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Travelog for: Blinchick

Miami Beach, Florida, United States - 12th April 2010

By: tarepanda

As Thiele is visiting Miami for the first time, we decide to take her to Miami Beach.

First, we go to Lincoln Road.  It's a Pedestrian walkway with shops, restaurants and even performers and street vendors on weekends.


We have a bit of lunch sitting outdoors.


Then we go and visit the Botanical Garden.



This man looks like he has a bad hair day!


It is a beautiful garden with some interesting statues.


We help our host release a BookCrossing book at the garden.  Hope someone will pick it up!



One part is arranged as a Japanese garden. 






I listen to the whisper of the bamboo trees and feel very meditative.


Not far from the Botanical Garden is the Holocaust Memorial. 


As we walk around the pond, there are displays with photos about the Holocaust. 


The photos make me feel very heavy in my heart. 


We then walk through this tunnel.  The slits on the wall allow sunlight to enter in an interesting pattern.


At the end of the tunnel we see this monument.


The figures all look like they are suffering in great pain. 


This is a quotation from Anne Frank: "Then in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart."  When I learn from our host that Anne was a young girl who was killed in the war, I am so sad I want to cry.  I hope there will be no more war like this!


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Homestead, FL, United States - 13th April 2010

By: tarepanda

Today we go to the Knaus Berry Farm.  It's opened by some Quarkers and the place is only open during winter.  In the summer they return to Pennslyvania.  They are famous for their cinnamon buns and people will drive an hour to come get them.


They sell a lot of strawberries grown from their farm.  Usually strawberry season here is February but because of the cold winter we have them now:


There are other veggies too. 


Here are the cinnamon buns.  It's still early so there is not a line, but later it will extend outside the store.


Cinnamon buns, strawberry shake, and some veggies for dinner.  Yummy!  There is no table or chair so we eat in the trunk.


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Marathon Key, Florida, USA - 22nd May 2010

By: tarepanda

Today we go down to "The Keys"!!  Florida keys are a chain-like cluster of about 1700 islands in the southeast United States, beginning from 15 miles (24 km)south of Miami.  At the nearest point, the southern tip of Key West is just 94 miles (151 km) from Cuba.  The word "key" comes from the Spanish "Cayo", meaning small island.



Marathon is located among the "Middle Keys", about 2 hours from Miami.    We arrive at the beach.


We go there for the dragon boat festival.  Here are the atheletes getting ready!


Here they are loading up the boat.  The dragon boat is a long boat that seats two paddlers in 10 rows.  The watersport originate in China.


We wave them off with a good luck!


The beach is really beautiful!! I have been to the beach in Germany, and it's interesting how different the same ocean can look in different parts of the world!


It's kind of far out there but can you see the boats racing out on the water?


On the shore there are some vendors for food as well as arts and crafts.


After each heat, the racers come to check out their time at the score board.


What a beautiful day to be out on the Florida beach!!  I am feeling a bit sad that I will be leaving soon but my host tells me that my mommy has bought a ticket for my next flight!


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Marathon Key, Florida, USA - 23rd May 2010

By: tarepanda

Today we go to a hospital!  Don't worry mom, nobody got hurt.  But we are going to visit some sick sea turtles!  This is a very special hospital in the Florida Keys.  They take care of turtles that are sick.  Thy have a website http://www.turtlehospital.org/

Look, they even have a turtle ambulance!


We go to the visitor center first.


We read some information about sea turtles. 


These are the shells of the different species of sea turtles.  They are very large animals!!


We watch a slide show telling us more about sea turtles and why they end up at the hospital. 


This is the emergency room.  The lady is using a toy to show us what they do when a turtle is delivered to an emergency room.  Did you know that turtles are conscious breathers?  That means that while they are under anaesthesia an assistant has to stand by and pump oxygen into the turtle's lung at regular intervals so it won't suffocate.


They have equipment to take digital X Rays of the patients.  Digital is useful because the doctors are volunteers so they are not at the hospital all the time.  Now they can view the digital image from where they are and give diagnosis quickly.  These x rays show that the turtle has a fishing hook in the stomach!  Ouch, that must really hurt.


Next we walk over to visit the patients.  First we go to the ICU where each patient has his own room, er, pool.


We meet Kentucky.  She has been biten by a shark but is lucky enough to live to tell the tale!  (you can read more of her story at http://www.turtlehospital.org/blog/?m=201004)


Here you can see clearly the shark bites on her shell.  She is so excited to see us, I guess she never tires of retelling her adventure!


This turtle suffers the bubble butt syndrome.  This happens when a motor boat hits the turtle so hard that the shell is misshapened.  An air bubble forms inside the shell.  This is a problem as the turtle can no longer sink below water, meaning that he cannot find food or shelter from predators.  The doctors have not found a cure yet, but they put a weight on the shell so the turtle can sink below the surface.  However, as the turtle grow, the old plates on the shell fall off, so the weight is not a permanent solution.  The turtles will thus have to spend the rest of their lives in the sanctuary.


Here is another turtle recuperating.  You can see that on her flippers there are some scars.  She has tumor but it has been removed.


This is Romeo.  He's a baby but sadly has lost a flipper already!! 


This is Joe.  He was born without one flipper then got another one bitten off by a predator.  But we are told that Joe seems to swim around pretty well with just two flippers so they may release him into the wild.



Isn't he a beautiful turtle?


Besides the individual Intensive Care Units, there are two big pools.  It used to be a swimming pool of a hotel.  The pool gets water from the sea outside.  Here lives the turtles who are soon to be released back to the wild as well as those permanent residents.


Here you can see the weight attached to the turtle's back to keep him from floating all the time.


We are given some pellets to feed the turtles.  My host cannot manage holding the feed and us and the camera (she needs another flipper -- I mean hand) so there is no picture.  She says she doesn't want to feed us to the turtles by mistake. 

I am really glad to vist the hospital.  It's nice knowing that the injured turtles are well cared for.  We hope that all the sea turtles will recover soon.  We also hope that humans will stop throwing garbage into the sea, respect slow boat zone, so that the turtles will have a easier life. 


We save the band for souvenir. 


Afterwards we have lunch.  We sit outside so we can enjoy the breeze and the view.



We have a fish rueben and a basket of fish and chips.  Delicious!!


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Milano, Italia - 5th July 2010

By: annix

Hi mum,
I'm arrived in Italy! My host has just opened the envelope and she says I'm so cute!
It's quite hot here and my host shows me the balcony and some flower, she says there are a lot of TV here... I just can't wait to meet them all!

blin 1.jpg
blin 4.jpg
blin 6.jpg
blin 2.jpg
blin 3.jpg
blin 5.jpg

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Milano, Italia - 19th July 2010

By: annix

Hi mum,
it is still quite hot here so I've decided to undress. Today I'm relaxing on my deck chair, nothing is better than an ice cream and a bath to get fresh!

blin 7.jpg
blin 8.jpg
blin 9.jpg
blin 10.jpg
blin 11.jpg

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Milano, Italia - 30th July 2010

By: annix

Hi mom!
Thank you so much for your postcard, my host and I were so glad to find it in our mailbox!

blin 12.jpg

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Milano, Italia - 5th August 2010

By: annix

Hi mum,
I'm walking in a wide park close to where I'm living with my host, I took a photo with the other TV that are here with me: Barnardo, Baabaa, Nathalie and King Tut!

blin 13.jpg
blin 14.jpg
blin 15.jpg
blin 16.jpg

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Bellano, Italia - 10th August 2010

By: annix

Hi mum,
today I'm in a frightening place, it's a natural gorde formed by glacial waters. There are waterfalls and caves...I'm a bit worried!
I'm very close to the Lake of Como and I can't wait to see it too!

Blin 12.jpg
Blin 13.jpg
Blin 14.jpg
Blin 15.jpg
Blin 16.jpg
Blin 17.jpg
Blin 18.jpg
Blin 19.jpg

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Bellano, Italia - 11th August 2010

By: annix

Hi mummy,
here is the Lake of Como! Today it was supposed to rain but it's sunny.

Blin 20.jpg
Blin 21.jpg
Blin 22.jpg
Blin 23.jpg

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Varenna, Italia - 12th August 2010

By: annix

Hi mum,
I'm drinking an Italian cappuccino in Varenna, which is another place on the Lake of Como...soon I'll go to the seaside!

Blin 24.jpg
Blin 25.jpg

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Milano, Italia - 13th August 2010

By: annix

Hi mum,
it's time to go to the seaside, my friends and I are so impatient to leave!

Blin 30.jpg

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Loano, Italia - 17th August 2010

By: annix

Hi mum,
I'm in the region called Liguria, which is placed in the north-west of Italy. I'm in a town called Loano. My hotel looks nice, especially the swimming pool!

Blin 31.jpg
Blin 32.jpg
Blin 33.jpg
Blin 35.jpg
Blin 36.jpg

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Loano, Italia - 19th August 2010

By: annix

Hi mum,
today I'm to the beach. There are a lot of people here, early this morning it was cloudy but now the sun has arrived!

Blin 36.jpg
Blin 37.jpg
Blin 38.jpg
Blin 39.jpg
Blin 40.jpg

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Loano, ItaliaHi mum, - 25th August 2010

By: annix

Hi mum,
while I'm in Italy I couldn't miss a pizza and since I'm at the seaside I wanted to eat a "seafood pizza".
Then I went for a walk on the seafront till it was late in the evening...my host said it was time to go bed!

Blin 41.jpg
Blin 42.jpg
Blin 43.jpg
Blin 44.jpg
Blin 45.jpg

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