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Travelog for: Henrik

tabriz, iran - 30th November 2010

By: ipuenktchen

hi, everybody!!!

today my dear mom HUPPU68 got in touch with ipue.. and told her she was successfull to find another host for me!!!!! I'm sooooo curious, guys!!!!! but ipue told me NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(((
okaaaaaaaay... so I'll profite of my last days in IR!!!


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TABRIZ, iran - 15th December 2010

By: ipuenktchen

it's ADVENT as the germans are calling the time between the last four sundays before christmas!!!

newly the weather get colder and colder and colder - last night -2 degrees..
but during the day a bit more and SUNNY!!! 6 - 10 degrees.
and there is still one only beautiful lonely ROSE in ipue's yard!!!!!
but step by step I'm getting more familar with the weather ;-)
and everybody is keeping their fingers crossed for
SNOW at the christmasdays!!!!!!!!! :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


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tabriz, iran - 21st December 2010

By: ipuenktchen


oh gosh - today we have a BIRTHDAY!!!!
ipuenktchen's son YASHILA_81 turned to 29 *smile*
- ALL THE BEST FOR YOU, dear yasha!!!


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tabriz, iran - 22nd December 2010

By: ipuenktchen

SHABE YALDA - winter solstice!!!!!!!!

boah - what a day!! full of events...
we had been invited this eve and it was great!!!!
first of all it's *shabe yalda* - the winter solstice!!
a nice eve celebrated among the family, parents or grandparents are inviting all their kids and grandchildren or among your friends to pass the longest night of the year together; up from tomorrow it's up to the long light days again..

it's common to spend this night busy with all kind of fruits, specially water melon and pommegranates, dried fruits and nuts, sweets, cake and biscuits and so on...

they took me with them to another b-day... wow - iranians are always ready to make party........ :-))))))))))


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tabriz, iran - 23rd December 2010

By: ipuenktchen

downtown in the dark...

yesterday eve we had a bus ride downtown!!
shopping here & there.. and some sightseeing, too!!
still nice weather - it was fun!!

here you may see the park *bustane khagani* with the monument of poet khagani, buried in tabriz!


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Tabriz, Iran - 23rd December 2010

By: kcrawfish

plotting map :)

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MARAND, iran - 27th December 2010

By: ipuenktchen

many event during the last days ;-)
btw I didn't thought before I could be able to see a x-mas tree here!!?! really!!!!!!?!!
but I saw it!!!!!!!! :-)))))))))))))))))))

HENRIK meets HERBIE - ein tag in marand

and yesterday we had a 1-day-trip to meet ipue's close friends in marand 7o km far from her 2nd home town!!!
it was a long time we hadn't any trip on the road and I was happy to go by bus to north of tabriz!!

we passed the ski area and there was ....snow - LESS than just powdered.....
no snow anywhere - no skiing not yet..
everybody is hopefull for january and february - if not they will have huge water probs next summer!!!!

we had a nice time with ipue's friend. and me, I had a great surprise
when I met HERBIE in their yard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-0


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tabriz, iran - 31st December 2010

By: ipuenktchen

♥ SILVESTER-gruesse...... ♥

allover the world ipue and me like to spread our best wishes for all our great postcrossing buddies as well as for our good old friends from DE, FI & IR and in other communities, and last but not least for ipue's kids and their wifes and granddaughter, her dear sis with her lovely husband as well as for her husband's family!!!!!!!!!!

and meeee - I send a big KISS for my dear mom HUPPU68 :-)


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tabriz, IRAN - 2nd January 2011

By: ipuenktchen

today ipue went together with me, HENRIK, by bus downtown.. we had to buy new local postcards..

and what did she show me??? a traditional *winter-fastfood*  :p - pls have a look!!!
people like it a lot and you can find it everywhere! it's very common in winter!!! - pic5

even we went also again to the BLUE MOSQUE, which is ipue's favorite place for buying cards!! as we had to wait for the guy who sells the cards we had a photo session in the mean-time ;-))))

the famous BLUE MOSQUE in tabriz is a beautiful sample of brick stone mosques!! built in 1465 and destroyed mostly in an earthquake in 1779, rebuilt in the seventies and working on the restauration of the painting inside until some years ago, it's again a breathtaking beautiful colourful building!! - pic4

when people are asking why the name of this old mosque is *blue mosque*, they must have a look at the southern part of the mosque, which was decorated with beautiful lapislazuli tiles!! - pic3

this design in blue mosque had been the *exam* for everybody in the courses of IR heritage in pottery design.. it is sooo difficult as ipue told me, and everybody who didn't got hopeless by trying to copy this design, had got a permament member of pottery friends association... *smile* - pic2

schaut mal genau hin - erinnert euch dieses motiv an irgendwas?? jau.... so isses.. die schwarzen zeiten in DE.. der typ hatte sich das zeichen nicht selber einfallenlassen, sondern es war schon abgekupfert - es findet sich an vielen stellen in der islamischen kunst! und es steht fuer die bedeutung der vier grundelemente
****FEUER, WASSER, LUFT & ERDE**** - pic1


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TABRIZ, Iran - 4th January 2011

By: ipuenktchen

hei, what a day... a quite cold and foggy weather, jippieh, I LIKE IT and feel home!!!
and ipue brought me to another of my *life missions*!!! believe it!!!!!!!
tabriz is an industrial city and there are loooots of sweets factories..
and also we have TWO of the most famous chocolate-factories of IR in tabriz!!!

***hei - stay tuned - this is an advertising for FREE all over the world!!*** :-)))))

on of the most famous and best chocolate producers in IR is SHIRIN ASAL
(means *sweet honey*!) from tabriz!! and they even have their own markets
to sell their stuff!! oooh what a paradise I've seen, and I tried also their chocolate -
ohhh yummmmmmi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought some chocolate for my next host, for my dear mum HUPPU68 and of course
for POSSY & CROSSY!!  :D

after we had a bus ride to the main postoffice and as usual we got the nice
special stamp marks for all our cards.. but ipue keep them another ten 1o days
until the *posttraffic* will be again normal and nothing will get lost...... :-)))))


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tabriz, iran - 6th January 2011

By: ipuenktchen

hi, everybody.. oh snow... a bit only but better than nothing.. I had a great feeling!! :-))))) we made some pics in the early morning!!
and also we made a souvenir-pic with POSSY & CROSSY with the famous chocolates I brought for them the day before yesterday!!! they were so thrilled about!!!!!!!!! :-)))))))))

and btw today it's a holiday for the armenian minority: their christmas!! yesterday had been their holy eve!! because they believed in the birth of jesus only when the three holy kings had seen him by their own eyes and told about to the world!!


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tabriz, iran - 16th January 2011

By: ipuenktchen

will it be WINTER finally or not??????

for the forth and fifth time 2 - 3 cm snow... and no more..
and downtown rest a very bit on the trees and everywhere else dirty and wet.....


we had some shopping - successfull!!! :-)))))

and you may have another glance in tabriz........ *smile*
as well as I enjoy to do, as it isn't sure how long I'll stay in tabriz.. :-)

I have to think about the name of this vehicle... GONGA in azeri..
this vehicle was going in rails straight from the city center to the railway station
in western tabriz when my husband was a child, in the forties of last century!
the monument was built by AHAD HOSSEINI perhaps 5 - 10 years ago...

the 2nd pic was taken in el goly alley with a rest of snow on the dome of the mosque....


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tabriz, iran - 23rd January 2011

By: ipuenktchen

BYE-BYE, TABRIZ - bye, bye, ipuenktchen!!!!!!

ipue.. told me today, they got a ticket for me to go to TEHRAN on THU, the iranian weekend (THU/ FRI),
and yashila_81 will pick me up to go together, from tehran by a straight flight to COLOGNE at FRI!!

I'm sooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!

and in the afternoon we'll have a GOODBYE-PARTY at home!!!!

on TUE or WED I'll leave kuye ferdows to go to baghmisheh, the quarter where yashila_81 and lili_6789
are living, to be ready whenever yashila_81 has to leave........................... :-((((((((((((((((((((((

pls stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - they told me, today the goodbye-party and on TUE a final *day out*
- I'm so thrilled!!! :-(((((((((((((((


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tabriz, iran - 23rd January 2011

By: ipuenktchen

yesterday finnish postcrossers reached the milestone of 1.000.000 sent cards!!!! bravoooooooooooooooo!!! I'm soooo PROUD for my country!!! at POSTCROSSING had been just recently sent out all together worldwide 6.000.000 cards and our dear small FINLAND had a part of ONE MILLION!!!!!!!!!!


One day when I'll be back home I'll ask my mom HUPPU68 to open a postcrossing account for me, too!!
I like to be a postcrosser, too!!!! (and veeeery soon we'll have the 2nd million!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOL)


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GURIGÖL, IRAN - 26th January 2011

By: ipuenktchen

boah, what a fantastic day ahead!!!!

after breakfast ipue and her hubby got ready to go out - they told me we would go to their garden at 25 km tehran road to show me real winter in IR!!!!?!?!? they met so many things in their car, I guessed we'll have a great day staying there a long time???!!?!

first we went across the city (pic1+2) to pick up yashila_81 and lili_6789 from baghmisheh!! (pic3) juchuuu!! so I said good-bye to their home we passed the new bridge as well as the shahriyar monument! (pic 4) hossein shahriyar was the most famous contemporary poet of azerbaijan; the monument built also by ahad hosseini, you know him from the *horse-tramway* from some days ago! he made poems as well in azeri as in farsi!

btw it was always interesting to see the traffic lights, showing how many seconds you have to stay when it got red - or how many seconds you may still go when it's the green light showing.. we took a photo today, but because of the sunlight not very well noticeable.. (pic5)

after we took the road to gurigoel (pic6+7) the nice lake beside the garden, ipue showed you long time ago here in another season! arrived at the garden's door there had been some wild dogs, *waiting* for us
(pic 8) - the garden was sooo beautiful with all the snow and sunshine (pic9+10+11) even we had our break with coffee & tea outside!! (pic12)

as here was today a mourning day, the 40th day of the mourning time of emam hossein, who died as a martyr in olden times there are a lot of ppl who are taking a vow and prepare some lunch or baking bread
or making a dessert or smth else for charity, and so we got a special kind of safron-rice-dessert, where the donor wrote even *ya hossein* by cinnamon!! it looks beautiful and the taste is marvellous!! (pic13)

our meal was the iranian kind of makaroni, yummyyy, prepared like rice with steam, not only boiled in water. - we stood there the whole day and were back home at 8 PM.

then the sad moment arrived.... ipuenktchen gave me the three packages (pic14), metting each of it in a bag, to bring with me as a souvenir, and finally we said good-bye, kissed each other, wishing all the best
for our future - aaaaaaaaand I jumped in one of the bag (pic15) and ipue took the last photo of me.... and yashila_81 took me with him. :-((( BYE-BYE TABRIZ!!! (he has to go on THU by plane to tehran and on FRI by plane to frankfurt... and from FFM by train to cologne :-0 for a business trip and take me with him, ipue told me!! wow, I'll enter EUROPE again.. not that far from my mom!!!!!!!!!!!!)

thank you, dear ipue - it was so nice with you and your family - I appreciated to much to have a glance at your amazing country!!! - and now I'm really curious - WHO WILL BE MY NEXT HOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!????


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