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Travelog for: Rhinono

Richlands, NC, USA - 10th December 2009

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi mom!
Tonight we are doing a easy dinner.  Fishsticks and french fries!!



We eat dinner and everyone agrees that this was very yummy! we then bake some Blueberry Muffins.


We then all gather by the Christmas tree.  We love to look at the lights and we go around in a circle and talk about what kind of customs and traditions each of our own Country has.  It is fun to be in a different country and see how they decorate, display the ornaments, hang stockings and burn yummy smelling Yankee Candles.


We want to watch a musical tonight so we go and get Darcies favorite one of all time *Sound of Music* filmed in beautiful Austria!!

Darcie starts singing...........

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favorite things

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad  :p


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Wilmington, NC, USA - 15th December 2009

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Mom!!!

Yesterday me and the other TVs went down to Wilmington.  Darcie's car club was meeting up and then went to a senior rest home to deliver Christmas Presents.  We were suppose to take the Porsche but it was raining!!! The Porsche does not have a top so we would of gotten soaked!! The rain really ruined the entire day but we still had a fun time.  While we were at the rest home a new TV asked if he could join our gang.  His name is Tuffy and he is now a official TV.  We went to McDonalds for lunch.  Here we are with our Happy Meal :)


Inside the Happy Meal is a horse from the new movie *Avatar* he hears all of us outside eating and talking so he jumps out.  He is very strange looking and he has six hooves!


We introduce everyone to him and he asks if he can join us for lunch.  We say yes and we start sharing our traveling stories with him.


We finish our lunch and when we get home Darcie says that Snuttig's mom has sent some beautiful and delicious chocolates and a beautiful postcard of Gratz, Austria where Snuttig is from. Dont we all look cute with our Santa hats on? :)


Next Snuttig lays down and starts pointing and explaining all the beautiful pictures of Gratz and tells us about each place that is pictured.  We love our history lesson and we are also trying to figure out how to get the chocolate!!


Snuttig sees we are trying to take all the Chocolate and he grabs a hold of the bag and pulls with all his bear strength and rescues it for Darcie to eat!!


Well mom that is about it for now.  We are busy wrapping presents and getting ready for Christmas to arrive!!!  hope you are well!!

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Richlands, NC, USA - 24th December 2009

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Mom!!!!
It is Christmas eve!!!  Today Darcie showed us some of her Vintage Christmas books.  She loves the 1950s and had some wonderful things to read about.  First though we want to bake something so we make some Orange/Cranberry muffins and put butter on them! They are sooo good! Do you like our Santa hats?  :p


Next we get on the floor and start looking at the books...this one has old decorations from 1930-1960 and the photos are great!


Here we are with a few more oldies from the 1950s.


We decide to sing Christmas carols.  We start off with *Santa Claus is coming to town*


Here we are with a book called *Its a wonderful Christmas!*  it is filled with all the old toys from the 1950s.  They sure had some neat things!!


Here we are with the Christmas card holder.  I do not know if you can see it, but the card holders are shaped like Mickey Mouse!! Darcie is a big Disney fan!


Today we went to a store called Lowes.  It is a HUGE store that you can buy things for your house.  Darcie had to get some replacement bulbs but then discovered all the Christmas stuff was 75% off!!! we bought a Cinderella Advent Calender that talks, Winnie, Piglet and Tigger singing and moving toy and a Santa Claus that sings *Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer*  tonight we are making Enchiladas and Darcie showed us this really cool website!! It is called Santa Tracker!!  www.santanorad.org  please go look at it because it is sooooo much fun! We started tracking him last night when he took off from the North Pole.  He flew to Australia, then off to Russia and India.  He was last spotted flying around the Taj Mahal (see videos of all his stops)  we cant WAIT for him to arrive with all the presents!!!  Go Santa Go!!! 

Darcies husband will be happy to see all the Motorcycle stuff for next race season!! boy is that stuff expensive!!!  well mom I am going to go eat some more candy and play Xbox!!! 

Merry Christmas!!

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Richlands, NC, USA - 25th December 2009

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Mom!
Christmas was a lot of fun!!! we started the day with snuggling up on the couch before our host woke up.  We wanted to look at all the gifts that Santa had brought! Here we are under the nice warm blanket at 5:30 am!!


We go over to the fireplace and see the presents that santa has left as stocking stuffers.  In America everyone hangs a stocking and it gets filled with small gifts and candy.  Looks like Santa also leaves things for dogs! He left all kinds of treats and toys for the two host dogs :) 


Of course he also left us some nice candy! Here we are with a gift card to Starbucks Coffee house, a gift card to Red Robin hamburger shop, Skittles, orange flavored chocolate and Reeses peanut butter cups!! Y U M!!


Next we help Darcie open some presents.  Here are just a few of her favorites! she loves old 1950-1960s TV shows.  Here is season one of *Bewitched* it is a show about a woman who is a witch and is married to a regular man.  It is VERY funny!!


Here we are with four more shows from the 1950s-1960s.  They are called *I married Joan* *Father knows best* *Petticoat Junction* and *The Donna Reed show*


Next we open really nice smelling bath products!! Here is stuff from the Bath and Body works store! Nutcracker bubble bath,  Candy apple body spray,  Ed Hardy perfume and Pear Glaze body lotion! it all smells so good!


Next is a wonderful gift! a *Twilight* duffle bag and the *New Moon* soundtrack!!


We have a wonderful day watching movies and eating candy and talking about Christmas!! I had a great time and will never forget it!! I hope you had a Merry Christmas and hope you have a Happy New Year!!!

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Richlands NC, USA - 4th January 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Happy New Years Mom!!! I hope you had fun on New Years!! we stayed home and made a bunch of drinks and watched movies all night long!!  Here we are with all of our alchohol LOL


Here we are with very expensive Tequila.  This is called Patron and it is very smooth! we all drank a few shots and then licked some salt then ate a small piece of lemon :)


Here we are with our shot glasses from around the world.  There are two in the photo.  One is from Kaiserslautern, Germany.  The other is from Holland.


We follow the Television all day.  We watch Time Square in New York City.  People start arriving at 6am to secure a spot.  Then they have to wait ALL DAY till midnight comes.  Darcie has done it one time and says the crowds are HUGE.


The reporter checks in a few hours later and it is SNOWING!!! the police work hard to barracade off the roads and set up everything for the big ball drop.


Here it is later in the evening.....we are waiting and waiting!!!


Now it is 9:00 pm so I know that overseas has just struck 12am!! Here is a beautiful shot of places around the world that were celebrating the New Year.


We took a bunch of photos at Midnight, but the flash went off on the TV and messed everything up! we still had a great time and wished each other a Happy Traveling 2010!!! 

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At home, Richlands, USA - 16th January 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Mom!!!
Not much going on here right now! Darcie had a operation so we have been taking care of her! Today we saw our other host Steve getting out his *Alphas* what are Alphas? They are one of his Marine uniforms.  Today he has to check into a new unit and when you check in you have to be wearing your Alphas.  We help him pin on all his ribbons and he explains what all of them are for!  We look proud in this photo with him!!


After he leaves we go in the kitchen for some Caramal Drizzle Coffee!  Darcie likes to put LOTS of sweet stuff in her Coffee so it tastes good!!  I tried the Hazelnut creamer and its yum!!


Next we see this round, lumpy thing.  It is called a Bean Bag and you can lay in it and watch TV.  As you can see Darcie is a HUGE Atlanta Braves fan!!! she tells us Baseball will be here in just a few months! Go Braves Go!!


Next we go over to the huge movie selection.  We are going to start watching *Dexter* today!! This is one of Darcies favorite shows and she likes to buy the sets so she does not have to wait week after week to see what is next!  This is about a police officer named Dexter and it is filmed in Miami. Florida.  So far it is really cool!!


Next we all get under the covers and then we have to move Darcies Chihuahua, Sombrita, out of the way! Now we start watching the movie!!  hope you are having a nice weekend!!

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Super Bowl Sunday!, Richlands - 7th February 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi mom!!

Ciao! Today is Super Bowl Sunday!!! That means everyone in the USA will be gathered around the TV to watch the big football game.  We are having a super bowl party and we plan on eating lots of yummy snacks.  The two teams that are playing are the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints.  This will be the first time ever that the Saints have been to a Super Bowl.  We are excited to watch all the funny commercials.  Air time for a commercial during the game is 3 million dollars for a 30 second spot.  A new TV arrived yesterday.  Her name is Dottie Grace and she is a Giraffe from Australia.  Here are a few shots of us meeting her!!  I just got done eating a bowl of Lucky Charms.  Since I like to show off my new cooking skills, I am in charge of all the cooking for todays big game!!  I am off to the kitchen to get everything ready!



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Super Bowl Sunday!, USA - 7th February 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Mom!
Today was Super Bowl Sunday!!!  It is the NFL championship game.  Almost everyone in the USA gets together and eats lots of junk food and watches the game.  The first thing we do is get on the internet and go to a Las Vegas Bookie and place a bunch of bets.  We are going to try and win some money!!


After we place our bets, we head to the kitchen and pull out all our yummy food! We have mini Corn Dogs, Chicken Fajitas, Jalapeno Poppers,  Nachos, Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara sauce and ice cream.


Here we are with our yummy Nacho dip.  We made it with hot peppers and Velvetta cheese.  Pinito said the peppers reminded her of Costa Rica.


Here we are with all of our junk food! It is all cooked and the game is about to start.


We all fix our own plate and head off for the couch so we can eat and our hosts explain the Football game and tells us the commercials will be fantastic!!!


Here we are with the NFL official sign on the TV


Here we are watching the game and cheering on the Saints!!


Here we are watching the teams line up and ready to charge and try and get a touchdown.


This is the Super Bowl logo!!


The Saints win the game!!! This is the first time EVER they have been to the Super Bowl!!


The end score!!! Go Saints!!


We had a fantastic night!!! hope you are doing well!!

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Richlands, North Carolina, USA - 13th February 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Last night my host turned on the news and showed us that a big snow storm was coming!!!  Snow is very rare in this part of the state! It started snowing around 8pm and when we woke up the next day it had snowed 8 inches!!  Here we are looking out into the backyard.  The snow is just beautiful and my host wishes it would never melt!!


We all go out in the front yard and crawl into the show for a photo!!


Next we go over and pose by the rose bushes.  The snow was sooo cold!


Next we all decide to pick teams and have a snowball fight!!!!


Who do you think is going to win?? we have fun throwing them back and forth in the yard all morning long!


This was my first time seeing the snow and tonight it is going to drop down to freezing level so we can have a bit more fun tommorro!!


Hope you enjoyed the snow update!!!

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Richlands, NC, USA - 25th February 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

I have just found out that I am going to go to Michigan! I have had such a good time here in North Carolina and will miss my hosts.  I got to cook a lot while I was here and have a bunch of new recipes to bring back to you Mom!!  I say goodbye to everyone and pack my bags and head off to the airport!!!  I will update when I land in Detroit :)


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Detroit, USA - 27th February 2010

By: MsMarvel

Hi mom!!

I arrived in Detroit Safely! :)  My flight was great, but I am a bit tired.  I'm excited to experience all the new, fun and cool things i'll be doing in Michigan!


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Ann Arbor, USA - 24th March 2010

By: MsMarvel

Today we visited Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Home to the University of Michigan.  It was lots of fun!! So many college students!  We went to Briarwood Mall and visited many stores. 

We had a wonderful lunch at NYPD (New York Pizza Depot).  It was delicious!  :D  I had an eggplant parmesian panini!  Yum!

After lunch we walked around looked at MANY shops and took photos outside of the Michigan Theatre and State Theatre.

ann arbor6.jpg
ann arbor1.jpg
ann arbor3.jpg

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Greektown (Detroit), USA - 27th March 2010

By: MsMarvel

Today we took a trip to downtown Detroit to go to Greektown. Greektown was pretty cool!  It's a whole street of Greek Restaurants, Bakeries and Shops. There's also Greektown Casino.

We spent some time in the casino.

We had an amazing dinner at Pegasus Taverna.  We had Greek Salad, Saganaki Opa, and Pastitsio. Yumm!!  The Opa was so cool!! The guy Yelled Opa and set the cheese on fire!  He used lemon juice to make it go out.  What rich cheese!!  Pastitsio was noodles, cheese, mint and many other ingredients with bachamel sauce.  Very good and filling!

After our delicious dinner we went to the bakery across the street called Astoria.  We had lots of fun looking around at all the rich and sweet cakes, cookies, and other baked goods.  They were all so colorful!!  I espcially loved looking at the cakes and how they were decorated!  :D 

It's been a long day and we had a lovely dinner!  Time to get some rest! :)


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Pita Cafe Oak Park, MI, USA - 28th August 2011

By: MsMarvel

Today we had to say goodbye to Amy and Bentley and they threw Sunny and I a going away dinner party at Pita Cafe.  The food was absolutely delicious middle eastern food. 

Earlier on in the day we got to take a trip downtown and take a photo in front of the General Motors Building (The GM Building formerly known as the Detroit Renaissance Center).  The world headquarters for General Motors.

We will now be on our way to GermanY!!


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Essen, Germany - 25th September 2011

By: BlackCat


we arrived at BlackCats home yesterday.

I hope we'll have a lot of fun!




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