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Travelog for: Mr. Scared

Basel, Switzerland - 26th September 2009

By: s_unn_y

Hi, I'm Mr. Scared, I'm still here at home in Basel, in Switzerland.

I would like to do many things in my life, but my problem is I'm scared of everything. That's why I'm joining ToyVoyagers, because I hope you all will help me overcome my anxiety and my fears step by step!

Today I went to the park, I like that, because I feel safe on the ground. I feel safe feeling the sun on my skin, warming me, protecting me.

But tomorrow my first journey will begin. I will fly with my family to Ibiza in Spain. I'm so excited, but I'm also scared, because it will be my first time flying! But I hope I will overcome my fear of flying by doing it.


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San Antonio, Ibiza, Spain - 27th September 2009

By: s_unn_y

Today we travelled to Ibiza!  B)

We first had to drive with the train to Stuttgart in Germany to catch the flight there. But there was an accident and the trains had over 2 hours delay, so we missed the flight!  :(  We were really annoyed! :mad:
Then we had to go to Hamburg in Germany to catch another flight! I was so scared during the flight! But I'm proud of myself that I made it!  :D
We arrived late at night at the hotel. It was a hard day so we went straight to bed. 


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San Antonio, Ibiza, Spain - 29th September 2009

By: s_unn_y

Yesterday it rained all day so we didn't do much :(

But today the sun was shining again! It was really warm! So we went discovering the island! It's really beautiful!  :D

To see if I had really lost my fear of heights thanks of the flight, I climbed a palm tree!  :D And ok I admit, my knees trembled a bit, but I think I'm almost healed!! Hurray!  :D


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Basel, Switzerland - 6th October 2009

By: s_unn_y

Now I'm back home and I'm looking for my first host! Anyone interested in starting my adventure??  :D

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Florida, USA - 7th October 2009

By: s_unn_y

Hurray I've found a host! I'm going to the sunny State Florida in the U.S. to visit Ethan! I'm so excited! :D But it will be a long journey to get there... Will tell you more, when I'm arrived!  B)

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Florida, USA - 20th November 2009

By: mustang girl

I am visiting Ethan & his Family in the US-They have lots of cats -but I am NOT AFRAID of cats ;)-another Toy Voyager is also visiting them. we have been to 2 rock concerts :stare:-A Fall festival & I have visited 5 US States already. I got to ride in their cool red Mustang B) & go to a Pet Adoptathon for homeless cats & Kittens

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Florida, USA - 2nd January 2010

By: mustang girl

I have been so busy having adventures,I stayed longer in the US -than I planned-I have been to a rock concert,traveled to Ethan's Grandparents & enjoyed a American Christmas,but I am leaving tommorow to go back to Basil,I spent lots of time with Ethan's kittens -they really liked me ,but I am happy to be going home

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Basel, Switzerland - 12th January 2010

By: s_unn_y

I arrived back home! I had a great time in Florida!  B)  It was my first Christmas abroad. With me I brought a lot of pictures to remember my little adventures... I lost my fear of cats! Take a look at the pictures! 

mr scared 003kl.jpg
mr scared 004.jpg
Ethan1223 009kl.jpg
nov09 008kl.jpg
2009 709kl.jpg

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Basel, Switzerland - 14th January 2010

By: s_unn_y

Tomorrow I'm going to start my journey to Germany to visit my next host!  :D  There I may lose my fear of dogs...

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Essen, Germany - 28th January 2010

By: pepsimaja


I´m in Großefehn in East Frisia now. It´s a beautiful area in Germany, close to the North Sea. There are 13.000 habitants, not so much.  ;) My family said I am the first travelling toy that visits them. And they are very happy about!

They have got a cuddly little dog and I´m not scared anymore about dogs.  :D The dog is very nice and we have made some photos that will come later here.

The family where I am is very lovely and I´m always with them. Last weekend we have been to Essen, a city about 250 km far away. There my family had to visit a birthday party of a family member. Here you can see a photo of the trip. Now I´m not scared anymore about fast car driving.  :p Unfortunately in Essen they had some problems, so we couldn´t start a sight seeing tour.

Today in the evening we will go to a show of the Shaolin monks. I´m a little bit scared, because I´ve never seen a monk before. And my family told me they will fight. Buhuhuhuuuu, I hope it will be interesting and safe!  :(

Okay, friends, I will sleep a little bit, because of the upcoming event.  ;)

Your´s Mr. Scared now in Germany


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Grossefehn, Germany - 30th January 2010

By: pepsimaja

Hello again

I have had so many experiences the last days, I think I´m a little scary hero now.  ;)

Here is my new friend: Benji the Bolognese dog. I love him very much, he´s so silky. I love to sleep in his coat.  :p  Maybe in the future I will meet a bigger dog. I have seen a big one in Essen, but I have been sooo scared, I climbed on the head of my host mother.  B)

Two days ago we have been in Emden, a city 30 km far away from here. There we visited a show of the Shaolin monks. Wow, it was soooo wonderful. I have never seen such a show before. They are so audacious! I wish I were like them, I´m very crazy about this monks.  :rolleyes: But at first I have been scared that I can not see the show. Because the seat was sooo big, and I sat so deep. But host mummy sat me on the backrest in the beginning of the show.  :p

Today we made a meeting in the living room with the Guinea- Pigs Lolly and Blacky. The first minutes I have been very, very scared about this animals. But they have been extremely honest, so I adapted to them fast. Now they are also my friends.

Wow, here´s a lot of fun. Next week my family will show me the village´s landmark, a windmill. I´m scared, because they told me about the big wings the windmill should have. Though host mummy will take care of me, I´m sure.  ;)

Bye my friends

Your´s Mr. Scared


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Emden, Germany - 1st February 2010

By: pepsimaja

Today I have had a trip to nice little towns.

Early in the morning we started to Leer. My host mother and my host brother wanted to go for shopping.

I made some exciting experiences.

I sat on a tea pot from a statue. It was very scary in the beginning.  :cyclops: In the background on the right side you can see the Bünting tea museum. Tea is be drunken every day in this area here. Every East Frisian drinks a lot of tea every year!

On the second picture you can see a typical little street in the historic center of Leer. There were nice little houses.  B)

At the third photo I´m on a bridge in Leer and you can see the city and the Ems river behind me. I was scared to fall down, but I have been calm down when I saw that the river was completely frozen and covered with snow.  :p  A few minutes later the snow felt again, on my head also. It was very funny to feel this cold powder on me.  :D

I´ve found some new friends.  B) They look a little bit frightening, but they only wanted to get some food, especially bread. They call ducks. And they are not much bigger than me, hahahahaha.

Then I have had the biggest experience of my little life! They brought me into a train. Because my host family wanted to travel to another city, called Emden. Buhuuuuu, I cried a lot and wanted to sit on the lap of someone when train left the station.

Then you can see a picture of me in front of the town hall of Emden. There is a carillon outside. Very nice! And on this street we have seen a bad accident later the day. Two cars crashed, I was crying of fear!

In Emden is also "dat Otto Huus", which means "the Otto house". Otto is a very, very famous comedian in Germany and he was born in Emden. At first I have been very scared about the elephant, that looked at me all the time. But it´s only a funny elephant, drawn by Otto and also very famous. It´s name is "Ottifant" from OTTo and eleFANT.  :D
The doll is a little sculpture of Otto, hahahaha. Maybe someone knows him?

In the evening I was really tired and slept very early!!!  :rolleyes:


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Grossefehn, Germany - 2nd February 2010

By: pepsimaja

Today we have a had soooo much of the cold powder, the human call it snow.

And then my host family built a snow man and they called him "Mr. Gemüsemann" which means "Mr. vegetable man". Because his nose was a carrot, his ears from red pepper and his knobs from tangerines.  :p

They sat me on the shoulder of Mr. Gemüsemann. It was very scary, but Mr. Gemüsemann was a lovely man. Built from cold snow but he has had a warm heart!!! He´s also one of my new friends!!!


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