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Travelog for: dotdog

at home, Hong Kong, China - 1st January 2010

By: vivyanhui

Happy New Year!
It's a good timing to start something good!

So, vi helped me to get starting my journey~
Firstly, she made me a passport, with my special colour~~
I love this blue so much, and vi said it's "smurf blue", because it's the colour of smurfs!  ;)


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at home, Hong Kong - 2nd January 2010

By: vivyanhui

Today is a bit foggy but I still took some photos.
Though it's Saturday, it's still very busy here in Hong Kong, many cars on the street.

The building behind me is the second tallest building in Hong Kong, it's called "International Finance Centre", people usually call it IFC in short. It's a commercial building with office up there and shopping mall with restaurants and cinema down there.

I also tried a common srteet snack in Hong Kong.
The yellow little thing is called "shao-mai", a kind of fish dumpling. yummy!  :)

And guess what I saw? An ice cream car!!  B)
It's called Mr Softee, the red and blue patterns is lovely~
It keeps on broadcasting the "The Blue Danube", so people will know there's an ice cream car when they are still far away.
However, I just had the shao-mai and vi promised me to have it next time~  :D


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at home, Hong Kong - 3rd January 2010

By: vivyanhui

I went to Tsim Sha Tsui today, it's a busy district where you can find many kinds of shops, restaurants, anything you name it. It's a place where tourist will surely come and visit.

Since the weather is not good today, I just visited the Clock Tower.
It's originally part of the train station, but later on, the train station had been moved to Hung Hom, while the clock tower was remained at its place, so it's having a very high historical value~  :o
I think I should come again in daytime~  B)

And what I can say is Hong Kong is really a busy city. There are cars everywhere and the second photo shows the entrance (Kowloon Side) of the Cross Harbour Tunnel (there are 3 tunnels under the Harbour!!!! :o)

Bus is a very common public transport here, the connections is well-planned and you can go everywhere, but sometimes it's a bit slow~  :stare:
There are TVs on the bus, keep on broadcasting some entertainment shows and most of it are ads! Yes, it's ads everywhere in Hong Kong too!  :o


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at home, Hong Kong - 4th January 2010

By: vivyanhui

I travelled the star ferry today.
Usually people will travel Mass Transit Railway (MTR, an underground train) or Buses to cross the Harbour, but it's much relax by ferry~

It's a special experience! I love it~~ :cyclops:
You can even see how the crews manage the ferry~
By the way, I can see the clear IFC today! I's really tall....  :stare:


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at home, Hong Kong - 5th January 2010

By: vivyanhui

Everytime when vi asked me to go inside her bag, I know it's journey time again~  B)

We went to Central, the central business district in Hong Kong.
We moved up by taking the Central-Mid-levels escalators, don't you know? This is the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world and the daily traffic exceeds 55,000 people!!!!!!  :p  :o

The entire system covers over 800 meters in distance and elevates over 135 meters from bottom to top. Wow~ It was constructed in 1993 to provide better commute by linking Central and Western District on Hong Kong Island.

Then we came to a very funny street (not concrete!!), which is very unusual in Hong Kong - Pottinger Street. Due to the steepness, stone slab were unevenly paved on it to facilitate walking and allow rainwater to flow down along either side.

In 1858, the government named it "Pottinger Street" to commemorate the first governor of Hong Kong, however, as the whole street is paved with slab of stone, with this unique features, people started to call it "Stone Slab Street". :p


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at home, Hong Kong - 7th January 2010

By: vivyanhui

See my masterpiece~~  hahaha!! :cyclops: :cyclops:


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Hong Kong, China - 8th January 2010

By: vivyanhui

I went to vi's workplace today. As to thank for my help on doing some document works, vi gave some snacks for me to try. These snacks are from Korea and Macau, they taste so sweet and yummy.  :cyclops:


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Hong Kong, China - 9th January 2010

By: vivyanhui

See the Big red plate behind me?
It's one of the traditional decoration, usually used on announcing the opening of a new shop, it's mainly made with red cloth (the backing), colour papers and light bulbs, isn't it great?  B)
The chinese words tells that the new shop will be a butcher's shop, and it's already the 3rd branch~

The construction site here are always of high commercial or residential building, with green wrapping and bamboos, which can be reused.

And I finally met Hong Kong's oldest transportation - Tram~
They are electric ones and can only be found in Hong Kong Island.
Though it's old and slow, it's very relaxing and a good transport for tourists~  :D


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Hong Kong, China - 9th January 2010

By: vivyanhui

Vi told me that it will be Lunar New Year in mid February, a great and important festival to Chinese.

That's why we went to make steamed turnip cake (chinese style) today.
The main ingredients are turnip, chinese sausage & dried shrimp. I helped to make it too~  :)

Thanks for my help, vi bought me a big can of orange juice. It's very big that it took some time for me to climb to the top... haha~  :cyclops:


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at home, Hong Kong - 12th January 2010

By: vivyanhui

Let's share some nice photos I took on the ferry~~  :D


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at home, hong kong - 15th January 2010

By: vivyanhui

It's street snacks day! Wow~~~~~~  B) B)
If I keep on eating like this, I will become fatdog instead of dotdog....  :p

There are various kind of street snacks, local style, Chinese style, Taiwan style, Thai style, Japan Style......

photo 1: beef entrails, cooked with turnip, usually served with spicy sauce/ mustard  :)

photo 2: cold noodles, similar to the kind in Japan and Korea,
the difference is that the eating and mixing method.
The shop will put all your chosen ingredients together in a small plastic bag,
then mix and stir it with some sauces, the bamboo sticks are used like chopsticks.  :cyclops:

phot 3&4: Taiwan drinks, with some crispy cereal like toppings,
are usually big in size  :p

photo 5: spicy fish ball, taste so good~~~  :D

photo 6: egg-shaped pancake, it's crispy outside and fluffy inside~
the one in the photo is the whole piece :cyclops:

photo 7&8: the small shops that made the pancakes, they are very busy....

photo 9: having one piece of the egg-shaped pancake, people usually tear one out of it by hand~  B)


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at home, Hong Kong - 17th January 2010

By: vivyanhui

We passed by the Victoria Prison/ Victoria Gaol at Central Today.
It's the first prison in Hong Kong, but officially decommissioned in 2006.
It is now one of the historical architecture in Hong Kong.


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Hong Kong, China - 18th January 2010

By: vivyanhui

Finally had a full picture with the Central Ferry Pier....
Sitting by the seaside, I dreamed of my journey,
who will be my first host?


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Hong Kong, China - 20th January 2010

By: vivyanhui

It's my luck to meet the rickshaw today~  :p :rolleyes:
Don't know where is the rickshaw puller?


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Kellinghusen, Germany - 28th January 2010

By: babyamy

After a long journey I finally arrived at my first host's house. When I knocked at  the door, two TVs opened it.

Pepita, the little turtle is from Canada and Muumipeikko is from Finland. Seems like I looked very hungry because they offered me apple chips at once.

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