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To visit at hight (skyscrapers, mountains...) and to make a photo there.

To meet other snails!

To meet snail Gery from animated cartoon SpongeBob.

To have good time.

To send a card to my mum.

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Travelog for: Slimak

Home, Belarus - 6th January 2010

By: Elen

I at home! In photos I with the friends-snails and on roofs of toy small houses!


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Home, Belarus - 6th January 2010

By: Elen

I am very glad!!! I am already invited!! :)

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Home, Belarus - 11th January 2010

By: Elen

We have already gathered in a way! Have come on mail, and there the inventory! :o We will try to leave tomorrow!
And here we on snow.


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Home, Belarus - 12th January 2010

By: Elen

We are very glad! We have gone to travel! Wait!


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Göttingen, Germany - 26th January 2010

By: pegger

Hello Mummy!
I just wanna tell you that I have arrived here in Germany savely. At the moment there are some problems with photos but we hope that you will see soon something from me.

Until then!!!

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Wathlingen, Germany - 16th February 2010

By: pegger


I am a Babysitter :-)
Today we - that´s Willy W., Mister Snow, Eebee and Matylda - have to take care of Peggers little niece. The little girl is so sweet. But also very smart and I have no picture with her :-(.

For that I got to know Jule and Standforth.
The fact that the two rabbits.

We have also taken Pitty splash. Pitty is a puppet character from the DDR - TV . Actually he has a girlfriend called Schnatterinchen, but it was unfortunately not there.

See you soon!
Take care!!!!

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Göttingen, Germany - 21st February 2010

By: pegger

Today a wall was stroked with combined forces in Peggers new room in a yellow tone.
She has exchanged only a few days ago her room with one of her occupants and that´s why now the colour change on the wall!

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Göttingen, Germany - 3rd March 2010

By: pegger

If already something happens on a dull day, one has of course no camera, besides :-(

I sat with the other in the window and we observed the street. It did not happen a lot, because it rained once again. Indeed, however, there came action on the street.

We were woken up from our dozing by a bang!
A look from the window showed us that somebody with get out for a parking place had driven up!! A young girl ran hectically calling up through the street.

Then some minutes later the police also appeared! We observed everything with interest, but as said: Unfortunately, Pegger did not have here her camera or the accumulator was empty. But, at least, the day, so however, was saved anyhow!

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Göttingen, Germany - 14th March 2010

By: pegger

Humph what I should tell. Today we have everybody with Pegger her suitcase for theirs travels to Slovenia packed.

When she noted finally that her suitcase was so full that hardly a little bit purely fitted she did not decide us to take everybody. so we selected by count out who was allowed with on the trip to Slovenia.

Unfortunately, I have had bad luck and was not allowed to come along :-(. But Mr. Snow and Willy W. have promised us to tell everything what they have experienced there.

Oh yes, the fact that it no pictures from packing it is although a problem of Slovenia trip, because the SD Card were broken :-(.


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Mehrum, Germany - 21st May 2010

By: pegger

Today we drove from Pegger home in the Harz to her boyfriend. The way we stopped here and there to take photographs.

Our place in the car while driving was in the door so that we cannot tumbled through the area.

Our first stop was near Mehrum.


Mehrum is a part of Hohenhameln district Peine, in Lower Saxony. The village is situated on the Midland canal.
The oldest preserved document, where Mehrum is mentioned, dates from the year 1262nd. Today the village has 1096 inhabitants. Widely visible on the coal plant Mehrum Midlnd canal, which has its own inland port is for coal delivery. The plant supplies a large part of the district of Peine, and the eastern region of Hanover with energy.


We also saw many windmills.


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Nette, Germany - 21st May 2010

By: pegger

Near Nette we make our second stopp at a car park space.

The village is situated in the north of Ambergaubeckens on the southern slopes of the vineyard. Nette was the first time in a document of 26th October 1234 mentioned. She was attending a synod at the monastery for Bockenem Lamspringe issued. The noble family of Nette, which had since 1404 in the Bockenem Junkernhof, has pledged the castle in 1446 Bishop Magnuns Wohlenstein.


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Stauffenburg, Germany - 21st May 2010

By: pegger

Pegger says that the crown looks like a duck...

Long, long way...

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Münchehof, Germany - 21st May 2010

By: pegger

These cute creatures we encountered on the way too ...


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