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Travelog for: Tina

Göttingen, Germany - 5th January 2010

By: pegger

Today I and Bibi player hide and seek. It was a big fun. At first we were hiding under a sweater.
But hiding was too easy. Therefore we decided to hide in the flower. Until we found, it has already lasted for a while.
But for the longest time it took when we had hidden under the bed.
as a reinforcement for the fun, but it still playing hard, we've eaten biscuits.
and then we made this very easy on the pillow.

So that was another great day with Bibi. Now we are waiting to see where we should go away soon.

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Göttingen, Germany - 6th January 2010

By: pegger

Today was a great day.
In the morning Bibi and I helped Mummy to clean her room.
First, we have swept her room, because we could not vacuum, because she did not want to wake her roommate. For the moment we live in a funny 4 women living community.
That was a big pile of dust. After two weeks of vacation.

Then we helped wipe stains on the floor away. Even the scraps of paper which were pasted on the floor because Cappucino had expired.

That was our morning! He has made us so that we had to rest.

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Göttingen, Germany - 6th January 2010

By: pegger

Later, when we were fit again, Mummy told us that she has found a host for Bibi.
I was glad just as Bibi to hear this news, even if it will now mean that we have to take each other farewell.
To take us the fear of goodbye Mummy showed us with her atlas where bibi will stay.
Her destination is: Polen
And she will go to: Łódź. There she will visit martynika

Now that I know all this, I am a little jealous of Bibi. I hope that I will have a host soon.

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Göttingen, Germany - 6th January 2010

By: pegger

All of what you have heard so far it's not all for today. Oh no!
Today is "Dreikönigstag" and traditionally the Four Hills Tournament ends on this day. So, I have followed with BibiiluaP ruhtrA and Mummy the whole competition in Norwegian, because she does not like the German commentators. It was very exciting.
To watch the ski jumpers as they plunge down the hill was great. Mummy told us that today,the competition take part in Bischofshofen - an Austria city - on a natural hill called Paul-Ausserleitner-Schanze. And she also said that there is still much larger jumpinghills. So-called ski flying hills of which there are only 5 pieces in the world and in March Mummy will travel to Slovenia to the biggest one of these hills, since there is held the world championship.



Here we just look at Hyun-Ki Kim how he makes ready on the jump bar to make his jump. Unfortunately, he did not qualify for the final round of jumping.
Ultimately the Austrian Thomas Morgenstern won this competition, but only with 0.7 points ahead of the Finn Janne Ahonen and Swiss Simon Ammann.

The entire Four Hills Tournament has also won an Austrian. Andreas Kofler. Mummy was happy for him, even though she otherwise does not like so much the Austrian ski jumper.

So, now for this exciting day, then finally go to sleep.

see you soon.

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Göttingen, Germany - 7th January 2010

By: pegger

Jiiiihhaaaaaa :)
Mummy told me straight that she has found for me as well a host. My first trip led me to southern Germany-  to Sissi. I'm ecstatic. I wanted to tell you this good news :)

Until next time,

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Göttingen, Germany - 8th January 2010

By: pegger


So, today was the last day with Mummy. Unfortunately she had not so much time for us (Bibi and me) to go outside. But university is now even more important ...

Therefore, we had only the view out the window at the snowy and icy Göttingen: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2792/4256518557_7b83730501_m.jpg

So we helped her but at the same order books in the SUB.

Together with her we looked at the ski flying competition from Austria. As you can see, but she had to continue working casually. But in between she spell many curses because there are two rush. One of them went happily, but for the other it look worse. Maybe the olympic season is over now for him :(
Oh, here you can see the Norwegian Roar Ljřkelsřy - he is a fourtimes ski flying world champion!

Mummy and her roommates currently have a high consumption of coffee ..http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4013/4257278744_e4c14ed638_m.jpg

So we went with her into the kitchen to fetch new one ...

And then discovered on the way into the kitchen this nice copy ..

We already noted that this is a women's Urbanization:) who is otherwise have a male posterior to the bathroom?


Oh, and delicious pretzels, we found even ^ ^

And the store shelf ...

Here comes the milk in the cup ...

Jihaa and all these things we discovered even in the kitchen, the hallway or the living room ...
The bottle of rum from the last cocktail evening ...

And here the best recipes to ...

the sack of slippers for the guests ...

The two entrance doors to the apartment ..

The Sindbad stools from the night's rescue mission by the bulky compared to ^ ^

The postcards whiteboard in the living room ...

The beer poster ...

The herb bowls ...
psst, do not tell, but Bibi and I do not think that will survive ...

Mummy's shoes ... She wanted to look up something fast and then we took the opportunity to climb into it – maybe we are able to go out with her...


But she let us at home because the weather was not really good but she promissed us to pick up her books quickly in the SUB.

So Mummy has promised us that we will come this evening to speak again before we go into our "new" home for the next few days. If not, we will see us soon :)

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Göttingen, Germany - 9th January 2010

By: pegger

Yeah, I just wanted to say goodbye. I hope I reach my goal safely. Not that Daisy can get me somewhere else.
Tomorrow I will be on my way to south Germany!

Take care **Tina**

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Aach, Germany - 11th January 2010

By: Sissi

Hi Mommy :)
I arrived in Aach in southwestern Germmany today! It's snowing all day... So Sissi made me a cup of tea and I ate yummie cake she bought in Switzerland this morning :). I think I'll have lots of fun here! I keep you updated!
Hugs, Tina

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Aach, Germany - 7th April 2010

By: Sissi

Hi and hello

Finally I can send you an update. Sissi was not able to do any so far and she feels very sorry for.

But finally I want to show you where I am now:

I'm making some holidays in a beautiful garden and enjoy sun-bathing:

From time to time I help gardening. It makes lots of fun!

I love playing on the slide http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4028/4499150239_5fbfca2aba_m.jpg and the swing (here I'm together with Eatcookie)

Bye for today! Tina

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Aach, Germany - 16th April 2010

By: Sissi

It was a lousy day yesterday  :thinking:. It was raining all day and so we stayed inside.

Look, what we did:
We watched a DVD
The DVD was a German tv serial called "Florida Lady". Sissi told us she watched it when she was a child.
It's about a guy called Tom who wanted to marry but his girlfriend kicked him. So he decided to stay with his friend Roy and his daughter Penny on their housboat (the rent housboats for holiday guests). He starts working there and also finds a new love.

and we played with the trainset:
Lenny and I were allowed to drive it ;).

I also read a nice book:

Bye bye  :cyclops:

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Radolfzell, Germany - 25th April 2010

By: Sissi

Guten Tag vom Bodensee!!

Today was such a sunny and warm day and so Sissi decided to visit Radolfzell with us.
Radolfzell  is a town at the western end of Lake Constance approximately 18 km northwest of Konstanz. It is the third largest town, after Constance and Singen, in the district of Konstanz, in Baden-Württemberg.

Radolfzell is a well known health care city (Mettnau) and an important railroad junction. In 1990 Radolfzell was named the Federal Environment Capital City of Germany.

First of all we had to drive there by car:

I was looking a bit out of the window and enjoyed the landscape:
and then I was even allowed to drive myself!!!  :cyclops:

I got hungry then and ate some selfmade sweets:
and I tried the sunglasses.  B). Okay... they were a bit too big for me... http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2717/4551380504_a1e6b4ce76_m.jpg

We had to drive 20 minutes. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2707/4551385932_a177df6277_m.jpg.

Then we finally arrived and walked to the beautiful Stadtgarten (garden). It was sooo nice because all the flowers were blooming. We made several photos of course!

There was also a duck-couple in the garden.
http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4002/4550766323_39b82106d3_m.jpg. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2578/4551401846_7815117846_m.jpgSissi's son Julian called them "gack-gack"!

Then we arrived at the lake.
There was not so many water in it. http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4059/4550800353_72bb38a29b_m.jpg


At the lake there was also a man who makes art out of stones.
http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4061/4551515618_31cfc26808_m.jpgThey're not fixed but balanced!  http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4041/4551512902_503734b1b6_m.jpg. Spectacular, isn't it?

When we went back to the car we crossed a railway bridge. But unfortunatelly there was not train at the moment.


It was a very nice day and I enjoyed visiting more places here.

Good bye!

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Aach, Germany - 11th May 2010

By: Sissi

I'm travelling to Italy now!!!

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Ascoli Piceno, Italy - 21st May 2010

By: fedechica

Hi mom!!
just a little update to tell you I'm safe and finally in Italy!!
I arrived here yesterday, but Federica was sick so me & Sam had to take care of her..

anyway today she's feeling better, so here we are to update my travelog..

When coming out of my envelope


I found Sam waiting for me!


and we shared some of the candies Sissi gave me for the travel (so sweet of her..)


Then I was introduced to the prince of the house.. Berly!!





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Laatzen, Germany - 6th August 2012

By: pegger


From  today on I am a TV! I replace Tina, who is lost somewhere in Italy. I am the left one!
I hope that I do not suffer the same fate. I would like very much to see many things of the world.

So let´s the fun begin!

Because mommy have visitors, so we met Uilina, Kapser and Lilo!
All three are very friendly and them told us some of theier adventures!

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Uetze, Germany - 9th August 2012

By: pegger

Today we were just at Peggers parents at home. But there was nobody there. We wanted to get even fix post. We discovered these two trolls. A little to fear, but they are very nice.


See you soon!

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