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Travelog for: Diddl-Maus

Allotments, Wales - 26th May 2010

By: miapearl

Hi Mum,
My host has allotments where she and her family can grow fruit, vegetables and herbs.
Here, I am resting on a greengage tree
The mint has escaped into the paths
This is horseradish
Some of the potato plants have flower buds
And the peas are in flower
Some lettuce and spinach
A strawberry
Part of the allotment - there are herbs, fruit trees & strawberries, rhubarb, broad beans and peas.
I'm sure the allotment will produce lots of yummy stuff.
Bye for now,

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My host's house, Wales - 27th May 2010

By: miapearl

Hi Mum,
A parcel came for my host
Nippy came to stay.
Nippy arrived just in time as my host was planning to visit her mother over the bank holiday weekend.
Bye for now,

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nr. Spalding, England - 29th May 2010

By: miapearl

Hi Mum,

My host has brought me along to stay with her mother for a few days. My host doesn't have a television, so I and a couple of the other toyvoyagers settled down in front of the tv.
Tonight, we watched the Eurovision song Contest. I liked Germany's entry, "Satellite" which won.

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Skegness, England - 30th May 2010

By: miapearl

Hi Mum,

Today, I went to Skegness with my host &  her family.
This is one of the main landmarks of Skegness, a fountain.
The sandy beach is a great draw, but today has seen some very heavy but brief showers. In the background, there are wind turbines.
Fun money.
Pretty flowers to make the town prettier.

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nr Spalding, England - 30th May 2010

By: miapearl

Hi Mum,

Back home after a good day out.
My host's son wanted a game of Settlers of Catan.
So, we came to watch.

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Hunstanton, England - 31st May 2010

By: miapearl

Hi Mum,
Today, we went to the west-facing seaside resort on the east coast, Hunstanton.
There wasn't much sunshine around, so we went to the aquarium.
Does this fish have a pretty face?
This is a spider crab
This is an axolotl, a critically endangered creature.
Pretty jellyfish, though they wouldn't keep still for a picture with me.
Sea anemones.
They also had otters - can you see them? Elsewhere, they had seals and penguins.
Bye for now,

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Somewhere!!!, England - 1st June 2010

By: miapearl

Hi Mum,

Today, we make our way back home to wales. On route, we had to stop at a level crossing and wait for a train to pass.
Was that it? Just one carriage!
And on we go...

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Ironbridge Gorge, England - 1st June 2010

By: miapearl

Hi Mum,

Today, on our way home from my host's mum's house to Wales, we stopped off at the UNESCO World Heritage area of Ironbridge Gorge.
This Ironbridge was the first bridge to be made out of iron.
Map of the area. There are several museums here.
We went to the Coalbrookedale Museum of Iron.
The IronBridge was started in 1779, 1803 was the year for the prototype steam locomotive for Richard Trevithick, 1851 was when The Great Exhibition was held...
There were exhibits from The Great Exhibition.
Do I look fetching in this?
Rayburn cooker. Some Rayburn cookers are able to provide central heating.
And an Aga cooker.
A little engine.
An exhibit showing a Blowing Engine House....
Nearby, there is a hands-on science museum almost next door. My host's son enjoyed this very much.
Please don't put me through the mangle.
There was a section on design too. Would this dress suit me or my host?
There are other museums in the area, but we didn't have time to visit.
Bye for now,

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A post office, Caernarfon, Wales - 7th June 2010

By: miapearl

Hi Mum,

As per your request, I am all ready and packed ready for my journey to my next host.
After teary goodbyes with alfie langer & Nippy, I was ready to go to the post office
I hope the journey isn't too long.
Bye bye Wales...

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Aach, Germany - 27th July 2010

By: Sissi

Hello  :D

Today we made a walk / trip around Aach.
We took the car  ;)


We tried to find a street without any big cars because Julian (almost 2 yrs old) went with us. (In fact it's his car we used ;) )
http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4130/4834090262_0da0025f03_m.jpg http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4105/4834094452_cafd69e707_m.jpg

We found a street where no cars and no motorcycles are allowed. You can see the sign here:
http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4105/4833487709_ee92f61a6d_m.jpg. Though actually there was a motorcycle driving...

We walked a bit around and took the car in between. Here are some impressions:

Look what we found: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4106/4833503867_f81d4ae9d6_m.jpghttp://farm5.static.flickr.com/4085/4833498689_dd12c2630f_m.jpg . Sissi told us that this footprint could belong to a missing tv she once had. So we cried "PENNY-BOOOOOO", but no answer  :(

Then we went to a playground and hang around there a bit before going home.
http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4131/4834084496_bf5025937d_m.jpg http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4150/4833529331_3f6c59009d_m.jpg
http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4124/4833535373_c5c65c3c13_m.jpg http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4131/4834084496_bf5025937d_m.jpg
http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4150/4833472129_82490c3141_m.jpg http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4104/4833540715_4114e93535_m.jpg

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Aach, Germany - 2nd August 2010

By: Sissi

I'm on the way to Canada :)

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Williams Lake, BC, Canada - 18th August 2010

By: Fukumo

Hi Mom!

Just arrived here in Canada, all safe and sound!  Host-Mom found me waiting for her in the mailbox this afternoon.  That was a long trip!  Can't believe I'm here all alone halfway across the world from you  :thinking:

Luckily, there was another toy there to greet me when I crawled out of the envelop.  His name is Valentin and wanted to know all about my travels.  He was so entertained by my stories that he decided that he wanted to live the high life as a TV also!

Well, it's been a long trip and, needless to say, I'm a bit jet lagged.  Host-Mom settled me in for the night and tomorrow I will have to wake up bright and early to go to work with her.

xo Diddl-Maus


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Williams Lake, BC, Canada - 19th August 2010

By: Fukumo

Hi Mom!

Despite being in a new place, I slept like a baby and felt fully refreshed this morning.  I get to accompany Host-Mom into her work today where she works as an RMT (or a registered massage therapist).  She figured that since this was my first LOOOONG trip that I would be all knotted up and would benefit from a treatment... Well, she's right on that one because I am sore all over!

The first thing I noticed when we stepped out of her building was the smell of campfire.  I wasn't too far off from the truth... there's a class 5/6 forest fire that's about 12kms away from where she lives!  Luckily, she's still about 10kms away from the evacuation alert zone.  Host-Mom said the fire spans about 40,000 hectares and that the smoke and air quality index had been extremely poor for the past week.  I could already feel my lungs and nose burning so I quickly hopped into her car so we could be off to her work.

the mountains have disappeared!

Host-Mom also works with chiropractors and almost everyone in her office are women.  They all fawned over me and thought I was very cute  :rolleyes:

First I got a quick chiropractic adjustment.  Everyone agreed that I was the shortest patient they've ever worked on and the treatment tables just weren't designed for my stature, but they did the best they could.  Because I was too small for the chiropractor to manipulate, they used a lil handy device called the 'activator' to adjust me along the spine.


I could feel my neck moving much easier already!  Next I was treated to a nice massage.  It was kinda painful at first, but then once my muscles were loosen up it became much more relaxing!


And look what else I found!!  :o

His name is Os-ten... get it? lol

The moon was out by the time we got home and it was a bright fiery red from all the fires.  Kinda eerie don't you think?


Tomorrow I shall rest up and after Host-Mom gets home from work we will begin to make our way down to Vancouver.  Should be fun!!

Miss you lots,
xo Diddl-Maus

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Vancouver, BC, Canada - 21st August 2010

By: Fukumo

Good morning Mom!

We left rather late last night after Host-Mom finished with work and drove down to Vancouver.  As it was very dark outside and with Host-Mom being very tired we didn't take any pictures.

We woke up after a restful night's sleep and finished packing up some odds and ends.  Valentin is coming along too so that way I'd have some company in the pack.  We hopped right in and was about to get settled when Host-Mom surprised us with a small bag that had just enough room for the two of us and the camera!


In was rather late in the afternoon by the time we got on the road and there was a bit of a wait at the crossing border between Canada and the USA.  We took a quick pic from the inside the car and for security reasons Host-Mom didn't allow us outside to stretch out legs.


We stopped at the Tulalip Casino for dinner, which was still about 30 minutes north of Seattle.  The food was delicious!  But cameras were not allowed inside the casino, which is okay because I didn't want you to see how much food I ate  :rolleyes:


After dinner, we got back on the road and eventually checked into our hotel in Tukwila, which is roughly 10kms south of Seattle.  We hit those pillows so hard and this was only day 1 of our trip!  Off to bed now and will update you tomorrow!


xo Diddl-Maus

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Seattle, WA, USA - 22nd August 2010

By: Fukumo

Morning Mom!

I'm sitting here on the luggage, guarding them alongside Valentin while my Host-Parents checked out of our hotel and locked up their car.  We'll be waiting for a shuttle that will take us away to the cruise terminal... I'm so excited!


After arriving at the pier, we made our way through immigration and was eventually dropping our belongings off inside our stateroom.  But everyone was hungry and wanted to head up to the buffet room before the ship got really crowded.  We were allowed to start on dessert first!

Doesn't this look yummy?

While eating, I looked down the window and noticed some busy activity.  Here the longshoremen were loading up all the bags into the ship.  I don't think I can make out ours!

After lunch we headed up to the top deck where we could relax for a bit and soak in some sun.  Host-Mom tells me that we're currently aboard the Sapphire Princess, which is currently one of the largest cruise ships in the world, sitting at nearly 116,000 GRT!  :o  Docked next to us is the Oosterdam, which is from the Holland America cruiseline.  She's not nearly as big but Host-Dad tells me that size isn't everything, whatever that means.  When we wandered across to the other side of our ship we could see in the distance Seattle's skyline.  You can just make out the Space Needle if you look closely!


Before we set sail, we had to all attend the muster drill, which will inform us how to put on our life jackets and what to do in the case of an emergency.  Unfortunately, my jacket is much too large for me!

Then it was sail-away time and the party begins!

Will write back when I'm done dancing!

Miss you Mom!
xo Diddl-Maus.

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