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Travelog for: Marshall

Prague, Czech republic - 23rd September 2009

By: misagan

My name is Marshall and I am a wolf in sheep's clothing. My hobby is to scare little sheep. This is much fun! Anyway I have other hobbies too. I am interested in people's jobs and what they do for living, I want my hosts to show me everything interesting in their surroundings. If you want to host me, please send a pm to my mentor misagan.

My travel plan so far:
Carolyn - California, USA
RikeH - Germany

And this is me:


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Prague, Czech republic - 24th September 2009

By: misagan

Today I am leaving Misa and I am flying to United States! I can't wait!

See you soon,

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San Diego, California, United States of America - 3rd October 2009

By: Carolyn

Dear Misagan... I'm here!  In San Diego, California. I just met Carolyn and 2 of her daughters, Phoebe and Naomi.  What a trip!

They took me outside and gave me a snack.  It's a very nice place! :D

the girls with Marshall.jpg
milk and cookies.jpg

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Long Beach, United States of America - 4th October 2009

By: Carolyn

Hello again,
We went on our first trip out!  We went up to the Long Beach Comic Book Convention right by Los Angeles!  The first picture is of me arriving.  Then we went in and met Seth Green... He's not a real werewolf but he played one on TV (in Buffy The Vampire Slayer!).
Then there are many photos with me and my hosts posing with R2D2 from Star Wars, the Predator from the comic and movie series, and some other strange characters.  After all that Carolyn brought me to meet her friend Ben Glendenning who drew my portrait on a turtle!!!  What a day! 


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San Diego, CA, USA - 5th October 2009

By: Jones6

I had a wonderful day visiting Phoebe's second grade class.  I made lots of new friends!  I really liked reading stories, going to the computer lab and sliding down the slide at recess.  I am hoping that she brings me back to school tomorrow so I can work on one of my life's mission.


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San Diego, California, United States of America - 10th October 2009

By: Carolyn

Sorry it's been a few days.  I've spent most of the week at Phoebe's class and started on one of my Life Missions!  I was learning about different fairy tales with wolves in them.  So many stories.
Any way today I went out into the city with Carolyn and her family.  First we went and decorated some pumpkins for Halloween (a big holiday that is coming at the end of the month!). Then we saw a drum concert.  The group is called Naruwan Taiko, and they do an interesting kind of Japanese drumming. It was so great and exciting! At the end we even got to see the drums and play them. :D
Today was fun!


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San Diego, California, United States of America - 15th October 2009

By: Carolyn

Hi again,
Today I went to Namoi's kindergarten class.  She has many nice friends and a very nice teacher, named Mrs Pincus. 
After I met everyone, there was a very scary "Earthquake Drill". :cyclops: 
Which means that we practice what to do in case of earthquakes (I guess there are lots of them around here!)  Anyway Naomi and I hid underneath her desk for a while.  It was exciting at first, but then, like lots of things about school, it became pretty boring. ;)

I will have more pictures this weekend... I promise!
Love Marshall

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San Diego, California, United States of America - 18th October 2009

By: Carolyn

Hello Misa,
Today I worked on one of my life's missions by spending some time with Mike (Carolyn's husband) while he did his work.  He is a fantasy artist and here you can see him doing some quick touchups to one of his pieces. :D
Hope you are good, I'll write again tomorrow!!
love Marshall


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San Diego, California, United States of America - 18th October 2009

By: Carolyn

Hi... Today we went a a great hike near Carolyn's home.  It's gotten much hotter here since I first arrived, but this happens in a place like San Diego.


Here I am all ready to go. (We bring the parasol, as the sun is very intense here).


Just as we are leaving I met up with Carolyn's cat Isabella.  She is a Spanish speaking cat they adopted as a kitten in Argentina. She is very friendly.  You can read more here if you like. :)


This is the start of the path along the San Diego River.  It's a natural preserve in the middle of the city.


The tiny white dots on the water are really big white birds!


There were so-o many lizards running about, but they are scared of wolves like so many other are-so I couldn't get very close.


I know I'm hard to see in this picture, but I'm sitting on the wall next to Phoebe!


We were getting hot and tired so we rested for a bit.


Here we came to a little break in the path. Now we are heading back.


This is a nice mural.  I'm sitting next to a little tree!


After such a long hot walk, we decided to rest by the pool.
Whew! what a day!

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San Diego Museum of Art, United States of America - 20th October 2009

By: Carolyn

Hi Misa,
Today we went out to Balboa Park to the Art Museum. Balboa Park is a big park with many museums, The San Diego Zoo, and lots of other things to see, so I was very excited!


Here I am in the garden when we arrived!


This is outside the museum.


This is a great sculpture of a man wrestling a horse.


Aack!! And then he got me!!!  No- I was just kidding... I'm okay!


This is an interesting sculpture inside the front hall.  Then after this they said "No Flash Photography".


Here I am in the museum cafe in front of an interesting sculpture.


Here I am in the sculpture garden... No those buildings don't lean! Carolyn's camera has them crooked... That's the globe theater behind me.


On our way out we took this shot of the botanical building. Carolyn says we can go in next time.
Cheers! Marshall

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San Diego, California, United States of America - 23rd October 2009

By: Carolyn

Hi -guess what? Two more toy voyagers arrived today! First it was "Midnight Sneaky Puss" from Ohio, and then... "Yakety Sax"from British Columbia, Canada.  We're all so-o excited! :D


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Hazard Center, San Diego, Ca., United States of America - 25th October 2009

By: Carolyn

Hi! Today we all went out to "The Learning Store" to do some Halloween crafts, then we walked around a bit.  I saw an incredible shark, but he was more scared of me than I was of him.  Afterwards we bought Halloween costumes for Carolyn's daughters!  It was a busy afternoon! :D


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Central Library, Downtown San Diego, United States of America - 25th October 2009

By: Carolyn

Hello! Guess what?  Today I finished one of my life's missions!  I went to to the central library in downtown San Diego and read all about fairy tales with wolves in them.
I started this project with Phoebe's class at Jones Elementary.  We read "Little Red Riding Hood" , about a "big bad wolf".  Then with Carolyn, Naomi and Phoebe, we read "the Three Little Tamales" also about a "big bad wolf".  I was unhappy, because I am not so bad, so at the library I found some books I liked....

"The True Story of the Three Little Pigs" was my favorite!  It was about how those nasty little pigs set up the poor wolf and ruined his life.

"The Red Wolf"  was great.  About a little princess who turned herself into a wolf to be free of her overbearing father.

And "The Big Bad Wolf is Good" was also a good book about a wolf who's tired of his "Big and Bad" label and rescues a little duck.

The library was great! I can't wait to go back!


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Del Mar, California, United States of America - 29th October 2009

By: Carolyn

Hi again,
Yesterday we headed up to Del Mar for a workshop.  We decorated sugar skulls for "El Dia de los Muertos" (Day of the dead).  We start off with just a big skull made of molded sugar.  Then we decorated with icing and sparkles.  In Mexico they eat these, and I really want to, but Carolyn says they are just "decoration".... Oh Well.  Then we walked down through the city to the ocean. The Pacific Ocean sure is windy!... Such a nice day! :D


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San Diego, California, United States of America - 31st October 2009

By: Carolyn

Hi there!
We've been so busy with Halloween here.  We went trick-or-treating all over the city!  What fun, and look at all the candy!  Now that the girls are busy in school I'm going to eat it... bye! ;)


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