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Travelog for: Tobbi

at home, Germany - 13th July 2009

By: Hummel

Hello Hello,

this is a very sad story. I am Tobbi the Third. Tobi the First was kidnapped by a girl in the USA, Tobbi the Second was kidnapped by a guy named Kelsey in the Netherlands, now I am Tobbi the Third - and I hope that I will have a safe trip.

If you want to host a green Alien - and if you are really a nice person - and send me on after hosting me, please send a message to Hummel.

Bye Tobbi the Third ( the lovely green Alien)


here I am - a new ToyVoyager.


My normal name is H3lksedrf8egru and I am an Alien. But no Human is able to call my
name in the right manner, so I will change my name into Tobbi on Earth. In memory to
the former TV Tobbi, who was kidnapped by Zeroghostly. I am sure, he is really sad, not
to travel anymore.

Well, if you want to read more about me, jump to the 20th of April 2010 - my travellog starts there.

Yours Alien Tobbi

This was, what the old Tobbi, the dog wrote. I really hope that he will come back soon to his home.

I start my life as a ToyVoyager today. I am really interested in the life outside my home. I stayed here for a long time.

Today I will show you my home and my friends.

First you see beautiful flowers, then a funny bird, after it two friends, although they are bears. And the last one is a giraffe with very long legs.



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at home, Germany - 14th July 2009

By: Hummel

It is a great day today - I start my trip to Vanja in Croatia !!!

Will tell you more, when I arrived there !  :rolleyes:

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Zagreb, Croatia - 25th July 2009

By: Vanja

Hi, Mom! I'm not lost if you were worried, I have arrived safely in Zagreb, Croatia.


Vanja took me out to the streets immediately so I could see some new things.


We went to the park and played on the ship. I was the captain of the ship. "Aye, aye captain!" - Vanja was saying to me all the time. I laughed at this. She is a little silly.



Then I went on some kind of a carousel. After that I was a little dizzy. I had to drink some juice and then I was again OK.


Look how tall is this building! This building is build before 40 years and was made in order to withstand the earthquake.


Then we went home because it was very hot and than I met my first real dog! I was so happy because of this! And he told me that he is very happy too because he will have a friend to play with! We can't wait to go to the woods and run around :)


Soon it was dark and Vanja put me in the bed. I was very tired from the trip and from walk in the town. Good night mom!


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Zagreb, Croatia - 29th August 2009

By: Vanja

Hi, mom!

Today we went for a walk in the city. It was early morning and it wasn't so hot yet.

This is the main square in Zagreb, it's called Ban Jelacic Square. The square features a large statue of ban Josip Jelačić on a horse, created by Austrian sculptor Anton Dominik Fernkorn. The statue was originally installed on October 19, 1866 by Austrian authorities, despite protests from Zagreb councilmen. It was oriented towards the north, with his sword raised against Hungary, to commemorate his battle against Hungary in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.

The statue was removed in 1947. as the new Communist government of Yugoslavia denounced Jelačić as an Austrian collaborator.

In 1990, during the break up of Yugoslavia and after 1990. elections in Croatia, and Jelačić's historic role has again been considered positive and the statue was returned to the square but on the north portion facing the south. The name of the square has again been changed to his second name, after Josip Jelačić.


It is called after this statue - Ban Jelacic statue:


Then we took a walk to Zagreb Cathedral on Kaptol, which is probably the most famous building in Zagreb.



My new TV friend Harold and I rest for a while on a fountain near the Cathedral.


Look at these beautiful flowers mom!


On the way home, we went to buy some flowers near the main market on the Ban Jelacic square:


At home we eat some cold and yummi watermelon, it was so refreshing because it was so hot.


It wasn't enough for us, so we took some chocolate pudding too. Now we are stuffed.


I am having a fun time with Harold Giraffe, I think that we will be very good friends!

Hugs&kisses mom!

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Zagreb, Croatia - 14th September 2009

By: Vanja

Hi, Mom! Today I'm going away from my host.

Look how many books she has :)


My new friends came to say good-bye!


Harold Giraffe is also with me :)


Me on the bench in front of the post office:



I hope that I'll have a safe trip. Miss you, Mom! Bye!


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Casa Grande,Arizonia, United States of America - 24th September 2009

By: zeroghostly

Tobbi has made it and now were on our way to disneyland such a short update sorry!

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Hunnington state beach, United States of America - 3rd October 2009

By: zeroghostly

Zero is still VERY ill from being bit by bugs.
she had to return to the hospital but shes up today to try and get this update up.
this update is for the beach
[which we visited After Disneyland.]

here we all are relaxen in a bucket at the beach right as the sun was comeing out!
here iam sokeing up the nice sunshine
And my good friend Ricky haveing loads of fun
we love the beach!
ah yes look at those waves, oh! and thats my other my good friend benny  :cyclops:

and here's all three of us haveing fun sun batheing on our nemo towl zero brought us

Zero's mother was digging a hole, so we decided to pitch in and help!
the whole got to almost 3 feet deep!!

havein fun with zero's brother

We had just so much fun at the beach!
I wanna go back someday soon  :rolleyes:
Zero says shes REALLLY sorry about the lack of updates shes just been really sick.
Love you and miss you

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California, United States of America - 19th October 2009

By: zeroghostly

So sorry for the late update
Here are our pictures from disneyland!!!

The road trip:






"caution there may be rattlesnakes in this area rattlenakes are active at night during the summer. they will seek out any shady places during the
heat of the day. childran should be warned not to go near ANY snake. reasonable watchfullness should be sufficient to avoid a snakebite"

We had a long road ahead of us


All of us on our way to california!
so excited!!



its a small world:



Look its zero Myself and all my new friends!
oh! and the mean old fox from pinochio.


Look at us fly threw the air!



We had so much fun,
Zero says she still has 100+ pictures to put up O_O!
her birthday is in 3 days!!
so we should have some cool pictures up then too

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Sülfeld, Germany - 20th April 2010

By: Hummel



What happened? Where am I?


Well – it is a cold place, but sunny...


Looks like photos from the Earth.


Where is my spaceship? I don't know.

I will go into the house and ask someone. I found these friendly guys. They don't know anything about my ship – but told me about another Alien in the house. He stays with RikeH, the daughter of my new host Hummel.


I will go and visit him...

… here he is :


We danced the Alien-Dance together:




That was fun. After dancing we talked a lot. Murph told me about ToyVoyagers – and although I am not a Toy, but an Alien, I want to join. Hummel told me about her lost Tobbi-Dog. Now I will travel for him – and maybe I will find him somewhere? Who knows. I will take his name – because my name is to difficult for Humans.



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Sülfeld, Germany - 23rd April 2010

By: Hummel


Hummel told me that I will go on a nice holiday soon. I will go to Australia. This is really far away.

But there will be autumn – and I am not sure if there will be flowers. I wanted some photos with flowers here.

First I sat in the garden.




Then we made a nice walk and I saw other nice flowers.



Now I will visit gittehh and have a great holiday!


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Hamburg, Germany - 27th April 2010

By: gittehh

Hi mom,

I just arrived at Doerte and we can start our journey to Australia in 4 hours.
As you told me, we have checked if we have everything we need for our trip. My passport is save in my pocket and I wil hide  the cash you spended me.
I ´ll report to  you, when I´m in Australia.

Firma 059.JPG
Firma 061.JPG
Toyvoyager 001.JPG

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Perth, Australia - 30th April 2010

By: gittehh

HI Mom,
the flight to Australia was relaxing, I slept a lot during the fly and only woke 2 times. One time I hided in Gittehh´s hanbdback because  was afraid of all the people, but that doesn´t take long and Doerte was protecting me.

On our first day in Perh we went by bus to the Kings Park, I made a picture of me infront of the skyline of Perth.
In the back you can see the wheel of Perth and I remembered, that you visited the London Eye and really loved it. So I begged Gittehh to make a ride on the wheel. She promised me, we will ride it tomorrow. AFter the long walk through the park, I was very thursty and ( I know you don´t like it )drank a coke.  Love Tobbi


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Perth, Australie - 30th April 2010

By: gittehh

sorry mom, see last entry


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Westaustralia, Australia - 10th May 2010

By: gittehh

Hi Mom,
as Gittehh promised, we went on a boat trip on the Swan River.
You can see a houseboat in the background, I really want to travel in a house like that. On the next Day we went to the north and Mum, you´ll not believe it, I saw my first koala. I was so excited.
On our way north we stopped on a lake with pink water, I wanted to take a bath, but Gittehh didn´t allowe it:(.
Afterwards we saw the beautyful Pinnacles, bt it was very windy there.
The trip is fantastic.
Love you, Tobbi


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Westaustralia, Australia - 10th May 2010

By: gittehh

Hi Mom, it´s me again.
this trip gets better every day.
I met some dolhpins in Monkey Mia and saw the really red sand of Australia. Because I was so happy, sprang up and down and accidently felt  out of the car. But before something bad happened, Doerte rescued me. So don´t worry.
I also went to a shellbeach, there is no sand only a lot of little  pieces of shells. The next day we met some of the old guys, that lives on earth for 3.000 years. They live in the ocean and look like corals. I talked with a nice lady in the Overlander Roadhouse and went to a sandy beach to relaxe. Bye Tobbi

Australien 2010P5059483.JPG

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