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Travelog for: Rocky Squirrel

At home, Richlands North Carolina, USA - 21st July 2009

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi everyone! I am Rocky Squirrel and I just got my activation code and I am ready to go visit the world! I want to meet lots of people and see lots of different countries.  I am small and I do not make any noise and I promise to be good! If you would like to host me please send my owner a private message!! I cant wait to meet you!!

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Earlsferry, Scotland - 29th July 2009

By: eilidhlive

Hello mum and greetings from Scotland! I arrived here around 40 minutes ago and I'm very glad to be out of my envelope. I've met my host here, Eilidh and had a look around her bedroom.

Here's me just after I arrived - looking tired and jet lagged maybe?!


It was quite a long journey over here, the USA seems so far away now. Eilidh showed me my home state on a map of America, I'm not homesick yet, but maybe I will be soon.


Turns out Eilidh is a little bit crazy about America, look at this bit of her room! It's dedicated to my home country - crazy to find this so far away in Scotland, UK.


I met Eilidh's dog - Archie. He's a west highland white terrier, which is a traditional Scottish breed. He seems friendly enough but I'm not sure he liked me interrupting his beauty sleep.


And finally here's me with the view from Eilidh's bedroom window. It looks right on to the golf course. There are many golf courses around here - some of them very famous. For instance Eilidh lives only a 15 minute drive from St Andrews 'the home of golf' where the Open is quite often played. Maybe I will go there on my journey?


I think I've settled in well and I can't wait for my adventures to begin.

Rocky xxx

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Earlsferry, Scotland - 30th July 2009

By: eilidhlive

This is not a very exciting update - sorry! Eilidh was busy today (she has a summer job) and she wasn't able to take me out anywhere, hopefully I will see her village tomorrow.

My host says it's always nice to put a face to a name - so here we are, Eilidh and I.


One thing Eilidh really loves is animals, big or small. I'm learning to love them to by spending time with her pets - see mum, here's me and her goldfish.


I'm still a little wary of the dog though, all he seems to do is sleep!


This picture is a bit of a cliche - but thought I should show you it anyway. Me and haggis, the traditional Scottish food. I wonder if I'll get to try it?


Here's my new bedroom door. I find it ironic as it's hardly America!


Today I also met the other TV staying with Eilidh - Cutie. However he is leaving me on Saturday to continue his journey in Germany. I'm trying not to get too attached to him because of this!


Hope my next update might be more exciting.

Rocky x

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Earlsferry, Scotland - 2nd August 2009

By: eilidhlive

Hello there. Today I went with Eilidh to her friends house for a little bit. There we made a tasty creation - although the picture looks a little gross. Ice-cream mixed with about 5 different chocolate types, yum!


Eilidh's friend is a bit of a geek and today was showing off her ant tank thing, here's me with the blue gel in it, I can't see any ants though!


Later in the day I went out for a walk of my new 'home town' or should I say village? Earlsferry is a tiny village, right on the east coast of Scotland. It's beautiful, but there is little to do apart from play golf or go to the beach. The weather is not so nice to go to the beach though, very cold.




This is Earlsferry library - it's very small.


Here's the street sign for my hosts street. It's a nice place to stay.


And here's the house name. Oh, how I'm liking Scotland already!


Update you soon -


Rocky xxx

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Earlsferry, Scotland - 4th August 2009

By: eilidhlive

Hello mum from a very, very wet and grey Scotland. It has rained non stop all day, so I've had to stay in today.

However it wasn't too bad a day. Firstly when the post arrived today the postman had a package for Eilidh - a new TV to come and keep me company for a while! He's bigger than me, but very friendly. So here we are - Chance and I.


Because the weather was so bad today, Eilidh thought we should do something to cheer ourselves up - so we decided to bake cookies! We were told we wouldn't be able eat that many of them though because Eilidh wants to take them in to her work. I didn't know cookies had so many ingredients!


I found it quite hard to mix all the ingredients together because I'm so small, but I tried my best!


We had to chop up 'Mars Bars' to put in the cookies. Mars bars are exactly the same as what Americans call 'Milky Ways' - to me this is odd because here in Scotland a Milky Way is a completely different type of chocolate - which Eilidh says she will buy for me to show you next time she's at a shop.


The cookies smelt so good whilst they were cooking...I couldn't resist watching them through the oven door, yum.


And here's the finished product on the cooling rack...I can't wait to taste them!


I hope I can get out and about soon and show you the local area - we will just have to wait and see if the weather picks up!

Rocky xxx

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The Beach - Elie, Scotland - 5th August 2009

By: eilidhlive

Wow I've been up early this morning. It's only 7:46am and I've already done a lot. This is because Eilidh can not sleep as today is the day she gets her exam results - she's very nervous, but more on that later as the results are not here yet!

I went to the beach. Usually the beach here is very very busy, but because we went so early we were the only ones there. It's a lovely morning here in Fife, blue skies and sunshine.



However the sea water always looks a bit gross at this time - full of seaweed. It usually clears a lot throughout the day. Mind you, I don't fancy swimming in the sea here due to the fact that although the weather looks good - it's still pretty cold!


Eilidh was a bit naughty, and stole this idea off her best friend Jennifer's TV. But you know what they say, imitation is the best form of flattery!


There was a little boat sitting on the sand, so since I seem to like boats, I hopped on. It's not really a life mission completed though, because we didn't go anywhere. Eilidh says we might get to go out on a boat next week, weather dependent.


Chance and I decided we would do some digging. I was a wee bit small to hold the spade though, so I let Chance do most of the work whilst I watched!


On the way back from the beach we thought this was a nice photo opportunity - Chance and I on a British post box. Very iconic.


I'll probably be up to other things today as it's still so early, so I will probably update you later!

Rocky x

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Earlsferry, Scotland - 8th August 2009

By: eilidhlive

I'm back - been a busy couple of days here in Scotland. Exam results came out, we were all so excited the morning they were due to arrive that we were up super early waiting on the post - check out the time mum!


But after a long wait they arrived and we were very happy for Eilidh. She got an A and 7 1's, which is the highest marks you can achieve. This is the official SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) certificate to show the results.


We TVs were so proud of our host that we threw a little party. There were 4 of us TVs there, of course Chance and I, but also two other's who are staying with Eilidh's friend in a nearby town - they are Annie and Emil.


Fast forward a day or so and the post arrives for Eilidh. Quite a heavy package it seems. She won a competition where the prize was a LOT of Cadbury's chocolate. Cadbury's is a very very famous British brand - you do get a few bars in America, but they are super expensive there. Here's Chance and I showing off some of the choc, however by this point some had been eaten or given away to Eilidh's friends.


Of course after all that chocolate, I had to do some exercise - I can't come back to you slightly podgy now, can I mum?! So here is me on the Wii Fit doing some stretches...


In the hallway of the house we are staying at here there is a nifty tapestry. It has the name of the house and the date Eilidh and her family moved in. I thought it was sweet, so I'm showing you.


(Random picture, Eilidh got her hair dyed blonde, haha.)


Hope you're well and not missing me too much! I promise I'll update you soon!

Rocky x

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Earlsferry, Scotland - 11th August 2009

By: eilidhlive

]Hello mum from a very grey and depressing Scotland. The weather has been horrible here recently, wet and rainy. Never mind though!

Today a new TV arrived to stay with Chance[tv] and I for a while, his name is Ronnie and although he was tired after his journey he seems nice.


Today I am off to Scotland's 4th largest city - Dundee! I'll show you the photos later.

Hope you are well!


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Dundee, Scotland - 11th August 2009

By: eilidhlive

Evening mum. Today has been a big adventure for such a small guy like me. I went with Eilidh, Ronnie and Chance to Dundee. We went by bus, so that was quite cool, here we are on the bus. It wasn't that busy today.


Here's a view out the window as we crossed the Tay Bridge (in the rain of course!) to Dundee, you can almost make out the rail bridge in the backround.


In Dundee we met up with some of Eilidh's friends and went out for lunch. We went to a Chinese buffet restaurant, this is us with the menu. Don't we look full?


We also met up with Emil again - it was nice for Chance to see his friend.


After lunch and a quick stretch of the legs it was time for ice-cream. We went to 'Marble Slab' which is such a cool place! You pick your flavour of ice-cream and then whatever you would like mixed in to it and the mash it all together for you. Here's me munching on mango ice-cream with strawberries and meringue in it. Yum!


On the bus on the way back to Earlsferry we had a lovely view out the window. Where I'm staying now is very rural - right in the countryside, so here is some views of the fields.





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Perth, Scotland - 13th August 2009

By: eilidhlive

Today was good here, the weather picked up (a little) so we decided it was time for an adventure - off we went to Perth. Perth is around an hour and a half from Earlsferry by car. An interesting fact about Perth is that Sir George Murray was born here before he moved to Australia and named the particular territory there 'Perth'. So the Perth in Scotland is the original.

When we arrived in Perth the first thing we noticed is how green it is. There is a lot of plants, trees and sculptures everywhere - very pretty. Apparently it wins a lot of competitions for 'Britain's Best Kept Town' (it used to be a city, but is now no longer classed as that as it has a population of less than 50,000.)



The streets are lovely and wide, with many shops that you can only find in Perth located here. This is me in one of the streets.


And here is me with Chance and Ronnie outside a very famous department store - McEwans.


After a walk around the town centre, I was peckish - so we headed for lunch. We went to an Indian restaurant (sorry about this picture, had to turn the flash off as it was a dark place!)


After I was full, I headed back out and found some information about Perth, so had a little read of it.




Then we headed down to the River. Perth lies on the River Tay, Scotland's longest river (7th largest in the UK). It was very peaceful down here and we enjoyed the beautiful views.



It sure has been an interesting day!

Rocky x

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Earlsferry, Scotland - 15th August 2009

By: eilidhlive

You should see the weather here mum - oh my! It's raining cats and dogs! We've been stuck inside the past two days which is not so great,  so here are some pictures from a walk we went on last week.

There are 2 golf courses in Earlsferry - so two golf clubs. This is the one that Eilidh's dad's a member of 'The Thistle'.


And in the distance is the other one, which is just named the 'Golf Club'. Oh, this place is just so obsessed with golf.


If you look across the sea here you can see our capitol city - Edinburgh. Eilidh says that she will take me there, but not at the moment because the Edinburgh festival is on and it will be too busy for a little guy like me.


I've been doing some reading whilst being here. We all found this dictionary very strange - I didn't recognise many words at all!


Mum, this is cool - am I now a Fifer?!


This is me and the national symbol of Scotland - the thistle. They're very sharp and prickly purple flowers, they are quite groovy to look at though!


Hope you are having better weather than we are!

Rocky x

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Carnoustie, Scotland - 17th August 2009

By: eilidhlive

"Carnoustie is famous for golf, which is first recorded as having been played here in the 16th century. Carnoustie Golf Links is one of the venues in The Open Championship's rotation and has been nicknamed in the media as 'Carnasty' for its difficulty."

That's right mum, today we went to the other home of golf (St Andrews being the first!) Carnoustie! It's quite far up north compared to where Earlsferry is, so it was quite a drive to get there.


When we arrived we went for a wander, we saw in the distance the very famous club house - it is often on the TV when the Open is played here - just think so many famous golfers, including Tiger Woods have been in this very place!



This is the hotel the golfers stay in. It's sponsored by the watch makers 'Rolex' - so I think that shows it's quality. We were in awe just standing outside!


My time in Scotland so far has shown me that it really is a nation in love with this sport. Scotland does not do very well in sports really (apart from maybe cycling and Andy Murray for tennis!) however it does excel in it's facilities. These are award winning courses we have visited.


We carried on the walk and saw these MASSIVE shells! They were really cool. I'm learning a lot about sea life here, because Eilidh stays so close to the beach I've been there a fair bit.




Carnoustie also has very good transport links, perhaps not the most exciting thing to photo but you might be interested to know that Carnoustie is located only a few miles from the bridge that the 'Hogwarts Express' train goes over in the Harry Potter films.



Eilidh is planning on taking us to discover 'The Old Course' in St Andrews next weekend I think, so you will see some more world famous courses then - I sure hope you are in to golf mum, haha!

Rocky x

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Stuck at home (Earlsferry), Scotland - 18th August 2009

By: eilidhlive

These were just a few pictures from the few days where it rained non-stop. Nothing exciting happened so Eilidh didn't think she would bother to update, but we pestered her until she has because we thought you might like to know anyway!

This is me, Chancel and Ronnie having a wee pose on the table in the back room.


Then here we are again looking at the rain. It rained non-stop for around 3 days here. Seems to have brightened up (a little!) now, so let's hope it stays like this so our adventures continue.



Don't worry though, whilst it was pouring down we helped Eilidh with her French homework. Maintenant je suis tres fort en francais!


Today I'm taking Archie (Eilidh's dog) to get his haircut, so there might be pictures of that, or of something else later tonight. Wait and see I guess. And tomorrow Eilidh returns to school (ugh!) after the summer holidays and having 7 weeks off. So I'll maybe go with her and see what a Scottish school is like.

Chance x

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Preparing for school (Earlsferry), Scotland - 18th August 2009

By: eilidhlive

Tomorrow's the day that school here in Scotland returns. Eilidh is a little nervous about it all after being on holiday for so long. I'm excited to go and visit her school after helping her get all the bits and bobs organised tonight for it. As Eilidh is hosting 3 TVs she doesn't think that she will take us all to school at once, so tomorrow she will take be my turn, woohoo! I'm going first so I'll have to tell the other guys all about it!

We all helped look out Eilidh's school uniform - that's right mum, pupils have to wear a uniform here. It consists of black/grey trousers or skirt, white/black shirt, a tie (usually red and black striped, but Eilidh has a special all red one for winning a competition) and a black blazer with red piping. I'm not sure if I like it yet!


We also had to help with packing her school bag, there were lots of folders to get in. Even though Eilidh only does 5 subjects - maths, English, French, history and human biology.


I've been trying to cheer her up all evening because I don't think she wants to go back to school much - oh well!


I think I got a smile out of her - that's what we TVs do though, spread happiness. :)

Update you soon mum!

Rocky x

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Anstruther, Scotland - 19th August 2009

By: eilidhlive

Good evening, hope all is well back home. Today has been very tiring. I went to school with Eilidh! Her school is called 'The Waid Academy' and it is a high school, so pupils attend it from age 12-18. Eilidh is 16 and so is in 5th year (there are 6 years in total).

We had to get up early to get ready then catch the bus to school. Here we are before leaving the house.


And before registration every morning Eilidh goes to speak to some of her friends, so I did too, here we are.


This is me with the other TVs (not Eilidhs) that were at school today, there's quite a crew of us. It's nice to see friendly faces.


With it being the first day back things were pretty manic so there are not many school photos, I'll go again someday and get some better ones though.

Here are some from Anstruther, the town the school is located in. These were taken at lunch time today.

This is me in the deli that the girls go to for their lunch.



You remember me mentioning before that Eilidh has a little job after school and at weekends sometimes? Well here is the building.


It's very famous - voted number one in the whole UK for it's famous fish and chips, which is a traditional dish here. Eilidh waitresses there, so we went in today so I could get my picture taken. Look at all the classic jar sweeties behind me - yum.


Anstruther is a fishing town, so here I am with all the little fishing boats. I like boats - don't I mum?


Rocky x

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