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To go on a long hike in the woods.

To ride in a convertable car.

To have my picture taken against a pink sky

To shoot a bow and arrrow. (But not at a real animal!)

To be there when somebody dyes some pink into their hair!

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Travelog for: Rosalva

Bedford Nova Scotia, Canada - 17th April 2009

By: xxflaredxx

Hi! I am Rosalva the pretty pink deer! Because of my special colouring I don't fit in very well with the other deer in the forest (and there are lots of regular deer around here!) but thats okay because I'd really rather be out exploring the world anyway!

I can't wait to be let out into the wild!


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Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada - 3rd June 2009

By: Rennire

Rosalva has changed hands a few times since she was found in a library last month. (Mostly because she was found by boys who were not too fond of her colour!)

I am still trying to figure this site out and she hasn't gone on any adventures with me yet, but I will think of something.

Just letting you know!


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Swiss Air Flight 111 memorial, Canada - 20th June 2009

By: Rennire

Yesterday I went with Schweinchen to see one of the Swiss Air Flight 111 memorials.

It was put up in 1998 after an airplane crashed into the ocean nearby. =(



This area is where the people's bodies were burried.


There were lots of pretty flowers around:



They was even a little toy bear watching over everything!


I spent some time looking out a the ocean where the plane went down and had a moment of silence for the passengers.


There are two memorials but I was feeling very sad so I only visited one. Schweinchen went to the second one and took some more pictures so you'd like to see it you can look at her travel log!

Bye Bye!


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Point Pleasant Park, Canada - 21st July 2009

By: Rennire

Yesterday I went to a park by the harbour to watch the Parade of Sails. The Tall Ships that have been visiting Halifax are leaving soon so they made a Parade to say Good Bye.


It was very very hot out so I hid in the shade of the trees. Also I could see a little better from up on the hill.


It was best to view the ships through binoculars!


Here are some more:





These ships look like they might hit each other!


The biggest ships are racing to Ireland now. I wish them luck!



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Hammonds Plains, N.S., Canada - 4th August 2009

By: Rennire

Today I met a new TV named Lysander. He's come all the way from Scotland!


He had lots of interesting pictures and information to share.


Scotland looks like a very nice place too see!


I think that we'll get along great!



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Library, Canada - 23rd September 2009

By: Rennire

Rosalva was released back into the wild today. If you found her please update her blog or pass her along to help her on her travels =)

Good Luck Rosalva!


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Keshen Goodman Library, Canada - 30th September 2009

By: glennieg


I managed to stow away in someone's bag at the library and they took me home with them! The wildlife in this house is considerably bigger than me, so I'm laying low at the moment to get a "lay of the land."

When I think it's safe, I'll reveal myself to them!! ;)


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Dartmouth/Port Williams, NS, Canada - 1st October 2009

By: glennieg

I've gone to visit a local school...Joseph Giles Elementary School and
the Grade 1 class happened to be going apple picking at a place
called Gates U-Pick in Port Williams. I tagged along.

Sadly, there wasn't time to climb a tree. Maybe next time!

Rosalva at school1.jpg
Rosalva eating lunch.jpg
Rosalva eating an apple.jpg

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Cole Harbour, NS, Canada - 4th October 2009

By: glennieg

I've met the local wildlife. I've discovered that although they are big,
they are fairly cute! The humans who live here call this one Dale.

I think I like it here!

Rosalva and Dale 1.jpg
Rosalva and Dale 3.jpg
Dale gets affectionate.jpg
Rosalva smirking.jpg

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Lower Sackville, NS, Canada - 20th November 2009

By: glennieg

It turns out the people I'm with work for the library! I decided I've
been housebound long enough. I've hitched a ride to the library
for a little reading time!


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