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Travelog for: Velvet

Belmont, United States - 30th November 2009

By: fdgtgrl

Today Mon and Dad went to the Farmers' Market but I didn't got to go  :(
They didn't get much but persimmons and apples, tomatoes, onions ...
Mom got some flowers too and made a little bouquet just for me  :D


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San Mateo, United States - 14th December 2009

By: fdgtgrl

We went to the annual Christmas Family Party and had a blast ...

--> I got to ride the caroussel with the elves!!!  :p
--> Posed with Santa ...  :)
--> Played "pick-a-boo" with Santa  :stare:

I really enjoyed the decorations and the Holidays ambiance ...


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Belmont, CA 94002, United States - 20th December 2009

By: fdgtgrl

Today I got a surprise: an early Christmas present !!!

I couldn't wait to see what was in this mystery envelop ...

What could it be ???

Oh !!! Look, look, look ... it's a little visitor ... Yahoohoo !!!

Getting to know each other: a lot to say ...

Sharing milk and Oreo cookies makes for becoming best friends ... Teuksoon is ready to dive in with the cookie ... Splash, Splash, Splash :-)

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San Francisco, United States - 9th January 2010

By: fdgtgrl

Today we are going to visit San Francisco with the Mom's family. Teuksoon and I are ready ... all tucked in the bag ...

First stop of the day ... guess where we are ???

... If you guessed the Golden Gate Bridge ... You were right !!! ...

We walked on the bridge: wow !!! what a view !!! ...
Below: Fort Mason ...
In the back ground: Crissy Field (the green grassy area) ...
And not on the picture, we could also see the City (San Francisco), Alcatraz: the famous old time prison, Angle island ...

It's just amazing !!! ... SO, SO ... hight !!! ...

South entrance of the bridge with the toll plaza behind us ... 5$ going south on 101 entering the City, cash or FastTrak, NO credit/debit cards ... Bunnies and duckies go free: hihihi ... hehehe ... hahaha ... :-)

... bunny ears for the bunny !!! ... Teuksoon talked grandma into this funny picture ... :-)

... Seafood heaven !!! ... We can smell crab 4 blocks away ... goes nice with the smell of the sea nearby ... We are at Fisherman Wharf ...

At Pier 39: one of the main landmarks in San Francisco ... everyone want to see the sea lions ... They love to bask and sleep in the sun !!! ... They weigh thousands of pounds ... They could eat us both in one bite ... Thanks goodness they are far over there !!!

... the windiest street in the world !!! ... Lombart Street !!! ...
In the far background on the top on the hill, the Coit Tower: shaped like the end of a fire hose ... in tribute to the firefighters that fought the fire during the 1908 Big Earthquake which set the whole city on fire ...

To finish the day, the Family went to see "OVO" by Cirque Du Soleil ... simply breathtaking !!! ...

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