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To lay out on the beach with a drink

To read at least 10 books with my hosts and tell my mentor about them

To watch a scary movie

To climb a palm tree

To sleep in a hotel

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Travelog for: Max

Okinawa, Japan - 20th April 2009

By: JaymeC

I'm a fun loving little dog named Max. I happen to have magnets in my hands, which means I can do some fun things and am easier to pose so long as its a metal surface.  My mommy found me at the thrift store and was going to release me into the wild with all the other toys going out for the wild release. Here we all are.
But after she told us we'd have to be quite brave, I decided I was a bit of a wimp and would rather have some nice hosts to take care of me! I'm hoping to read some stories and watch a scary movie to toughen up some so I'm not such a scaredy-cat...er...dog. My mommy did say before I left I'd have to take a bath! Yech! I don't like water much.
I tried to fight my way out, but she won in the end.
My mommy says I'm going to go someplace warm and sunny for my first host and stay there quite a long time. Hmm. I'm not sure sunlight will toughen me up, but it sounds nice! I can't wait. Here I go!

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Guargacho, Tenerife, Spain - 5th May 2009

By: katjaintenerife

Hola! I have arrived to Tenerife :) The first day I arrived, there was already something happening across the road as a fire engine arrived just as I had come out of my envelope! In the end there wasn't a big fire there, maybe a cooking accident or something. A woman with a burnt arm was taken by an ambulance but nothing else. But still 2 different police forces arrived (local police and "guardia civil") to see what's going on.


Well I'm hoping to show you a bit more of Tenerife soon. I might just go climbing some palm trees soon :)

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El Medano, Tenerife, Spain - 9th May 2009

By: katjaintenerife


Today we've been to a place called El Medano. It's a well known place among windsurfers eventhough we didn't get to see any windsurfers in action this time. I was told that it's always windy in En Medano but when we got there, it wasn't really that windy there at all. There are a couple of hotels in El Medano and lots of short term rental apartments as well. They get more Spanish tourists there than foreigners.

This is me on a play area

And that's us and the beach on the background. Don't worry, we'll go there soon ;)


I was just testing that my paws were still strong enough to hang on things ;)

Here you can see me and the sea :)

A bit of a seaview here again

This little girl, Katja's friend's daughter was really exited about us :)

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Las Americas, Tenerife, Spain - 19th May 2009

By: katjaintenerife


Today I got to visit Katja's work. She works in a small surgery as an interpreter.

This is where she sits during her 24h shifts.

Other office equipment

Some plants too

This is the waiting room

From the outside

This is doctor's consultation room



I was having a bit of a check up, you'd be glad to know that my heart's perfectly ok

And this is where Katja eats and sleeps

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain - 21st May 2009

By: katjaintenerife

Today we went to Santa Cruz in the north of the island as Katja's boyfriend had to go see a nephrologist. Unfortunately there wasn't really anything interesting to take photos of apart from this church..but you can't see that that well either..


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La Camella, Tenerife, Spain - 31st May 2009

By: katjaintenerife


Today we've been to Katja's boyfriends work to walk the dog there and feed him and the cats.

This is one of the cats, Arnie. He is Felix's (Katja's cat) brother :)

This is the dog, Rey. He's getting a bit old now and we couldn't take a long walk with him as it was too hot for him.

Dave works in a tool hire shop. Here are some of the tools/machines they've got for hire.

Then we went to stables near Dave's work where Katja's work mate Liisa is working during her spare time.


We even got to ride a horse!

Another horse here

And another here too

Here you can see a pony and a donkey that was really cute.

Here's a closer photo of the donkey and the pony.

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Puerto Colon, Tenerife, Spain - 31st May 2009

By: katjaintenerife

After meeting so many animals, we went for a walk down the coast and we saw this harbour while we were there


And guess what, I got to climb a palm tree!!

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Guargacho, Tenerife, Spain - 31st May 2009

By: katjaintenerife

Oh, and I've got some really good news too:

Katja's pregnant, 10 weeks and one day :) She should have the baby around Christmas time, the due date is the 25th of December!

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Guargacho, Tenerife, Spain - 13th June 2009

By: katjaintenerife

Hi! I'm sorry I haven't updated for a while. We haven't really done anything nor been anywhere. Katja's been off this week but she's been doing housework and answering a huge pile of letters. Soon we'll write you one too :)

Anyway, we just realised today that we haven't taken any photos on Katja's terrace so we did today :)

This is a barbeque Katja's boyfriend Dave made

Here is their herb garden and on top their small Christmas spruce that is still doing very well.

Here's the jacuzzi

And the sauna

Here you can see a raspberry and a fig plant

Some more plants


Me sunbathing :) Eventhough sun had already gone over the terrace...

Some white petunias

More raspberries

Me and Felix

..and Katie

..and Felix and Katie

...and Dave and Felix

Well tomorrow we'll try to find something to do, if not, we'll show you what the apartment looks on the inside :)

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Guargacho, Tenerife, Spain - 18th June 2009

By: katjaintenerife


Last Sunday I went out with Katja's boyfriend Dave to have Sunday lunch but he forgot me in his car! Can you believe it?! So no photos from there :( On Thursday we wrote you a letter


Then we made some aubergine and potato "lasagne"
First we chopped up the aubergines and the potatoes

Then we made a sauce with the aubergine cubes, onion, tomato sauce and some herbs

Then we started layering the aubergine and the potato. First aubergine, then potato (to act as lasagne plates).


Then another layer of aubergine and potatoes and one more layer of aubergine

And then we just poured the white cheesy sauce over it

And then we put it in the over for a bit over half an hour

While we were waiting for the "lasagne" to get ready, we made some strawberry flavoured jelly


And here is the "lasagne" ready to be eaten :) It seems a bit burnt on the top but it wasn't, it was really nice :)

And then we decided to make some chocolate muffins too

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Guargacho, Tenerife, Spain - 4th July 2009

By: katjaintenerife

Hi mommy and happy 4th July!!

I'm really sorry about the lack of updates. We'll try to be a bit more efficient in the future :)

Today we had some tortillas for dinner

Then I played with Felix for a bit


On Wednesday we'll be going up north so will update again soon :)

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La Laguna, Las Caletillas, Spain - 8th July 2009

By: katjaintenerife

Today Katja had to go up north for a chromosome screening blood test and we went shopping while there too.

We visited Ikea for example

Then we drove to a place called Igueste to get a stroller and a play yard for Katja's baby. There wasn't really anything worth a shot there. We then drove down to Las Caletillas which was on the other side of the motorway and Katja was going to introduce me to a town called Candelaria nearby that is said to be a very beautiful place but in the end we ended up going to more shops and by the time we were going to go to Candelaria, it was getting late and Katja's back and feet were hurting a lot. So we just took this photo outside a shopping centre. The haze you see is calima, hot air with particles of sand blown over from Sahara. They get it here quite often during the summer.

But we're going up north again on Tuesday to get the test results and if they are ok and Katja won't have to stay for further examination, then we will go see Candelaria and other places too :)

This is the play yard Katja was given. She found an advert on the internet that someone was giving this away for free!

And this is the stroller she got for free as well :)

More updates on Tuesday at the latest :)

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Las Americas/Las Chafiras, Tenerife, Spain - 10th July 2009

By: katjaintenerife


Today Katja went to the back and the pharmacy after work and we took some photos while we were walking there. They are both near to her work so there was no point taking the car and then try find a parking space again.

This is hotel Vulcano. Katja said that it's very nice on the inside. The reception is full of plants.

Some palm trees...well their trunks at least

Then we drove home but on our way we stopped in Las Chafiras to go to a Chinese shop to see if there was anything there for Katja's boss's 60th birthday present.

Then in the afternoon Katja went back to Las Americas to have lunch some with a friend and to see some other shops.

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Guargacho, Tenerife, Spain - 11th July 2009

By: katjaintenerife


On Saturday Dave was doing a bit of building

Felix was helping a bit too ;)

In the end we're not going up north on Tuesday as Katja's work mate's daughter is in hospital.. So we'll be going on Thursday instead, as long as she's ok then and I don't have to go work again.

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Tenerife, Spain - 18th July 2009

By: katjaintenerife

Katja's boss turned 60 today and he had a pirate party to celebrate it. Of course I got to go too :D

This is the card Katja made for her boss

This is Katja's boyfriend Dave dressed as a pirate on the boat, I'm in the bag.

Since it was a warm day, most of the guests got out of their pirate costumes after a while and went swimming (that's why you see some people just in their bikinis or shorts)

And some sea too :)

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