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Travelog for: Koala Karl

Griffith NSW, Australia - 1st January 2010

By: mallee chick

Before I start on my big, official, adventure, I wanted to show you some photos of my cycling New Zealand holiday in 2009.
The hills were big, and the winds were strong and cold. But the scenery was fabulous and I am pleased that I went. I'm lucky that I didn't have to do all the pedalling. I was the navigator.  B)


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Binya State Forest, Australia - 2nd January 2010

By: mallee chick

Good and exciting news! I'm off to Canada next week. I'm looking forward to seeing some snow.

In the mean time, Malleechick took me out birdwatching this morning in Binya State Forest. It was raining when we got there, but it dried up soon after. There weren't many birds around, but there were lots of flies. Do they have flies in Canada? in winter?

I had a chance to sit in a gum tree and watch the clouds go by. And looked out from the look out (I guess you have to, don't you?)


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Griffith NSW, Australia - 6th January 2010

By: mallee chick

I'm finally on my way to Canada. It took a bit of organising to get all my paper work together (us Koalas need to have quarantine clearance) but finally Johanna packed me up and got me away.

I hope my journey will be a safe one and that I arrive in Canada without too much jetlag.

I wonder if I need to change planes anywhere? What did Johanna say? Oh, I can't remember now.


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Griffith NSW, Australia - 6th January 2010

By: mallee chick

You can see in my picture, above, that I have a little gift for Whiskeydoodles, my wallet, my new swag and a greeting card. This is fun, isn't it?

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home, Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA - 22nd January 2010

By: whiskeydoodles

Hi Mummy :D
I have finally arrived in Canada! Deanna just picked me up from the cold mailbox on her way home from school! She was quite excited to see a box in there and right away she knew it was me :D I am now safe inside and am going to have a little snack before exploring her house. Her camera battery died so no pictures until later  :rolleyes:

Deanna also wanted to thank you for the magnet and card. She let me stick it on the fridge for her!


Here I am with her little collection of fridge magnets which she has gotten from her own travels or from friends, family, and even handmade by Deanna, etc.


She also gave me some Canadian money to put in my wallet. Maybe I will get to buy a little something and bring it home with me  ;)

I also got to meet 2 of Deanna's pet cats. They were sunbathing and quite curious when I came in and introduced myself. They were very friendly though and we cuddled for a bit in the sun!

Me and Whiskey!

Me and Ginger (aka Pooky)

Well that's it for now mummy! I'm a bit jetlagged so I'm going to settle down for a nice sleep. Deanna has to work all weekend so we will be staying close to home. Hopefully we will have a few adventures though  ;)


Koala Karl

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around the house,, Canada - 26th January 2010

By: whiskeydoodles

Hello again Mummy :D

So Deanna worked all weekend and had no time at all to take me exploring but today we just relaxed in her room so she could read for school!

So Deanna was fiddling around with her camera and took this really lovely photo of me:


Then we had a little snack: Cheesies yummy! I managed not to get any orange on me but I can't say the same for Deanna  ;)


More updates coming shortly. Deanna is on her way to school and I might get to come with her :D
Koala Karl

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Home, Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA - 27th January 2010

By: whiskeydoodles

So this morning Deanna woke up and we went downstairs to see what we could eat for breakfast. Finally we found a box of cinnamon danishes on the table and we helped ourselves to one of those and it was delicious:

Then we looked outside and it had snowed overnight! I was super excited... Deanna was not!

Then we fed Deanna's fishies. They are named Pandora (the bigger one) and Jane. I really like them, they are so cute and colourful :)

Then we went outside to check the mail. I actually got to play in the snow Mummy :D It was rather cold and fluffy. We soon went inside though because Deanna did not want me to freeze  :p

This is the tree in Deanna's front yard. It is HUGE  :o

Now I am at school with Deanna. She has only one class today History of Women in Canada and the US until 1920. I think it will be very exciting  :rolleyes:
UPDATE: So Deanna is back from school. I got to go with her but Deanna never got any pics. Hopefully tomorrow will be better  ;)

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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - 30th January 2010

By: whiskeydoodles

So today Deanna bought a Wii and we played the Wii Sports game until we were sore! I played Bowling and Tennis, it was really fun although I think Deanna beat me. It's because I have such short arms  :rolleyes:


Later on Deanna made dinner for her family. It was a baked penne pasta dish and it was very delicious! I even got to help her make it Mum!!!
First we boiled the water and added the noodles to cook. Then we started to make the cheese sauce which consists of cottage cheese, ricotta, and mozzarella shredded cheese so I started mixing them all together!



After the noodles were cooked we drained the water and added tomato sauce and then the cheese sauce mixture. We poured it all into a baking dish and put it in the oven.



It turned out really yummy and I wanted to send some home to you but Deanna said it would probably spoil so I ate instead  ;) More soon Mum  :D

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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - 10th February 2010

By: whiskeydoodles

Sorry for no updates in awhile Mum. Deanna has been very busy with midterms and other school stuff  :stare: She's turned into a bit of a zombie!


But I have been helping her study. One of her exams was for her American Literature class so we studied from her massive anthology. One of the works we had to study was Caroline Henderson, Letters from the Dustbowl which I think is very good  B)


More later,

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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - 14th February 2010

By: whiskeydoodles

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY MUM!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you  :D

Deanna had to work today but she gave me these lovely chocolates as little Valentine's gift! They were very good!


Deanna's reading week break has started and so she said she will take me exploring  this week. The Olympics have also started and her parents are there watching in Vancouver. So we will be watching lots of Olympic events this week :D I am very excited Mum!


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home, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - 15th February 2010

By: whiskeydoodles

So today we watched some of the Olympics! Deanna got a few shots of me watching the medal ceremonies where Alexandre Bilodeau won Canada's first GOLD medal on home soil :D Australia also won Silver so it was a very happy day for me!




We also watched the pairs figure skating program which was very cool. It's also one of Deanna's favourite winter Olympic events B)


The weather has been very bad and Deanna has been very very busy with school but hopefully the weather will get better and Deanna's workload will be lighter so we can explore more of beautiful Canada!

Love, Koala Karl

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home, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - 15th March 2010

By: whiskeydoodles

Hello again Mummy :D

Sorry for the lack of updates but the weather has been horrible and Deanna has been super busy at school, trust me I've seen the books she has to read and one time I tried helping her with a paper but I got a headache  B) I rather like being a toy and not a university student ;)

Today a new friend arrived! His name is SunnyHH and he is from Germany :D We spent quite awhile talking about where we were from and what we liked and where we've been  :)


Deanna has promised to take us exploring on Friday and/or Saturday and the weather has been very nice so far  B) Until then, SunnyHH and I are going to watch a movie and relax!


Love, Koala Karl

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home, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - 24th March 2010

By: whiskeydoodles

Hello Mum :D

So today Deanna had to go to school but SunnyHH and I had a little surprise for her. We decorated her wall with some of the postcards she has gotten through postcrossing :D It was really fun! Here I am with some fo the cards I helped put up with SunnyHH


After that we had a little rest with one of Deanna's cats Smokey. He is very soft and lovely :)


That's all for now, more soon.
Koala Karl <3

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Gairloch Gardens, Oakville, Ontario, Canada - 28th March 2010

By: whiskeydoodles

Today we went on an adventure Mum :D TO A MOVIE SET! Deanna had the day off so we went into Oakville to see if they were filming. They weren't but we were able to take a look around the house they built! It was very cool even if we didn't get to see Daniel Craig  :rolleyes: I also got to walk on fake snow which you can see in the photo! It's a lot less colder than real snow  ;)


When the film "Dream House" comes out next year you can say that I was there! Isn't that neat?  B) I feel like a movie star!

I will soon be on my way home to you Mummy. I will post once Deanna has packed me in my envelope  ;)
Koala Karl <3

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home, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - 4th April 2010

By: whiskeydoodles


Today, Deanna set up an easter egg hunt for SunnyHH and me! It was very fun :D

First I found one on Deanna's CD shelf!

Then I found some by the window, yummy!

We then found some on the bed, I saved them before they could melt in the sunlight!

Then we thought: Why not look in the cupboard and look what we found!


What a great Easter, I hope you had a good Easter too Mum :D
Koala Karl

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