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Travelog for: Fibro Duck

Honiton. Devon, UK - 6th December 2009

By: drakie

Fibro-Duck is getting excited, he is going to Canada tomorrow to see Renoir - he should have gone about days ago but his owner forgot to post him.  so tomorrow he is on his way, lets hope he gets there before Santa does.....  so his first journey to have fun and to give people an understanding and be aware of Fibromyalgia.  But he wants to travel and see lots of  beautiful places and nice people....  cannot wait.

Here is me in my mummy`s  tree...


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Honiton. Devon, UK - 6th December 2009

By: drakie

Fibro-Duck is getting excited, he is going to Canada tomorrow to see Renoir - he should have gone about days ago but his owner forgot to post him.  so tomorrow he is on his way, lets hope he gets there before Santa does.....  so his first journey to have fun and to give people an understanding and be aware of Fibromyalgia.  But he wants to travel and see lots of  beautiful places and nice people....  cannot wait.

Here is me in my mummy`s  tree...


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Bedford Nova Scotia, Canada - 24th December 2009

By: Rennire


I have arrived in Canada at last! And just in time for Christmas too!
I was greeted by another TV, it's Ferda from Czech Republic.


I told Ferda all about where I was from and I also shared information about the illness Fibromyalgia with him.


It was snowing outside when I arrived so we went out to see it!



I am glad that no one had to do any driving!


Even though it was dark already Ferda and I decided to play in she snow a little.


Look what we made!


We were tired from building the snowman so we rested a while and just watched the snow.


It was getting cold so I went inside and met my host's dog KayLei.


Ren remembered that she had one last Christmas present to wrap. Of course we helped!




After that all we had to do was let Santa know what we wanted for Christmas...


...And leave out some cookies and milk for him! (Plus a carrot for the reindeer!)


Goodnight and Happy Holidays!

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Bedford Nova Scotia, Canada - 25th December 2009

By: Rennire

It's Christmas!


Guess what? All of the treats were gone!


And there were presents everywhere!




And very full stockings!


Ferda and I climbed up on the fire place and then played hide and seek in the Christmas tree!


Can you see us?


How about now?


While we were exploring we found a snow man and a candy dish! We spent most of the day talking to him and eating candy! Yum!


I hope that you had a great Holiday too!

-Fibro Duck

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Swiss Air Memorial, Canada - 1st January 2010

By: Rennire

Happy New Year!

Today I went sightseeing with some of my host's relatives who are visiting too.

I got my first glimpse of the ocean from here! So pretty!


We arrived at our first stop, the Swiss Air 111 memorial. It is to remember an air plane that crashed into the ocean here in 1998.


The memorial is made out of two big stones.





It's so sad that not all travelers make it to their destinations safely. I had a moment of silence for the passengers and then it was time to move on.



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Peggy's Cove , Canada - 1st January 2010

By: Rennire

Hello Again!

After we were finished at the memorial we drove to a small fishing village called Peggy's Cove.


It is famous for being so beautiful. Usually it is very foggy here but today it was nice and sunny.


It was very windy though and the waves were big!


What Peggy's Cove is most famous for though is it's lighthouse! And here it is!



I spent some time sunning on the rocks here and then we came home. I can't wait to see where I go next!

Bye for now,


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Bedford N.S., Canada - 11th January 2010

By: Rennire

Today I went for a walk around the neighbourhood!


I had lots of fun playing on these snow banks. It has snowed a lot here lately!


Eventually I came to the look out point.  Below me you can see the Bedford Basin.


I was curious so later I went right down to the water to get a better look.


In the background you can see two big toll bridges that connect the cities of Halifax and Dartmouth. Beyond those bridges is the Atlantic ocean.


There were lots of birds around but I was the only duck! The rest were seagulls and crows! Oh well I still enjoyed meeting them!


Bye for now!


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Titanic Cemetery , Canada - 12th January 2010

By: Rennire


Today I went into Halifax to see an interesting graveyard.


It is special because it is where a lot of victims of the Titanic are buried.



Ren told me that in the summer time this is a very busy tourist place with lots of guides telling stories but there was no one else around today! Here it is:


Most of the stones are very simple, and lots of them do not have names.


This is one of the most popular stones here. It is for one of the first bodies recovered, a very small child. The crew on the boat that found him payed for a bigger headstone.


They didn't know who he was back then, but they have figured out now that he is one of this lady's children.  She ended up being buried just a few feet away.


So sad!

This stone also gets a lot of attention... I wonder why?


The stones are set out in a "U" shape that is supposed to resemble the front of a boat.


Whew, that's two memorials I've been to now for travellers that did not make it across the ocean safely! I sure am lucky that I did!


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Bedford Basin , Canada - 26th January 2010

By: Rennire

Hi again!

These past few days it has been very warm here. It even poured rain one night and washed most of the snow away! I decided to take advantage of the weather and went back down to the Bedford Basin to walk (or waddle!) a new path that has been made there.

It was pretty foggy by the water. It looks cold but it wasn't!


There is a warm spot out in the water where all of the birds like to gather. I wanted to swim out too but Ren convinced me that since I'm not used to swimming in the ocean it might be a bad idea! *sigh*


I cheered up quickly once we were walking again. Ren says that in the summer time this area is full of sailboats!


This is what you see looking in the other direction. The back of a grocery store and some railroad tracks, not so pretty!


Then I saw some familiar shapes in the water beside us!


Ducks! Yay! They were very friendly and swam over to say hello to me and I said hello back! *Quack Quack*


Further down I saw another bird in the water. I couldn't get a good picture of it, but this thing was huge!


I wonder what it was. Ren says she doesn't know!


At the end of the path leads out onto a great big pier. I think it would be very pretty to visit during the nighttime when the lamps are lit!


I rested a while at the very edge and then it was time to go back again!


Take care,

-Fibro Duck

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Sackville River, Canada - 29th January 2010

By: Rennire


Remember what I said before about the weather being really nice? Well it isn't warm anymore! Last night there was a big snow storm!


Once the roads were cleared I went with Ren to the grocery store.


While I was waiting for her I did some exploring.


It was so windy and cold!


I came across the Sackville River.


It was a little too chilly to go swimming in I think!


So I decided to head back to the warm car!


Bye for now!

-Fibro Duck

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Hemlock Ravine Park, Canada - 2nd February 2010

By: Rennire


It has been very snowy and grey around here lately. I think that I have forgotten what the sun looks like! It's okay though because the snow looks really pretty! I wanted to go out walking in it so Ren took me to a place called Hemlock Ravine Park.


The focal point of the park is the heart shaped pond. Here is some information about it:


And here it is! It's not as easy to make out when it's covered in snow!


The park is also special because of it's very old trees.


There are all kinds of walking trails throughout the park.


It was like walking inside of a snow globe! (I tasted some snow just before I took this picture!)


The path I took was sandwiched between two huge rock walls!


Ferda and I found a comfortable spot  to sit and enjoy the views!


Then it was time to go back and get warmed up!


Bye for now!


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Bedford NS, Canada - 14th February 2010

By: Rennire

Happy Valentines Day!

Guess what!? I found a surprise waiting for me in the kitchen!


Ren had baked a heart shaped cake! How appropriate!


I shared it with the other TV's of course!


Then it was time to dig in!




I may not have had a Valentine this year but I did have cake and that is good enough for me!

Bye for now!

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Point Pleasant Park , Canada - 22nd February 2010

By: Rennire

Yesterday I went exploring at a place called Point Pleasant Park.  It was very pretty but also very cold and windy!


Point Pleasant Park is a big park located on the edge of the Halifax harbour. You can see behind me the place where big ships come to unload their cargo. Then it is loaded onto trains and moved across the country.


I said hello to a seagull!


The park has lots of trails through the woods and also trails along the water. Because I am a duck I picked the water of course!


It wasn't long before I had discovered a huge anchor!


It is to honour people who died in the navy:


Here is is from further away!


It wasn't long before I found something else interesting along the trail. What are these buildings?


Ren tells me that back in the 1700's and 1800's this place was part of a big military bastion. There is lots of evidence of these old buildings around the park.


I wanted to explore inside but I was not allowed!


But I was a bit daring and climbed up the fence anyway to get a good look!


After that I walked a little more and then rested on the rocks. There were lots of shells to look at.


Then I climbed up on some wood so I could look out at the ocean and daydream for a while.


I hope that everything is good back at home!


Bye for now!


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Bedford Nova Scotia, Canada - 1st March 2010

By: Rennire

Hello! Long time no talk!
You'll never guess what happened! There was a HUGE storm here!


Because my host lives near the ocean the winds were extra strong and they wrecked the roof of the house! There were shingles flying everywhere!


It was such a mess!


I hope that it gets fixed soon! It's still much too cold here to not have a roof that works!


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Bedford Nova Scotia, Canada - 14th March 2010

By: Rennire


I am so excited! I'm leaving to go to my next host very very soon! First I had to finish filling out my travel journal for this host!


Then Ren and I went up onto the roof to make sure that it is all fixed. It looks pretty good to me!


You can see the water from up here!


I was so excited and it was such a nice day that I decided that I was going to fly to my next host right away!


Bye Bye Canada! USA here I come!

-Fibro Duck =)

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