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Travelog for: Happy Leopard

Tallinn, Estonia - 11th August 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

Today we visited the famous Kadriorg Park! It is a wonderful place to spend nice afternoons. There is this great swan lake at the entrance to the park and also a wonderful cafe.
People go there to have a walk, a run or just sit on a bench and read a book. We also saw the President's residence. Then we went from this park to the sea promenade where you can find a huge monument.
We also visited the KuMu, a museum for art. We saw an exhibition and then had a bite to eat in the restaurant there.

So Mom, tomorrow we will go back to Helsinki and then we fly home!


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Graz, Austria - 15th August 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

We have returned home a few days ago. And two new friends waited here for us: Truska, a funny pink bunny, and Tigger, our host mom's own toyvoyager. Tigger is just here for a few days while his Mom is organizing a new host.

We talked about our travel adventures and they asked about our vacation. So we showed them some souvenirs, for exampel our Moomin postcards! They also really liked our Moomin cookie cutter  :rolleyes:

We also showed them the pictures of our vacation!


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Graz, Austria - 6th September 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

Today we received some nice souvenirs from our host-grandma. She has just returned from a visit to Berlin.
She brought us viewcards that have an original piece of the Berlin wall on it!
And then we got pasta with the famous Ampelmännchen, the small men on the traffic lights. There were also Gummibärchen- Ampelmen and a cookie-cutter. Maybe we will make some cookies sson!

That was a really nice evening!  B)


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Kerschegg, Austria - 12th September 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

Today we went down to the South, to the Weinstraße (literally wine-street). It's the area of Styria where they grow wine. This part is famous for crisp, dry white wines, for example Welschriesling. You can see me in the wineyards.
It's almost time for the grape-harvest and you can see that the grapes look ready! We could see that the walnuts are ready too!
And of course we saw all the famous pumpkins - they are used to make the punmpkinseed-oil!

It was really beautiful there and a really lovely landscape. Of course we also went to a Buschenschank there, that's a small restaurant in the wineyards, where you can eat a kind of ploughman's lunch, with ham, bacon, good bread and some spreads! And of course you also drink a glass of wine!
That was a really great afternoon!  :D


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St. Radegund, Austria - 16th September 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

Today we went to St. Radegund, a village at the foot of Schöckl. That's the place where people like to go on the weekend for some hiking, biking or just walking.
We went up this mountain and enjoyed the view from up there. And I completed a life mission, yeah!
Then we had a snack and went down by cable car.

We really enjoyed the day!  :p


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FosterCareHome, Finland - 22nd October 2015

By: FosterCareHome

Greetings from southern Finaldn and the Foster Care Home for toyvoyagers!

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Bergrheinfeld, Germany - 13th November 2015

By: FosterCareHome

Today I arrived in Germany!

I'm so happy that I have a new home!

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Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany - 3rd July 2016

By: FosterCareHome

Today I was in Baden-Wurttemberg.

This is monster „Colmberg“ in Schwaebisch Hall.

Castle in Kirchberg a.d. Jagst

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