That song was stuck in my head for hours!
We also went on the merry-go-round. It was fun.
We did a few more rides, and we were all pooped and ready to go home, but Jayme told us we had to wait. So we sat down and waited, and the electric light parade started! The pictures of us by it wouldn't come out, but here's some photos anyway.
Oh man were we tired by the time we got back to the hotel! And Jayme said the next morning was time to go home and rest, I hope we get some rest I could use it!
More soon,

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Okinawa, Japan - 4th August 2009

By: JaymeC

Dear Mommy,
We got to be here for a very special occassion! It was Jayme's son's 3rd birthday. It was lots of fun! We helped get snacks ready.
Then we helped put up some decorations.
We took a short break to play with some of the horns.
And finally, it was time for Jayme to bring out the cake.
It was lots of fun!
Co Co

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Okinawa, Japan - 4th August 2009

By: JaymeC

Dear Mommy,
Today we got to do something special for Chris's birthday! We went to see some tide pools. It was a bit of a walk to get there down a long street and then through a small trail.
Finally we made it down to the tide pools.
We looked and looked for things, maybe you can see the sea urchin in the pool behind me?
And we aren't sure what these black things are, but they were definitely moving!
There were lots and lots of little caves or inlets.
And a couple of sandy beach areas we got to relax on. You can see from the water mark that they're covered when the tide is up.
We did have to be careful though, I don't know if you can see the round thing in the cave area behind me, but we weren't sure whether it was just an old helmet or some unexploded ordinance left over from World War II. There are a few deaths from people finding ordinance. Its very sad. Jayme wouldn't let us go anywhere near whatever this was.
Whew! We were quite worn out, but we had to hike back up the trail to the car. While we were up there we went ot the look out point to see Manzamo from the top. Isn't it pretty? Its called an elephant.
More soon!
Co Co

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Okinawa, Japan - 5th August 2009

By: JaymeC

Dear Mommy,
Today we went to a place called Bios on the Hill. It was lots of fun! They had a whole pond of lotus plants.
Here's a zoomed in picture.
We got to take a little boat ride through the forest with all the plants.
They also had a play area with some really steep slides. Jayme's kids were afraid to go down them, that's a first!
You could take water buffalo rides, here's the cart they used for them.
And here's the water buffalo!
They also had an area where you could feed goats, we had lots of fun meeting them.
Whew! We're quite worn out, but when we got home we got news that there's a typhoon nearby! A typhoon is just another name for a hurricane. This one looks like it may give us a really windy day, but we have to be careful and prepare in case it turns to hit us head on as well. We're going to get on that, and I'll tell you all about it soon.
Co Co

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