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Have a latte at the Starbucks cafe'

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Go to a postcrossing meeting and send a postcard to my mom

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Travelog for: Henrik

Helsinki, Finland - 11th July 2009

By: Huppu68

Hi! My name is Henrik and I'm a Finnish moose. My mom got me from a shop today and I was happy to go with her. At first I met my new friend Manu the rubber duck; he is quite famous here in Finland. We went to my new home by a tram and my mom gave me some chocolate and latte - I just love coffee and chocolate  :)


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Helsinki, Finland - 12th July 2009

By: Huppu68

We went to see the city and I saw the famous Lutheran Cathedral of Helsinki.

After a lond walk in the city we went to a nice cafe' on the beach and we had a HUGE latte  :)


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Helsinki, Finland - 16th July 2009

By: Huppu68

Soon Manu and I got some new friends. At first arrived Gustav from Germany and pretty soon after him arrived Mercury from Canada. We all travelled to visit my mom's mother in the Central Finland.


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The Central Finland, Finland - 17th July 2009

By: Huppu68

There was a big Skiffle Music Festival nearby the place we stayed and we went there to listen some great bands and visit some of my mom's friends. We had lots of fun there; I like all kinds of music  :) The concerts were in a big tent and we spent some time behind the tent too. The consert place was really near to a railway station and we saw some big trains there too.


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The Central Finland, Finland - 18th July 2009

By: Huppu68

The place where we stayed in the Central Finland was beautiful and we were out a lot. The weather was warm and sunny; we all enjoyed our time there a lot.


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The Central Finland, Finland - 19th July 2009

By: Huppu68

On Sunday we left the Central Finland and on our way back home we visited at Manu's godmother's summer cottage by the lake. In the evening we were all back home tired, but happy after a great trip. We had some delicious chocolate strawberries and went to bed.


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Helsinki, Finland - 1st August 2009

By: Huppu68

My mom loves postcrossing and especially postcrossing meetings. I was in many meetings together with my friends and we wrote a lot of postcards there - that's fun and I like it  :D Here are photos of the meetings where I've been.


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Helsinki, Finland - 8th August 2009

By: Huppu68

I like to be in the city, but I also like our trips to the countryside. Here are some photos of our trips this summer.


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Helsinki, Finland - 9th August 2009

By: Huppu68

It was time for Gustav to leave us and travel to meet his next host in the United States of America. We all went for a cafe' and eat delious cakes and we told Gustav how mutch we like him and we'll all going to miss him a lot. We went to the post office and said bye-bye to Gustav. It was a sad day, but Gustav is now having fun with his new friends...


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Helsinki, Finland - 29th August 2009

By: Huppu68

We had a wonderful International Postcrossing meeting here in Helsinki in the end of August. There were about 40 postcrossers, mostly from Finland, but also from different countries like Dandilion from The Netherlands. On Saturday evening we all wrote postcards together; 545 postcards, our wrists were a bit aching on Sunday... We also had a ToyVoyager meeting at our PC meeting and a special guest all the way from Malaysia named Harris. He looked a bit scaring at first, but actually he was really nice and friendly  :) Harris is the black one in the photos.


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Helsinki, Finland - 30th August 2009

By: Huppu68

30.9.2009 we went to the amusement park of Helsinki called Linnanmäki. We had fun there and my mom even had a ride at the roller coaster with Dandilion. We had already made a deal that I would leave Helsinki and go to visit the Netherlands with Dandilion; I was really thrilled and excited... Here are the last photos of me in Helsinki, one of me with flowers and the another one of me with Dandilion.


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Helsinki, Finland - 31st August 2009

By: Huppu68

Now I'll start my trip to the Netherlands with Dandilion. I'm looking forward to have great new adventures all over the world  :) See you all soon! Bye-bye!

(My mom wants to appologise for Dandilion, because this travelog is so late, but better late than ever, I think.)

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walibi themepark, Netherlands - 28th September 2009

By: dandilion

Hello mummy and everyone else!
Here I am finally!!!!
You can see by the pictures I am having great fun with Dandilion (Leonie) I am staying here in Rotterdam and been on a few adventures already!

We drove to Flevoland, to visit the Walibi rollercoaster themepark :-)


http://i213.photobucket.com/albums/cc23/dandilion2007/TOYvoyagers%20july2008/DSCF5937.jpg I went on the big wheel, it was so high I loved it!!

http://i213.photobucket.com/albums/cc23/dandilion2007/TOYvoyagers%20july2008/DSCF5942.jpg You could overlook the park :-)


I have made a new friend he is Leonie her own toy ‘Kakuch’ we
took a few minutes break from the walk and relax and had some stick of rock

I found another horned animal like me :-) It was at the petting zoo/kiddies animal farm at the themepark.
This sheep was so nice and so laid back that sheep and I even had some silly animal talk, sheep let me sit on her head crazy sheep hey?


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Dordrecht, Netherlands - 1st October 2009

By: dandilion

Visit to Dordrecht

I went on the Fast ferry boat from Rotterdam to Dordrecht.
We walked around Dordrecht and I have seen some pretty old Dutch house, like in this street.

This house in the middle is for sale, I was thinking of going to buy it :-)
I really enjoy the view over the water here, all these boats look so pretty!

We went inside a church and climb up the belfry tower.
What a climb!!
The view of Dordrecht, train bridge

On my own exploring the great wide open world.
Aint we a nice toy voyaging team :-)

Dandilion you keep good hold of me I wanna see how far we are up!

Some old warehouses, pretty hey?

And to finish the day off with a nice cold beer MMM And old Brown Heineken MMM

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Rotterdam, Netherlands - 5th October 2009

By: dandilion


Whats Henrik doing amongst so many cards??
Forfilling a toy voyaging task is he???

I think he is!!!!

Henrik attended a Dutch Postcrossing meeting held on 2 october 2009 in Zwolle.

Well done Henrik!!!!!

Henrik with Dandilion and 2 other postcrossers jill daisy
and Marjolein ( she is a toy voyager host too)


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