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Travelog for: Cutie

Alkmaar, Netherlands - 12th June 2009

By: Cyn1987

Hi Everybody!!  B)

My name is Elroy but everybody calles me Cutie cause i'm so sweet and cute!
I love Asia, cycling, Internet, sometimes a beer and travelling and my mommy is working as a travelagent so i'm a lucky toy!! She told me that she is going to take me on her trips to different countries!!

How exciting!!!  :p


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Alkmaar, Netherlands - 13th June 2009

By: Cyn1987

Yesterday evening my mommy said that i had to go to sleep early...

She told me we are going on a trip today together with Bloemmie29 and Odi!! How nice!!! We are going 11 days to Turkey and we are going to have such a great time!!!  B)

So this morning we packed our suitecase together.. We take only one suitecase.. Cause it's quite to big for just me  :)

And now? I have to wait until my grandpa wants to bring me and my mommy to the airport!!!

Ohh i'm so excited!!


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Turgutreis, Turkey - 16th June 2009

By: Cyn1987

Hı from hot and nıce Turkey!!!

I lıke ıt a lot ın here.. the sun ıs shınıng and the cocktaıls are wonderfull!!  B)

I wısh we never had to go home anymore.. but we stıll have 1 week left!!! :rolleyes:


Afbeelding 016.jpg

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Alkmaar, Netherlands - 25th June 2009

By: Cyn1987

Hi Everyone!!!

I'm back again from a wonderfull holiday in Turkey!! Me & my mommy had a great time over there!!!

My grandpa was driving us to the airport i allready enjoyed that little trip!! At the airport i met Bloemmie29 and her Toy Odi.. We went to Burger King for some snacks before we left Holland...

We had 1 hour delay so we spend some hours at the airport..

We had a nice hotel near the beach and every morning (if my mommy was not to sleepy) we had a breakfast with a nice seaview B) During the day we were most of the time at the swimmingpool and my mommy get a nice tan.. I didn't cause she put me under the umbrella with suncream on my nose so i didn't get burned!!

During night-time my mommy and Odi's mommy went out to a bar in Turgutreis, and i couldn't go with them cause i'm to little... So i spend all the nights together with Odi in our room...

You can see my pictures below.. i really enjoyed my holiday!!!!



Afbeelding 007.jpg
Afbeelding 008.jpg
Afbeelding 009.jpg
Afbeelding 010.jpg
Afbeelding 012.jpg

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Alkmaar, Netherlands - 26th June 2009

By: Cyn1987

Hi Everybody!!!

Today i'm so excited!!! My mommy decided to let me go on a trip by myself.. So i'm looking for hosts!!

In Augustus i will go to Olgamaus in Germany.. And the rest of the months i don't have hosts yet!!

So if you want to be my host send my mommy a message!!

My mommy also love to Postcross and today she got 2 nice card from Belgium & Brazil.. How nice!!!

We had diner this evening.. my grandmum made us Macaroni  :p



Afbeelding 001.jpg
Afbeelding 002.jpg
Afbeelding 003.jpg

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Alkmaar, Netherlands - 27th June 2009

By: Cyn1987


My mommy allready found 3 hosts!! How nice.. Next week she will send me to Scotland to eilidhlive :D

My trip:

- Scotland eilidhlive
- Germany  olgamaus
- United States brilliantlyxx

Nice isn't it!!!  :rolleyes: I'm so happy to see more of this wonderfull world!!

Well this weekend i'm spending with my mommy.. i think i will miss her very much  :( But it's nice to meet other people!!!



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Alkmaar, Netherlands - 28th June 2009

By: Cyn1987


Today my mommy sended me to Scotland.. So my trip is starting!
I hope that eilidhlive will receive me very soon cause it's so dark in here!! :(

See you later!!



Afbeelding 001.jpg
Afbeelding 002.jpg
Afbeelding 003.jpg
Afbeelding 004.jpg
Afbeelding 005.jpg

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Earlsferry, Fife, Scotland - 3rd July 2009

By: eilidhlive

Hello Mum! Today (3rd July!) I arrived at my new hosts in Scotland, UK. It was very hot and sunny which is unusual. We didn't have a lot of time to do fun things today because the post arrived quite late so I didn't arrive 'til tea time.


I decided to look around my hosts (Eilidh's) bedroom and to see where I would be spending the next month. I decided I liked this spot on her shelves.


Then I met Eilidh's doll, she was made for her in New York to look just like her. Perhaps soon I will get a picture of Eilidh so you can compare?


I am excited to see some Scottish sights! Eilidh says she will take me to the beach either tomorrow or Sunday. We do not have a lot of time for exploring this lovely country because I am going on holiday/vacation with Eilidh on Tuesday. We are going to the USA, which is exciting! 4 days in Las Vegas and then 2 weeks in California...do you think I will get a tan Mum?

Missing you!
Cutie xxx

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Earlsferry, Fife, Scotland - 5th July 2009

By: eilidhlive

Hello Mum from a very, very warm and sunny Scotland! Today has been a great day here, Eilidh took me out on a walk with her dog (Archie) to show me her village, Earlsferry. It is a lovely place, although very small with a population of only around 300. Eilidh lives right opposite the golf course and a minutes walk from the beach, so today that is where we went.

Here I am with Archie, before our walk.


This is the house I'm staying in Mum. It's funny, I've only been here a few days, but I feel quite at home!


Golf brings many tourists to Earlsferry and the surrounding area, the courses here are famous. Eilidh lives only a 15 minute drive from the 'Home of Golf' St Andrews. Maybe she will take me there when we return from the USA?


Archie had to behave himself as we were walking on the course.


I also had to behave, so I had a quick read over of the rules for walkers, here I am with them!


All this walking had made me tired - afterall I only have little legs. So I found a bench and rested for a bit. Eilidh says she quite often likes to sit here.


I never knew golf was such a dangerous sport Mum. Apparently it is, as there are loads of warnings about it!


Look what's in the distance! It's the beach. We didn't go on to the beach today because it was very crowded with tourists.




I thought about getting a bus back to Eilidh's house, but she told me they don't run on a Sunday in this area.


Look Mum, a British post box! How cool?


This is the road I am staying on. I really like it here.


Tennis is quite a big deal here. So here's me watching the Men's Wimbeldon final. It's still going on, so I can't tell you who won yet.


And finally here is my with my host Eilidh. She isn't usually this tanned, it's because the weather has been so great here recently! It's odd, but we are all enjoying it.


Hope you are well!
Cutie xxx

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Earlsferry, Fife, Scotland - 6th July 2009

By: eilidhlive

Wow Mum, this morning I've been a very helpful TV! I've been helping Eilidh to pack for our holiday tomorrow. She can't decide what to take to read on the plane, hence the stack behind me.


Then we had to pack our currency. I've never seen a US dollar before Mum, but I sure have now. I even got my own spending money to buy you a gift from the USA...$$$!


Eilidh thought she should tell me a bit about where we are going, so she showed my on the map. California looks a long way away. It takes hours and hours on a plane!


And look, here is me posing beside the 'Palm Springs' hat. Palm Springs is where we will be staying in California...I can't believe we go tomorrow, it's so exciting!


I will probably update later tonight Mum because I'm going with Eilidh to St Andrews this afternoon to meet some friends. If I don't though, don't worry about me - it's just I'm travelling for miles to my holiday. I don't know how often I will update from there because I might be so busy doing lots of fun things, but I'll try hard!

Cutie xxx

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St Andrews, Scotland - 6th July 2009

By: eilidhlive

Gee I'm tired. It's 11.19pm here Mum, but I can't sleep because I'm so excited about our holiday tomorrow. We leave really early for the airport. We are flying from Edinburgh to New York and then from New York to Las Vegas.

Today after this morning's packing I went to St Andrews with Eilidh and some of her friends.


We seemed to do quite a lot of eating whilst we were there, haha! I hope I don't come home to you fat Mum!



I also picked up some new style tips, but I just can't decide - new sunglasses or new shoes? Hmm, Mum, what do you think?!



Here is me with Eilidh's best friends. She loves them all very much and I think I do too, because they were all so nice to me and even posed for lots of photo's - but I only upload this one for you because it's late and I should get some sleep.


Next update will be from the USA!
Night Mum,

Cutie xxxxxxxxx

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Las Vegas, USA - 11th July 2009

By: eilidhlive

Morning Mum - or should I now say, Mom?! I have arrived in the United States of America. The plane journey's took so long and both of them were delayed, however I listened to Eilidh's iPod and had a nap, so I guess it wasn't too bad.




Eventually we arrived in Las Vegas, and the first thing I noticed apart from the slot machines and bright lights? THE HEAT! Mum for the couple of days we were in Vegas the temperature was averaging around 104oF. It was so hot!

We were staying in the hotel and casino 'Paris, Las Vegas' it was so surreal. It has it's own Eiffel Tower and the inside of it was themed like a typical French street.



Whilst in Vegas I did a lot of things. I went shopping quite a bit and I went to see two shows, KA by the Cirque du Soliel and The American Superstar Show, which had a big tribute to Michael Jackson. I also indulged myself in the slot machines - look mum, can you see me?!




After all the bright lights and noise of Vegas, I was ready to move on. So started the 6 hour drive to California, which is where I am now. The drive was not too bad, although the scenerey was mainly desert for the entire journey.


When we approached the Palm Springs area we saw THOUSANDS of wind turbines, it was really quite cool!


And now here I am in California. It's even hotter here but it's so pretty. Today I will take you pictures of the resort I am staying in. Our appartment here has free internet connection, so I will update again soon - but remember mum, there's an 8 hour time difference between here and Scotland, so maybe a 9 hour difference between me and you?

If you want to send Eilidh your address, we'd love to send you a postcard from here!

Missing you,
Cutie xxx

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Palm Desert, California, USA - 13th July 2009

By: eilidhlive

Hey Mum. This is just a quick update to let you know what I've been up to. For the past few days I've just been settling into the villa here in Palm Desert, if you look carefully you can see me sitting next to the TV.


Here's the view from our balcany. It's a little (haha!) like being back at Eilidh's home, because we look right over the golf course. What I ask myself though, is who on earth would go golfing in the 112oF heat?!


We went for a drive around the local area yesterday and we saw some American stores - one of these being Walmart! It was massive, and you could buy pretty much anything in it.



We went out for tea last night, so here is my waiting with Eilidh to get our food.


I'm really enjoying my time here - today we are going in to Palm Springs, which apparently is a really famous town. I guess I shall see for myself what all the fuss is about!

Until Later,

Cutie xxxx

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Palm Desert, California, USA - 18th July 2009

By: eilidhlive

Arg, I'm so sorry for not updating in nearly a week! It's just that we have been busy and not had all that much time to write a proper update.

I'm still enjoying my time here in the United States. On my travels here I've made many new friends - here I am with them.


I've also discovered a new passion for American 'candy'. In the UK, 'candy' is called sweets or sweeties. This bag of skittles is twice the size of me, so I hope I'm not sick after eating them!


I've also done some very important writing tasks here. Writing postcards of course! I had to help write 10 in total, 6 to friends back in the UK, 1 to you and 3 to postcrossing - I know you postcross yourself mum, so I don't have to explain to you about it. It was funny when we went to the post office here though and asked for 10 international stamps, because the server wanted to know where the cards were going, so we had to tell her the following -

5 to Scotland
1 to England
1 to the Netherlands
1 to Finland
1 to Taiwan
1 to Estonia

I think she thought we were nuts!


The weather here is still amazing, if a little too hot, however something odd happened this morning - clouds appeared in the sky! Look!


Wish you were here as well to experience this with us.


See you soon!
Cutie xxx

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The Secret Garden at the Mirage, Las Vegas, USA - 24th July 2009

By: eilidhlive

Hey there mum! Since I last updated I've been super busy. We had to leave California, which I was quite sad about. I'd grown fond of the lazy days by the pool and the scorching heat. However we were heading back to Las Vegas for one final day.

We ended up going to the Siegfried & Roy Secret Gardens at the Mirage casino. There we saw a lot of dolphins and even a dolphin show. Here's me with the dolphins.


Actually that's just me and the tank, because the dolphins swim so fast is was difficult for Eilidh to get a good picture!



Then we walked through some pretty garden bits to see the lions and tigers, these were even harder to photo - so this is the best we managed, sorry!



However in the process of all this, I managed to get myself in to a bit of a tricky situation...


Fortunately I was saved before it was too late - phew!

We then headed in to the gift shop where Eilidh's dad found something that suited me perfectly. Wow, a bracelet with my name on it - super!


We went back to the room so I chilled out and read some leaflets and looked at the things we bought.


And this is just a random photo from the holiday that Eilidh found and thought was quite amusing - us in our almost matching crocs - such stylish footwear, would you not agree?! Haha!


However, now, after a long travel I am back in Scotland with Eilidh. It is pouring with rain, as usual. So not so good. I only have one more week here! So will have to get busy!

Until later,
Cutie xxx

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