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Receive a card from my Mum at each place, that I visit.

Visit 5 different town halls.

Teach each of my hosts how beautiful Hamburg is.

Meet another Bear ToyVoyager.

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Travelog for: Michel

Gloucester Cathedral, England - 9th August 2011

By: Gizalba

The final instalment of our mini break...

In my last update we were just about to get the bus from Cheltenham to Gloucester city centre. Here I am on the bus :) When we arrived we were glad we'd made the journey. The cathedral is so beautiful and calming. We were even allowed to take some pictures inside and it wasn't really dark like some cathedrals. We were messing about around the walls when a man went past saying 'what a good idea to take your teddies with you on a day out!' He didn't stop long enough for us to explain that we weren't any old teddies - we were teddies travelling the world! :p Ah well.

We managed to get some pictures in the centre grassed bit of the cathedral, just before the camera's battery died and signalled it was time to travel back to our host's home! We had lots of fun mum :)

Added trivia found online (My host likes visiting places where bits of the Harry Potter movies were filmed ;) )

Gloucester Cathedral - Gloucester (Hogwarts School, Corridors)
The cathedrals magnificent cloisters were used as the the corridors of Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone' and 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' and were the setting for ghost scenes. The talking pictures in the Sorcerer' stone, and the overflowing bathrooms in the Chamber of Secrets were also filmed here.

Gloucester 086.JPG
Gloucester 090.JPG
Gloucester 096.JPG
Gloucester 104.JPG
Gloucester 107.JPG
Gloucester 108.JPG
Gloucester 109.JPG
Gloucester 115.JPG
Gloucester 116.JPG
Gloucester 117.JPG
Gloucester 125.JPG
Gloucester 128.JPG

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Birchwood and Croft, England - 15th August 2011

By: Gizalba

On our walk back from the library where my host had been studying, we went along a bridge. There wasn't much else to see on the walk apart from the Free-range chicken farm near to my host's house. I don't think we were meant to be on the land so we zoomed in a bit.

The next photo is us inspecting the exciting looking sequin glitter glue I was using to make mum's birthday banner - the others helped too though! ;)

birthday 005.JPG
birthday 021.JPG
birthday 015.JPG
birthday 039.JPG
birthday 045.JPG

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Host's Home, England - 21st August 2011

By: Gizalba

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!!! :D A little bird (not Buzz ;)) told me that you were having a party - I hope you had a great time!

Pengy,  Buzz and Edelweiss helped me make the banner below so they wanted a photo with them in too :) And I have included some pics we took of me and the postcard we sent. Do you recognise the bear on the card?! B) I think the head is a slightly different shape to mine but ah well.

birthday 043.JPG
birthday 050.JPG
birthday 027.JPG
birthday 031.JPG

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Durham, England - 25th August 2011

By: Gizalba

My host travelled to Durham for a meeting about her education, so us toys went along too. We had fun taking pictures from the back of the car :D I managed to get a photo of some windmills mum, before they flashed past! I don't know if you can spot them as they look small on the picture, but I liked them very much :) We're not sure what the landscape was that we passed, on the map it looks like we skimmed the top of the Yorkshire Dales.

We had a break to stretch our legs and met some sheep B) They wanted to talk to us I think but our host was wary about our safety.

When we reached our destination we didn't have much time to investigate as the journey is a long way to go there and back in a day. But we just about had time to walk along the river a bit and saw the cathedral in the distance. Since Edelweiss had seen it before she described to the rest of us what it looked like close up  We had parked in my host's college grounds which is on a hill next to the river Wear, so we had a quick look around there too.

(Sorry the pictures are a bit out of order towards the end!)

Durham trip 002.JPG
Durham trip 012.JPG
Durham trip 015.JPG
Durham trip 016.JPG
Durham trip 018.JPG
Durham trip 027.JPG
Durham trip 029.JPG
Durham trip 031.JPG
Durham trip 032.JPG
Durham trip 039.JPG
Durham trip 043.JPG
Durham trip 049.JPG
Durham trip 055.JPG
Durham trip 059.JPG
Durham trip 060.JPG
Durham trip 067.JPG
Durham trip 071.JPG
Durham trip 076.JPG
Durham trip 077.JPG
Durham trip 087.JPG
Durham trip 097.JPG
Durham trip 023.JPG

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Liverpool , England - 9th September 2011

By: Gizalba

Hi Mum!

Today my host took us to a nearby city called Liverpool. We visited her favourite shop which is known as 'Quiggins'; it is full of gothic/retro/vintage/alternative clothing and objects. Sorry the indoor pictures are blurry; it is rather dimly lit and we suspected a flash may not be allowed!

The next pictures are of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, just up the hill from Quiggins. We waited for a group of tourists to move so we could get a group shot undisturbed :) From the other side of the cathedral we zoomed and could just about view the top the Liver Building, which has two liver bird statues on top. This building is situated next to the Docks and River Mersey. We will hopefully go to see that side of Liverpool another day.

P.s. I got fluff on my nose again! :p I'm not quite sure why, whether it is due to the material of the bag we travel in... We are gonna try to stick to a plastic type bag from now on and see if that solves the problem.

Liverpool and Bine 020.JPG
Liverpool and Bine 014.JPG
Liverpool and Bine 010.JPG
Liverpool and Bine 011.JPG
Liverpool and Bine 012.JPG
Liverpool and Bine 026.JPG
Liverpool and Bine 038.JPG
Liverpool and Bine 039.JPG
Liverpool and Bine 046.JPG
Liverpool and Bine 061.JPG
Liverpool and Bine 063.JPG

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Pier Head & Albert Dock, Liverpool, England - 20th September 2011

By: Gizalba

Today we went back to Liverpool!  But when we got there we realised there was someone missing... :o Edelweiss! There was a moth whizzing around the other day and since Edel is made of wool she had crawled into her plastic bag with the cedar wood for safety. When my host scooped us all off the shelf in a rush this morning, Edel was still in her bag on the other shelf! :( So sad. But when we got back she said she'd had a nice rest, and was happy to see our photos :) 

It was a day of typical English whether; dull sky and the constant threat of rain. We made our way past St George's Hall (the one with all the collumns) and through St John's gardens. These are part of the Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City UNESCO world heritage site (gosh what a mouth full!), along with Pier Head and Albert Dock which we are making our way towards.

We reached Pier Head where the Royal Liver Building is. This is the main landmark in Liverpool and according to legend if the birds on top fly away, the city will no longer exist :stare: This is the building that I saw in the distance the other day when we visited the cathedral.

We wandered along a bit more to reach Albert Dock, where The Beatles music band museum is. THEN... we saw the Yellow Duck Marine! :D It is a site-seeing bus/boat created due to The Beatles 'Yellow submarine' song. It tours the main sights on land, then splashes into the river and turns into a boat. We heard the driver saying in a strong scouse accent 'The louder you scream, the bigger the splash!' LOL. Buzz, Michel, Pengy and I started singing 'we all live in a yellow submarine... a yellow submarine... a yellow submarine...' Because we're cool B) We got so carried away singing we didn't get the big splash on camera, but I managed to snap a photo of it sailing away just before it disappeared from site.

We also spotted some Superlambanana decendants :p The original one was much bigger and bright yellow, as you would imagine a bannana would be ;) It was created for Liverpool due to its history of bananas and lambs being common cargo at the docks, and also to make a point about the dangers of genetic engineering. In 2008 125 small replicas were made, with lots of different designs and scattered throughout the city. The superlambananas you can see me with are part of a collection of 8 new ones which arrived in 2010.

LIverpool 009.JPG
LIverpool 010.JPG
LIverpool 011.JPG
LIverpool 022.JPG
LIverpool 024.JPG
LIverpool 026.JPG
LIverpool 027.JPG
LIverpool 028.JPG
LIverpool 029.JPG
LIverpool 030.JPG
LIverpool 035.JPG
LIverpool 036.JPG
LIverpool 041.JPG
LIverpool 043.JPG
LIverpool 051.JPG
LIverpool 056.JPG
LIverpool 059.JPG
LIverpool 062.JPG
LIverpool 063.JPG

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Croft, Warrington, England - 28th September 2011

By: Gizalba

Hello Mum! Today I jetted off to the USA! But before I went I organised these pictures that I wanted to show you.

The first are of BineHH's arrival, a relative of mine :D She jumped up to give me a hug which took me by surprise a bit and the other TVs laughed. But we are good friends :) She had brought with her a wonderful card from her previous host, with cool drawings on!

The next are of Pinky Bear's arrival. On this day two other toys joined us, having just come from the charity shop. They are going to become toy voyagers soon! They don't have names yet, but I got on really well with the monkey. She is similar to my size, so we felt on the same 'level' ;)

Finally, it was time for me to jump into my envelope. It was sad to leave, and particularly sad to say goodbye to BineHH, but I am comfy and looking forward to my next adventure!

See you when I get there Mum :)
Love Michel

P.s. Oh, when I left another bear appeared on the scene, who had been sitting in the hall for months because someone in this house didn't want him :( My host rescued him and said he could take my place as 'Guardian bear of the TV visitors'  :p

Liverpool and Bine 070.JPG
Liverpool and Bine 075.JPG
Liverpool and Bine 077.JPG
Liverpool and Bine 080.JPG
Liverpool and Bine 086.JPG
Pinky Bear 013.JPG
Pinky Bear 063.JPG
Cheadle 001.JPG
Cheadle 002.JPG
Cheadle 004.JPG
Cheadle 003.JPG

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Santa Paula, California, USA - 10th October 2011

By: vyl87


Today I arrived in Santa Paula California. I am excited to start a new adventure here and see what this place has. I just wanted to let you know that we are currently having internet problems at my hosts house so a friend let us use her computer today to let you know I have made it safely.

We walked around town today looking at statues and murals, but I will have to upload those pictures tomorrow and I am limited on time here on this computer.

I do have time to upload one picture of me and my host walking to where I will be staying from the post office where she picked me up today. She seems like a really nice girl and says she loves bears, so I know I will be treated right here. She says there are many bears at  home for me to meet along with 2 other TVs that are currently staying with her at this time.

Til tomorrow.

♥ Michel


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ventura, Ca, usa - 18th October 2011

By: vyl87

Today was a fun day. We went to the pumpkin patch to pick out some nice pumpkins. We saw many different kinds of pumpkins, corn, and gourd. We also saw a few animals there. It was quite windy so we didn't stay too long.

We got a picture with the scare crow. He seemed nice. We wanted a tractor ride but there was no rides today.

The goats were friendly and let me get a picture with them. I guess they were too busy eating to notice a picture was being taken.

I also saw three big pumpkins that were already carved. I think they were monsters. They were to advertise the pumpkin carving classes. I think that would be fun, but really messy.

We left without a pumpkin. Didn't find one we liked. We will try a different place later.

Hope you are well.


2011-10-18 16.07.14-1.jpg
2011-10-18 16.06.14-1.jpg
2011-10-18 16.06.51-1.jpg
2011-10-18 16.08.10-1.jpg
2011-10-18 16.08.54-1.jpg
2011-10-18 16.09.27-1.jpg
2011-10-18 16.10.38-1.jpg
2011-10-18 16.12.17-1.jpg
2011-10-18 16.14.17-1.jpg
2011-10-18 16.31.30-1.jpg
2011-10-18 16.36.13-1.jpg
2011-10-18 16.38.32-1.jpg
2011-10-18 16.41.00-1.jpg
2011-10-18 16.44.44-1.jpg
2011-10-18 16.46.14-1.jpg
2011-10-18 16.42.04-1.jpg

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Santa Paula Ca, usa - 31st October 2011

By: vyl87

Today is Halloween and we decided to come get a few pictures with the tombstones and headstones. We wanted to come at night but this cemetery closes once it gets dark.  We had a good time looking at the stones. Some were really old and were a bit hard to read. We enjoyed being here. It was quiet and peaceful. We even stopped by to see my hosts grandmothers headstone. As I was walking along I fell into a hole. It was a bit scary, but my host helped my out. I'm glad we didn't see any ghosts while we were here.

2012-04-06 12.00.52-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.01.07-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.01.34-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.02.03-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.02.27-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.03.05-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.03.25-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.04.00-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.04.18-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.05.00-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.05.20-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.05.47-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.06.06-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.06.26-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.06.59-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.07.41-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.08.29-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.09.20-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.10.13-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.11.25-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.11.41-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.12.22-1.jpg
2012-04-06 12.18.00-1.jpg

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126 E/ I5 N California, usa - 19th November 2011

By: vyl87


I hope you are well. Today we decided to go for a drive. We took the 126 freeway East to Interstate 5 North. We didn't really have a place that we were going to. Ut was just to have a nice drive and enjoy the scenery. We saw many pastures and a few animals. It was a bit cold and foggy in some areas as we kept going north. Good thing we were able to keep warm in the car.

Having a good time,

2011-11-19 13.32.18-1.jpg
2011-11-19 13.28.04-1.jpg
2011-11-19 13.27.56-1.jpg
2011-11-19 14.18.14-1.jpg
2011-11-19 14.14.23-1.jpg
2011-11-19 14.11.17-1.jpg
2011-11-19 13.52.32-1.jpg
2011-11-19 13.47.43-1.jpg
2011-11-19 13.44.06-1.jpg
2011-11-19 13.41.58-1.jpg
2011-11-19 13.38.45-1.jpg

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santa Paula, ca, usa - 8th December 2011

By: vyl87

Today we started working on the christmas lights. My host used her phone to take pictures so I was able to upload some pictures and make an update. I am doing great and was told next week will be going to the oil museum.

First we had to get all the christmas lights out of the storage shed. After we did that we had to plug them in and make sure they all still lit up.

We got few new lights this year. We put up few and will finish the rest tomorrow. Then I will get a chance to get a picture at night with them all lit.

Til later,

2011-12-08 14.36.58-1.jpg
2011-12-08 14.37.49-1.jpg
2011-12-08 14.48.10-1.jpg
2011-12-08 14.47.41-1.jpg
2011-12-08 14.46.15-1.jpg
2011-12-08 14.44.44-1.jpg
2011-12-08 14.38.16-1.jpg
2011-12-08 14.42.45-1.jpg
2011-12-08 14.43.29-1.jpg
2011-12-08 14.43.06-1.jpg
2011-12-08 14.44.14-1.jpg

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santa paula, california, usa - 10th December 2011

By: vyl87

Here is a quick picture of me and what the Christmas lights look like at night. We are heading out to do some Christmas shopping. It is a bit cold out , but its not too bad.

2011-12-24 19.17.53-1.jpg

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Santa Paula Ca, USA - 25th December 2011

By: vyl87

Today is Christmas. It is a bit cold out, but I'm told its not as cold as other years. We had Posole and Spaghetti for dinner. It was hot and very tasty. I helped boil milk for some hot chocolate. It was also hot and tasty. All the gifts this year were just for the kids. It was a nice family time. I enjoyed watching them open their gifts and seeing the joy in their faces.

Happy Holidays!

2011-12-24 19.13.29.jpg
2011-12-24 19.13.39.jpg
2011-12-24 19.14.39.jpg
2011-12-24 19.14.53.jpg
2011-12-24 19.17.53-1.jpg
2011-12-24 19.27.57.jpg
2011-12-24 19.28.25.jpg
2011-12-24 19.37.05.jpg
2011-12-24 20.38.57.jpg
2011-12-24 20.39.18.jpg
2011-12-24 20.39.47.jpg
2011-12-24 20.40.03.jpg
2011-12-24 20.40.22.jpg
2011-12-24 20.44.28.jpg
2011-12-24 20.47.34.jpg
2011-12-24 20.49.43.jpg
2011-12-24 20.53.22.jpg
2011-12-24 20.53.42.jpg

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santa Paula, ca, usa - 30th December 2011

By: vyl87

Today i made a few new friends. I will only have a few more days to get to know them because i will be on my way to Germany at the start of the new year. I told them about the how i came to visit here and they think it is a wonderful idea. They would to travel and see the world as well.

2011-12-30 19.16.18-1.jpg

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