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Travelog for: Xrundel=)

Saint-Petersburg, Russia - 15th January 2010

By: Arenel

Now I'm in St.-Petersburg and I,m helping my mom to prepare for her exam. Meanwhile she is searching for a host for me somewhere far from home :)

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Saint-Petersburg, Russia - 17th January 2010

By: Arenel

My mom has found me a wonderful host in USA and the day after tomorrow I'm going to go there! Looking forward to seeing Becky! :D
I'm on the move!

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Fort Kent, USA - 7th February 2010

By: Arenel

I'm here!

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Fort Kent, Maine, United States - 8th February 2010

By: beccasaurus

Hello mom! I just arrived at my host's home. It was long and tiresome journey and I was happy to finally be able to get out of that box and stretch a bit.

when I finally got all the way out there was a future TV there to meet me. His name is Gemma.

Before I arrived beccasaurus had been working on a book trailer for an up an coming Romance author.

It was interesting, but I'm not sure if the "Romance" thing is for me. So she showed me the authors website to try and spark an interest... http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c145/livesinshadows/100_5094.jpg

Eh... I just wasn't feeling it. Maybe romance just isn't the genre for me.

Lastly I met one of beccasaurus's cats. His name is Zombie but he's very friendly and did not try to eat my brain once :D

Well mom, that's all for now. Becca has vacation next week and is planning to show me all around this little town called Fort Kent. I can't wait!

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Fort Kent, Maine, United States - 14th February 2010

By: beccasaurus

Hello mom!
Today Becca had to go visit a friend at work and she took me along. He works at the Ski Tow and runs the T-bar and occasionally the kiddy tow.

Here I am arriving at Lonesome Pine trails.

This is me inside the sitting area where people can rest or enjoy the food they buy at the snack bar. The large wall of windows let's you see part of the skiing area so you can watch people come down the mountain.

Lastly, while there, we watched people ski and snowboard outside for a bit. On the right is the T-bar.

On the way home we stopped at a historic site in Fort Kent called the Block House. It turns out that there was too much snow around so we couldn't go inside. But I looked around outside and learned about it.
The Fort Kent blockhouse is the only extant fortification relating to the "Bloodless" Aroostook War of 1838-39, and the border dispute between Great Britain and the United States. The signing of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty in 1842 settled the boundary dispute between Maine and New Brunswick and reduced the need for a fort, although federal troops remained there until 1845 to protect Maine's and the United States' interests in the region. In addition to being listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the structure is a National Historic Landmark.

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Fort Kent, United States - 16th February 2010

By: beccasaurus

Hello mom!!

Last night Becca took me out with some friends to a restaurant called the Swamp Buck. Monday night there is Wing Night, it's all you can eat chicken wings!

Before our wings arrived we got a nice refreshing beer and I met Becca's friends Krystal and JD. They were both really nice and said it was great to meet me.

Finally our food arrived I had some wings covered in Chipotle BBQ sauce and some french fries.
They were delicious! :)

Here's me and some of the ... decor of the restaurant.

After dinner we walked over to a little place called Al's Dairy Freeze and got some ice cream for dessert.

It took me a bit to decide what kind of ice cream I wanted.

It turns out they had an ice cream that was just my SIZE!

Like all the food I had that night the ice cream was scrumptious.

Well that's all for now Mom. I'll give you more updates later on.
Hope you're doing well! :)

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Fort Kent, United States - 18th February 2010

By: beccasaurus

Hello mum!

Today a small package arrived in the mail. I was curious so Becca let me help open it.

When it was opened a little donkey named HolgiHH was inside! He's a fellow ToyVoyager from Germany.

After he was settled a bit we sat and talked to get to know one another.
He's really a great little guy! :)

Til' next time,

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Fort Kent, Maine - 22nd February 2010

By: beccasaurus

Hi Mum!

Today was a bit of a gloomy day. There was a light rain most of the day and since where I'm staying is higher above the Valley there was also a light fog. Nevertheless Becca wanted to show us the view from her home.



In the distance you can see the hills of New Brunswick, Canada. She says the picture doesn't really do the view justice and it's also much prettier in the fall with all the different colors.

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St. Agatha, Maine, United States - 22nd February 2010

By: beccasaurus

Today was another Monday in the town of Fort Kent which means it was wing night once again. Becca's friends wanted to go it's kind of a tradition with them, but they were going to a different restaurant in the area that also has Monday Night Wings.
I agreed to go to keep my new friend HolgiHH company.

On the way we had to stop at the bank so I took this time to look out the windows and see some more of Fort Kent.

Finally we were headed to St. Agatha, another small town about 15 miles away from Fort Kent. There we went to the Lake View Restaurant, the only restaurant that competes with Swamp Buck on Monday.


HolgiHH and I shared a plate of wings and for dessert we had a very scrumptious peanut butter pie!


After we ate I was asked how I preferred these wings to the ones I had last week. I had to say that I much preferred Swamp Buck.

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Fort Kent, ME, United States - 22nd February 2010

By: beccasaurus

When we got back to Fort Kent we went over to Becca's friend Krystal's, who I met last week and was very happy to spend some time with again, house.
We got settled in and I was offered refreshments.

Don't worry I wasn't able to drink it all myself!

We also met a brand new TV his name is Scrotes and belongs to Krystal. We think he'll begin his traveling soon!

Soon I spotted a really neat paper mache giraffe and decided to inspect further.

Next we played a game called Apples to Apples.
The green cards have adjectives and red cards have nouns, to be described by the adjective. The point of the game is to get the person who's turn it is to pick your red card, if they do then you get the green card. Collect 7 green cards and you win!

HolgiHH and I decided to play on a team since neither of us had ever played the game before.

We got how to play the game down during the first round and actually won the second round!
These are the green cards we had collected.

After the game playing it was time to head home. It had been a long night and I was beat.

Well Mum, that's I have to report for now.
I'll be sure to update you again soon!

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Presque Isle, Maine, united states - 1st March 2010

By: beccasaurus

Hello Mum!
I'm still having a good time in Maine. Today we went on a trip to Presque Isle, Maine. It's another town a little over an hour away from Fort Kent and is really the closest thing to a city up here in northern Maine unless you were to cross over into Canada.

Here are some pictures of me on the way there.

The view was great even from the car.
When the ground isn't covered in snow these fields are mostly used for potatoes.


The road was very long.

Here we were stopped for about 10 minutes while they were doing road construction.

You remember my new friend Krystal I hope :D

There were many of these solar powered animal crossing signs on the way there, but we never did see any live animals.

We found a mail box that had a television on top of it.

Then we saw a house with trees growing through it. Now that's what I call a tree house! :)

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Bangor, ME, united states - 8th April 2010

By: beccasaurus

HI MOM! (sorry it's taken so long to update!)

A few weeks ago we went on a trip to Bangor, Maine to pick up Becca's brother and bring him back to Fort Kent with us.

Here are some photos of our journey.

When we left in the morning there was snow all over the ground! I learned that this was something normal here in Fort Kent. In fact it even snowed a few weeks ago in MAY!

Here Alister Gator and I are getting ready for the ride down:

Our first stop was about an hour and a half away from Fort Kent in Ashland because one of the passengers got hungry...

there he is with his morning snacks :)

we thought this post office was very oddly colored

Here we are at our last stop before getting on the highway, which you can see the turn for in the distance. We saw this sign and thought it was a bit funny it said "Save our roops." and "Low Rats" instead of 'Save our Troops' and 'Low rates'

It started raining before we got to Bangor. This is a mini-mall where we met Becca's brother.

Next we stopped for some lunch at Arby's while we were in line to order we decided that we'd rather eat at Olive Garden, so we got out of there fast!

We went to the mall and there was a store to make your own animals. Pretty cool!

next stop was the book store

Our final picture before heading back to Fort Kent. It was a great day even with the rain :)

Well that's all for now. I'll have another update for you very, very soon :)

- Xrundel

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Fort Kent, Maine, United States - 22nd April 2010

By: beccasaurus

Hi Mom! I'm just writing to let you know that I'm still here and having a nice time. I'll be showing you pictures of my latest trip to Bangor, Maine as soon as I have time to upload some pictures :)

sorry for the wait, there's a lot going on here.

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fort kent, United States - 28th May 2010

By: beccasaurus

Hello Mum!

Today Beccasaurus gave me some great news! On Sunday we will be traveling to Massachusetts for a week long vacation!
There are lots of interesting things planned so I will most definitely have lovely updates for you.

After this trip she says I'll be on my way to my next host. I'm really looking forward to next week and then meeting my next host!

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Worcester, Massachusetts, United States - 31st May 2010

By: beccasaurus

Hello Mum!

Today we arrived in Worcester it's a well known city near Boston.
We had some strawberry shortcake then I was able to hang out by the pool with my friends Ebba and Alistor Gator.



Don't worry Mum when I swam I used a floaty!

All in all it was a nice day relaxing after a very long 8 hour drive from Fort Kent.


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