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Travelog for: Bombus

Wassenaar, The Netherlands - 15th January 2010

By: MorgenSter

Hello to all!!!

This is my first post in this travelog, and soon I'll start my adventure through the world.

My mami took a few pictures of me that you may find intersting:

Me at the top of the post box

We are not the only travelers!!!

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Wassenaar, The Netherlands - 24th February 2010

By: MorgenSter

Heeey !!! we are writting to say I'm almost on my way to Belarus!

Yesterday we had a farewell party for me and a welcome party for Regina that just arrived. I really can't wait to arrive in Belarus and start my adventures!

Here are two pictures for you :

Regina when she just arrived

And me on my first step to Belarus !

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Mogilev, Belarus - 9th April 2010

By: Elen

Hi!  :rolleyes:
1/Building of the main bank in Mogilev before October revolution. Today here a museum named by Maslennikov (painter).
2/I near to the astrologer. The monument to the astrologer stands in city centre. It is surrounded with 12 chairs symbolising 12 astrological signs. At night from a telescope the powerful beam shining.


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Mogilev, Belarus - 10th April 2010

By: Elen

I'm staying behind of the monument of great Russian poet Pushkin.


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Mogilev, Belarus - 9th May 2010

By: Elen

Day of the Victory - a holiday of a victory of the USSR over nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. It is celebrated on May, 9th.


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Belarus, Mogilev - 31st May 2010

By: Elen

On May, 9th, 1995 on the Bujnichsky field the Memorial complex which stores memory of heroes the Second world has been opened.

In the centre of a memorial which occupies the space more than 20 hectares, tourists see 27-metre chapel - a symbol of greatness of a martial spirit of Slavs, and the military technics of times of the Great Patriotic War (tanks, divisional guns, artillery pieces and antiaircraft installation).

Chapel walls are painted by frescos, in niches marble boards with names of defenders of Mogilev are placed, and in the centre Foucault's pendulum, a symbol of an eternal life, movement and memory of all who was lost on this field in 1941 is established. Каплица it is topped by a cross.

Nearby there is a small artificial reservoir “Lake of Tears”, a symbol of tears of mothers who have lost the sons in days of war. From a chapel four avenues disperse. One of them carries a name of the known writer Konstantin Simonov who has sung of heroism of defenders of Mogilyov in the books “Live and dead” and “Different days of war”.

Simonov's avenue is crossed by an appreciable line of an anti-tank ditch and comes to an end with a stone-sign from the facsimile "Konstantin Simonov".

From the back party of a stone - a memorial board with an inscription “… All life he remembered this field of fight of 1941 and bequeathed to dispel here the ashes”. The memorial sign was powerful 15 tons is established in 1980.

The memorial complex “Bujnichsky field” became the centre of patriotic education of youth.

Here Memory Watches, lessons of courage, a meeting with veterans of the Great Patriotic War, solemn receptions of pupils are spent to numbers of the pioneer organisation and the Belarus republican union of youth.

Also carrying out of patriotic actions are summed up:  meetings of participants of campaigns in places of fighting glory, the celebratory actions dated by Day of a victory and anniversaries of clearing of Mogilev.


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Mogilev, Belarus - 20th June 2010

By: Elen

It is located in settlement Bujnichi of the Mogilev area. The zoo is educational laboratory of the Mogilev agrotimber college where pass to practice and get professional skills the future foresters and the huntsman. The zoo carries out variety of functions: wildlife management, rehabilitation, educational, informative, entertaining and educational.

In a zoo are available 1 big and 16 small open-air cages where the set of representatives of the natural world not only Belarus, but also the exotic countries lives in natural conditions in huge territory in 80 hectares. Among them bisons, an Ussuriisk tiger, peacocks, bears, wolves, a lynx, elks, deer, wild boars, etc. In special conditions contain bisons


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San Diego CA, United States - 8th November 2010

By: Xadrian

Hi mom it's me Bombus!
After traveling for many days in the mail I finally reached sunny San Diego, California!



When my package was opened I was greeted by several toyvoyagers: Bart the bear, Punk the monkey and Ragamuffin the bear!


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Balboa Park, CA, United States - 16th November 2010

By: Xadrian

Hi Mom!
Today we took a trip to Balboa park in San Diego.  Balboa park has around 14 different museums on its grounds! Lots to see and do!



A sun dial... it's Fun O' Clock!




Bzzzz... what pretty smelling flowers!








In the distance you can see carts where they sell tamales and lemonaide to passer-byers :)



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Lake Miramar, United States - 7th December 2010

By: Xadrian

Today my host took me to Lake Miramar.  Lake Miramar is a man made lake located in Scripps Ranch and is very beautiful!  :cyclops:




There are several residents of the lake including many ducks, geese and pheasants.


Not everyone is welcome at the Lake...


What a fun day at the lake :)

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San Diego, California, United States - 23rd December 2010

By: Xadrian

Today my host took me to a Christmas tree lot!



My host thinks the trees with the fake snow are the prettiest of them all!  :p



$100 for a tree! Expensive!!


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San Diego, California, United States - 24th December 2010

By: Xadrian

Hi Mom, it's me again, Bombus your lovable Bee!

My host had just moved and was not feeling well, so we did not do much Christmas decorating this year.  I did get to help package a box of gifts to send away to my host's friend.


We better be careful that we don't accidentally get packed inside!!


My host then decided that she should make some Christmas fudge!  Unfortunately the fudge came out a runny mess!! So she decided to make something easier, a boxed strawberry cake!


Time to stir all the ingredients!


Oh No!! Another baking disaster! One of the cakes was stuck to the pan and fell apart!


Thankfully the top layer was safe and so we frosted it.


One of our toyvoyager friends, Ragamuffin, always wanted a cake with her name on it, so we wrote her name on top!


What a yummy strawberry cake!


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Torrey Pines Beach, California, United States - 16th January 2011

By: Xadrian

Hi Mom, it's me again, Bombus!
Today my host took me to the Torrey Pines Beach to have some fun and sun!



There were lots of black rocks in the area where the water had made them smooth and round!


Time to clear away the rocks.




Look what I made! Just kidding!


I don't think you can see it real well, but there is a bee on the shoe print.  I tried to make conversation with him but he was too busy to stop.


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Santee, California, United States - 24th January 2011

By: Xadrian

Hi it’s me again, Bombus!

Today my host received a package in the mail.  It turned out to be another toyvoyager named Henry the Adventure Hound!



Henry was very polite and told us that he is quite the seasoned adventurer!


Our host then took us to the swapmeet in Santee, which is a smaller country type town.


The swap meet is where hundreds of people gather to sell everything! Junk, Junk and more Junk!


Shoes, pots, toys, you name it, it’s sold here!


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La Jolla Cove, California, United States - 25th January 2011

By: Xadrian

Today my host took me for a brief trip to La Jolla Cove in La Jolla.  La Jolla Cove is a beach that has many nature made caves/coves.


We stopped in at a local Seaside Cafe called the Goldfish Point Cafe.


They had many yummy looking desserts to enjoy.


My new friend Henry the Adventure Hound and I shared a piece of banana bread cheesecake.


My favorite though was the cinnamon and honey baklava roll!


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