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Travelog for: Peggy

Ylihärmä, Finland - 14th June 2009

By: SiniMusta


I'm little pig Peggy and I wanted to become a ToyVoyager and now my deam is true. :) My mom Sini just made me one.
I'm really nice and easy-going, sometimes a bit shy.

I'm planning my trip and enjoying Finnish summer at the same time. It's the most beautiful time of the year here, time of the midnight sun :)


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Ylihärmä, Finland - 16th June 2009

By: SiniMusta

Today it was a rainy and quite cold day so we had a home-day :)
First I helped my mom Sini to register postcrossing-cards that she received and then she wrote a letter to her penfriend.

After all the mail-stuff I wanted to read some book, but I just couldn't at first decide which one to read!

At last I found an interesting book and I started to read it.

It was a lovely day even though I had to stay inside because of the rain :)

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Ylihärmä, Finland - 17th June 2009

By: SiniMusta

Today was a great and also a little sad day, because I had to say goodbye to my friends. I'm travelling to Germany tomorrow :)


After saying goodbye I had to go to this envelope. I hope I arrive soon to Germany so I can come out of this dark place.


Bye mom, I will be a nice pig and I'll write update here when I have arrived to Germany :) Take care of my friends!

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Gütersloh, Germany - 23rd June 2009

By: katimausi

hi mommy :D
i arrived very well :)
nice place here, kati and jens were shopping and as they come back, they found me in the letter-box :)
as i came out of the envelope, i saw a nice laid table with mett (raw, spiced hash), onions, bread and coffee, yummy  :cyclops:


they had dishes at my size, wow  :D


my bread


my coffee


my full belly


i need a nap  :rolleyes:

have a nice day

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Gütersloh, Germany - 25th June 2009

By: katimausi

hi mommy,
it´s hoooot, really hot, the sun is burning from the sky, so i decided, to take a sunbath under a bananapalm  B)


ok, it´s more in the shadow, but i don´t want to burn my soft skin ;)
after a time in the warm sun, i fall asleep...
after a hour or so, i wake up and: WHAAAAAAAAA, my skin´s burning, bring me to a cool place!!!


no, not cool enough  :( hurry up!!


yesssss, thats cool enough, phew  B)
did you know, that the light turns off when the frigde is closed?? now, i´m a scientist, right??  :cyclops:

after i cool down, i need a hot espresso



woah, that was a hot thing, i need a cooldown again


a cool bath  B)
bring me a cocktail, trolley dolly  B)

what are you grumbling?? i had too much sun and burned my brain?? whait, what are you doing??  :stare:


okok, i will be a fine and good toyvoyager, really, i promise, but take me out of here!!  :o

kati can´t be angry for a long time, so i helped her paint and share whinegums with her  :D


i hope, the temperature is sinking at the evening, kati isn´t in a good mood.
the heat isn´t good for her and her low blood pressure, so she can´t go out and is lies the most time on the sofa  :(
hope, the weather turns :)

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gütersloh, germany - 20th July 2009

By: katimausi

hi mommy,
kati is testing her new camera, we had a lot of fun  :cyclops:


thats a negative pattern, scary  ;)


my first car *meepmeep* ok, it´s just a frame, but it would be nice, a car for my own...  :rolleyes:


"i wear my sunglasses at night.." *sing*  B)


thats my favorite picture, because it shows who i am: miss world queen *muhahaha*  ;)

we planning the next days a trip to bielefeld, i hope, we manage it these week :)

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Gütersloh, Germany - 2nd August 2009

By: katimausi

hi mommy,
its my last day in gütersloh, tomorrow i will go to the netherlands  :D
at last, i meet slummy, a nice dragon, we shared a cup of coffee  :rolleyes:


kati send a big sorry for the delay, but she had so much trouble these days, that she don´t find any time to send me earlier  :(
but she had tomorrow a free day ( yay) so she is sending me to the next host  :D
netherlands, save your dikes, here comes peggy  B)

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Alkmaar, Netherlands - 8th August 2009

By: Cyn1987

Hi Mommy!!

Yesterday i arrived in Holland.. It wasn't a long trip at all!!! When i arrived in Alkmaar it was so hot in here.. It was over 30 degrees.. But today it's more cloudy and about 22 degrees.. Much better  B)

I had a save trip and i'm happy to be in Holland now.. I think it's such a nice country!!!

I also met an other TV.. her name is Florentine and she welcomed me when i came out my envelope...  :D

So now we are both watching Cyn1987 how she is updating our travellogs.. :D

Well bye for now!!



Afbeelding 051.jpg
Afbeelding 053.jpg
Afbeelding 054.jpg
Afbeelding 055.jpg
Afbeelding 056.jpg
Afbeelding 057.jpg
Afbeelding 058.jpg

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Alkmaar, Netherlands - 9th August 2009

By: Cyn1987

HI mommy!!

Today Florentine and me helped Cynthia with writing postcards.. She loves to postcross maybe you might know it! :D

We wrote about 8 cards to all over the world!

If you want to learn more about postcrossing you can go to www.postcrossing.com




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Alkmaar, Netherlands - 16th August 2009

By: Cyn1987

Hi mommy!!

Today i helped Cynthia to make a nice pie for diner.. We had to put vegetables, ham and cheese it and then put it in the oven for allmost 45 minutes.. Really it was a very nice pie!!!  :p

Also we made a fresh salad... When the pie was baking Florentine and me looked at the oven all the time.. Cynthia even putted us in the oven.. But hell that was sooo hot!!!!  :mad:

Well bye for now!! Cynthia told me we will be going to Ijmuiden soon.. So she can show me some more of Holland..  B)




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IJmuiden, Netherlands - 6th September 2009

By: Cyn1987


I'm sorry for not updating but my host Cynthia was so busy with work!!! So today she finally found some time to take me and Florentine to the Port of Ijmuiden. It was nice weather so we had a nice day!!!

I saw so many things!! I also saw the Cruise-ship King of Scandinavia which is going to Newcastle every day... :D More information you can find here

Well soon i will update again!!

Bye for now!



Afbeelding 018.jpg
Afbeelding 021.jpg
Afbeelding 026.jpg
Afbeelding 029.jpg
Afbeelding 032.jpg
Afbeelding 038.jpg
Afbeelding 040.jpg
Afbeelding 044.jpg
Afbeelding 046.jpg
Afbeelding 049.jpg
Afbeelding 052.jpg
Afbeelding 060.jpg

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Alkmaar, Netherlands - 11th September 2009

By: Cyn1987

Hi Mommy!!

Today i met Cynthia's other toy. She just came back from her holiday in Turkey, but she will be also sending today to China... How cool!! Perhaps i will travel to China aswell one day  B)

So i had to say nice to meet you to Miss-Flo but also i was sad because she allready had to leave..

But i have more sad news.. also Florentine will leave Alkmaar today.. She will go to England to the next host  :( So i'm all alone here now..




Afbeelding 005.jpg
Afbeelding 006.jpg
Afbeelding 008.jpg

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